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Fort Hood Massacre Rightwing Newest Conspiracy "American Left and Radical Islam In Unholy Alliance" ???

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"We have a vast internal threat in this country in the form of this unholy alliance between the anti-American Left and radical Islam – whose Muslim Brotherhood network extends through our universities, our government and our military. It is “politically incorrect” to recognize this fact. You can be barred — as I have been — from speaking at universities for even talking about it.

Hasan had semi-automatic weapons. But they weren’t nuclear. That possibility is just around the corner unless we undergo a sea change in our attitudes and marshal the intelligence and the courage to recognize the threat.

The Ft. Hood killings are the chickens of the left coming home to roost...The fifth column formed out of the unholy alliance between radical Islam and the American left is now entrenched in the White House and throughout our government."

Quote by David Horowitz from: "Our Brain Dead Country" – by David Horowitz, FrontPageMagazine.com, Nov. 6, 2009

"That jihad pig is not the story. The victims are the story." Pamela Gellar Atlas Shrugs

The Young Turks : "Fox News deeply unAmerican. They have never understood what America is all about.The bottom line Muslims serving in the US military are Americans."

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--Promoting the "Conspiracy Theory" of The American Left and Radical Islam
"What's behind America's politically correct 'love' of Islam?" by David Kulpen
Posted: November 09, 2009- WorldNetDaily.com/

The Young Turks :Fox News Unamerican

- David Horowitz :Liberals in league with Islamic Jihadist to destroy America and Western Civilization

- LT.Col. Peters :Fort Hood Suspect 'A Protected Species'

- Geert Wilders: "Islam Is Not A Religion;it is A Totalitarian Ideology"

-Geert Wilders' Viciously Anti-Islam NAZI-Like Film "FITNA" Shown At Kentucky High School

- 1966 " Charles Whitman : The Texas Tower Sniper"

Fox News Unamerican Take On The Fort Hood Shooter- Major Malik Hasan ,Nov. 6
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Note the similarities in LT. Col. Peters in these two clips one from Nov. 9, the other Nov. 6. Says Muslims in the military are "A Protected Species"

Fox News Analyst: Fort Hood Suspect 'A Protected Species'

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters to Bill O'Reilly: Ft. Hood Shooter Major Hasan Is An Islamic Terrorist

CAIR: Geert Wilder Anti-Islam Fanatic Given Platform To Spew Hate Against All Muslims
Fla. House GOP Leader Hosts Event Denying Religious Freedom


CAIR: Anti-Islam Video Shown at Kentucky High School- Geert Wilders anti-Islam Film Fitna
sept. 22, 2009

Fox News and other ultraconservatives and Rightwing bloggers are having a field day over the massacre at Fort hood by a Muslim American soldier and are accusing the media of being too "politically correct" in its treatment of the Fort Hood Massacre by ignoring the fact that the soldier is a Muslim . This is a bit unfair since the public and most of the media knew little or nothing about Hasan beyond the fact that he was a major, a psychiatrist and a Muslim who went on a killing spree. How do these items add up to Islamic terrorist. He could be just another mentally disturbed soldier gone postal or out for personal revenge etc. There have been no shortage of Americans doing such things since Charles Whitman in the Tower at the University of Texas in 1966 went on his killing spree-These Mass Murderers are often referred to as a nice guy, quiet etc. but for some reason they snapped or were able to keep hidden how psychologically disturbed they really are-some are motivated by some form ideology but the claims they make about their motivations may just be a way to rationalize their desire to strike out at society and kill a large number of people-so which comes first. But are those with some extremist views on race, religion, politics etc. who take advantage of those who they believe to be on the edge all the would be killer needs is a way to rationalize their irrational world view.

So here's putting a little perspective on these sorts of incidents.

"He was our initiation into a terrible time."
-Guadalupe Street merchant, Austin TX.

By now, Americans are virtually unshockable. When we hear of the latest workplace shooting, the latest school shooting, the latest loner who snapped and took others with him to his final rest, we are saddened, certainly, but not shocked. It has happened so often that we've long since lost count of the shooters and the victims, long since forgotten which towns bear the indelible marks of random violence. So it is difficult for us to understand the horror to which Americans were introduced by Charles Whitman on August 1, 1966. Until Whitman undertook his shooting spree in Austin, Texas, public space felt safe and most citizens were utterly convinced they were comfortably removed from brutality and terror. After August 1, 1966, things would never be the same.

Whitman's story stands out for many reasons, not the least of which being that it features a co-star-the University of Texas Tower, from which he fired almost unimpeded for 96 minutes. The Tower afforded Whitman a nearly unassailable vantage point from which he could select and dispatch victims. It was as if it had been built for his purpose. In fact, in previous years Charlie had remarked offhandedly to various people that a sniper could do quite a bit of damage from the Tower.

On the other hand Lt. Col. Ralph Peters knows a great deal about Hasan and concludes that the reason he wasn't ousted from the military was because of political correctness towards Muslims in the military.

This seems odd since in what we know about the US military is that for the most part they are far from politically correct- homosexuals who are found out are ousted, women in the military who complain about harassment and even sexual assaults are ignored or find their careers stalled or are ousted from the military -they are basically told if they can't handle it quit. But this is not some sort of military Machismo at work but rather it is part of mentality which has been created by the military to a great extent being infiltrated and taken over by Radical Evangelical Fundamentalists Christians who have no tolerance for other belief systems and are of course anti-Gay and who will insist that women not take part in combat.

We have seen numerous reports about how Jewish American soldiers and other non-Christians are harassed or become segregated from the Evangelical Christians who have the most power in the US military. As investigative journalists have uncovered that aggressive and subtle forms of proselytizing by Evangelical Christians takes place in the US military and Pentagon. The officers from the Pentagon on down and the Chaplaincy which is 90% Evangelical Christian Fundamentalists who believe that the War on Terror is really a War between Christianity and the heathen Muslims who must be eradicated. So of course they are going to defend or downplay the proselytizing even though it goes against military rules of conduct.While soldiers make thousand of complaints about religious intolerance the "Brass" refuse to deal with these issues. Unfortunately even Obama is unwilling to take on such a powerful and formidable group cause they got the guns and the fire-power.

We have seen how the presence of officers who are radical Evangelical Christians has led American troops to kill innocent Iraqis in the name of Jesus because these soldiers have been indoctrinated with the idea that Islam is an evil religion which was invented by Satan and so there is no such thing as an innocent Muslim. We also know that American soldiers often get away with various crimes such as rape, or assaulting, beating up, torturing innocent Iraqi and Afghan citizens and people like Pam Gellar Horowitz, Ann Coulter , Bill O'Reilly , Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck etc. make jokes about all these incidents and defend the soldiers involved unconditionally. So LT. Col Peters is just upset that the US military might actually make substantive changes- he is also scapegoating the PC correctness for what ails the US military and America.

Liberals in league with Islamic Jihadist to destroy America and Western Civilization

In a previous post I discussed the propaganda tactic of using an enemy to galvanize its support and fervor. But as Adolf Hitler suggested it is best to if possible to conflate various internal and external enemies into a single enemy. This can be achieved through the use of an elaborate over-arching "Conspiracy theory".

David Horowitz and Pamela Gellar and other ringtwingers conflate the danger to America of Islamic terrorism with in their view the insidious,nefarious, pernicious American left,progressives & liberals. So the two are seen as working together to destroy traditional America .

We have been discussing this blaming of the left and liberals not just by the Religious Right but by political conservatives who believe 9/11 was a result of liberal/leftist policies which had permeated and weakened all of America's institutions including the federal government, the Pentagon & Military and the Intelligence community which left America vulnerable to attack. This is part of their narrative which then goes on to make the case that Bush/Cheney regime saved America from more attacks and from being destroyed as a nation. Instead they boldly like real men/ cowboy ethics charged ahead without thinking to take on the enemy in his own home territory that is Afghanistan and Iraq. ( Even though much of this was a lie)

Glenn Beck for instance has spent a lot of time on his Television program and on his radio show with some success (that is convincing his followers) following the connections of President Obama to the radical left,progressives and Communist. Beck argues the Progressive movement or Left or Liberal movement began in the 19century on its path to undermine American Democracy and its institutions and the Capitalist system and its traditional Judeo-Christian values. So America's enemies within are all part of a fifth column of leftists.

So everything that has gone wrong in America is due to this conspiracy from the creation of Big Government which has become more intrusive into citizens lives and backs human rights movements from Feminism, Homosexuality, to the right to a quality education, to the right to be fed and sheltered by the state and now the right to affordable Health Care to the weakening of America's defense and its standing as a Super-Power.

The Rightwing media and bloggers do not confine their rants about the evil agenda, intentions & violent actions of some Extremist Muslims but of Islam itself and therefore they see all Muslims as the enemy bidding their time.
This is an uncompromising extremist view of Islam. There is no room in such a view for dialogue , mutual understanding and compromise.

Extremist Muslims have the same view about Christianity and all other religions. They want Islam to spread by force if necessary and to eventually be the dominate religion over the whole globe.

But Radical Evangelical Christians who adhere to the Great Commission and an inerrant view of the Bible want to spread their Gospel and proselytize to the whole of the earth . Their goal is to make America into a truly Christianized nation. But for those with a more radical vision Christianizing America is not the end because they believe America has been chosen by God to conquer the world in His name.

Given the fact that the West and the United States are liberal in their views and so believe in tolerance, diversity, pluralism etc. both Christians and Muslims are permitted to practice their religions freely. They can even say things which to others seem hateful and yet we do not shut down their houses of worship or arrest their religious leaders. So in a liberal democracy there is a fine line we walk being tolerant and yet fair combined with a belief in protecting minorities whether ethnic, racial, sexual or religious against the "Tyranny of the Majority".

We have throughout history seen how some unpopular minority ( ie Jews)even though they acted as responsible citizens were deemed the "Enemy Within" and so were deprived of their rights were oppressed, segregated, ghettoized and massacred because they were seen as a disease or a foreign element in one's society.

For instance even though I write a great deal about the dangerous antidemocratic right wing politically active Evangelical fundamentalist Christians in the United States and I refer to their version of Christianity as Americanized Evangelicalism or as Radical Evangelicals or as being linked to Dominionists and Reconstructionists
I do not believe all Christians or even all Evangelical Christians are to be lumped together with this more radical uncompromising politically involved form of Christianity.

If we follow the Rightwing attitude we would believe that all Pro-life or antiabortionists are the same and are quite willing to blow up abortion clinics harass its staff and clients and even murder a doctor who performs an abortion.This would mean that a nation faced with such a threat would find it necessary to define such a group as "Domestic Terrorists" and thereby ban such an organization and round up all of its leaders. But for most pro-lifers they may use over the top rhetoric and are sincere in their beliefs and actions but it doesn't mean all of them are capable of violence and murder.

But if the logic of the right wing is sound then action should be taken against various Muslim organizations and individual Mosques while the government performs police raids of all Pro-Life offices and arrest their leadership along with the Minutemen, or pastors who preach against the government or against President Obama.

Remember Tim McVeigh killed a larger number of people including children in daycare because he hated the American government. So surely if the right wing truly believed in a democratic country where everyone not just Christians or Jews have rights but that everybody does they would speak out whenever any religious group becomes a target of Hate Speech and Hate Crimes. But they like the fanatical anti-Islam Keert Wilders of Denmark and his sycophantic friends Pam Gellar at Atlas Shrugs, & Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Michele Bachman, Michelle Malkin etc, believe there is no such thing as an innocent Muslim. The only salvation for any Muslim is if they find Jesus and get Born Again like 17year old Christian Convert Rifqa Barry who is a cause celibe for the anti-Islamic crowd

So the enemy may at first seem to be Islamic Jihadists but in fact the real enemy are liberals, leftists those in favor of tolerance, diversity,pluralism,cultural relativism, multiculturalism who allow Muslims to even join the US military. Only good Christians should be permitted in the military and of course no liberals or leftists.

Yet the military since 9/11 for instance has allowed thousands of white Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, gang members, and anti-government individuals to join the military even though such individuals are supposed to be screened out .But I guess from the point of view of the Republican party and the "Radicalized Conservative Movement" these individuals are really Okay because they are Christians and Real Americans. Part of the reason such undesirables are allowed in the military we are told because of problems with recruitment levels.

(updated: added video 4:21 PM, Nov. 10, 2009)

"The Unholy Alliance Between Liberals and the Obama Administration and Radical Islam"
Pamela Geller CCCR PART 01

Pamela Geller from www.atlasshrugs.com Pamela speaks in McKinney, Texas on November 7, 2009 Part 01

Yes she's right Hasan became a Jihadists and the signs were there for a number of people around him to comment on his behavior. Pamela Gellar keeps repeating the "Mantra" of "Political Correctness" which prevented any one to do anything about Major Hasan but it seems this is just another simplification of what was going on. Recruitment for the military has been a struggle so there are too few recruits going into the military. This leads to more and more soldiers serving two or more tours of duty which is a strain on the individuals but also on the the military in general. The other problem the military has is getting qualified translators of Arabic or who are experts on Islam and Middle Eastern cultures. So there is a reluctance to just off-handedly toss people out of the US military due to these factors.

But there is also a culture in the military as there is in all organizations in which people do not want to make waves , draw unnecessary and negative attention to themselves and there is the idea of officers in the military for instance looking out for each other which is also the case with professionals such as doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, teachers etc. to be overly cautious about disciplining their own members.

The other sorts of issues are that personnel may believe that someone hirer up in the Chain of Command who has the authority would do something about Maj. Hasan -again this passing of the busk is typical of many institutions and organizations as they become trapped inside a rigid cult-like pervasive outlook and psychology in which the flaws of the organization are dismissed-ie General Motors, Halliburton, the Pentagon, the US military can do no wrong -for some corporations or government departments the outcome can be an extremely costly and inefficient corporation or department-but for the military if a culture of silence or of passivity and a lack of leadership or passing the buck can have deadly consequences whether it is being alert to an Islamic Jihadist in the US military and doing something about it or a case of a white supremacist who gets to Iraq and kills innocent civilians wantonly .The military in either case wants to cover-up its mistakes and hopes they do not become public knowledge. The military in each case could be faulted for not screening these recruits better and that once complaints were made they are taken seriously and a close eye at the least is kept on these people.

But there may have also been a concern over making complaints about a fellow soldier who is Muslim.

Why didn't Major Muslim Resign his Commission? at Atlas Shrugs,Nov. 7,2009

I just watched Fox's Julie Banderas and Greg Jarrett embarrass themselves trying to talk a leading psychiatrist into a newfangled idea of "vicarious" post traumatic stress disorder. Being that Major Muslim Nidal Hasan never saw combat, he vicariously suffered its effects from his patients (while he was attempting to convert them).

...Worse was Neena Reenan interviewing Hasan's Palestinian family members, giving a platform for such lies and deception, I will not report them here (they said he loved America). That jihad pig is not the story. The victims are the story. The pregnant girl, the heroine who took that woman hating jihadi down, Kim Munley.

It is criminal, the twisting and gyrating the media is contorting to provide the taqiya for Islamic jihad. If the attack on the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the White House and or Capital building happened today, this is how the media would cover it.

Fort Hood was the military's 911.
Major Hasan's cousin said Hasan joined the Army "right after college" (assuming of course that his cousin wasn't lying). Hasan is 39, so assuming that he waited until he was 21 years old that would give him 17 - 18 years in the Army. I remember a commentator on Fox news said that Hasan's time in college would have been counted as time in service. You have a mandatory 8 years that you have to serve your country. By my calculations Major Hasan should have had more than enough time in service to have resigned his commission and gotten out of the Army without having had to resort to going Jihadi. So what's going on? Something is fishy. Raise the question on Atlas please. The media is buying into this BS that he wasn't being allowed to leave the Army and that will lend credibility to the argument that "he was under stress" and "it wasn't his fault".

FB Comment: "If he has told his commander that he was going to kill as many hero's as possible he could of got out of Iraq with consequences".

Atlas Shrugs headlines Nov. 9, 2009: « Obama Succumbs to Relentless Patriot Pressure and Lowers the Flag ...No Respect for our War Dead, Just Respect Islam | Main
US Intel Agencies Knew for Months of Major Muslim Nidal Hassan Efforts to Connect with Al Qaeda »

Could this lowlife jihadi be any more devout? He mosqued every day. Hated America, hated the troops, proselytized his co-workers, planned his jihad and completed his mission. His head was shaved. What else was shaved? If his body was shaved like his head, then the military guys and law enforcement know and have known that this was jihad, and they are scamming us now.

Obama Succumbs to Relentless Patriot Pressure and Lowers the Flag ...No Respect for our War Dead, Just Respect Islam

The White House did not lower the flags to half mast... until a woman got on their case and wouldn't let up. The biggest attack on the largest military base, and the America hater in the White House can't see fit to lower flags. He'll run the Chicom flag up the flagpole, but he can't bring himself to respect the righteous men and women who lay down their lives every day so that he can play basketball with Reggie every afternoon.

Muslims of a Feather, Jihad Together: Major Muslim Fort Hood Terrorist Linked to 911 Terrorists
Rightwinger David Horrowitz write explicitly that Muslims are a threat to the United States but again this is because in his opinion the evil fifth column of the far left,liberals and progressives in America who are in league with Muslims to destroy traditional America and make it into what a society in which no religion is dominant or dominates the National Government or to remake America into a Islamic state.

Our Brain Dead Country – by David Horowitz, Nov 6th, 2009 and FrontPageMagazine.com, Nov. 6, 2009

A Muslim fanatic with an Internet site praising Islamic suicide bombers as defenders of their comrades is a Major in the U.S. Army with access to military intelligence and lethal weaponry. And it’s not as though the army didn’t know that he was a Muslim fanatic and supporter of the Islamic jihad against the West. He was under investigation for six months because of his anti-American, jihadist rantings. He did not want to be deployed. He wanted to be discharged.

But despite his identification with America’s enemies, the army kept him in its officer corps. How in God’s name was this possible? But it was. And so, after calling America the “aggressor” in Afghanistan and Iraq, this Muslim jihadist traitor army officer picks up his semi-automatic weapons and heads for the center at Ft. Hood where soldiers are being deployed to fight the jihadists in Afghanistan to conduct his massacre. Yet this morning the Fox News Channel chiron says “Investigators search for a motive in the Ft. Hood killings.” Is everybody out of their mind?

The Ft. Hood killings are the chickens of the left coming home to roost. Already the chief political correspondent of The Nation has decried even mention of the fact that the jihadist killer Hasan is a Palestinian Muslim. According to The Nation this is “Islamophobia.” This fatuous attempt to protect America’s enemies carries on The Nation’s 60-year tradition as the leading fifth column collaborator with America’s enemies — defender of the Rosenbergs, defender of Hiss, defender of their boss Stalin, defender of Mao, defender of Castro and now defender of Islamic terrorists. But The Nation is only the tip of an iceberg. The fifth column formed out of the unholy alliance between radical Islam and the American left is now entrenched in the White House and throughout our government. And in matters like the Muslim jihadist Major Hasan our military is its captive.

The Fort Hood massacre is the first of the preventable atrocities we have been warning about on our websites since 9/11 — the atrocities which are apparently necessary for Americans to wake up to the threat that confronts us. We have a vast internal threat in this country in the form of this unholy alliance between the anti-American Left and radical Islam – whose Muslim Brotherhood network extends through our universities, our government and our military. It is “politically incorrect” to recognize this fact. You can be barred — as I have been — from speaking at universities for even talking about it. The embargo of discussion of the Islamo-fascist threat puts every American (including the infidel collaborators) at risk. Hasan had semi-automatic weapons. But they weren’t nuclear. That possibility is just around the corner unless we undergo a sea change in our attitudes and marshal the intelligence and the courage to recognize the threat.

So is there any truth to the belief that Muslim Americans are targeted by Hate Speech and Hate Crimes.

CAIR Challenges Anti-Islam Hate Radio in Florida

CAIR: Texas Mosque Vandalism Investigated as Hate Crime

Action: Ask Fla. House Speaker to Defend Religious Rights
House GOP leader Hasner leaves House floor before Muslim prayer
(WASHINGTON, D.C., 4/27/09) -
CAIR today said that Rep. Adam Hasner, the head of Floridas House Republicans, left the floor of the legislature just prior to an Islamic prayer opening the session and returned to his seat just after the prayer ended.


American Muslim Statistics
U.S. Muslims are Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream Christine Benlafquih
Mar 24, 2008

A 2007 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center finds that U.S. Muslims are assimilated, moderate and have American attitudes, outlook and values.

Read more: http://americanaffairs.suite101.com/article.cfm/american_muslim_statistics#ixzz0WOkTqnLm

he Pew Research Center’s 2007 survey on American Muslims concludes that although Muslims in the U.S. are a diverse population – roughly two-thirds were born elsewhere – their attitudes, outlook and values are similar to those of the general American population.
American Muslims are Moderate

In addition, American Muslims tend to have moderate views on issues that typically divide Westerners and Muslims.

Despite these results, when the Pew Research Center released “Muslim Americans: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream” in May 2007, some media were quick to headline coverage of the survey with the finding that some American Muslims felt that suicide bombings could “sometimes” be justified to defend Islam.

In reality, the survey found that a very small percentage – 7 percent – of American Muslims held this view, with an even smaller group – 1 percent – believing that suicide bombings could “often” be justified.

Far more prevalent in the report were results that show American Muslims to be assimilated, middle class and overall moderate in their views.

Key Findings

Key findings of the Pew Research Center's survey of U.S. Muslims include:

* The American Muslim population is very diverse, with no single racial group accounting for the majority.
* Native-born Muslims comprise 35 percent of the American Muslim population; of those, 21 percent are converts to Islam.
* Immigrants account for 65 percent of the American Muslim population; Arab and South Asian countries have the greatest representation in this group.
* A greater percentage of American Muslims reject extremism than do their counterparts in Western European countries, and absolute support of extremism is quite low, particularly when compared to Muslim views around the globe.
* More than half of American Muslims say that it has been difficult to be Muslim in America since 9/11.
* Only 26 percent of American Muslims believe the War on Terror is a sincere effort to reduce terrorism, compared to 67 percent of the general U.S. population.
* About a quarter of Muslims say that they have experienced discrimination in the U.S.
* Most American Muslims are highly assimilated into American society, and most do not find conflict with being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society.
* Muslims’ annual incomes are comparable with those of the general American population.
* American Muslims tend to hold liberal views regarding the size and scope of government; however, they tend to be conservative in their social views.
* The overall approach of Muslims to their religious beliefs is similar to that of Christians; for example, comparable numbers of Christians and Muslims attend weekly religious services. However, more Muslims than Christians claim that religion is “very important” in their lives.
* The Pew survey shows that there are roughly 1.4 million Muslims in America; this is in sharp contrast to the 6 to 7 million Muslims estimated by a 2001 survey (conducted by the Hartford Institute for Religious Research and co-sponsored by the Council on American Relations)


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