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Glenn Beck's Nazi Propaganda & Nativist Anti-Immigration Movement

Let the madness continue...

UPDATE:11:11 PM & 3:00 PM Nov. 2, 2009


BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Bill Moyers Essay: Restoring Accountability for Washington's Wars| PBS

The World According to Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck's dual personality: The Sentimentalist VS The Agitator

-The Christmas Sweater VS Revolution , Coup d'etat

-Glenn Beck's Revisionist history

-FDR America's worst president ???

-Beck paints FDR as UnAmerican, anti-American & a Socialist

-Progressives are the Enemy Within who must be resisted and destroyed

-Progressives are really socialists who are really Communists who hide behind the "Liberal"label

-"Radical Conservative Movement" using issues such as Immigration to rally

-Americans to fight the federal government ie Obama administration

-Illegal-immigration across the US Mexico border is an invasion force

-The Barbarians are about to take down the US -the New Roman Empire

-New World Order Conspiracy Theory

-The Enemy within VS the Enemy at the gates

-Glenn Beck Christmas sweater creeps me out
but it is also disturbing given Beck's psychotic angry outbursts when blood actually shoots out his eyes

-which is then followed by his crying jags -unhinged or great acting You Decide!
(or he used to be all messed up on drugs now he's all messed up on the Lord and an idolization of America & Capitalism & Materialism)

-Does he equate shouting and passion and anger for TRUTH

- Healthcare he condemns but a good BLOODY WAR now that's the Ticket-as long as his kids or his friends kids don't have to fight on the actual battlefield rather than in a cozy office in the Pentagon-or shooting Drones from Nebraska-

I re-posted this to make a comparison of the Glenn Beck of the sentimental children's story to the foaming at the mouth McCarthyite which Beck has become as he weeps and flies into rages or tells Obama to "just set us on fire".His hatred for Obama knows no bounds and is as irrational as it can be.

Also note that he turns for advice and analysis of Obama and his policies to right-wing organizations which are not unbiased are not impartial and do research in a skewed manner to prove what they already believe or what they want to disseminate to the public to rile them up in order to push their agenda. For example Beck interviews spokespersons from organizations which are decidedly anti-immigration such as Federation For American Immigration Reform,NumbersUSA, or The Heritage Foundation which is decidedly against the Separation of Church and State and is pro-unfettered rapacious capitalism and bemoans the immorality of our age etc. On whatever issue Beck can find a few right-wing groups to tap into who will give him the information and opinions to back up his own twisted view of the world.

anyway Glen Beck has possibly a split-personality Beside his feel-good sentimental Christmas cheer side he has a darker side.

This is the angry as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore Glenn Beck who is pissed-off and shoots blood from his eyes as he foams at the mouth becoming as deranged as Senator Joseph McCarthy claiming Obama is out to destroy America. Claiming Obama is attacking capitalism and the Free-Market place by trying to get health care for all Americans.

Heaven forbid the insurance companies be made to act in a more ethical fashion. Odd how these Conservatives claim to believe in Moral Standards but being honest, forthright and treat others as we would have them treat us -the Golden Rule- The problem with Beck is that he believes in unfettered capitalism of the 19th century brand when children were forced to work in coal mines, steel plants etc. for 12 hours a day just to get enough to eat and were robbed of their childhood. But those were the poor kids those kids Beck & others don't care about since their parents failed and therefore their children must carry that guilt onto seven or seventy generations. Beck cares only about the Middle Class and the rich peoples kids for they have value. In the same way he believes Muslims., Arabs, Iraqis, Afghanistans or Mexicans & Latinos have no fundamental intrinsic value because unlike Real Americans like himself they are not blessed by God as the Chosen People and the Chosen nation.

Glenn Beck in this next clip Compares President Obama and Progressives to a cancer destroying the country. Beck seems unaware that Obama won the election fair and square and won by a decent majority and took both houses. So that means the American people overwhelmingly voted against the Republican Party and repudiated the policies of the Bush and Cheney Regime. The people were disgusted by the corruption of the administration and the Billions it was handing over to their friends or even to companies they had a stake in.

Comparing individuals & groups to a disease or vermin typical Propaganda which may lead to "eliminationism" that is either, ghettoizing, incarcerating, deporting, or killing members of the targeted group.
That is by dehumanizing people by comparing them to a disease as a plague or vermin, rats ,lice etc.

Once this step is taken then one is free to kill those who threaten one's nation ie the Jews by Nazis Muslims, Arabs, Iraqis, Afghanistanis, Pakistanis etc. malicious "evil-doers" "the spawn of Satan" therefore they must be destroyed. Only the weak minded would have sympathy for these evil doers-

Beck likens Obama to a cancer in the USA

Glenn Beck appears to believe that he has hit pure gold or the Rosetta stone for his convoluted conspiracy theories in his discovery of FDR and the New Deal. He characterizes as many other conservatives have before him FDR's New Deal as a group of fifth columnists who radically changed America's government . So like other conservative he turns history on its head as he passes through the "looking Glass" to see the world he believes as it really is. FDR bad McCarthyism good. Beck argues that FDR used a form of Propaganda as slick and heavy handed as the propaganda used by Hitler. So like other conservatives he can now resurrect Joseph McCarthy as being right all along. So it is the "liberal" and "Secular Humanist" & "Socialist" who have raise up FDR as a great president & revitalizing the United States while they condemn Senator McCarthy as the lone voice of sanity in America.

So Glenn Beck is suggesting that America started down the road to "Socialism" & "Dictatorship" in the 1930s and Obama is now taking America into the next radical stage of "Socialism". So except for George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan the federal government has been working slowly but surely to undermine America's democratic system and to go against the will of the people -The Folk.

But Glenn Beck like other conservatives glosses over some of the facts of American history which do not help support his case. In the 1930s the homegrown Nazi Party and extremists such as the Ku Klux Klan , Fascist party were at their heights and it is this angry anti-democratic Nativist and racist organizations which FDR needs to be heard over their shouting, their agitating their mob mentality which threatened to turn America into a Fascist or Nazi regime.

Glenn Beck: FOX NAZI NEWS - Part6 - Glen Beck Preps Teabaggers On Nazi History (Without their knowledge)

So anyway back to our discussion and examination of various right-wing organizations which have become part of the "Radical Conservative Movement" in the United States. That is to say the fringe right wing groups of the "Far Right", the "Radical Right" and the "Conspiracy theorists" have now become part of the Conservative Movement transforming it into a more radical movement which includes Nativists, American First groups,or others wanting to turn back the clock to restore the republic to its former glory ( at least in their view). They are anti-diversity, anti-multiculturalism, anti-pluralism fear foreigners especially Muslims, Arabs , Latinos, Mexicans and want to to take away the rights of Homosexuals and of women etc. and any other group for whatever reason they dislike or believe should not be allowed to play a significant role in America's society..

They believe that the Federal Government has failed in its duty to protect America from its foreign enemies and have allowed the enemy within to take control of the government itself. In such a situation the "Conservative Movement" comes very close to advocating in so many words that a violent overthrow of the Obama administration might become a necessity.

These alarmists Anti-Immigration organizations argue that they are not anti-immigration nor are they racist or Nativist . But then they go onto attack illegal-immigrants who they see as a destructive force and influence in American society. They would like to build a bigger fence across the US border and Mexico -killing all who dare try to enter America. They of course exaggerate the whole issue of illegal-immigrants. But they also believe America should reduce the number of legal immigrants or even refugees into the country. It's difficult to understand their attitudes and mentality when we look for instance at how few Iraqi refugees they have taken in a few thousand while the Iraqi War created over 3 million Iraqi refugees.

Or consider America's history and its abysmal failure from 1933 to 1945 and the few German Jews or European Jews they allowed into their country.(note: Canada was no better) Anti-Semitism in America was at its height right up til the end of WWII .America turned the Jews away sending them back to the Nazis without any concern for their well being. Especially when you had Father Coughlin on the radio spewing his hatred of the Jews.

Meanwhile Glenn Beck's hero Henry Ford in the 1920s had made it his mission to inform the American public about the world wide Jewish conspiracy in his news paper The Dearborne press .For his efforts Henry Ford was given a special German Medal of Honor by Adolf Hitler. And the American Nazi party and the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s and 30s were at their height numbering in the millions as they preached against Jews, socialists, communists, labor unions just as today Glenn Beck and his "Fellow Travelers" also preach against these groups except for the Jews. The Jews have instead been replaced by Muslims, Arabs, Latinos & Mexicans as hated disparaged groups who are trying to undermine and destroy America. And these groups are being aided by another group involved in the world wide conspiracy of The New World Order.

So Glenn Beck & His "Fellow Travelers" Limbaugh,Lou Dobbs,Sean Hannity , Alex Jones etc.rail against the International Bankers, the Federal Reserve, a world wide elite of those who control the money & the banks and the IMF who have their own agenda by using international law and the United Nations in order to rob America of its sovereignty. How evil can you get- they even demand Americans treat their fellow man with dignity to treat Prisoners of War in a humane fashion and this means they are not to be tortured and that slaughtering hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq or elsewhere is just plain wrong nor is it legal to invade a country based upon cooked up intel.

Glen Beck scoffs at this because whatever America decides to do it is being guided by the hand of God or Fate or Natural Law or the laws of "Social Darwinism" - survival of the fittest which Beck claims Jesus believed in. The Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians also believe that there is an "elect" who are God's Chosen who have been "Born Again" who believe in Faith alone and all those who reject Jesus all their good acts mean nothing to this tyrannical God will go to Heaven to sit on clouds praising their egomaniac of a God. As for everybody else he condemns them without mercy or sentimentality to spend eternity in Hell being flailed alive and roasting in fire.

as we have seen the "Radical Conservative Movement" uses various public policy issues to rile up their base and to appeal to a larger audience. By describing and characterizing the influx of illegal -immigrants as an invasion of disease ridden , immoral, criminals and basically as Barbarians about to destroy America they are able to make the issue urgent and which must be taken seriously and any politician who doesn't should be disparaged and should lose their position and their authority.
They blame progressives and corrupt politicians for the situation. But President Bush also did very little about the issue and his proposals were met with anger and outrage by the "Radical Conservative Movement" and its allies.

Let's first take a look at NUMBERSUSA a spin-off of the immigration reform organization F.A.I.R. created by John Tanton- Roy Beck heads NumbersUSA.

Numbers USA National Ad-2007

Immigration Gumballs (5 min version)-2008
The impoverished around the world deserve our compassion and care. Author Roy Beck explains why mass immigration is not an effective solution.

NumbersUSA Legislative Specialist James Edwards, PhD, on Fox News Hannity Oct. 2009
the illegal immigration loopholes in the health care reform legislation

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

"White House Claims 'Stimulus' Saved/Created 650,000 Jobs (but it imported 1,125,000 foreign workers at same time)" By Roy Beck, Oct. 30, 2009 atNumbersUSA

... the White House issued a new report claiming that the Stimulus Bill earlier this year has created or saved approximately 650,000 U.S. jobs.

Unfortunately, another government program -- immigration -- completely wiped out any overall benefit the stimulus jobs could have been for the American working man and woman.

All of us need to point out to every local newspaper, every Member of Congress and every one of our co-workers and family that the federal government has imported more than a million working-age foreign citizens this year to negate every positive impact the stimulus could have had for U.S. workers.

Yes, we are happy to see the news that far fewer H-1B visas have been issued this year for foreign tech workers than usual. But the H-1B visas -- as destructive as they are to some occupations -- are only a tiny fraction of the flow of working-age foreign citizens into the U.S. each year.

Here is what CNN just reported about the Stimulus jobs:

WASHINGTON ( -- The largest stimulus program in the nation's history has created or saved at least 650,000 state and local jobs, according to a report released by the Obama administration on Friday.

Based on approximately $150 billion in spending from the $787 billion recovery package, the tally is the first broad, concrete look at the stimulus program's impact on the economy. The numbers are drawn from tens of thousands of reports from state and local recipients as well as private companies.

NumbersUSA has tried since last November to persuade the news media to monthly report how many working-age foreign citizens are getting first-time work permits from the feds.

It remains the great national secret because the U.S. news media -- from the liberal to the conservative wing -- won't report these facts.

Immigration policies are also part of the Rightwing organization SUPS:
Support U.S.Population Stabilization.

SUSPS trying to influence Sierra Cub agenda -claiming to be pro-environment and not Nativist or racist but believe illegal-immigration is in part an environmental concern besides the damage to border areas increase in population means a larger negative impact on the environment.

SUSPS® is a network of Sierra Club activists who support a comprehensive approach to environmentalism within the Sierra Club. We support Sierra Club policies and principles with the exception of current Sierra Club U.S. population policy, which we believe is inadequate in addressing U.S. overpopulation. A comprehensive approach to environmentalism must include effective action for population stabilization in the United States. Currently Sierra Club policies call for stabilizing U.S. population but do not address the combined impacts of mass migration and birth rates on U.S. population growth.

The SUSPS vision for environmentalism, however, does not stop at our nation's borders. It also includes educating women worldwide to achieve lower birth rates, lowering consumption levels in industrialized and developing nations, and protecting national parks and the world's remaining wild spaces from exploitation and development. We also support the fight to unseat President George Bush from office along with all other politicians hostile to preserving the environment.

Who We Are

SUSPS is a network of thousands of individuals who are Sierra Club members and activists, many with decades of Sierra Club experience. SUSPS is not an official body of the Sierra Club; we are a network of Sierra Club members. We support Sierra Club policies and principles with the exception of current Sierra Club U.S. population policy, which we believe is inadequate in addressing U.S. overpopulation.

We are concerned about the natural world being left to future generations at home and abroad. As with all priority Sierra Club programs the first responsibility is to solve a U.S. problem, in this case that of U.S. population growth and consumption in accordance with "think globally, act locally." Although we are aware the U.S. is part of a world community, we also recognize the Club's relatively limited influence abroad.

We believe a comprehensive U.S. population policy must be a part of the Club's Global Population Program [for stabilizing world population]. We support a return to 1970-1996 Sierra Club U.S. population policy which advocates zero population growth, where births equal deaths and immigration equals emigration, or any reasonable combination that will achieve US population stabilization as quickly as possible.

We reaffirm the 1970 Sierra Club policy "That we must find, encourage, and implement at the earliest possible time the necessary policies, attitudes, social standards, and actions that will, by voluntary and humane means consistent with human rights and individual conscience, bring about the stabilization of the population first of the United States and then of the world." (Sierra Club Board of Directors, 1970).

Our concern is with total numbers, not with any group or country of origin. We argue for an end to U.S. growth in numbers and consumption simply based on environmental limits. We advocate any reasonable combination of natural increase and immigration that can achieve a sustainable U.S. population. We repudiate any support from people who have racial motives for reducing population or immigration. Racists and their offensive ideas and actions have no place in modern civilized society.

Some Specifics

We believe the Sierra Club must:

* Educate the public and promote adoption of a national population policy that calls for stabilizing U.S. population as soon as possible by voluntary and humane means consistent with human rights and individual conscience.

* Explicitly recognize rapid U.S. population growth among the causes of Sprawl.

* Support reduction of consumption, especially in the U.S. and other high-consuming societies. Ending U.S. population growth in no way forecloses efforts to reduce U.S. consumption. Both are necessary as stated by the President's Council on Sustainable Development (1996).

* Support incentives that encourage family planning in the U.S. and worldwide.

* Support elimination of pro-natalist financial incentives.

* Integrate the overpopulation-environment connection message into Sierra Club campaigns and materials.

* Educate staff and members on the severity of the U.S. overpopulation problem and the responsibility of all environmentalists to address the issue.

We firmly believe that this Sierra Club action is in the best interest of the Club.

and they have the usual disclaimer which most of these groups have in order to try to legally protect themselves against charges of racism, Nativism or Hate Crimes or Hate Speech : No to racism, Yes to environmentalism

We support U.S. population stabilization purely for ecological reasons. This requires we reduce both birth rates and migration to the U.S. to sustainable levels. Unending population growth and increasing levels of consumption together are the root causes of the vast majority of our environmental problems, as is the case in many other countries.

As environmentalists, we in SUSPS are fully aware of the value of biodiversity. An ecosystem is healthier when it has a wide variety of animal and plant species. Similarly, we see value in ethnic and cultural diversity. A nation with human diversity is better able to survive crises, and it benefits from the creativity that diversity inspires.

We are shocked and repulsed by the actions and statements of Neo-Nazis, xenophobes and racists of any kind. We repudiate any support from people who have racial motives for reducing immigration. Racists and their offensive ideas and actions have no place in modern civilized society.


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"White House Claims 'Stimulus' Saved/Created 650,000 Jobs (but it imported 1,125,000 foreign workers at same time)" By Roy Beck, Oct. 30, 2009 atNumbersUSA

also see: David Neiwert" The Eliminationists: How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right (PoliPoint Press, May 2009),

and so it goes,

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