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" Is Racism A Mental Illness ?" Conservatives Defend Offensive Racist Cartoon Slandering President Obama while Sarah Palin Calls Obama A Traitor

UPDATE: 9:30 AM & 4:16 PM April 17, 2010

First a few words by Barack Obama's reduction of taxes for 95% of Americans while the Tea Party propagandist Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity et al at Fox News erroneously and purposely lie to their audiences that most Americans are paying higher taxes than they were.

So how does one explain that even given the facts the Tea Party gang ignores this discrepancy and contradiction of the facts. The propagandists knowingly lies to their audience but why is the audience susceptible to such deceit; is it some how pathological ie rooted in a serious mental illness which makes the racist unable to think rationally ? They are like an out of control old school lynch mob which distorts the facts to fit their basic belief system and their hatred of black people -no facts can change their minds about going ahead with the lynching or able to accept facts after the lynching their mind is closed their reasoning is shut down.

Obama on Tea Partiers: “You’d Think They Would Be Saying “Thank You” for My Tax Cuts by benarmbruster via ,April 16, 2010

To coincide with tax day, Tea Party groups gathered in cities across the country yesterday to “denounce what they regard as excessive taxation and government spending.” “We’re going to protest excessive taxes,” one tea bagger at the rally in Washington, DC said. But at a fundraiser in Miami yesterday, President Obama seemed perplexed by the tea baggers’ motivations, noting that he helped usher in a tax cut last year for nearly all but the richest Americans:

OBAMA: We cut taxes for 95 percent of working Americans just like I promised we would on the campaign. […] So I’ve been a little amused over the last couple days where people have been having these rallies about taxes. You would think they would be saying, “Thank you!” That’s what you’d think!

Indeed, taxes are at their lowest levels in 60 years. “The relation between what is said in the tax debate and what is true about tax policy is often quite tenuous,” said Tax Policy Center co-director William Gale. “The rise of the Tea Party at at time when taxes are literally at their lowest in decades is really hard to understand.” Nearly 47 percent of Americans will pay no federal income taxes for 2009 because either “their incomes were too low, or they qualified for enough credits, deductions and exemptions to eliminate their liability.”

And talking about conservative Newspeak & Racism & mental Illness:
"What has become more and more evident in the response of the mainstream media to the Tea Party brigands, as well as to the racially infused animus against Obama on the Right, is that Conservatives have won the Language Wars in this country. Quite smartly, the Right-wing made "Liberal" into a dirty word in the 1980s. Offered up "new-speak" such as "reverse racism." They, with the help of the Right-wing propaganda machine, have redefined "Progressives" as "fascists." And of course, the Right co-opted the language of colorblindness to serve a radically conservative agenda that reinforces the status quo of white privilege and white power. In the height of their absurdity, if one is to believe the logic of the Right-wing echo chamber, in the Age of Obama it is white men who are now victims of Jim Crow."Quote from Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Racism is a Mental Illness: Barack Obama, Rapist of Freedom and the Statue of Liberty at We Are Respectable Negroes .blogspot
see offensive racist and sexist photo image Obama and lady liberty

Compare this to the typical cartoons found in the NAZI Der Sturmer
March 13, 2010
"Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh: Avatars of Julius Steicher"(Propagandist for Hitler's Nazis)

& see; Julius Streicher Pornographer Der Stuermer at The Nizkor Project

and :
As editor of Der Sturmer, a violently anti-Semitic paper, In "Der Fuhrer" Heiden, 1944:

"His Sturmer, Streicher claimed, was the only newspaper which the Leader read from cover to cover, including the rather detailed drawings of Christian girls being raped by Hebrew voluptuaries; with his concentration on the pornographic aspects of racism, Striecher was the embodiment of Hitler's subconcious."

To the cartoonist and other anti-Obama uberconservatives they can't understand why some would take offense to this caricature of President. One of the reasons that to them it is not offensive because given their racist and uberconservative mindset this is a depiction of their view of reality. It's like Rush Limbaugh's bizarre turn of phrase that " Obama expects Americans to bend over and grab their ankles and let Obama have his way with them" What is this fixation of uberconservatives with sex and especially rape ?

Now what would be the reaction if the cartoon was a caricature of the Pontiff Pope Benedict ? It is like given the current scandal involving the Vatican over pedophilia as tasteless to show the Catholic Pontiff Pope Benedict in a similar situation having just raped the statue of a Cherub representing all the victims of Pediophile Catholic priests or a prepubescent boy . I'm sure Bill Donohue of the Cathol1c Defense league would have something to say about that. Yet it appears okay to depict President Obama in any way one wishes even in public view.

Now add the contents of the article by conservative Jim Mullen:
from Freedom For Us Now: The Raping of America by Jim Mullen

No Shame
What we are witnessing in our country is the raping of America and the burning of our Constitution. With the majority of Americans screaming no, no, no, to government run healthcare, our protestations were ignored. We were forced to submit to an all-powerful government hell bent on having its way with the American people because it can. Obama and the Democrats tried everything to silence our cries by demeaning, using threats, scorn, and finally just dismissing our pleas and cooing, "Just relax and try it... you will love it." Ultimately, they did the only thing the federal government is proficient at: Exercising dominance over the citizens of our Republic.

We will see this same scenario replayed over and over this year with illegal immigration, Cap and Trade, education, more pork barrel projects and every other liberal-progressive scheme they can ram through before the November elections. They know it will be the last chance for them to impose their radical agenda before the people clean house in the fall.

Damn the Constitution and full speed ahead and ignore the will of the citizenry is their cry. It is all-out war against the American people, so bribery, threats and lies are acceptable in the implementation of their goal; a complete Socialist State. Obama and the Progressive-Democrats lie with impunity, steal without remorse, cheat with abandonment, and shred the Constitution without shame. They are laying the foundation for a total federal government takeover of business, healthcare, education and commerce. Washington will control every aspect of our lives directly, or by the bureaucracy they assign, and will be the unconstrained and unlimited authority in every American life.

Offensive racist attack on President Barack Obama. Republicans and conservatives during the Bush era were quite vocal if anyone criticized President Bush yet this all changed because Obama is according to them not a "Real American" that is not white. But they say its not race than why use such old school racist stereotypes. ?

Anti-Obama Racist Hate Speech from the right in USA- Obama is depicted as having raped Lady Liberty - typical old school projection of white fantasy fear of Black men raping white women as if that's all black men want to do when in fact in the times of slavery white Southern men were the ones who were legally permitted to rape black slaves who were their property or chattel .

But even after slavery ended Jim Crow and segregation laws were passed and enforced by White Citizens groups and the Ku Klux Klan to ensure white supremacy and that white men could still rape black women without any fear of legal consequences. Meanwhile a majority of the thousands of Black men lynched were more often accused of raping a white woman or having looked at a white woman in a "lustful manner" or just spoke to her. These images are disturbing to most people but are they to those Tea partying Republican Faux grass roots. Many of these racists who are suffering from a mental illness can not reason properly and mistake opinions for facts are unable to see the hypocrisy of their leaders and spokespersons or that they are just being used as fodder in their ideological war of Greed .

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Racism is a Mental Illness: Barack Obama, Rapist of Freedom and the Statue of Liberty at We Are Respectable Negroes .blogspot

When I saw this cartoon, I shook my head. If there ever was an example of a simultaneously "neutral" and "provocative" editorial cartoon that stinks of racism then this is it.

Rape allusions? Check. Allusions to the myth of the black rapist? Check. Intentional provocation? (and denial...check out the comments section on the site that posted it) Check. Denial of racist intentions while all the while wallowing in racial provocation? Double check.

What has become more and more evident in the response of the mainstream media to the Tea Party brigands, as well as to the racially infused animus against Obama on the Right, is that Conservatives have won the Language Wars in this country. Quite smartly, the Right-wing made "Liberal" into a dirty word in the 1980s. Offered up "new-speak" such as "reverse racism." They, with the help of the Right-wing propaganda machine, have redefined "Progressives" as "fascists." And of course, the Right co-opted the language of colorblindness to serve a radically conservative agenda that reinforces the status quo of white privilege and white power. In the height of their absurdity, if one is to believe the logic of the Right-wing echo chamber, in the Age of Obama it is white men who are now victims of Jim Crow.

In total, these views embody an understanding of reality that is more than dumb. Quite frankly, it is both pitiable and stupid. Nevertheless, this bubble is comforting and intoxicating for those who live within it.

The coup de grace to this genius play on the part of the Right-wing in the Language Wars was the introduction of the concept, "the race card." Now, any discussion of racial inequality is itself racist. Those who call out obvious racism--see the Tea Party and their behavior as of late--are in fact "racists." If one is to pursue this logic, I am in fact a racist for daring to interrogate the ugliness and racial invective present in the Obama as Rapist of Liberty Cartoon.

I have given up trying to understand those Conservatives who defend the Tea Baggers, who are unwillingly to denounce the bigots in their midst, or play the game of deflection and reversal ("well maybe there were a few bad apples in the bunch, but you libs are the real racists for calling it out!" or my favorite "prove that John Lewis was called a nigger! Prove it! You are just trying to discredit us! We Tea Baggers are the real victims of racism in this country!").

In total, the mental gymnastics that many Conservatives have resorted to in defense of the Tea Parties is a sign of a deep psychopathology.

Racism is their illness. It comes in many forms and varieties, but racism is nonetheless a sickness of the mind and of the soul. To understand their illness we must categorize and study it. In the genealogy of white racism there are the deniers; those who just don't see people of color as equals (we are quite literally invisible to many of them); those who are angry and resentful; those who traffic in the soft-bigotry of low expectations; and the willfully ignorant. The Right-wing populists and their enablers (with their know-nothing ethos) have members that are sick in all of these ways. In total, the idea of a Black man in the White House sickens them on an existential, psychological, and spiritual level. For Black Conservatives who defend the Tea Baggers, their sickness is a profound one that is one part racial Stockholm syndrome enabled by a deeply internalized white racism.

No matter what sort of argument anti-Obama conservatives make analyzing the cartoon as merely a metaphor or freedom of speech it is still offensive. But introducing the notion that "racism" is a mental disorder this would explain some the behaviors of racist that confuse facts with opinions deny the reality right in front of them as in the fact that 95% of Americans this year had their taxes lowered not raised as Sarah Palin claimed. Accepting two or more contradictory ideas , facts, beliefs that there were one million participants in the 9/12 rather than the actual number of seventy five thousand.

Jenn Q Public in her article discussing the above cartoon offers a sarcastic mean spirited apologetic that doesn't just fail in her case defending this cartoon but adds more fuel to why it is inappropriate.

The author for instance doesn't take serious the notion that a depiction of a misogynist . image would offend any one and it is not presented subtly and is within its context more disgusting. The author claims that the sexuality of black men stereotype is being "celebrated" Did he just drive off of the tracks. The sexual stereotypes of black men are not celebrations but insult whether its all black men are better endowed than white men they are more virile and aggressive . The key here is "aggressive " to be persistent for instance is different from aggressive . Aggressive suggests anger, brutishness , being uncontrollable that is for instance "wild as a beast' The equation works out thus that all black men are brutes and sexually aggressive and potential rapist .

Or as in the case of Shakespeare's Othello a victim of his own nature and that he was easily manipulated and in his anger murders Desdemona the one person he loves the most. This means there is an unpredictability about the aggression it can flare up at any moment . Therefore Obama is an extremely dangerous man since he is trapped by his black nature as it were. He will do what he intends to do no matter the consequences. From the right wing nuts actually see or imagine President Barack Obama as having sex which is actually rape and he's smoking a cigarette like in an old B movie or film Noir or films by the British angry young men Osborne etc. or French Cinema verite / New Wave Truffault et al. But they tried to represent the truth this cartoon is simply an example of visual Hate Speech same as those as appeared in Der Sturmer the Nazi Propaganda Faux newspaper sort of like Fox News .

They believe that Obama can not be trusted and is capable of committing unnecessary acts of violence against those who dare to disagree with him. So in their wild imaginations these Tea Partiers & Uberconservatives believe that given this stereotype of black men which they buy into at some level they believe that Obama would be capable of filling concentration camps with conservatives, Tea Partiers and any dissidents eventually turning America into a reverse South Africa.

".The Rape of Lady Liberty " 2010 April 1 by Jenn Q. Public David Horowitz's News Real

Quick, somebody fetch the smelling salts! Poor dears in the feminist blogosphere are suffering from the vapors after unexpected exposure to something no progressive should ever have to endure: a conservative political cartoon.

So offensive! misogynist! and of course, racist! is this single-panel cartoon that Pandagon, Feministe, and Moderate Left only published the image after dramatic content warnings lest their delicate readers be “triggered” by the horror of dissenting political expression.

...As Click (the cartoonist) notes, Lady Liberty is a green statue, not a white woman, and certainly not a symbol of “good, white women.” Only a race-obsessed “progressive” intent on destroying conservatives with false accusations of bigotry would argue otherwise.

Fecke also insists that the cartoon celebrates a racist stereotype of black males as sexual aggressors. Apparently metaphors just aren’t Fecke’s thing, because the cartoon isn’t about a black man raping a white woman. It’s about the president of the United States carrying out an assault on American ideals with his health care reforms.

The imagery is unquestionably disturbing. Sexual assault is an atrocity, and the sight of the world’s most recognizable symbol of freedom and democracy sobbing in the aftermath of rape is unsettling. Some people think it goes too far.

If Darleen Click’s cartoon was offensive, good, because that was the intent. We should all be offended by any assault on the principles that make America exceptional.

Dissent isn’t always classy. It’s confrontational and provocative and yes, it can be tasteless. But as we were reminded throughout the Bush years, dissent is also patriotic. Even when it comes from a conservative woman.

But there is a difference between a comical depiction and that of a negative propaganda characterization and character defamation . And yet the story had its few days and is then gone. In this sort of atmosphere or Zeitgeist it can begin to take on a momentum of its own as if a natural law .

Right Wing Conservative Freedom For US Now website by Jim Mullen

And now another rant against Barack Obama by Presidential Hopeful Sarah Palin speaking at Faux Grass roots Tea Party event.

Sarah Palin Reptilian P1 by RepublicantReptiliant

— April 15, 2010 — She needs to stop the Treason, Bearing False Witness (against President Obama), Evil Mockery, Greed, Wickedness. It is Sin to try to destroy your leaders (The existing authorities have been established by God) ROMANS 13:1,
(We're to Pray for our Leaders and all persons in positions of authority) TIM 2:1-2
S.P., and all the "Haters" that follow her are going to be Judged by God. Repent!
Tearing on the Pres will cause other countries to tear on USA. It will make Pres have "affected" leadership. Have empathy. You are HUMAN. Pres Obama and DEMS are HUMAN. Don't let Satan fill you with HATE. Love JESUS!

In this speech by Sarah Palin she goes into attack mode calling Obama a hater of America and only interested in completely changing America for the worse while refusing to defend America against its enemies. Seems she is unaware that Obama is fighting the two wars inherited from George W. Bush
Obama a traitor who kow tows to America's enemies .

Lock & Load or reload is according to Palin nothing to do with violence- but if Obama is so evil then there are those who hear her and take it literally or as a secret encoded message that if necessary the next step is violence and possible assassination of Obama or members of his administration or even those American citizens who have been duped by him.
Odd she mentions her husband being an independent but he is also member of a State secessionist party of Alaska which insists the federal government has no say on how Alaska is governed except when it comes to pork barrel politics ie the Bridge to nowhere.

Freedom For Us Now:Jim Mullen website

Defending The Constitution of the United States of America is the most important thing we will ever do as Americans. For generations, millions of Americans have fought and many paid the ultimate price defending our country and the tenets contained in our most precious document. Without our Constitution, we would have what every other country in the world has always had... Millions of people yearning to be free.

Jim Mullen

America is under attack!

Welcome to a site dedicated to the preservation of the United States of America by upholding and defending the Constitution against ALL enemies...including the legislative, executive and judicial branches of our own government. They have formed a cabal to destroy the document they take an oath to uphold, defend and protect; our Constitution. These elected and appointed officials in our own government are the most dismissive of what they scornfully refer to as that "outdated, living document". Inexorably, these people are gutting the Constitution and appointing judges and bureaucrats to achieve their radical left wing agenda in the name of doing it for the American people.

The site is typical of this sort of conservative right wing anti-Obama anti-Health Care attack sites
This anti-Obama website compares President Obama to the dictator Mussolini well at least its not Hitler.

For example the site Uses a speech by Ronald Reagan on the evils of Socialism as the background of a 1950s early 60s documentary film in which the voice over sounds like the voice of doom as it shows house wives in their long dresses and pearls listening to a record album playing on an old fashioned stereo- it is more weird than scary- reminds one of those silly government sponsored propaganda films played in American schools on what to do in case of an Atomic war just hide under your desk -yeah that'll help while the entire world goes up in flames .

The video is unintentionally hysterically funny yet disturbing because many Americans take this stuff quite seriously- as they desire like Glenn Beck to return to the good old days of the nostalgic sepia toned Saturday Night magazine's Norman Rockwell's non-existent idyllic 1950s fantasy world .

and so it goes,

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