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US Hypocrisy C.I.A. Secret Torture Prison & Rachel Maddow Dubs Republicans "...(you) child labor endorsing, pro-slavery freaks!!"

American Crimes & Hypocrisy

Americans Get away with torture claim God Approved???
Obama says by definition an American cannot be guilty of a War Crime or of Crimes against humanity.

Republicans and Corporate America defend the use of forced convict labor, slave labor and forced child labor as part of and essential to "The Free Market Place"
They think ending slavery and child labor in America was a mistake
Do Republicans and the Evangelical Christian Right want to return America to its pre-Civil War Era-The Good Old Days.

America astounds the world refuses to ratify convention protecting the Rights of the Child-so what CEOS across America say if children are used as slave labor or as suicide bombers or as child soldiers or are beaten by their guardians everyday-America say Who Cares? Just those whiny "Godless Liberals" and their "Commie Fellow Travelers" as Glenn Beck and Hannity might say.I'm sure the corporations they run are instructed to cut costs and increase profits anyway they can.

Lest we forget God sanctioned Capitalism first on "Mount Sinai" and later in "the Sermon on the Mount"

Yes investigators have discovered another "secret Torture Prison" but does it matter. Obama has already given pardons to the CIA, the Pentagon, the military and Bush & Cheney and all their co-conspirators. So most Americans just they say want to move on. The thing is too many Americans even today see nothing inherently wrong with torture of bad people. It never occurs to them that many of these POWS were innocent. And why should the world take America at its word-Bush & others said America did not torture but it has and as far we know is still doing so at Bagram and in Iraq. The only thing that bothered most Americans was the release of all those pornographic images at "Abu Ghraib" .It is not just the Conservatives but also the Democrats and President Obama who refuse to admit to committing various War Crimes and Crimes against humanity in their ill-fated War on Terror. When WOT started Bin laden had a few thousand follower not the Islamic terrorists now have a few hundred thousand hard core trained fighters. But worse than that is the so-called insurgents who number in the millions in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Every time an American Drone blows up a village a thousand more insurgents are instantly created. In the 1950s & 1960s the French had the same problems in Algeria and in Vietnam til they had to give in or just leave.

CIA Secret 'Torture' Prison Found at Fancy Horseback Riding Academy-NOV. 19,2009

US Republicans And Conservatives Heritage Foundation Support Use of Slave Labor & Child labor
2009 Nov 11 - Maddow: Slavery Defenders

Shocking resistance by business groups to legislative measures that ban slavery and child exploitation.

Best "Rachel" line at (06:13)
" child labor endorsing, pro-slavery freaks!!"
Business Aims to Relax Bans on Products Made with Child & Slave Labor

and more hypocrisy on the part of the United States which joins Somalia as being the only two countries against the Rights of Children. Isn't this odd since so many on the right are anti-abortion yet have no interests in the rights of the child once they are born. They don't want to help children who are are poor and don't have proper housing, clothes or food. As John Hagee says which sums up the American exceptionalist rugged individualism belief system -if they won't or can't work "Let Them Starve"

Americans are not in favor of human rights if it means they actually have to put such a belief into practice-they just seem to like the idea and pretend to care but in fact do not care about everybody's rights -to Americans it seems that only those damned bastards the Commies and Progressives and Liberals keep going on about human rights when Americans are more interested in Gun Rights, Property Rights and the right to execute those who have committed crimes.

November 14, 2009 by Inter Press Service US, Somalia Still Opt Out of Children's Treaty by Thalif Deen at CommonDreams, Nov. 14, 2009

UNITED NATIONS - When the U.N. children's agency (UNICEF) commemorates the 20th anniversary of its landmark international treaty protecting the rights of children next week, there will be two countries skipping the celebrations: the United States and Somalia.

"It is embarrassing to find ourselves in the company of Somalia, a lawless land," presidential candidate Barack Obama said last year during his election campaign.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which was adopted unanimously by the United Nations back in 1989, will be 20 years old on Nov. 20.

Described as the world's most rapidly and universally ratified human rights treaty, the Convention has been ratified by 193 states.

But the only two countries that have not ratified the treaty have nothing in common.

"Somalia is understandable," Kul Gautam, a former U.N. assistant secretary-general and ex-UNICEF deputy executive director, told IPS.

It has been a failed state without an effective government for over two decades, he added.

"But the United States does have a functioning government, which claims to be a great champion of human rights in the world. It baffles non-Americans, and even many Americans, as to why the U.S. is reluctant to ratify this Convention," Gautam added.

When he was on the campaign trail last year, President Obama also said it is important that the United States return to its position as a respected global leader and promoter of human rights.

The Convention recognises every child's right to develop physically, mentally and socially to his or her fullest potential, to be protected from abuse, discrimination, exploitation and violence.

The treaty also gives children the right to express their views and to participate in decisions affecting their future, in accordance with the child's evolving capacities.

For more see:
Conventions on the Rights of the Child/UNICEF

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