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Pam Geller ,Robert Spencer In A Panic "Global Jihad Coming To Get Us"

UPDATE: Nov. 13 ,2009 added article on "Muslims Against Sharia" from "Chasing Evil" (sorry about the confusion kudos & thanks to "Muslims Against Sharia" for bringing this matter to my attention) Nov. 12, 2009

Below Photo:Islamophobes Inc., Robert Spencer and Geert Wilders Fascist anti-Muslim Geert Wilders who claims Islam is not a religion but a political /cultural Totalitarian ideology with His supporter American Robert Spencer creator of the anti-Muslim Jihad Watch.

Note:"Robert Spencer Rejected by Academics: Still Supports Geert Wilders" by Garibaldi at July 13,2009

Recently the American Library Association & the Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Roundtable was to hold a discussion around the topic of Perspectives on Islam: Beyond the Stereotyping. For all intents and purposes the forthcoming discussion seemed very promising. It would confront and discuss the important issue of stereotypical portrayals of Islam and all that is associated with it such as myths and smears.

The program ran into trouble when without the knowledge of the other panelists, and seemingly without any sort of vetting, the ALA invited a well known anti-Islam and anti-Muslim blogger and writer — Robert Spencer. To say the least this made more than a few people scratch their heads. How could a reputable organization invite a well known Islamophobe who traffics in perpetuating stereotypes to speak at an event that is supposed to go beyond stereotypes?

To understand just how strange this was just imagine if the ALA had invited David Duke as a speaker on matters of race, say on a panel discussing the topic Perspectives on Race: Beyond Stereotyping. Does anyone believe he would be invited?

This was the very reason that a group of librarians, scholars and individuals sent a letter to the ALA protesting the inclusion of Robert Spencer on the panel. In it they detail their reasons and their apprehension at the severe lapse of judgment and error on the part of the ALA

Robert Spencer of the extremist anti-Islam/anti-Muslim site "Jihad Watch"

Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs & Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch who created the Faux organization called "Muslims Against Jihad" which includes no Muslims.

The Nationalist,anti-immigrant and anti-Muslims March In Russia

"Red Dawn" Poster found at Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch claiming America is going to have a bloody civil war.

"M. Cherif Bassiouni Rips Fake Scholar Robert Spencer" Aug.19,2009 (from our friends at Loonwatch)

Robert Spencer crawled out of the wood works and into the relative limelight circa 2003 when he started Jihad Watch. Ever since then it has been a long journey into the bizarre ranks of the pantheon of right wing blog stars with an occasional foray to bless the mere mainstream mortals with his personal knowledge of Islam. He receives stupendous applause and adulation from the cult following that has sprung up since his site was created — the little “counter-Jihadis” who in the late middle of their lives have found a new purpose to life; hate of Muslims as defense of the West.

His blog, JihadWatch, has served as a portal into the realm of propaganda against Islam and Muslims. It works at one and the same time to confuse and conflate issues and news related to Islam and Muslims. A man murders his wife and for Spencer it is not a question of domestic violence but honor killing that derives its roots from the Quran. Recently, a mass wedding in Gaza in which a picture was taken of the grooms holding hands with their nieces was egregiously misconstrued by Spencer as an instance of mass pedophilia. These are the type of Gobbelsesque tactics employed by Spencer that highlight the pre-set prejudiced conclusion he begins with; the maxim he seems to be working from is Muslims are guilty, before proven innocent.

"Pamela Geller Oshry "Owned" by “Young Turks” at MT. AKBAR "

"Who would win the Islamophobe Swim Suit edition? Probably 50 year old BotoxQueen Pam Geller Oshry, last year it was Michelle “your token Asian” Malkin, and the 7 years before that Anne Coulter. This year the field was “tough” as Pam had to go up against the likes of Debbie “Schlomo” Schlussel, Caroline Glick, and the surprise from the UK Melanie “Mad Mel” Phillips. Brigitte Gabriel and Nonie Darwish weren’t allowed to take part because they were too “brown” and too “Arab. ” Congrats Pam!

Pam Geller Oshry is a blogger for Israel and an Islamophobe who has a blog popular with the old farts in the right wing Likudo-Zionist Neo-Con fringe called Atlas Shrugs. She also created something called “Muslims Against Sharia” which basically has her and one other “guy” who leaves comments filled with obscenity’s and insults on websites and blogs (see article below from Chasing Evil.

She, Pamela Geller, seems to think of her self as intelligent but she just comes out as dumb and contradictory especially in this interview with Cenk of Young Turks:

"Global Jihad Coming to Get Us!"
the Pamela Geller “atlas shrugs” , Notice her befuddlement on the Iraq topic reminds you of Sarah Palin almost. Let the right-wing exploitation continue!

In this interview Pam Geller reveals that she buys into the Talking Points of the Bush/Cheney Regime. She still thinks there were WMD and that Saddam was connected to Al Qaeda and 9/11 attack. She is oblivious to all the evidence which has been accumulated showing Bush, Cheney, Rice lied about Iraq and Saddam. And it should be noted she says Saddam committed atrocities against his own people but like many Conservatives and a lot of Americans they seem to forget the USA was Saddam's staunchest ally and knew about the atrocities but did nothing in the US and other European States France, Germany etc. supplied Saddam with WNDs for Chemical & gas warfare , a state of the art defense system and arms & various specialists and military advisers during and after the Iran Iraq war-the US and her allies cared nothing about the 30,000 Kurds gassed til Saddam invaded Kuwait.

As for the website Muslims Against Sharia the writer at Chasing Evil does an excellent job of deconstructing and outing this phony organization which claims to represent Moderate Muslims" it is just another anti-Islam ant Muslim screed.
Monday, March 09, 2009 (Non) Muslims Against Sharia at Chasing Evil

and see original website and see if it sounds "real" or "phony" Muslims Against Jihad:Islamic Reform Movement

MAS presents themselves as religious Muslims who wish to reform Islam “away from the evil and into good.”

What made me suspicious of this site? First, for religious Muslims, they use a tremendous amount of obscenities in commenting on other sites. Secondly, they do not use the required “pbuh” (praise be unto him) when referring to Muhammad, as religious Muslims do. Third, they want to – and are in the process of – rewrite the Qur’an, a holy book delivered from God to an angel to Muhammad. One does not do major rewrites to the word of God. Lastly, the anti-Muslim rhetoric is too almost identical to sites run by anti-Muslim and neo-Nazi extremists.

...The site exists in three versions - English, Swedish, and Russian. Hmm. No Urdu. No Punjabi. No Pashto, Persian, Uzbek, Turkmen, Malay…in other words, none of the languages spoken by the vast majority of the world’s Muslims. But this is a group that claims to be an international Islamic reform movement. Odd.

...Among the elements of this “Muslim” “Manifesto” are such popular right wing talking points as “the Crusades were not unprovoked acts of aggression, but rather attempts to recapture formerly Christian lands controlled by Muslims”, and “We must remove evil passages from Islamic religious texts, so that future generations of Muslims will not be confused by conflicting messages.”

Which leads to the next fascinating section of the site. “Muslims Against Sharia” has gone through the Koran and removed every verse that they don’t believe came from Allah, and propose to publish this New Koran, with donations from their readership. What a great idea. I thought translating the Bible into Lolcatz was a bit silly, but I could get behind an initiative to go through the Holy Book and remove all those references to stoning, slaughtering and enslaving enemies of Israel, sexual misconduct on the part of the Biblical elders, God’s murder of the children who taunted Ezekiel…all that stuff that we’ve left behind.

Sorry. Silly digression. But I can’t really imagine any Christian, Muslim, or Jew launching an anonymous, web-based edit job to bowdlerize their own sacred texts, and expecting to be taken seriously by anyone. So…WHO are these people?

One gets a bit closer to the heart of “Muslims Against Sharia” by perusing their “blog”.

The first item in the “blog”, “Top Ten Central Ohio Terrorism-Related Stories of 2007″ is sourced to the “Intelligence Summit”, a project of the International Holocaust Education Centre founded by John Loftus. For those who don’t know John Loftus, he’s an extreme former Fox News commentator fired for broadcasting the address of a “terrorist suspect” who had long since moved, resulting in the harassment and vandalism of the building’s current occupants. The Summit’s Advisory Council includes America military, a former senior FBI official, a former senior Mossad officer, and the former Chair of British Joint Intelligence Committee. Also included are several members of the Iran Policy Committee. Hmm.

(2 of 3) Robert Spencer - The Complete Infidel's Guide To The Koran-Nov. 1,2009

In the above clip Robert Spencer puts forth a conspiracy theory about Islam and Muslims which is very close to the "conspiracy Theories" promulgated by the Christian Churches against Judaism in which it was believed that the followers of Judaism were untrustworthy and infiltrating as a fifth column in Christendom to control all these nations. This "Jewish Conspiracy Theory" led to mass murders , Pogroms, Crusades led by the Church leaders from time to time against the Jews . Jews were treated in Europe as second class citizens which led to the creation of walled in Ghettoes for Jews in cities throughout Europe all with the blessings of the Pope and other Christian Leaders including Martin Luther. These mas killings continued in Europe up til Adolf Hitler decided to take upon himself what he thought was his destiny or a matter of Divine Providence to rid the world of the Jewish people. And today we have anti-Muslims who say "kill them all" -or "Rag Head Talks Tough Rag Head dies" (Ann Coulter)

In fact the Spanish Inquisition was first set up explicitly to reveal those Jews in Spain who had converted to Christianity in order to be able to stay in Spain to detect whether or not they were still practicing in secret the rituals and traditions of Judaism. You would think that Pam Geller and Robert Spencer would be aware of this history and so be at least a little more reluctant or moderate in their allegations against all Muslims worldwide.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch in the clip below is speaking about the Rifqa Bary case-in which Rifqa Bary 17 yr old who converted to Christianity and claims her Muslim family are plotting to kill her. Spencer & Geller and others who are fanatically anti-Islam are merely using Rifqa's case to further their own agenda. So it becomes difficult to judge what are the real facts in the case.

As I have mentioned in previous posts on the Rifqa case what would be the response if the girl in question came from and Evangelical Christian home and she decided to become a Muslim, or Jew or Moonie (sorry Moonies are now part of the Conservative Movement ie Washington Times) or Hari Krishna or Buddhist probably Spencer & Geller would be claiming that the people from these other "Faith traditions" had brainwashed her. Since Christians can never be accused in their view of undue pressure and using heavy handed proselytizing at least .When Rifqa speaks for herself she sounds like a very enthusiastic believer in Christianity but her case against her parents seems rather slight & jumbled up with what Christians have told her about the evils of Islam. And another wrinkle in this case is that Evangelical Christians teach absolute obedience to one's parents yet this is not the case if one's parents are Muslim? How do they square this contradiction.

Pam Geller is upset that anyone would dare question the motives of the Evangelical Christians who were involved in the case since she implies that Muslims always lie and Christians never lie or would put any pressure on anyone to convert -didn't she see "Jesus Camp".

The evidence contradicts what Pam Geller and Robert Spencer say about the case. The evidence is also that Rifqa Barry was in contact with these Evangelical Christians for several years and took part in anti-Abortion rallies and was trying to convert other kids in her high school. She was well known in her school because she carried her red Bible everywhere.Her family heard about this and told her to stop aggressively proselytizing in public because others were complaining about her activities. Pam Geller of course is fine with Christians or Jews aggressively proselytizing but Muslims are supposed to not proselytize. Geller like Robert Spencer and Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck and Geert Wilders etc. are using Rifqa or the Fort Hood Massacre to push their agenda to have restrictions placed on Islam & Muslims which other Faiths do not. They claim as Geert Wilders does that Islam is not a real religion but is Political & Cutural Ideology of Totalitarianism and so should be treated as one would the KKK or Communist Extremist or Anarchists and secular humanists as groups out to destroy Traditional American values and its legal system.

Rifqa Bary Press Conference: Pamela Geller

Rifqa's family and others believe she has been coached by Pastor Lorenz and his wife. It should be noted she didn't just show up on their doorstep: they helped her plan her so called escape and knew she was coming?

Pastor Blake Lorenz brainwash & Coached 17 year old Sri Lankan girl on Facebook against her Family-August 17,2009

DPNI’s “March Against the Invaders.”

"Russia at the Crossroads" at Extreme Rightwing 'American Renaissance'website"

This article was also posted on the Nazi White Supremacist' "Stormfront" website

In case you are wondering Stormfront website so they claim is getting overwhelming numbers of hits since Obama was sworn in they have ordered three new servers to handle the overflow this in itself is disturbing news :

Resistance to the Obamanation continues to grow, and Stormfrontis getting record numbers of visitors, over 100,000 a day now. We'd be getting even more, but our three servers have been overloaded, with pages loading slowly or not at all. Thanks to our Sustaining Members, we've ordered three new high-end servers and will be migrating over the next few days. There will be a few hours downtime, but the new setup should be able to handle our ever increasing traffic, along with new features like video hosting, for the next few months

The commentator is excited that there are a growing number of Russians who are moving to the right and becoming more racists

" DPNI-UNITY MARCH" by Thomas Smith, Special to AR News, November 6, 2009

Wednesday’s celebration of the new Russian holiday, People’s Unity Day, was a massive gesture of nationalist fervor by patriotic Russians. Some 200,000 people from many different groups marched and rallied all over the country, and a considerable number of were explicitly racial nationalists.

Some organizations called the celebration the “Russian March” to emphasize Russian nationalism over “people’s unity.” DPNI, an organization whose name translates as Movement Against Illegal Immigration, went even further and called its event “March Against the Invaders.” It boasted a uniformed drum corps and a turnout of 7,000 in Moscow . DPNI had the enthusiastic support of even more ultra-nationalist organizations such as the Slavonic Union and the Russian National Union. There were a few clashes with “anti-fascist” militants, but this year’s People’s Unity Day kept convincingly to what has become a five-year tradition: a clear demonstration of Russian commitment to Mother Russia.

People’s Unity Day was established by President Vladimir Putin in 2005 to replace the Soviet Union’s big political holiday, the November 7 anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. After Russia junked Marxism-Leninism, it made little sense to celebrate the revolution—though the Communist Party rejects the new holiday and still insists on celebrating the revolution.

Nationalists understood right away the importance of giving the new holiday a thoroughly patriotic flavor. Everyone had expected that the new holiday to be nothing more than a day off work, but even at the first celebration in 2005, nationalists surprised the country by showing the same spirit as the historical event the holiday commemorates: the liberation of Moscow from Polish invaders in 1612.

Unfortunately, Russia today faces an existential crisis, just as it did in 1612, and it was with the same urgency that Russian patriots took to the street on November 4

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