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Canadian Response 1933-1958 To Jewish Refugees To Escape NAZI Persecution Was Simply "NONE IS TOO MANY"

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anyway i was surfing the web & I found a site which belongs to an organization called Genocide Watch in which they present their proposals for increasing the world's chances of intervening when a genocide is in the making & thereby set up an early warning system if the International community could agree to participate in the meantime they are setting up their own independent system which bypasses all governments.

I don't know if it is possible all these countries do not want to intervene in domestic politics & so they see it as setting the wrong precedent. To invade a country because they are a perceived threat is a reasonable thing to do they would say but not for internal disputes .

The cynic in me says it is just not in their interest look buddy they couldn't get the Allies to even bomb the railway tracks to Auschwitz & at Rwanda they argued like good little lawyers & bureaucrats over the definition & whether it could be applied to situation in Rwanda even though it was obvious. Besides former President Clinton at the time was too distracted by the hyped-up sex scandal so a matter like genocide was not as important to him or the Republicans who were daily attacking him & Americans well what can I say CNN would only be interested if there were any American citizens being killed or if the interests some Giant American Corporation was being threaten.

This was made even more obvious by the US Media's coverage of the TZUNAMI DISASTER in the Pacific all the US media reporters kept asking how many Americans were involved while Jerry Falwell said these people were being punished for their evil ways while some extreme Muslim leaders agreed with him except the Muslim leaders argued the Muslims in the areas were not being strict enough in following Islamic Law.

Anyway I see no change in the next generation of politicians in their response to Genocide unless it has a direct bearing on them.

I guess part of the myth which many believe or have been led to believe is that WWII was fought in part to save the Jews or others who were being exterminated by Hitler's Nazi Regime there is no credible evidence to support that these countries involved in the war had any such altruistic motives.
And most countries occupied by the Nazi were all too willing to hand over the Jewish population to the SSfor extermination. The only exception was Denmark which refused to cooperate & then helpe most of the Jews in their country to escape to neutral Sweden. If more countries had refused to cooperate the majority of Jews would have been saved.

All countries around the world stood by completely unconcerned with what was happening to the Jews Gysies & others (including homosexuals Communists & dissidents) . They in fact saw little wrong with most of Hitler's policies until he started taking over Europe & attacking Britain & once the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour the Americans declared war on Germany. If the day that would live in infamy had not occurred who knows when the Americans would have joined in the fight. There were in fact millions of Americans who were NAZIs & of course the KKK was at its greatest boasting a million members . In Canada we had the Fascist Party especially in Quebec & other organizations which supported the Nazi ideology .
On homosexuals & the Holocaust see:

Just read about The Voyage Of The Damned the ship S.S. St. Louis a ship filled with German Jews that Hitler allowed to leave Germany & yet no country would take them in. It is one of the most shameful acts in modern history. see the Jewish Virtual Library site for details:
and also Holocaust Education in Canada

And in sweet justice loving Canada we had an anti-semitic Bureaucrat at the head of the Department of of Imigration who when asked how many Jews should we let in & he said " NONE IS TOO MANY" all the Jews who entered Canada from 1933-1958 did so illegaly with the help of the precious few compassionate Canadians who were willing to risk a great deal to save even a few jewish refugees. So Canadians should never act too smug.
To use a Biblical reference WE ALL BARE THE MARK OF CAIN-
And NONE IS TOO MANY web site:

Anyway lets put the ranting to rest for now.

Surfing the web: ART FOR ARTS SAKE
Anyway here are a few qoutes gleaned from THE SPIRIT OF BOHEMIA web site

"Nature is a revelation of God; Art a revelation of man". - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Works of art, in my opinion, are the only objects in the material universe to possess internal order, and that is why, though I don't believe that only art matters, I do belive in Art for Art's sake." - E. M. Forster

"Poetry begins in delight and ends in wisdom." - Robert Frost

"I passionately hate the idea of being with it, I think an artist has always to be out of step with his time." - Orson Welles

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To begin with I should explain that I will be posting more excerpts from Tales of Cafe Apollinaire about once or twice a week & on the off days I will deal with other subjects & post poems of mine not connected to Apollinaire. Hopefully I can strike some sort of balance in all of this & thereby satisfy the tastes of various members & their differing sensibilities of this site's audience.

There was an excellent documentary HOUSE OF SAUD on PBS on Tuesday night. After presenting the history of the creation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & the connection between the Saudi rulers & the Wahhabis who are an extremist fundamentalist form of Islam which preaches that all who do not accept their view of Islam are to be treated as enemies as heretics & infidels & that there is little or no room for compromise among the various forms of Islam. The present religious leaders in Saudi Arabia are still very conservative & anti-western & against any changes in the society which have taken place or may take place in the future. Their schools & universities are or were completely financed & supported by the Saudi Government even though these schools preached anti-western propaganda and hatred of all who are not followers of Islam or of their particular form of Islam. It was at these schools that fanatics like Osama Ben Lauden & others were nurtured & encouraged to fight the Jihad or Holy War against all those who are perceived as enemies of Islam.

The documentary then traced the history of the connections between the USA & Saudi Arabia & their agreements to give the Americans the rights to develop oil-fields in Saudi Arabia in exchange for American support going back over sixty years to President Roosevelt .

One of the strangest things about all of this to me was that after Iraq had invaded Kuwait the Americans convinced the Saudis to allow the Americans to set up military bases in Saudi Arabia to fight the war yet the Americans insisted that the Saudis pay for part of the cost of fighting the war as if the Americans were mercenaries . This reminded me of the way wars were fought during the Crusades & how such tings were done in ancient times; a country with a large & well equipped & well trained army would offer up its services to countries lacking the military capacity to fight a large scale war . This is especially odd since the Americans are dependent on Saudi Arabia & Kuwait for oil & sees any upheavel in the Middle East as a threat to America's security. Yet they charged the Saudis some fifty-billion dollars for fighting the war. One of those interviewed said this large sum of money paid for the entire war & then some so the cost of the war to the Americans was very little .

For more information including film footage & transcripts of extended interviews see the link below:

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