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The " NOOSE" Symbol of Hate: DOMESTIC TERRORIST TOOL of Intimidation (re-edited)

A postcard showing the 1920 Duluth, Minnesota lynchings, showing three African American circus workers falsely accused of raping a white woman. Lynched without trial.
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia.

Postcard of Lynching Sent Through The US Mail Service

And yes Black women were also lynched.

Lynching of Laura Nelson and her son in Okemah, Oklahoma, May 25, 1911. Photo courtesy ofWikimedia.

7-historical-postcards celebrating lynchings in America  at

Ku Klux Klan Lynching

Above: Lynching June 26, 1919: "Waiting For The Show To Begin"

Strange Fruit
Domestic Terrorists

J. Edgar Hoover Protects " Lynch Mobs & The KKK

Nooses & Lynching: Hate Crimes

 As we see in the above video even outgoing President George W. Bush Knows that a noose is a symbol of Terror and that Lynching should never be referred to in jest. Yet Bill'O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Michael Savage , Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity & the Queen of these Hate Mongers Ann Coulter and other conservatives of the Hate Talk Radio & Television circuits & The Neoconservative Propagandists Network FoX News think Black Americans are just too sensitive . They claim that this is just a matter of Political Correctness gone to extremes. These Shock Jocks spew their venom and hate in the name of Free Speech. But not all speech is acceptable. Speech which is inflammatory which stirs up hatred of a minority is reprehensible and should be treated as a violent act. Speech which leads others to commit acts of violence against members of one group or another is indefensible. One hopes that more and more Americans will become wise to the lies and distortions promulgated by these Media Stars making them irrelevant in the days to come as Barack Obama takes his place as the President of the United States. The " Noose " in America was used in the Lynchings of thousands of mainly African-Americas but was also used on some white Americans. It is odd how so many American's are unaware of their country's violent history towards black people in America. Most of those lynched were not guilty of any crime. What some may have been guilty of is disobeying the "Jim Crow Laws " in the South . Some of the men or boys lynched for instance were guilty of some minor indiscretion such as merely looking at a white woman or for not kowtowing to whites especially those in positions of authority. Some were guilty of trying to exercise their right to register to vote or to actually dainge to try to vote.To complain to authorities about some injustice done to them by the authorities or some white person was also seen as grounds for "Lynching". The other thing that I have pointed out before is that many of the Lynchings which took place did not take place in some remote area out of the public's but were carried out by large groups of white people in the public square with little or no resistance from those in authority. Police and Sherrifs & mayors and the so called upstanding members of the community were just as often as not leading the Lynch Mob. At times there was a carnival attitude or atmosphere surrounding a lynching so sometimes whole families attended and brought with them a picnic lunch. So "lynchings " were not always done by the Ku Klux Klan in full regalia of hoods and all.Often they were carried out by average white citizens who took photographs of the poor soul who had been lynched and they took pictures of themselves and of their friends and neighbors so they could put these pictures in their family scrap-books for something to look back on fondly years later. And yet they called themselves civilized Christians.  And as is noted in the video documentary below the victims were not just hanged from a tree but were often stripped naked and then tortured and burned alive . Of course there is still a segment of American society who don't even now see that they or their ancestors did anything wrong. Afterall to the average racist whether or not a member of the Ku Klux Klan or the American Nazi Party or some other White Supremacist organization believes that black people are " subhuman ' and that they need to be controlled by their so called "superiors" the White Christians. But for some reason few Americans before the 1960s spoke out against the barbaric practice of "Lynching ". Lynching was seen by White Southerners as just part of their culture and tradional way of life . So to interfere in " Lynchings " was seen as an attack on the whole Southern Way of Life.
The Noose : An American Nightmare - CNN Documentary on Lynchings- Video 1 Crimes which still go unpunished though thousands sometimes took part in the lynchings. November 04, 2007 Noose - CNN Video 1

The Noose -Video 2

The Noose -video 3

CNN Nooses Across America - Kyra Phillips CNN's Kyra Phillips investigates the upsurge in the display of nooses. Personal account of the lynching of Anythony Crawford & that of Leo Frank
Below are a number of incidents in which nooses were used in Hate Crimes: Noose Found Hanging in Long Island Police Station- Oct. 23, 2007
Noose Found by Employees 180 Connect at Work - Racism-Oct. 23, 2007 James Jackson, a 26-year-old black employee of 180 Connect, was preparing for another day of installing cable, telephone and Internet service to residential customers of Cablevision in Nassau County, New York on December 7. When he walked to the fenced-off area to pick up equipment for the day's jobs he looked up and was shocked to see a vicious, racist symbol in his workplace. A noose was hanging in the fenced-off equipment area, visible to the dozens of installers, the majority of whom are black, but accessible only to his boss and an equipment manager, both of whom are white.

Noose Found at Ground Zero World Trade Center Post Office-October 23, 2007 This one, police say, was hanging from a light pole outside the Church Street post office, near ground zero. Postal workers on the second floor noticed it at about 1 p.m. Thursday, at which point the building management company removed it and police are now investigating. There is no indication on whether the noose - the murder weapon of choice for lynchings and as a result, a symbol of racial oppression - was a threat aimed at a specific person.

Two Nooses Found in Hempstead New York NY - Racism Oct. 23 2007 Word that two nooses had been found in a Hempstead town garage came down hard in the mainly minority community of Roosevelt Wednesday. Town Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby said it reminded her of a distant relative of hers who had been lynched in Georgia. Val Tripp, 64, said it brought back the fear she lived with growing up in Evergreen, Ala.
CNN Jena 6 - The KKK  And see for instance article at The Politics of Lynching which accuses individuals and authorities at all levels of law enforcement and government who did little or nothing to stop the carnage for over a hundred years. So it was an ongoing series of crimes committed by thousands of people aided by the complicity and indifference of a large portion of American society & not just a hanful of illiterate, under-educated, ignorant racist malcontents. Lynching had become part of the fabric of American Society.
But federal officials were well aware of lynch violence. Most lynch murderers made no attempt to hide or mask their acts. They took out ads in newspapers and circulated flyers announcing lynchings. They ignored the 1908 ban by the U.S. Postal Service on violent material in the mails and conducted a brisk trade in souvenir postcards and letters with snapshots of lynched victims. NAACP officials meticulously compiled photos of lynchings, collected witness statements from law enforcement and public officials, even the lynchers themselves, and promptly turned the incriminating documents over to federal officials. But they took no action. The NAACP also relentlessly lobbied Congress and the White House to pass an anti-lynching law. The civil rights group was ignored. Every president from Theodore Roosevelt to latter-day civil rights hero John F. Kennedy refused to draft or vigorously support a federal law to end lynching. Nearly every attorney general refused to push for indictments against public officials or law enforcement officers complicit in lynch murders. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover successfully manipulated Presidents Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and Kennedy to steer the FBI away from direct investigation of lynchings. The Department of Justice seldom forced Hoover to conduct such investigations. Presidents, attorneys general and federal officials wailed that their hands were tied, because it was the job of the states to prosecute the lynch murderers. But the states refused. Fewer than 1 percent of the murderers were ever tried in state courts. Rather than risk alienating politically powerful Southern state officials and jeopardizing votes and legislative support, the feds rationalized their hands-off policy toward lynching with a narrow and rigid interpretation of the federalist doctrine of separation of state and national power. This was a face-saving political cop-out. In many cases a bevy of Southern sheriffs, mayors and municipal and state officials openly aided and abetted the lynch mobs. The Justice Department had two powerful legal statutes to go after them. The statutes authorized prosecutions of public officials and law enforcement officers who, acting under color of law, committed or conspired with others to commit acts of racial violence. They were based on the 14th Amendment's due process and equal protection clause. These statutes were expanded under Reconstruction-era civil rights laws passed in the 1870s -- specifically to punish racial attacks against blacks. But they were repeatedly challenged by local and occasionally federal officials as poorly worded, unconstitutional violations of states' rights. Even though they remained on the federal books, federal officials rarely used them to prosecute lynch murders. By contrast, the White House and Congress did not bat an eye in passing and enforcing legislation that widened the jurisdiction and broadened the power of the FBI and the Justice Department to prosecute crimes such as bank robbery, kidnapping, illegal weapons violations and carjacking. Congress and the White House made few claims that these laws violated states' rights or infringed on the Constitution.
For more on "Lynchings in America" see: African American Holocaust Lynchings In America:Long Island University Lynching in America: Statistics,Information, Images --------------------------------------------- and so it goes, GORD.

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