Sunday, October 27, 2013

Julian Assange Interview- 2013-Obama's Demonization of Wikileaks

Heroic Wikileaks founder Julian Assange demonized for revealing the truth by the ruling governments and their supporters.

Again and again government officials have talked about having Assange and others connected with him and or Wikileaks renditioned, imprisoned without due process, tortured or simply assassinated.

In waging its phony War on Terror the American government has told a thousand lies to sell this war to the American people and to keep its citizens in a state of fear and near panic. Selling such lies to the American people became a lot easier after they had been traumatized by the events of 9/11. And later they were reassured by the CNN live triumphal self-indulgent coverage of the American bombing of Baghdad in which the destruction of a foreign city and the murder of thousands of Iraqi civilians was celebrated and gloated over based upon the false premise that the Iraqi President Saddam and the Iraqi people were involved in and complicit in the events of the 9/11 Al Qaeda terrorist attack.

President Obama has been just as guilty as former president Bush in keeping the fear mongering alive. Obama falsely creates the impression that the Islamic extremists thousands of miles from the USA are still a direct threat to the citizens of the USA that every city or town or neighborhood in the USA is vulnerable to these on-going threats in the same way as they supposedly were by the Soviet Union during the trumped up Cold War.

Friday, October 25, 2013

End Times Are Here, Woohoo! Politician Raves! TYT -

Cenk Yugur at The Young Turks points out at how dangerous Christian Fundamentalists are.
Senator Michelle Bachmann is happy that in her view the Biblical End Times are near.

NEWSNIGHT: Paxman vs Brand - full interview

EU leaders unite over US spying allegations

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

U.S. War Crimes Continue : Amnesty International: Obama should explain why drones killed civilians

Pakistani PM urges Obama to end drone strikes

Civilian Deaths in Drone Strikes - Devastating Report

America's military 's incompetence causing unnecessary civilian deaths?
 Mainstream Media still acts as the mouthpiece of the U.S. government and the U.S. military.                                                                                  

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Government To Sell Pot For $1 A Gram (In Uruguay) - Why?

Government of Uruguay more progressive and intelligent and practical than the governments and ruling elite of Canada and the USA. Canadian government prefers fear-mongering over Marijuana than consider legalizing   it.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       and so it goes,


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

America : Beacon of Freedom Or Oppression ?

If President Obama is in favor of reform and democracy and human rights why does he support the brutal regimes of countries such as Bahrain or Saudi Arabia. and so it goes, GORD.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Grateful Dead Touch Of Grey Video (Good Quality) & I won't Back Down-Tom Petty (S..t Disturber?)

After seven months in hospital all I have to say is I will get by/ I will survive Getting old is so sad but i'm still here to tell the tale. And besides that I hope to still be a bit of a s..t disturber? I Won't Back Down -Tom Petty and so it goes, GORD.

TYT: Heroic Whistleblower Bradley Manning Is Now Chelsea Manning And...

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Chris Hedges on the 2 year anniversary of occupy Wall Street

and so it goes, GORD.

Canadian Police Use Military Tactics to Disperse Indigenous Anti-Fracking Blockade

Once again we witness the use of force on peaceful demonstrators. They are harassed and beaten until protesters respond in kind and then protesters are then condemned as being "violent anarchists" . We witnessed this at the peaceful protest in Toronto at the G8 summit several years ago. At that time it became evident that the Harper government would no longer tolerate even peaceful protests. And far too many Canadians are complacent and see all such protests as being unpatriotic and treasonous
as anti-Canadian.

In many cases the most violent acts are committed by undercover government agents or by protesters egged on by said agent provocateurs.

The neo-conservatives and PM Harper have no respect for the basic rights of average Canadians.

Canadian Police Use Military Tactics to Disperse Indigenous Anti-Fracking Blockade

New Brunswick Mounted Police deploy rubber bullets and tear gas, arrest 40 protesters for blockading highway. - October 18, 13

The Real News spoke to Pamela Ross, one of the activists that had been in the blockade.

PAMELA ROSS, PROTESTER, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA: This has been a peaceful protest all along, and people have been misled on what the whole warrior society and what warriors, First Nations warriors are in the first place. You know, they're protectors of the people. So that's why the warriors were the first people arrested, because they are willing to put themselves out in front of everybody else.

Everyone's protesting because the government of New Brunswick, originally the Liberal government of New Brunswick, introduced shale gas fracking to New Brunswick. And people were totally against it. And then an election came around, and the Conservative government was very critical and criticizing the Liberal government, you know, about the shale gas, and a lot of people voted for them because they thought that the Conservative government was against it. But the Conservative government has turned around, and they seem to be all for it as well.

More at The Real News Also see at Real News Network :
Enbridge Line 9 Hearings Met With Resistance in Montreal, As Pipeline Plan Provokes Wider Concern Sarah Harmer and prominent musicians sing against Enbridge Line 9 reversal project; Quebec and Ontario residents mobilize to challenge oil and gas conglomerate - October 14, 13

More at The Real News

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Florida "Stand Your Ground" pro Gun Law Invoked For Shooting & Killing Defenceless Naked Man

Photo of shooting victim Jandei Cherry

Florida "Stand Your Ground" pro-gun law creates wild west style of justice?
naked man robbed of clothes shot on highway by passing motorist

No charges for passing motorist who shot dead man, 22, who was jogging home naked after having his clothes stolen at the beach
By DAILY MAIL REPORTER,October 15, 2013.

A 22-year-old man running naked down the street in Florida has been shot dead by a passing driver following a bizarre altercation, according to police.
Jandei Cherry, an aspiring musician and young father, was pronounced dead October 6 from a gunshot wound to the stomach after police say he got into a fight with a stranger in Hollywood.
The alleged gunman, identified as 29-year-old Duke Laguerre, was driving down Hollywood Boulevard when police say he spotted Cherry running home in the buff after apparently having his clothes and skateboard snatched by a friend.
The two men got into a quarrel that turned physical and ended with Laguerre allegedly pulling a gun on Cherry and shooting him once in the stomach.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hunger Strike At Gitmo Animation Video

The horrors of Gitmo continue under President Obama's watch.Mainstream media either ignores or justifies abuse and torture of prisoners held by American authorities. When the Soviets used torture it was condemned when the USA uses torture it is praised for getting tough on terrorism.

 In March 2013, reports of a hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay, the US detention camp in Cuba, began to surface. Details were sketchy and were contradicted by statements from the US military. Now, using testimony from five detainees, this animated film reveals the daily brutality of life inside Guantánamo. Today there are 17 prisoners still on hunger strike, 16 of whom are being force-fed. Two are in hospital
• Warning: contains scenes some viewers might find disturbing
• شاهد هذا الفيلم مع ترجمة بالعربية
• In this Sunday's Observer read the extraordinary story of the making of Guantánamo Bay: The Hunger Strikes, plus an interview with David Morrissey about why he got involved


The making of Guantánamo Bay: The Hunger Strikes, The Guardian, October 13, 2013

Few outside the US military have even seen, let alone recorded, what goes on inside the infamous Guantánamo Bay prison. Now, using the words of the detainees themselves, an extraordinary animated film aims to show the brutality and claustrophobia of daily life there. This is the fascinating story behind its making…

And note secrecy & censorship still prevail at Gitmo. President Obama does not want the public to know about the conditions at the prison facility.Like his predecessor Bush he appears to approve and sanction the abuses and torture of so called "detainees" who are in fact POWS who are supposed to be protected under the Geneva Conventions and other international laws . Obama does not believe these laws apply to the USA or its allies. As a legal expert himself President Obama merely uses the law and legalese to defend his own unethical & immoral and illegal policies regarding the treatment of imprisoned suspected enemy combatants at Gitmo and elsewhere . He uses similar form of rhetoric and sophistry to justify his other war crimes ie Drone attacks, assassinations,use of land mines, cluster bombs, napalm, depleted uranium, free fire zones, death squads and so forth.

As the Guardian points out:

...The main source of the reports was Clive Stafford Smith, director and founder of legal assistance charity Reprieve, who, having heard that inmates were on hunger strike as a protest against their conditions, had started regularly visiting his Guantánamo-based clients in an attempt to ascertain what was going on. Stafford Smith was only allowed to meet a detainee once the prisoner had agreed to body cavity searches. Interviews took place under tightly regulated conditions and Stafford Smith was prohibited from recording a word. Only when outside could the lawyer scribble down conversations with inmates. This circumscribed method of accumulation of evidence was, even by the arbitrary standards associated with the US administration's "war on terror", eccentric.

"Detainees are effectively censored," says Cori Crider, a lawyer at Reprieve who has also made visits to the prison. "Everything they say to me on the telephone is listened to – and interrupted if the authorities hear anything they don't like. Everything they write to me passes through a government censor. And you can't interview – you can only ever use testimony through this filtered material."

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Return

I have not posted on this blog for over seven months due to an untimely heart attack . This event was followed by various complications such as going in and out of coma. The medical staff gave up hope a number of times so they tell me. But as I say the light beckoned to me but I had other plans. For whatever reason mere chance or destiny I am still here and ready to return to blogging , gardening,enjoying music and movies and watching the clouds in the sky.