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Arizona's Racist Immigration Law & ACLU to Obama: ‘Entire World is Not a War Zone’ Meanwhile Prisoners In Secret Iraqi Jail Abused & Tortured

“Surely in a democracy it's time for us to quit being sentimental and say the question we settle in an election is not whether elites shall rule, but which elite shall rule”.
Conservative pundit George Will said on ABC’s This Week,(via Real News Network)

At the moment I'm following two stories involving the USA and Iraq and more torture and a third about the immigration bill in Arizona.
Actually another permutation is that whether Americans are in Iraq or in Arizona they get to play out their racist fantasies and their urge to Kill Em All.

Bulletin This just off the wire: Rachel Maddow

Tucson Sheriff calls AZ Law Racist & Unconstitutional - Rachel Maddow
April 28, 2010 — Rachel Maddow talks to Arizona's Pima County Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik about new immigration law. From MSNBC &

UPDATED: 4:00 AM April 30, 2010 -I will add more later today or in tomorrow's edition

First up today bulletin from Hate Watch at Southern Poverty law Center about the racist hate mongers responsible for the new draconian immigration law in Arizona.
The law could be construed as being a big step towards Apartheid South African style or an incremental or a giant leap towards Apartheid . It brings to mind Gandhi in South Africa burning his " Pass Book" which all non-whites had to present to any authority who asked otherwise they went to jail.

Hate Group Lawyer Drafted Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Law by Heidi Beirich April 28, 2010

...It’s not surprising to find a group like FAIR behind this repugnant law. FAIR has an extensive track record of racism and bigotry. The group, for example, has accepted $1.2 million from the racist Pioneer Fund, a foundation established to promote the genes of white colonials and fund studies of race, intelligence and genetics.

FAIR has employed key staffers who have also joined white supremacist groups; it has board members who write regularly for hate publications; it promotes racist conspiracy theories about Latino immigrants; and it has produced television programming featuring white nationalists.

FAIR has been dominated for much of its life by its racist founder and current board member, John Tanton, who has written that “for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.” Tanton’s role model for FAIR is John Trevor Sr., founder of the racist American Coalition of Patriotic Societies and a key architect of the racially restrictive Immigration Act of 1924. Trevor also distributed pro-Nazi propaganda and warned shrilly of “diabolical Jewish control” of America. Tanton once said Trevor should serve as FAIR’s “guidepost to what we must follow again this time.”

FAIR’s president, Dan Stein, has warned that immigrants are engaged in “competitive breeding” aimed at diminishing white power. He led efforts to win funding from the Pioneer Fund, saying in 1993 that his “job [was] to get every dime of Pioneer’s money.” Stein also served as editorial adviser to Tanton’s hate journal, The Social Contract, at a time when it ran its ugliest edition ever, “Europhobia: The Hostility Toward European-Descended Americans.” The issue’s lead article argued that multiculturalism was replacing “successful Euro-American culture” with “dysfunctional Third World cultures.” Stein has declined to offer any criticism of FAIR’s founder, instead characterizing Tanton last September as a “Renaissance man.”

The principal sponsor of the Arizona law, state Sen. Russell Pearce, has his own history of hate. In 2006, Pearce forwarded an email to his supporters from the neo-Nazi National Alliance titled “Who Rules America?” The article criticized the media for promoting multiculturalism and racial equality, and for presenting the Holocaust as fact. More recently, Pearce has been photographed hugging J.T. Ready, a Phoenix-area resident who is a member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement.
Anyway Obama wants to go at least one step further than the Evil Neoconned President Bush in using illegal, unethical, immoral and in the long run probably self-defeating.

Drone Wars coming to a country or a city near you. Maybe they'll mistakenly attack your neighborhood with a drone or two blowing up your street to catch a suspected terrorist or just some run of the mill murderer-so they kill a dozen innocent people wel you by your silence support such lethal methods.
Or maybe it'll just be a couple of Ninja CIA Specialists or the local police- the point is the same as it was during Bush' Reign that you can't toss out the rule of law , common decency and what's left of your humanity or your soul just to catch a few bad apples thesis, theory or cover-up or rationalization.

The other day a White House spokes person or maybe it was Pres' Obama stateing that there only a few Al Qaeda left at most a thous but he said that and then turns around and says he needs the power to unleash death upon suspects no matter where they happen to be and so kidnap or murder on the spot on the street or while the suspect is in his or her bed sleeping. That seems a bit cold to say the least.

Obama continuing to deny POWs or"detainees" their rights as enemy combatants or as human beings. Not everyone rounded up by American soldiers is guilty of the acts they are accused. Even under Obama most American citizens don't care about Iraqis or Afghans who are arrested with little or no substantial body of evidence . So we could expect that these targeted assassinations will be no more effective and so innocent civilians will get murdered by the US gov't.

Having watched American foreign policies over the last forty years this new policy of targeted assassinations is really nothing new. The US has used their own personnel or trained soldiers and police of foreign countries how to carry out these assassinations ie Death Squads Honduras even today is Honduran civilians are being hunted down and kidnapped tortured just for fun and then shot. The US has never taken responsibility for these deaths in Central and South America which they condoned to ensure no populist government could be formed or that its days were numbered as Chile's Allende found out as Pres. Zelaya of Honduras now knows his country's sovereignty was and is dependent on having a pro-American anti-unions anti-dissident antiDemocratic government which protects the elite while allowing the poor to starve in the streets. That after all is the American dream in which those with the talent, the energy and not bound by any morality get to be wealthy while everyone else scrambles for the scraps from the rich man's table.

ACLU to Obama: ‘Entire World is Not a War Zone’ by Daniel Tencer at Raw Story April 28, 2010

"Such a program of long-premeditated and bureaucratized killing is plainly not limited to targeting genuinely imminent threats," Romero wrote in his letter. "Any such program is far more sweeping than the law allows and raises grave constitutional and human rights concerns."

Romero argued that the alleged program could set a dangerous precedent for other nations, which could result in foreign governments killing US citizens on home soil.

The program you have reportedly endorsed is not simply illegal but also unwise, because how our country responds to the threat of terrorism will in large measure determine the rules that govern every nation's conduct in similar contexts. If the United States claims the authority to use lethal force against suspected enemies of the U.S. anywhere in the world - using unmanned drones or other means - then other countries will regard that conduct as justified. The prospect of foreign governments hunting and killing their enemies within our borders or those of our allies is abhorrent.

But the US government under President Bush declared that certain methods of abusing prisoners of intimidation, phony executions, slapping prisoners denying them proper food and shelter or confiscating a prisoner's Holy Text whatever that might be Qur'an or Bible or TaoTe Ching or even a copy of The Heart Sutra refusing to allow them to pray, (How would a Christian prisoner feel if his captors did this to him robbing him of his faith and his dignity or even not allowing prisoners to speak to one another or even to themselves -Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice , Alberto Gonzales , Karl Rove et al refered to international laws regarding abuse of prisoners as Quaint and laughable. So if the USA even under Obama's presidency has rejected any international agreement they wish to then the US is operating as a Rogue Nation which will do whatever it wants to because no country or groups of countries has any say over what America does or doesn't do.

As many people have written or spoken about this issue the facts on the ground as it were is that the US has lost any moral or legal right to complain about how other nations treat POWs, Enemy Combatants or so called "Detainees" even if those incarcerated are American citizens.

So the International Community sans USA can criticize Iraq's puppet regime for abusing thousand of prisoners and could send in various human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty international, Doctors Without borders, the International Committee of the Red Cross and its partner Red Crescent but if the US lets them in they will still not be given complete freedom to do their job not just in Baghdad but to find out if there are or have been other facilities run by Iraqis or the Occupying forces under the command of the Americans. Of course not .

What is incredible to those of us outside the US is that many Americans have bought the Bush/Cheney/Fox News/CNN etc. propaganda that there were only a few American personnel involved in prisoner abuse yet military personnel who were in Iraq tell a very different story-Iraq became shortly after the invasion a Free Fire Zone and all Iraqis were considered legitimate targets and according to the Bush Regime those Iraqis captured were firstly assumed to be guilty of something and secondly all Iraqis it was assumed knew something about the Terrorists and the Insurrectionists and thirdly those incarcerated had no legal status visa vie human rights & the Geneva Conventions.

The issue concerning Obama is that he too wants the world to believe that torture and abuse of prisoners were isolated incidents and not sanctioned from higher up but we know the orders to get results came from the Oval office.Dick Cheney & Bush etc. were kept informed and up to date to the point that they were in contact by phone or video with interrogators who were at that moment engaged in illegal activities such as torture and abuse. And more and more stories are coming out about prisoner abuse in American federal, state and municipal prisons. Without following up on investigations and indictments it means that anyone in authority can get away with just about anything.

And now all these idiots who should have been investigated charged if warranted with various crimes and tried not in a US court but by those Kangaroo courts known as "Military Tribunals" in which the person is considered guilty and must prove their innocence. Odd how so many Americans see nothing amiss in these phony trials and even if they start using civil courts there is no guarantee that these persons would get a fair trial as Glenn Beck and others have suggested the government should just issue orders that these prisoners be executed without trials. To Beck & others this makes since they conclude without seeing any concrete evidence that all those incarcerated are guilty of something.

One can imagine quite easily one of these outspoken persons at a Tea Party Rally or a pro-gun rally being kidnapped and black bagged in the middle of the night and kept in a secret prison where they would be abused, humiliated and tortured because they must after all know something. If such incidents occur the rest of the world should give a tinker's damn about the US government mistreating its own citizens since even the Obama administration has no problems with renditioning suspects (kidnapping) and keeping prisoners for an indeterminate time a few days weeks, months years - all those quaint laws do not apply we are told to the US military, Special Forces , the CIA, the FBI, your local Sheriff, or county jail guards or State and Federal Prison guards.

Detainees Tortured in Secret Iraq Jail Officials Involved at All Levels Should Face Trial at Scoop Human Rights Watch Press Release

Iraqi authorities systematically and routinely tortured detainees at a secret prison in Baghdad. Detainees were hung upside down, nearly suffocated with dirty bags, beaten with belts and other implements until they passed out, and then revived with electrical shocks. Security officials pulled out fingernails and broke teeth.

The 42 prisoners, interviewed Monday by Human Rights Watch, also gave accounts of sodomy and rape. The physical evidence -- the welts and scars on their bodies -- appeared fresh.

The detainees, accused of aiding and abetting terrorism but not charged with any crimes, were Sunni Arabs from the Mosul area. The prison, in the old Muthanna airport in West Baghdad, was under the control of the Shi'ite-led Iraqi government. The responsibility doesn't just lie with the torturers, but up the chain of command.

and from AP April 29 Iraqi men tortured at prison near Baghdad, Human Rights Watch says

... Some of the detainees, mostly Sunni Muslims from the northern city of Mosul, were beaten by Iraqi guards so badly they lost teeth and urinated blood for days afterward, said the report by New York-based Human Rights Watch. Others were raped, received electric shocks to their genitals and were deprived of air, the report said.

The Iraqi government quickly shut down the prison after the abuse was revealed last week, and either released or transferred its 431 detainees to another facility. The government also vowed to investigate the abuses, and three army officers have been arrested in connection with the case.

The reports of abuse at the secret facility at the old Muthanna airport in west Baghdad has angered the country's Sunni population, which sees it as another example of persecution at the hands of Iraq's Shiite-led government.

Dalshad Zebari, a Sunni lawmaker from Nineveh province, where most of the detainees were from, called on the U.N. and the International Red Cross for an investigation "of these human rights violations and to force the Iraqi government to make public the names of those involved in these cruel crimes."

and so it goes,

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Exposing Right-Wing Propagandist Roger Ailes CEO Fox News Via The Young Turks & Media Matters

Ah those were the days:Thugocracy Photo of Bush Regimes top War Criminals & Thugs

Palin and her husband Todd involved in the Alaskan Secessionist Movement

Fox News a right-wing political propaganda outlet
Roger Ailes CEO of Fox News influence over his network
Glenn Beck a unique and independent voice of a Puppet or a van triloquist dummy for Roger Ailes
But is Roger Ailes in turn a full-partner with Rupert Murdoch or is he turn a puppet or dummy for Rupert Murdoch who passes on his Uberconservative views and ideology to Roger Ailes
Ailes caught lying about his relationship with the personnel at Fox News

Anyway first some after thoughts about yesterday's post on Glenn Beck .Glenn Beck may be more of not a clown but a van triloquist dummy/ a puppet for Roger Ailes Rupert Murdoch and the Neocons .

Roger Ailes denies that he has any control over Fox News Personnel. There seems to be evidence gathering of Beck's role in the former Bush administration. But did Glenn Beck enjoy the sort of cozy relationship with former President Bush during Bush's term in office as he describes or did he exaggerate or misinterpret the relationship? Did he learn what he was told were secret intel from the Horses'Mouth some of which he could pass on to the public in so many words or in other matters sworn to secrecy about what was said. What did Glenn beck Know and when did he know it??? Was he using the White House or were Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al using Glenn Beck?

According to our old friend the Father of the Neocons Leo Strauss the masses need to be kept subdued doing what the State demands and there are as we all know a number of ways of doing that - for instance bread and circuses & lots of prostitutes ( under the bleachers were a large number of prostitutes those Greeks and Romans what a bunch crazy guys the drunken louts)

Another tactic is using religion as a way to pass along their talking points to help the Religious Right to stay on the reservation as they used to say.
They are told as all members of cults are to respect the natural hierarchy
It is as if though that a number of Religious Right leaders and preachers have been let off of their leash like mad dogs having been held back for eight years by the Bush Regime . Of course the Neocons and Uberconservatives should be concerned " he who sows the wind shall inherit the wind"

Glenn Beck: America's own Joseph Goebbels the NAZI propagandist stand up comic except he works for the private sector and so claims objectivity. As we saw in the previous post Glenn Beck met with Bush he claims a number of times did may have had a telephone or E-Mail relationship with white house being fed misinformation, exaggerations, a Pollyanna version of Washington and of the wars . Maybe Glenn beck knew about renditions or torture ,or wiretappings these are some interesting pieces of the puzzle we'd like to know.

So was he following the Karl Rove Talking Points since he believed Bush was as great as Lincoln (or this week Bush is a liberal)

And all along only Glenn beck knew and still knows their nefarious plans ie kill them all and take the oil; to others they would say it was to get rid of an evil dictator to appease Israel or please God and the Christian Right to kill or convert all heretics , heathens and pagans including all Muslims or it is all part of America's Geopolitical Grand Design as in Expanding The Empire versus just maintaining it . Bush was the former and Obama is the latter.

Beck: Iraq "was always about getting to Iran" & WMD's bonus April 5, 2007

Head of Fox News: Obama is Innocent Until Proven Guilty ... By Us
Nov. 21, 2008 The Young turks

Rep. Grayson calls out Fox News as the Bully
Party of No becomes the Party of Nobody
Rep. Alan Grayson GOP and Fox News are the enemies of the American people
Rep. Grayson Calls Out Fox News & Republican Party at TYT

What You Should Know About Roger Ailes, President Of Fox News
The Orchestra Pit Theory of the media -grab their attention
TheYoungTurks — October 23, 2009 — Watch more at

Fox is not news it is a 24/7 political operation
Fox President Roger Ailes' History Of Race-Baiting
mediamatters4america — October 30, 2009 —

Head Of Fox News Roger Ailes Busted On Glenn Beck Lies & More By Huffington/Krugman
TheYoungTurks — February 02, 2010 — Glenn Beck's Weak Defense Crushed:

Bernard Weiner argues in this article that the Teapartiers are not in fact the same old right wing bigots but that there are also those who are well meaning sincere people who have genuine fears about losing their jobs or house or even end up homeless or overburdened by medical bills convinced Obama is going to make it more expensive.

"Rage and Rebellion: How Will the Left Respond?" by Bernard Weiner at Truthout April 28, 2010

Like a lot of progressives, I've been puzzling over the Tea Party phenomenon. Many on the left choose to believe that the hundreds and sometimes thousands who attend the group's rallies are the same old extreme rightwingers who always have been around -- usually content to remain isolated individuals or small groups in the shadows but this time encouraged out in the open by incitement from the FarRight media.

While no doubt, there's a large truth in that observation, I think it's a mistake to interpret the Tea Party phenomenon mainly in that reductive, generic way. There are, it appears, a whole lot of newcomers to the agitated fold, frightened by the joblessness, the squeezing of the middle-class, the disappearance of the American Dream, the rapid sociological and demographic changes in the America they knew and felt comfortable in. Many of these folks are sincere but tend to get their narrow views of the world from the rightwing media machine, and thus are open to the simplistic demogoguery of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, FoxNews, et al.

and he sounds a warning that progressives should reach out to this group of Americans who feel ignored. resentful, depressed or angry , fed-up pissed off and they are carrying automatic weapons -so it is crucial to find a way to undercut the influence of the Right-wing medai of FoChannel Glenn Beck etc.

You can't have millions of unemployed young men hanging around the streetcorners, drinking booze, feeling blocked from finding a decent way out of their predicaments. We all remember newsreel shots of pre-Nazi Germany in the 1920s and 1930s: gangs of disaffected, jobless, resentful young men, many with clubs and guns, roving the streets looking for someone to attack. Many wound up -- with a role, a "patriotic" purpose -- as the shock troops in the Nazi power machinery, easily swayed by Hitler's demagogic attacks on various weak, powerless groups: Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, socialists, et al.

Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying that the Tea Partiers and their ilk are nascent S.S. thugs (though many don't mind having the support of those types). But when history offers lessons, it's wise to pay attention.

The lesson being presented here is that as the traditional social glue is weakening, those angry citizens feeling ignored or demeaned are increasingly looking for some outlets for their fury, someone to hit, as it were. Unless liberals make more of an attempt to understand the sources of their rage and find some way to reconnect them to the civilized hope for change and progress, the left will continue to push them toward the very forces of Hard Right extremism that threaten to destroy much of our democratic republic.

It seems clear that in contemporary American society, the center is no longer holding. The institutions that contain us as a nation of like-minded citizens are deteriorating more every day. Try, for example, to find the moderates in the Republican Party. They barely exist. The agents of Know-Nothing extremism remain in control, even though they have led the party to embarrassing national defeats in 2006 and 2008. No wonder men with semi-automatic rifles are going in-your-face at public events, Arizona is turning into a police state, and Sarah Palin is taken seriously as a candidate by a large segment of the country.

and on the growing Secessionist movement in the USA Chris Hedges might be more serious and more substantive than American liberals like to think.

The New Secessionists by Chris hedges via , April 26

The most pressing problem is that the movement harbors within its ranks Southern secessionists who wrap themselves in the Confederate flag, begin their meetings singing Dixie and celebrate the slave culture of the antebellum South. Secessionist groups such as the Southern National Congress and the more radical League of the South, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a “racist hate group,” openly embrace a return to uncontested white, male power. And this aspect of the movement deeply disturbs leaders such as Naylor, Sale and Miller.

What all these movements grasp, however, is that the American empire is over. It cannot be sustained. They understand that we must disengage peacefully, learn to speak with a new humility and live with a new simplicity, or see an economic collapse that could trigger a perverted Christian fascism, a ruthless police state and internecine violence.

“There are three or four possible scenarios that will bring down the empire,” Naylor said. “One possibility is a war with Iran. Another will see the Chinese pull the plug on Treasury bills. Even if these do not happen, the infrastructure of the country is decaying. This is a slower process. And they do not have the economy fixed. It is smoke and mirrors. This is why the price of gold is so high. The economy and the inability to stop the wars will alone be enough to bring us down. There is no escape now from our imperial overstretch.”

and so it goes,

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Glenn Beck Calls George Bush a Progressive Compares him to Lincoln Via Media Matters & The Raw Story

More from the wacky world which is inside Glenn Beck's Head

Glenn Beck going to an extreme calls George W. Bush a progressive & Compares him to Lincoln -and according to his own conspiratorial logic Bush could also be labeled a liberal-socialist-NAZI-Commie-fascist .

Glenn Beck Meets With George Bush Aug. 1, 2007

and there's more as Glenn beck compares Bush to Lincoln but wasn't Lincoln one of those socialist which explains why he went to war over slavery. But the Southern Confederates argued that God had mandated that they who are of God's chosen were permitted to own slaves . Or they offered a more sort of quasi scientific excuse that slavery was just part of the natural order.
Lincoln fought the war arguing the Southern Confederate State's had no right to secede from the Union.

But Beck favors state's rights over the federal government and likes to provide a platform for secessionists on his program.

Glenn Beck August 23,2007

and Beck says McCain and Bush are progressives

Beck claims Bush, McCain were "progressive," adds that "the country may not survive Barack Obama"
September 23, 2009 Via Media Matters

From the September 23 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:

Glenn Beck calls George W. Bush a progressive -and according to his own conspiratorial logic Bush is a liberal a socialist a NAZI a fascist in the employ of Karl Marx and Charles Darwin & Abraham Lincoln. (maybe they want a month celebrating the Southern Pro-Slavery Confederacy so they can stealthily celebrate the assassination of Lincoln the first liberal president )

After years of praise, Glenn Beck decides to label Bush a ‘progressive’ By Stephen C. Webster Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

At one point in his career, right-wing pundit Glenn Beck happily declared that President George W. Bush and D.C. Comics icon Batman are just alike: both strong and unafraid to take down the bad guys, no matter where they hide.

... Which is why it was a bit odd listening to Beck's Monday radio broadcast, in which he called Bush a "progressive," placing his one-time hero squarely in a political ideology the conspiratorial-minded host calls a "cancer" on America.

Considering this particular television personality's propensity for praising Bush, his rhetorical about-face is truly amazing.

Stacked together, the two claims -- made years apart in wildly differing political climates -- might beg the question: Why does Glenn Beck hate Batman?

After all, this is a man who claimed American progressives helped craft Nazi propaganda, even though Adolf Hitler himself explains in "Mein Kampf" that much of the Nazis' messaging techniques were scooped from the British.

...During his Monday radio show, Beck acknowledged something a bit unusual for him: the fact that President Obama has continued many of President Bush's policies.

"What has [Obama] done that is different?" he asked. "I think he’s done exactly what George Bush was doing, except to the times of a thousand. I mean we’re talking about a progressive. And George Bush was a progressive. It’s the difference between a steam train and the space shuttle."

The statement is quite interesting, considering Beck's history of abject flattery directed at President Bush, a self-described "compassionate conservative."

Beck seems to have flipped on Bush, including him in that which he's so loathed: a political ideology that holds workers and individual rights above the moneyed interests, that promotes social justice and activism over apathy and acquiescence, that strives for peace, a public safety net and a level economic playing field, otherwise known as American progressivism.

To be clear, during his two terms Bush limited workers' rights, busted unions, rolled back bankruptcy protections, repealed large swaths of financial regulation, helped raise living expenses for the poor and middle class, slashed taxes for the wealthiest Americans, engaged in wars of aggression and then borrowed and spent more than every other U.S. president before him, combined.

None of these are hallmarks of progressive politics.

and so it goes,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

James Cameron Dir. of AVATAR Calls out Glenn Beck & His Cult of Greed and selfishness Lou Engle The Call's Support From The Bush Whitehouse

James Cameron's AVATAR

The Tea Partying GOP and the Religious Right view Avatar as a propagandistic attack on America's values - They believe that the Christian God gave humankind the Earth to exploit without any fear of repercussions . As they argue God will intervene during the End-Times and renew the Earth for the True Believers so not to worry. American Evangelicals argue God has blessed America as "The City on the Hill" or "The New Jerusalem " so whatever America does is sanctioned by the Christian God.

First up James Cameron director of Avatar on Hardball with Chris Mathews discussing the danger presented to America by Glenn Beck and other members of the Right Wing Media who are professional "deniers" of climate change or any other environmental concern.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Director James Cameron Calls Out Glenn Beck by Jason Easley at Politicususa April 26,2010

Director James Cameron was on MSNBC’s Hardball today and when he was asked by host Chris Matthews about the power Glenn Beck, he delivered an ominous warning, “Guys like Beck and the others, I think they are very dangerous to this country.” Some on the Left like Cameron are starting to wake up and realize that Beck, Limbaugh, and the others need to be taken seriously as more than entertainers.

...but his statement above not only applies to the power of Beck and others when it comes to shaping attitudes about the environment, but how they feed into the darkest part of our national psyche.

People on the Left for too long have dismissed Beck, Limbaugh, and the other right wing talkers as nothing more than entertainment for the America’s conservative right, and while they began that way, the stumbles and lack of leadership within the Republican Party, combined with the right’s fear of a black president, has elevated them to an important leadership role. Glenn Beck may sound crazy to the rest of us, but he is a valued source of facts for the far right. It is irrelevant to them, that much of what Beck states are not true. What is important to them is that he confirms their own beliefs.

Currently on the right, misinformation is power, which means that Beck and Limbaugh are sitting in the catbird seat within the GOP. These are the loudest voices against climate change. Beck is doing the bidding of corporate America by letting our environment be destroyed while he embarks on a quest to discredit science. Cameron is correct. Glenn Beck is dangerous, not because he disagrees with the left, but because he intentionally creates and spreads a climate of ignorance, fear, and misinformation for his own personal gain. Beck is the poster child for the right wing philosophy of selfishness before community.

This philosophy of selfishness , greed and winners versus losers mentality which I have pointed out many times is expressed in the comments about the above article by contributor named Nikolai so I felt compelled to share this as it reflects my own thinking on the matter:

Nikolai says:
April 26, 2010 at 10:23 pm

“Beck is the poster child for the right wing philosophy of selfishness before community.”

So true.

I’m in my 50’s and I remember the 60’s being all about sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. In the 70’s people started wising up and though there was still much of the same as in the 60’s, people started watching their health, eating right, drinking and smoking less and exercising. It was a feel-good time, and people really enjoyed one another and shared with one another. In 1980 Ronald Reagan become President, and all of a sudden it was the “me” era with books coming out like, “Looking Out For #1″, and it somehow became ok to screw people over as long as it was legal/not illegal. In fact, that was a mantra of sorts, “Hey, it ain’t illegal!” That attitude led to the S&L crisis, and the rest is history. THIS is where the republicans and their philosophy have taken us.

Anyway while prowling around the net and Youtube etc. looking for conections between the secular right wing the GOB and the rise of Radical Evangelicals I found this bit about George Bush's letter to Lou Engle and the Call when Bush was still in the Whitehous . The letter illustrates the danger of government getting entangled with radical Evangelical Theocrats .

Letter from President Bush giving support to Lou Engle's The Call spreading the the Gospel of Jesus
and the letter talks about America as a Christian Nation
Bush also talks about supporting the troops in this holy war or a war necessary inorder to keep America free
Otherwise the Mullahs will rule America. Anyway this shows that there is not the separation of church and state.Bush is a born again Evangelical Fundamentalist who believes in the literal inerrant truth of the Bible -Creation, Garden of Eden Noah's ark angels threatened with rape in Sodom hence the word sodomy, he accepts the brutality the Israelites visited upon their enemies and so it is ok for him to use any means necessary to obliterate the terrorists.

The Call Nashville Letter from President Bush

He calls for the Latter Rain
Evangelicals Gone Wild -Lou Engle and his religious organization appear in this video to have various characteristics associated with Cults -Bizarre in this case yet charismatic leader-he never seems to stop rocking and note how many in the crowd are also rocking - doomsday scenario or the coming Paradise or if not on earth then after death- Engle 's payer sessions last for hours and hours sometimes days and he encourages fasting etc. Combined with music and repetition and the large crowds to create pressure from the crowd & a feeling of belonging as they are "love Bombed' as other cults have used. This sets up a perfect storm conditions for breaking down the will and ego of participants so they are more receptive to the message being delivered and thereby becoming a blank slate for Engle to write upon .

Engle wants not just to save a few people but is calling for a revival across America that would comparable to the revivals known as the Great Awakening in the 13 colonies . He mainly preaches to young people as in Battlecry! Ministry of Ron Luce. Note they name the seven Mountains of this world which must be conquered as a sign of the coming of the Messiah and a world turned to the Christian God that is institutions family , the military , the church,government , the Judiciary, education and the media. Since the late 1970 to the present these Evangelical groups have created effective means of organizaton. The leaders teach others in the various ways in which to by stealth if necessary can enter a PTA or Town Council and eventually become the majority eventually this leads to power and influence over the state which in turn affects the US federal government.

As we saw with Newt Gingrich in the previous post he outlined the take over of the Federal Government not just the congress and Senate and White House but also the judiciary and all Gov't department replacing most of the elected appointed or career bureaucrats as part of returning America to its Christian roots that is Americanized Christianity which rules by the sword . if democracy is kept at all it would be election between competing acceptable qualified candidates who are of deep faith who isa "Real American" . But as Glenn Beck and others say America is a Republic not a democracy.
Rains of revival to make America return to God
Rend the Heavens
Don't look at the stage/ begin to engage
The Call Nashville Lou Engle and The Holy Spirit and Praying

On The Great Awakening & Jonathan Edwards:

Jonathan Edwards: On the Great Awakening December 12, 1743
" at The Story of America's Constitution

Between 1730 and 1745 there swept over the American colonies from Maine to Georgia a religious revival known as the Great Awakening. The revival movement, unlike the earlier doctrine of the Puritans, promised the grace of God to all who could experience a desire for it. An account of the second wave of the Great Awakening in Northampton, Massachusetts, is given in the following letter of December 12, 1743, addressed by Jonathan Edwards to the Reverend Thomas Prince in Boston. The Mr. Whitefield mentioned by Edwards was the Reverend George Whitefield, an English evangelist who traveled the American colonies in 1740 preaching to massive revival meetings.

and on Jonathan Edwards & George Whitfeld & the Great Awkenings:
The Great Awakening Revivals
The Birthplace of American Political and Religious Independence by Wendy Jackson at Suite101

and on Latter Rain Theology :

at Apologetics

Heretical movement popularized by Franklin Hall, William Branham, George Warnock, John Robert Stevens, etcetera. Elements of Latter Rain teachings are today being taught within certain renewal and revival movements.

Considered to be one of today's most dangerous false teachings in the church, the movement's doctrines are taught and supported by a wide range of controversial teachers. They include Rick Joyner, C. Peter Wagner, Paul Cain, Cindy Jacobs, Bill Hamon, and countless others.

See also:
Kingdom Now Theology
Renewal and Revival Movements (Modern)

We can sum up the Latter Rain or Dominion teaching this way:

* the Church must be restored and equipped to rule by the five-fold ministries.
* it must come to perfection and complete visible UNITY.
* out of the purified church will come a spiritual elite corps, a Corporate Christ who possess the
* Spirit without measure
* they will purge the earth of all wickedness and rebellion
* they will judge the apostate Church
* they will redeem all creation, and restore the earth
* they will eventually overcome death itself in a counterfeit of the Rapture
* the Church will thus inherit the earth, and rule over it from the Throne of Christ.

There is a great deal of controversy over The latter Rain and other Revivalist and Awakenings as being heretical as it depends on experiences of believes as opposed to the Word of God in the Bible:

The True Former and Latter Rain by Mike Oppenheimer at Let Us Reason Ministries

Today the Latter Rain adherents believe in a last day’s revival unlike any other in history. The Bible speaks more specifically on a great falling away instead of a harvest in the last days. This movement is an outgrowth of the restoration kingdom now movement and claiming to bring restored truth to the earth. It is mostly anti-Israel and applies eschatological passages for Israel to the church. This involves numerous false teachings such as the manifested Sons of God doctrine, that certain believers will not die but be made immortal in these last days. That there will be an army led by new prophets and apostles into the greatest manifestations of spiritual gifts the church has ever seen. Miracles will be greater than even the apostles.

A common mistake is taking the scripture in Acts 2:17 which says: 'God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh.' This verse is being used to substantiate what is happening in the new revivals today. This is not the meaning of this verse and cannot be applied today. The question that needs to be asked is when does this prophecy occur?

Dominion Theology- Reconstructionism and the Latter Rain Movement: What Are They? at Christian Research Institute

Dominion Theology- Not a Single Movement
Dominion theology is associated with two distinct movements. In order to give an accurate assessment of this very controversial issue, I'll need to spend a few moments discussing the elements which characterize these two movements.

Dominion Theology- Reconstructionism
The first of these movements is known as "Reconstructionism," which arose within Reformed (Calvinistic) Christianity. Reconstructionism espouses a doctrine called "theonomy." This is the idea that everyone is still bound to the Old Testament laws; in fact, the only exceptions are laws that are either modified or set aside by the New Testament. Reconstructionists also believe that the world will be "Christianized" through the church's preaching of the gospel, and thereby usher in the "Millennium," which is then followed by Christ's second coming. From this postmillennial vantage point Reconstructionists reason that believers should "take dominion" of all areas of society, including politics. Well, no matter how controversial you may think Reconstructionists are, the fact remains that this is a perfectly acceptable orthodox movement.

Dominion Theology- Kingdom Now Theology
The same, however, cannot be said about "Kingdom Now Theology," which represents the other movement associated with dominion theology. This movement, popularized by Earl Paulk, basically boils down to a systematic presentation of what is commonly referred to as "Latter-Rain." Central to this system is the belief that since the time of the Reformation, God has progressively restored "truths" to the church. It also includes the view that the offices of apostle and prophet remain in effect to this very day, which is why submission to spiritual leaders is so heavily emphasized. Kingdom Now Theology also subscribes to the "Manifest Sons of God" doctrine, which holds the heretical position that the church is the incarnation of God and is therefore to "take dominion" -- politically and otherwise -- before Christ can return. For these and a host of other reasons, we strongly advise Christians to steer clear of Kingdom Now Theology.

And critics of Latter Rain theology argue these leaders encourage the worship of Angels over God and erroneously promote the Gifts of The Spirit speaking in tongues and individual revelations , visions , healings etc.

Why Latter Rain, and Dominion Theology is a Lie at Deception Bytes

The latter rain movement as it has come to be called actually began in 1948 from a Pentecostal Assemblies of God revival in a ministry school in Saskatchewan Canada. The terms “New Order” and “Latter Rain” were coined from this movement. One of the main tenants of this new Latter Rain theology was the belief in the restoration of the ministry of the Apostle and Prophet to the modern day church. From that time on the idea that God was restoring these offices began to be disseminated first in the mainline Pentecostal churches and then in evangelical spirit filled churches as a whole.

...“Do not let anyone disqualify you by making you humiliate yourself and worship angels. Such people enter into visions, which fill them with foolish pride because of their human way of thinking. They do not hold tightly to Christ, the head. It is from him that all the parts of the body are cared for and held together. So it grows in the way God wants it to grow.” -- Colossians 2:18-19, NCV.

The reason Paul wrote this scripture to the Colossian church was that it was being infiltrated with Gnostic teachings. The Gnostics valued what they experienced and what they learned from ‘angels” over Holy Scripture. (Is any of this sounding familiar?) These Gnostics claimed they believed in scripture but did not depend on it as their source!

The following explanation of modern Gnostics come from “Angel Worship” taken from and sums up Gnosticism beautifully. Modern Gnostics who believe in "progressive revelation" have also succumbed to this first of Satan's ploys. While God does reveal things to us, the critical point is that what is revealed—if it truly comes from Him—will never contradict what He has already revealed in His Word. "God is not a man that He should lie" (Numbers 23:19).

Progressive revelation advocates believe that their revelations are more authoritative than the Bible, rather than complementing and harmonizing with it, making them ripe for satanic influence under the guise of God revealing something new to them. They may sincerely believe that God speaks to them, yet they simultaneously mistrust what He has already said in inspired Scripture. They tend to shy away from Bible study, concluding that they do not need it since God speaks directly to them, and if there is anything important, God will let them know.


“Paul Cain cryptically has taught the Latter Rain teaching of the "Manifest Sons of God." This teaching simply affirms that in the last days a "new breed" of believers would attain to immortality and conquer the last enemy of death. Latter-Rain prophets look forward to the appearance of an end-time glorification of a remnant church which will become perfected and thus qualify for immortality here upon the earth prior to Christ's return. In fact, they believe, prior to the Lord's physical return, Jesus comes again spiritually and invisibly to a corporate body of believers. God's glory re-inhabits His temple, referring to the endtime new breed of believers. The prophetic movement teachers identify this great endtime company as the ”Man-child" of Revelation 12, which will rule and reign the nations with a rod of iron. This indestructible and immortal company becomes impregnated with the presence of the "Christ" and they will put all things under their feet.

These Manifested Sons of God, or Man-child Company then according to Cain is the really the "Man-child" of Revelation 12 which will rule the nations with a rod of iron. , they will receive divine gifts, including the ability to change their physical location, to speak in any language, and be able to perform miracles such as divine healing and the raising of the dead. According to proponents of this theology we are not to look for Jesus to come back physically but rather to come to his body corporately and invisibly through the glorification of these manifest sons of God who will be perfected here on earth.

This man-child company is also the prophetic fulfillment of the is commonly referred to as “Joel’s Army” in Joel 2 and Revelation 9. This army will put all things under its feet as it rides forth as Gods agent of judgment to rid the world of evil by overseeing drastic judgment on all who remains in the 'old generation'. This latter rain, manifest sons of God, Man-child Company, also goes by other names, such as Dominion Theology and Kingdom Now. Latter Rain teachings include: Progressive Revelation, Revival/Harvest, Joel’s Army, Replacement Theology, Post-Millennial Eschatology, Signs and Wonders, Territorial Warfare, Ecumenism, Restoration of Apostles and Prophets, Jubilee/Feast of Tabernacles, the Post-denominational Church, and Kingdom Now/Dominion Theology.

and see:

at Apologetics Coordination Team ACT :Vital Information On Deception In The Church
Great deception is afoot in the churches today, happening right before our very eyes. In fact, it may have already come to your church. False doctrines, a different gospel, and even doctrines of demons have been introduced into many churches via books, music, videos, teachers and movements that claim to be of God.

and so it goes,

Monday, April 26, 2010

UPDATE: Newt Gingrich And Tea Partying GOP Sowing The Seeds of A Second American Civil War & Domestic Terrorism

UPDATE: 12:35 PM April 26, 2010

Sean Hannity & Michelle Bachmann claim that they are being attacked by Obama Administration and the Democratic Party and the so-called Liberal Media. Meanwhile acting as the victims they lash out at the Obama administration calling it a radical,socialist, unconstitutional take over of the American economy. These criticisms of the Obama administration they erroneously claim come from the American people and individuals such as Hannity, Michelle Bachmann, Glenn Beck,Rush Limbaugh are just voicing those concerns.

But this is a rewriting of recent history since the Tea Party Movement & the 9/12 protests and others are mainly orchestrated from the top down that is by these Conservative media personalities and the Faux Populism of Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, Dick Army, and the likes of Bill Kristol, Karl Rove ,Dick Morris, David Horowitz ,Dick Cheney etc. They are the ones feeding their base lies and propaganda and distortions of what the Obama administration is doing. For instance polls done on Health Care showed that a majority of Americans were in favor of Health Care Reform yet Hannity et al erroneously argue most Americans were not in favor of Health Care Reform and Obama pushed these bills down the throats of Americans. What they appear to be doing is telling their base that Obama is an evil radical UnAmerican Godless socialist who may not be an American citizen and who may be a secret Muslim . The conservatives throw out their Talking Points and then use those Talking Points that resonate with Conservatives.

And now they say it is the Democrats who are not telling the American people the truth about their policies and actions.

Video below of Newt Gingrich at David Horowitz's conservative conference "Restoration Weekend" in Nov. 2009 where he gave the keynote address criticizing President Obama and any American who supports him or who is a "Liberal" a Progressive a leftist a human rights activists or someone who believes in America abiding by international treaties and conventions ie Geneva Conventions, the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Universal ban on torture or abuse of POWs or combatants or the ban on land mines , Napalm, concussion weaponry, depleted Uranium. Horowitz is an Uberconservative an historical revisionist and an Islamophobe- He calls himself an Historians but real Historian are dubious about his opinions and his abuse of historical data.

So first here's David Horowitz giving a speech in which he calls slavery in America an incidental fact of Human and American History which America did get rid of but he neglects to mention that some 700,000 American citizens had to die for Slavery to officially end the despicable institution. He also doesn't bother to mention that slavery had been outlawed in most of the Western nations fifty or sixty years before hand . Canada as a colony of Great Britain was forced to abolish slavery circa. 1805 when slavery was extinguished throughout the British empire. If the 13 colonies had stayed part of the British Empire they would have been obliged to end slavery at least 60 years before they actually did.(continued after video)

Note he shouts a lot to make his point the louder the better or the more sincere and truthful is the speaker ???
David Horowitz literally screams the truth at the "bodysnatching" professors at DUKE University

and now for a bit more backgound on David Horowitz and his Conspiracy Theories based upon a rather fact challenged skewed view of American history.
So here's opportunist Faux Populist Glenn Beck interviewing David Horowitz about the 100 year old Liberal/Radical Leftist Conspiracy to control America and turn it into a totalitarian State-

David Horowitz - The Tactics of Obama's Administration !!!

I have talked about David Horowitz in discussions of Islamophobics ie Muslim haters or those for their own agenda disparage all aspects of Islam without considering the real history of other religions especially Christianity and Judaism in which Islam is rooted as Christianity is rooted in Judaism and the Torah in the Old Testament while borrowing bits and pieces from the so-called Pagan religions the virgin birth, the Murdered Prophet who is resurrected to taking care of the poor and the weak which the Church abandoned.

Horowitz claims to be an historian and yet he distorts the history of Christianity and Islam to fit his own agenda. He wants to be seen as on the side of the Christians while he attacks Islam.

So he avoids the darker side of the history of Christianity for instance anti-Semitism which led inevitably to the Holocaust while the Vatican and other churches silently stood by believing the Jews deserved it because they were guilty of Deicide and were the real enemies of Christianity and Jesus. He and others defend the Crusades as necessary and the Inquisitions the witch hunts and the hunting down of Heretics and so on.

He also like Glenn Beck the Neo-cons & Uberconservatives has a myopic Pollyanna style view of American history based upon the experience of white male citizens of privilege.

So he doesn't bother to mention that for over a hundred years after the end of slavery the majority of African-Americans were still struggling to be able to exercise the rights he claims they had. So he distorts the history of American & western Civilization claiming erroneously that African-Americans Native-Americans Latino Americans Japanese Americans etc. and other non-white Americans and of course women of whatever color creed or religion or financial state did not have the same rights as White Christian Males in America. They may have had in some instances these so-called rights on paper but segregation, racism, prejudices against various groups was a fact of life for these Unwanted second class citizens who were supposed to know their place and keep their mouths shut . If they didn't there was Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan , the Citizens leagues to take care of trouble makers whether it was a black person trying to register to vote or sitting at the wrong part of a segregated lunch counter or refused to go to the back of the bus or is refused service at a Hotel that was or is White Only or a white Only swimming pool or beach or even a white only water fountain. To Newt Gingrich , David Horowitz,and their fellow travelers this is all incidental and unimpotant part of American history. Even though there are still very good reasons to believe America is for all intents and purposes proudly racist -note the incarceration rates , sentences of non whites to white criminals or the comparison of employment rates and the salary differences etc.

. He also forgets that up til recently Jewish American were also often treated as second class citizens. In his case he has come to believe that Jewish Americans are now part of the privilege class so he is not going to reveal to his fellow elitist the dark history in America towards Jews such as the Anti-Semitism which was wide spread in America before and after WWII. Father Coghlin and Henry Ford preached a very popular vile and vicious attacks on all Jews.

Many Americans saw the rise of Hitler and Mussolini as a good thing that is Hitler and Mussolini wanted to cleanse and purify Western Civilization so it could return to its roots. They did not believe in religious or racial tolerance or diversity or multiculturalism they believed in maintaining a homogeneous national identity and would go about creating such a society through legal and democratic means or by the barrel of a gun.(see pages below header on anti-Semitism, the Church etc.

Horowitz and other conservatives want to bury parts of America history which do not paint such a rosy picture of American history.They prefer a romanticized and idealized white washed as it were imaginary history of America so they can be dismissive of anyone who claims America may have done wrong in the past or even in contemporary America excluding of course in their view the Evil Radical Usurper President Obama or even FDR or Woodrow Wilson etc. They will go to any length to dismiss or hide from view those historical realities which tell a different and sometimes reveals an uglier deadlier mean spirited side of America as part of their historical revisionism. These people are unable to accept that like any other country they have done things of which they should be ashamed. Instead they hold to the line that America is in fact The Shinning City on The Hill -The New Jerusalem so it is uimaginable to this sort of Conservative mind-set to even contemplate that which they might find disturbing or which contradicts their view of American Exceptionalism and its religious and moral superiority over all other nations. According to them I can say this being a Canadian & not born and bred in America the rest of us are a bunch of slow-witted barbarians and heretics or worse.

The other horrible statement he makes implies or infers that Black and Brown leaders of any country are not as up to the task of governing as are white Christian or Jewish Americans whose blood line makes them smarter and more capable than all other races creeds or religions. He also doesn't mention that people from various countries don't all immigrate to America but they also immigrate to Canada, Britain & Continental Europe or Australia and New Zealand.
But he is trying to prove that He is a "Real American"

for more on Horowitz and the Islamophobes see:

Gord's Poetry Factory,January 14, 2010 Pat Robertson: Haiti's Pact With Devil /Edward Said Criticizes "Orientalism" As a Cover For Racism For Faux Scholars & Neocons To Justify Their Wars

December 23, 2009 Anti-Obama "PrayerCast" & "" Exposing Islamophobes Hate Speech & Genocidal Agenda

December 22, 2009 Wafa Sultan Insists Islam Is Evil & Barbaric While the West Has Always Been Civilized, Just and Peaceful at Gord's Poetry Factory

Newt Gingrich's vision of America its glorious past which he believes can be restored once Obama and some 513,000 members of the Washington bureaucracy are removed . Maybe he'll have to set up the Fema Camps-doubtful he 's just saying what he is calculating will get him to the presidency and he will use the Tea Party or any other group or movement he needs to to get there and throw under the bus any who become a nuisance.
Newt argues Eric Holder and President Obama should be impeached.
He says a radical group is now in power who must be stopped and replaced
He also thinks no lawyer should represent a client who is guilty of a crime or is believed to be a terrorist
From now on Lawyers should only represent clients who are innocent
So much for a fair trial and the assumption of innocence
Wants to abolish the 9th circuit court.
Isolate and crush the radical left and replace their system as it now stands with a truly Capitalistic Free-Market system

Newt Gingrich: Impeach judges - Crush and Replace the Left - 2012 "Victory or Death!" Pt.5
Nov. 27, 2009

Tim McVeigh Oklahoma Bombing 15th anniversary- deaths of 168 people merely incidental or not that important to American Tea Partying Republicans and other Uberconservatives. Or they use the Domestic Terrorism of Tim Mcveigh as a talking point to explain how the gov't at the time was over-reaching and was at war with its own citizens and therefore McVeigh was goaded into his action by the unAmerican radicals in the US government.

Rachel Maddow: Oklahoma WACKOS & New Timothy McVeigh Bombing Tapes

goog2k — April 13, 2010 — Rachel talks with Newsweek's Eve Conant about the surge in right-wing extremism, the new Militia Movement, & Oklahoma's wacko anti-government State militia proposal. She also plays another new Timothy McVeigh tape, who BOMBED the Oklahoma Federal building. From MSNBC &

Secessionist State Militias
Reference to film "Seven Days in May"
Oklahoma Conservatives Losing Their Marbles- Oklahoma Bombing By Tim Mc Veigh murdered 168 people and wounded hundreds of others Keith Olbermann interviews Melissa Harris

President Obama is the Commander in Chief -

Psycho Talk! - Newt Gingrich Ed Schultz on New Gingrich, GOP and the Party of NO

and so it goes,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Glenn Beck: 60s Radical Left Control The Whitehouse & Most Dangerous Domestic Terrorists are Leftist

Glenn Beck an Historical Revisionist claims America has always stood for equality and Justice For All:
* Leftist Domestic Terrorists Supported By Liberal Media
* Media exaggerates the dangers posed by the right
* Right Wing Domestic Terrorist merely responding to the tyranny of Washington's Big Government
* Glenn Beck ignores and distorts and re-writes American history sans Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow ,Segregation, lynching
* Beck sees Civil Rights Movement as Communist inspired
* Beck compares himself to Martin Luther King Jr. fighting for Justice -

Glenn beck admits that there are few nut jobs on the right like Tim McVeigh but in fact Left Wing groups he claims have done more damage to America than anyone on the right. He mentions the Black Panthers and the Weathermen. But he seems to forget about Domestic Terrorists such as the Ku Klux Klan. In Glenn's version of American History in which its history is all romanticized and all the bad bits are discarded. So he is living in the world of father's knows Best . So for him the Genocide carried out against the American Indians was not all that bad besides they were savages in his view. He refuse to accept the fact that the US cavalry and the colonist had a habit of massacring Native Americans

As for slavery it was common practice in the 19th century fail The majority of Western Nations banned slavery 60 years or so before America. But Glenn Beck acts and talks as if once slavery was abolished African Americans were given their full rights and their rights were protected by the states or the federal government fail Jim Crow laws were established creating an Apartheid system which thinks was either exagerated by the left leaning press in the North. And he leaves out the 9 -12 thousand African-Americans who were lynched or those who died during the Civil Rights Movement. The white supremacists blew up houses schools churches and had car bombs . For ovver a hundred years Thousands of protesters were treated as if they were not even human. They were beaten , attacked by dogs, the hoses were turned on them they were tear gassed trampled on by horses . In Glenn Becks world these were radicals out to radically change America from that of white privilege to one in which others non-whites would be permitted to compete with white Americans . Sometimes these Uberconservatives are still angry about that is that African-Americans were being guaranteed their rights. They couldn't be kept out of schools or colleges or stores, restaurants bars theatres . . And yet these days he compares himself to Martin Luther King . The idea of comparing this elitist racist throw back is is laughable and yet stomach turning. Hitler compared himself to Jesus doing God's work. His God approved of war to cleanse the earth. Christian Theocrats have basically the same goal to cleanse the world of all non-believers

In a Stream of Insanity Reichsführer Beck Attacks Nancy Pelosi's Milk Comments

Glenn Beck on O'Reilly not seditious as he trashes the current administration claiming the people in the Whitehouse are mostly 1960s leftist radicals who are now "The Man".

Glenn Beck On Accusation Of Him Being "Seditious" - 04/22/10

and so it goes,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

UPDATE: Fueling The Hate Limbaugh ,Dick Morris, Hannity Blame Clinton & Janet Reno For Tim McVeigh Oklahoma City Bombing

Oklahoma City Bombing Domestic Terrorism defended By Limbaugh, Dick Morris, Sean Hannity & Other members of the right-wing Tea Party Republican Uberconservative Echo Chamber

Timothy McVeigh says, "Get over it!" (the human aftermath) - Rachel Maddow

At the Fifteenth anniversary of Tim McVeigh's Domestic Terrorist Action of Bombing In Oklahoma City

Rev? Lou Engle calls for "Martyrdom" & "Civil War" & Timothy McVeigh - Rachel Maddow
goog2k — April 16, 2010 — Right Wing-nuts continue to incite violence. Rachel describes some of the latest, including more on Timothy McVeigh. From MSNBC &

Keith Olbermann Worst Person clip
Sarah Palin the grifter raised $400,000 95% went for her expenses & very little for Republican Candidates
Rush Limbaugh why weren't there memorials for WACO Martyrs & Ruby Ridge-he blames Janet Reno & Clinton for McVeigh's Bombing in Oklahoma City

Worst Person In The World! - Rush Limbaugh

Dick Morris On Sean Hannity Blames Clinton and Janet Reno for botching the Waco stand off which then led to the Tim McVeigh Oklahoma City Bombing

Limbaugh blames health Care Bill for the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland
Psycho Talk Ed Schultz

and so it goes,

Friday, April 23, 2010

Jon Stewart VS Fox News & GOP Racist Southern Policy & Limbaugh Defends Tim Mc Veigh

UPDATE:2:10 PM, April 23,2010

Jon Stewart Sings: "Fox News, Go F*** Yourselves"

And on more serious and ominous note about Tim McVeigh being incited to blow up the building in Oklahoma City in response to WACO and policies of Bill Clinton. So according Rush Limbaugh and Gun Rights groups they find it difficult to criticize Tim Mc Veigh's Domestic Terrorism -they see it as an appropriate response.
042010 Maddow on Hate Speech.m4v

Racist based Southern Policy of the Republican Party from the 1960s to recently
Rachel Maddow on Racism in Republican Policies

Rachel Maddow Steele admits GOP southern strategy.flv with Rick Pearlstein

and so it goes,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glenn Beck Compares His Activism and Community Organizing & Prophecy To MLK While Explaining God's Plan Straight From The Horse's Mouth

The Madness and Genius that is Glenn Beck

UPDATE: 3:48 PM, April 22, 2010

"'s all about "faith." We should just have faith in what Glenn Beck is telling us about God's plan -- irrespective of reality. We feel it, therefore it is. Bob Cesca at Huff Post's assessment of Glenn Beck as God's Messenger

Yesterday Glenn Beck finally owned up and told us he is a messenger from God
And now here's Glenn Beck The Prophet of Hope as he reveals God's Plan To America nay the world the Universe possible since he is more than partly divine .
And he's a born again Mormon.

Via Politicususa & Media Matters Glenn Beck Claims He is Leading a Civil Rights Movement Published By Jason Easley On Wed.April 21st 2010 like MLK April 21, 2010

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck continued to warp the legacy of the civil rights movement in the United States by claiming that his 9/12 Project and the angry white Tea Party are the next phase of the civil rights movement. Beck read the civil rights movement commitment card to audience, then said, “It looks to me like the next phase of the 9/12 Project.”

Beck said, “This is what they had every marcher sign, and I want to put this up on the website and I want you to sign it. This is the commitment card that they had you sign,” then he read the civil rights movement commitment card authored by Martin Luther King which states:

I hereby pledge myself—my person and body—to the nonviolent movement. Therefore I will keep the following ten commandments:

1. Meditate daily on the teachings and life of Jesus.
2. Remember always that the non—violent movement seeks justice and reconciliation — not victory.
3. Walk and talk in the manner of love, for God is love.
4. Pray daily to be used by God in order that all men might be free.
5. Sacrifice personal wishes in order that all men might be free.
6. Observe with both friend and foe the ordinary rules of courtesy.
7. Seek to perform regular service for others and for the world.
8. Refrain from the violence of fist, tongue, or heart.
9. Strive to be in good spiritual and bodily health.
10.Follow the directions of the movement and of the captain on a demonstration.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

also see Bob Cesca at Huffington Post skeptical analysis of Glenn Beck as he sounds more and more like a Tele-evangalist in which every word , every poignant pause or quivering voice is staged for maximum impact.

Glenn Beck: the Televangelist Con Man Selling God's Plan for America" by Bob Cesca at Huff Post , April 21, 2010

During yesterday's Glenn Beck radio show, Beck delivered a 10-minute monologue in which he hit all of his phony-baloney touchstones -- some of them, as I've been writing for the last several weeks, are dangerous and some are simply ridiculous. But primarily, Beck was in full televangelist mode about God and something about a "plan" and, in the process, he dovetailed into a little McCarthyism and, as usual, a little historical revisionism. He even shrunk into a defensive bit refuting the accusations that he's a faker who's conning his audience.

Let's assume for now that Beck is anti-coincidence. In other words, the crazy connections he scribbles on his chalk board (the misspelled OLIGARHY acronym, for example) have to be true because there's no such thing as wild supposition and God is speaking the truth to him personally. There's no such thing as coincidence. Therefore if someone in the Obama administration mentions the name "Mao" in the context of a joke, he or she is obviously a communist, which, in turn, makes the president a communist, which, in turn, means there's a communist plot to take over America, which, in turn, means that we should all buy gold from Goldline in preparation for the coming barter economy. Because, you know, there are no coincidences. Full Joe McCarthy at 11 with more crazy and even less actual evidence.

... Beck slides off into a tangent about how he used to be just "an entertainer," and now he's not. Clearly a self-conscious, back-pedaling response to his all-too-revealing "I don't give a flying crap about political process" quote from the recent Forbes profile. Another window into Beck's scam.

Anyway, so after leaving this defensive crouch, he circles back around and tells us that it's all about "faith." We should just have faith in what Glenn Beck is telling us about God's plan -- irrespective of reality. We feel it, therefore it is.

There's no denying that Glenn Beck is nothing if not a masterful performer. He's talented, but at the same time, he's transparently derivative. Glenn Beck is, at once, capable of borrowing the most effectively persuasive techniques available in order to manipulate his audience, and he's gifted enough to pull it off. But what are the consequences? Like it or not, he's a major player and activator right now and so he's achieved, for his part, a gravitational field that pulls upon the trajectory of American political discourse. That makes his role a serious one. One with consequences. He's pumping the discourse with nonsense, false history and pure coincidence while also resurrecting McCarthy style communist witch hunts.

Glenn Beck is a political faith healer. And the sooner his viewers recognize the scam, the better off they'll be.

Oh, and it turns out that all this talk of "the plan" appears to be nothing more than a way to plug a book -- over and over and over again. Specifically, Glenn Beck's latest book just happens to be titled The Plan. Coincidence?

and so it goes,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sara Palin Playing Theocratic Queen Esther & God Speaks Through Glenn Beck The Prophet & Tea Party Rebranding Using Propaganda

UPDATE: 12:38 PM , April 21, 2010
My server went off line last night interrupting editing & publishing of this post

*Armed Gun Rights group protesting in Virgina
*Sarah Palin Wants to create a Theocracy
*Prophet Glenn Beck Says God speaks to him
*Tea Party Rebranding their Movement & Video of Staged Faux NAZI Infiltrator

"While the Democrats are hamstrung by an issues based approach to politics, Conservatives have mastered the art of creating an alternate world of political facts and reason (enabled by the Right wing media echo chamber) where the reality based community need not tread."Chauncey DeVega

'State Of War With The People'
"We will have the freedom and the rights that our fathers paid for," he said, adding: "We are done backing up. Done! Not one more inch."

"You can push Americans only so far," Vanderboegh told the crowd.

Alabama militia leader Mike Vanderboegh speaking to supporters at the Fort Hunt rally.

anyway with all of this vile vicious violent rhetoric being spewed it is creating incrementally an environment of highten sensitivity fearing imaginary demons in this stew of paranoia. So a few might go way over the edge . Another question comes to mind How many conspiracies can people believe in it must be infinite like the angels on the head of a pin.

Gun Rally: Second Amendment Activists Swarm DC, VA Rallies (NEWS, PHOTOS) by Nick Wing, Arthur Delaney, & Sam Stein at Huffington Post April 19 2010

Dozens of Second Amendment rights activists holstered their handguns and slung unloaded rifles over their shoulders Monday at a gun rights rally in northern Virginia, while hundreds of like-minded but unarmed counterparts converged in the nation's capital.

The gun-toting protesters in Virginia were within the bounds of the law but promised to keep the weapons unloaded. Those in Washington, D.C., chose not to carry any firearms in compliance with the district's strict gun laws, even though many believe the rules are unconstitutional.

Signs reading "Which part of 'shall not be infringed' confuses you?" and bright orange stickers saying "Guns save lives" dotted the crowd at the Washington Monument. Across the Potomac River in Alexandria, former Alabama Minutemen leader Mike Vanderboegh told the crowd armed confrontation should be reserved only for instances of the government threatening people's lives.

However, he said it might be justified if people face arrest for refusing to buy insurance under the health care reform package recently passed by Congress.

"If I know I'm not going to get a fair trial in federal court ... I at least have the right to an unfair gunfight," Vanderboegh said.

Sarah Palin's 'Christian Nation' Remarks Spark Debate Advocates of Church-State Separation Say Palin Is Distorting Founders' Intent Palin Tells 'Mom of Faith Movement' Not to Listen to Critics at ABC News April 20,2010

A spokesman for the Secular Coalition for America told ABC News that Palin is misconstruing the founders' intent on matters of church and state.

Is America a Christian nation?

Sarah Palin said on Friday that it's "mind-boggling" to suggest otherwise.

But two groups dedicated to the separation of church and state are now speaking out against her, arguing that she is misreading the founders' intent.

"It's incredibly hypocritical that Sarah Palin, who disapproves of government involvement in just about anything, now suddenly wants the government to help people be religious," Barry Lynn, the executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, told ABC News.

"It is wildly inconsistent with her views on limited government to get the government involved in matters of faith."

Lynn was reacting to remarks Palin gave last Friday in Louisville, Ky., one day after a federal judge in Wisconsin ruled that the National Day of Prayer, created in 1952 by Congress, violated the First Amendment.

"We hear of a judge's ruling that our National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional," said Palin. "I think we'll be challenging that one."

"God truly has shed his grace on thee -- on this country," Palin told the Women of Joy conference. "He's blessed us, and we better not blow it."

While the founders' views on religion varied from person to person, there is no doubt that they believed strongly that religion had no place in government," said Paul Fidalgo, the communications manager for the Secular Coalition for America. "John Adams signed the Treaty of Tripoli which stated in no uncertain terms that 'the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.'

"Our Constitution established a secular government and has no mention of Jesus, Christianity, or a god of any kind, despite the false message spread by figures such as Sarah Palin who claim that America was founded as a Christian nation," Fidalgo continued.

Palin told the women in attendance, whom she referred to as a "mom of faith movement," that they should not listen to critics who would make them feel that their movement is "all a low-cost brand of ignorance."

"Really, it's just the opposite," said Palin. "And I think the more we're involved, the more we're going to rock this world."
also On Sarah Palin and A Christian theocracy see:

Sarah Palin’s Dangerous Vision of America By srjones at Politicususa On Tuesday, April 20th 2010

Palin Fans Unleash Political Terrorism on Senator by srjones at Politicususa, April 20th 2010

Are you noting the similarities between the Palin hate rallies of 2008, the Teapublicans and the Palinban?

Palin’s contract was later found in the garbage by students, along with many shredded documents proving the financial relationship between the Stanislaus Foundation and the state tax payer, suggesting that a cover up was at play. Senator Yee then requested Jerry Brown, California AG, investigate the University’s lack of accountability and transparency. Hence, the birth of yet another Palin scandal: Shreddergate.

If you are not a Palin fan, you might be wondering what they are upset about, as the investigation is not about Sarah Palin’s diva-esque contractual demands, although said demands (Lear Jets and Bendy Straws) rubbed salt in the wound of Palin’s already controversial speaking engagement at the University. Apparently many tax-payers who don’t want to fund hate are even more angry at having to fund Palin’s elitist “common sense conservative values”. In other words, Palin fans were embarrassed that their Queen was once again unveiled as a hypocrite, so naturally they lashed out at the messenger. In the land of Queen Esther as Holy Mother of USA, accountability is not an American value.

The rage, hatred, bigotry and violence that Palin fans have put on display here has a goal: to silence the Senator. In other words, this is political terrorism. The Right will claim that there are “extremists” on both sides, which is true. However, the Department of Homeland Security did not find leftist extremists to be dangerous and the probable cause of domestic terrorism, whereas the DHS most certainly did determine that the far Right extremists are a danger to America. One day after the 15 year anniversary of Timothy McVeigh’s rein of terror, we should be paying close attention to these warnings and noting the similarities in beliefs and actions. And most importantly, a reasonable leader who did not condone such behavior would come out with a very clear statement denouncing it.

Where is Sarah Palin to denounce such abuse of the first amendment? Crickets. Sarah Palin will never denounce this kind of atrocious behavior because thuggery is how Palin has ruled since she became mayor of Wasilla and her Paliban are her weapons of mass destruction she unleashes upon those who she feels have “wronged” her. It’s also unfortunate that like most narcissistic bullies, Palin has both a persecution complex and believes she is the center of the world, thus frequently falsely believes herself to have been wronged.

“It is quite disturbing that such racist and homophobic sentiment still exists in our country,” said Yee. “It is unfortunate acts like these that demonstrate why we must continue to be vigilant against hate and intolerance.”

...And by vigilant, I don’t think Yee means we should cower in the face of more right wing, Teapublican, Paliban extremism and hate, but rather follow his example and stand up loudly against it. Too many liberals and progressives allow their shared value of tolerance to turn a blind eye toward the hate being practiced and preached by the right.

Bear witness, people. If we don’t, who will?

and see; CSU Palin Controversy Incites Hate Messages Tuesday, April 20, 2010 Senator Leland Lee

Yee threatened with racist, homophobic phone calls and faxes

SACRAMENTO – The controversy surrounding an upcoming Sarah Palin event at California State University Stanislaus and calls for greater transparency from Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) has spurred several racist and homophobic phone calls to Yee’s office and even a fax threatening the Senator’s life.

also see: Millions in Public Funds Paying for CSU Foundation, Palin Event at Senator Leland Yee website Monday, April 19, 2010.

Foundation salaries top $1.5 million; receive an additional $3 million in government grants

SACRAMENTO – While the administration at California State University Stanislaus have claimed that only private funds are being used for the university’s foundation and the upcoming Sarah Palin event, state and IRS records show otherwise. In fact, millions of dollars in public funds are being used to run the foundation hosting the university’s 50th anniversary gala which will feature the former Alaska governor.

In 2009, over $1.5 million in taxpayer funds went to salaries of staff and board members of the CSU Stanislaus Foundation (listed at UniversityAdvancement/Foundation/BoardMembers.html and UniversityAdvancement/AdvancementStaff.html), including six-figure salaries for three foundation board members.

In addition, the foundation received nearly $3 million in government grants from 2006 to 2008 according to IRS filings.

“The CSU administration has failed the students and the taxpayers of California,” said Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco). “Both ethically and legally, all documents regarding this foundation – including the Palin contract – should be public. It is unconscionable that the administration thinks they can spend millions of taxpayer dollars behind closed doors without any real transparency.”

After the university claimed they had no documents or correspondence pertaining to the Palin visit, students testified that they found pages 4 through 9 of the Palin contract in the administration’s dumpster, which show her visit requirements include a hotel suite, first class airfare or a private Lear jet, pre-screened questions, and “bendable straws.”

An email from Gajic-Bruyea to other campus administrators and faculty members attempting to justify the Palin visit was also acquired by Yee’s office – demonstrating a clear violation of the California Public Records Act. As a result, Attorney General Jerry Brown has launched a formal investigation and Californians Aware has filed a lawsuit.

"Glenn Beck Loses it and Claims to be Carrying out God’s Plan" By Jason Easley at Tuesday, April 20th 2010

The plan that he would have me articulate, I think to you is get behind me, and I don’t mean me, I mean him. Get behind me. Stand behind me, I truly believe I have done years now of reading the Founders, the diaries, their letters, the Pilgrims, their diaries their letters. I’ve read the first hand letters. I’ve held them in my hand. The exchanges between the Founders, I have held their actual letters in my hand. I have seen it with my own eyes and I will tell you that God was instrumental and they knew it. They knew that had very little to do with it. They just stood where they were supposed to stand, and they said the things that they were supposed to say as he directed…but that’s what he is asking us to do is to stand peacefully, quietly with anger, quiet with anger, loudly with truth.”

Beck then disavowed his status as an entertainer, “When we were, and I’ve never told this story before, when we were starting the TV show, there were things that I did that I wouldn’t do now because I had to be more of an entertainer to get people to go what is this show at five o’clock? I never said anything I didn’t believe, but I may have said things in an entertaining fashion.” Beck also claimed that God led him to attack Van Jones.

As we have seen the last couple of weeks the rhetoric on the right is still quite militant . Sarah Palin , Glenn Beck are still stirring the pot but when something happens they'll have a hundred excuses. So these various Gun Rights protesters fell embolden by all this venomous attacks on Obama and the government calling him a socialist , a collectivist, a communist a Fascist , a mad man , a would be butcher and yet so many liberals are too complacent thinking it might be rude to call them out. In this situation liberals are being hoisted this time on their own petard of tolerance and relativism. The Tea Party and Uberconservatives and their Media echo chamber use the liberals basic fundamental principles as a weakness to be taken advantage of and used as a means to neutralize & silence liberal criticisms. This erroneously tolerant view which claims everyone even the most vile racist has a right to their opinion allows the right to spew hatred and lies and propaganda to embolden and widen its base of angry American citizens.

Defending these Professional Agitators rights to freedom of speech stops liberals from being effective and being on guard for the lurking danger of these hate filled , fear mongering liars who are really anti-democratic , anti-diversity, anti-pluralism as they wish to create a theocracy in which non-Christians will be marginalized and have fewer rights than practicing Christians and Jews.
So it may be that a storm could be coming and the liberals would have waited too long.

Republican party & The Tea Party both say they are separate entities but this has never been shown and again that this is a faux grassroots astroturf movement with a lot of money and clout behind it.

Are the Teabaggers Just Republicans in Denial? Yup. by jedlewison at Daily Kos via Alternet April 20, 2010

Rapoport’s analysis underscores the extent to which tea partiers are really just embarrassed Republicans. Actually, putting it that way is a bit of an oversimplification. I should say: tea partiers are really just embarrassed Republicans — unless they think that the Republican Party is too liberal for them. But there’s nobody in the tea party movement who thinks that the GOP is too conservative. And there’s nobody who is angry at GOPers but not Dems.

Tea party sponsors like Fox have eagerly pushed the claim that teabagging is a bipartisan thing to do, but there’s no real evidence to support that myth. Instead, we’ve got a bunch of conservatives who think that the best response to the failure of their ideas is to rebrand conservativism as tea partyism instead of Republicanism.
The Tea Party gang are slowly becoming more sophisticated in their handling of the media and the use of Propaganda tactics ie rebranding to appear less threatening and to appeal to a broader base .

It appears the Tea Party leaders are finally learning how to use the Media and how to use propaganda techniques and strategies to rebrand themselves as not extremist or violent or racists etc. So in this article Chauncey DeVega takes note of seven of the these propaganda tactics being used by the Tea Partiers to rebrand themselves. They may even gone as far as a Faux Reality video in which a guy wearing a swastika is pursued by a Tea Party official telling him he is racist and doesn't represent the Tea party Movement to leave the area- Remember this started as an which was obvious to most people that it was all a bit of grand standing has it now become a clear and present danger in the United States.

7 Tricks the Tea Partiers Will Use to Shed Their Image of Right-Wing Extremism By Chauncey DeVega via Alternet ,April 20, 2010

The Right wing media and the Tea Parties are playing chess while the Left and the mainstream media are playing checkers.

While they can be disparaged as being narrow minded ideologues possessed of an authoritarian personality, Conservatives in the U.S.–and the extreme Right wing that has now become the center of the GOP–have long been masters of using emotional and moral appeals to motivate their public. While the Democrats are hamstrung by an issues based approach to politics, Conservatives have mastered the art of creating an alternate world of political facts and reason (enabled by the Right wing media echo chamber) where the reality based community need not tread.

This week the note being struck is that liberal infiltrators (in the guise of “agent provocateurs”) are targeting the Tea Parties in order to smear and discredit them. Without any factual substantiation (and ignoring the racist, bigoted, and violent rhetoric that is common at the Tea Party gatherings) the Right has succeeded in reframing the narrative which surrounds the tea baggers. Now, freed from any responsibility for their own actions, the Tea Parties can point to some imagined villain as being responsible for all things disruptive and violent at their protests.

This is a brilliant move because it frees the tea baggers from any measure of responsibility for their deeds. Consider the simple genius at work here: if someone has a racist sign he/she is an infiltrator; if someone spits on a black congressman “they aren’t really one of us” (or alternatively John Lewis was not spat upon because there is no “proof” save for eye witness accounts); if someone incites violence “he isn’t a tea bagger, it must be a crazy progressive.” Not surprisingly, rather than expose this quackery, most in the media are repeating these narratives without critical intervention or comment.

...The Right has upped the ante. Not content with displacing responsibility onto “liberals” and “progressives” for the brigands in their midst, the Tea Parties are now trying to take the moral high ground as the party of diversity and tolerance. To that end, the tea baggers and their Right wing media arm have been circulating a video of a confrontation between a Tea Party member and an alleged white supremacist. Here the tea bagger confronts the white supremacist and condemns him. While doing so, the Tea Party activist is sticking to a clear script: “the Tea Parties are not racist,” “racism has no place with the Tea Parties,” and “that the Tea Party does not concern itself with race.” In one 2 minute clip, the Tea Party has created a counter-narrative, one with compelling soundbites, that runs explicitly counter to the popular understanding that the tea baggers are racist xenophobes. This is poetry in motion...

...The repackaging of the Tea Parties as tolerant and inclusive political organizations is happening as we speak. It will continue from its own momentum regardless of the facts on the ground. In much the same way that Dr. King has been reimagined by conservatives to be a Republican (notice how Glenn Beck, the Pied Piper for the Tea Parties, is increasingly appropriating both the language and symbolism of The Civil Rights Movement), the tea baggers will be depicted as forces of American virtue and pluralism. As this false flag operation continues to develop, here are a few things to watch for in the upcoming weeks:

1. More coverage of the “racial diversity” of the Tea Parties. Expect to see the same talking heads and black and brown apologists trotted out on the major networks;
2. The discussion of agent provocateurs will take on the weight of fact as opposed to speculation;
3. There will be more videos of white supremacists, nativists, and overt “Birthers” being thrown out of Tea Party rallies;
4. Simultaneously, there will be a great deal of attention paid to “incidents” where Palin supporters and tea baggers are assaulted by “anti-Tea Party” forces and “agents of the Obama regime”;
5. The Right wing media frame will continue to emphasize their long standing narrative that Conservatives and “real Americans” are “victims” of the Left and Progressives;
6. Similar to what happened with the ACORN pimp and prostitute scandal (a fraud staged by Breitbart and company), the efforts to “infiltrate” the Tea Parties will be exposed as events planned by the Right;
7. Loose lips sink ships: one of the “white supremacist” or other “agent provocateurs” will give up the fact that they are on the payroll of someone semi-connected (for reasons of plausible deniability) to the Right wing media and/or political establishment.

and so it goes,