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"English Only" Nativists and Racists & the" Immigration Conspiracy"

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First Glenn Beck creeps me out in this ad for his book The Christmas Sweater
Did you ever notice these conservatives and Religious Right characters are always selling something ie books, DVDs, T shirts ,lapel pins, bumper stickers is this whole "Conservative Movement" just another multi-billion dollar racket. So much for being more interested in Spiritual Matters -I guess it does lift one's Spirit to be wealthy.But you would think these pro-Christian Bible thumpers would hand out some of these items especially at Christmas time for free.

Ah well to Beck and his "Fellow Travelers" Christmas stories or movies such as "It's a Wonderful Life"( Baily runs a commie cooperative style bank he cares more about people than he does money) and Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" aka Scrooge (he gives away a large portion of his money )or "The Bishop's Wife orig. with David Niven as the angel( the minister gives up his ambitions overcomes his ego to serve those in need & turns his back on the wealthy) these films are unAmerican and unChristian in their view propaganda films promoting some scaled down form of socialism to the Fundamentalist Evangelicals or even members of The Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints and their friends the angry white conservatives. Their attitude to the poor is that their suffering is part of God's plan so they have no right to interfere .

Glenn Beck Christmas sweater

Anyway we were examining how a conservative such as Roger Ailes and Tom Tancredo operate hoping to use their voice and their power to re-educate Americans to once again embrace the unfettered Free Market Place and "American Exceptionalism" in which they see America as being superior and therefore its people as superior to all other nations and peoples.
So they believe that they must protect and preserve America's true purpose and its traditional values which are derived from God and the Bible against its enemies without and its enemies within ie "Secular Humanists", "liberalism" "Socialism" etc.

So among their concerns is protecting America's culture and heritage which includes ensuring that America remains a predominately an English speaking nation.So notions such as bilingualism or taking practical steps to ensure fairness and justice for those who do not speak English proficiently. For instance they are even upset about bilingual Billboard or ads .So of course they have set up a number of organizations to protect the English language in America.This becomes a rather thorny issue in that it at time just sounds like old-fashioned Nativism with a tinge of racism. Executive Director K.C. McAlpin defends official English Policy, May 29, 2006. On Fox News

K. C. McAlpin from is with us next...cost of Medicare Translation...
On Martha Zoller Radio Show

Edward Rubenstein of the Ultra-Conservative Social Contract Press uses the issue of illegal-immigrants to attack welfare programs or using concern over the abuse of welfare to attack illegal-immigration.

Illegal Immigration & Earned Income Tax Fraud - Part 4
From: tsccom, April 19, 2009

Part 4 of 6: Wayne Lutton, The Social Contract introduces James R. Edwards, Jr. to discuss the new report, "The Earned Income Tax Credit and Illegal Immigration: A Study in Fraud, Abuse, and Liberal Activism", by financial analyst and economist Edwin Rubenstein. The report was released at a News Conference on April 14, 2009 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. .

and see: Social Contract Press Youtube Channel

And here's another Nativist racist organization connected to John Tanton & FAIR: *

Why VDARE.COM / The White Doe?

...Virginia Dare... was the first English child to be born in the New World, in August 1587, shortly after the founding of what was to become known as "The Lost Colony" on Roanoke Island off the North Carolina coast.

...At one point, I planned to pay homage by bestowing her name on the heroine of a projected fictional concluding chapter in Alien Nation, about the flight of the last white family in Los Angeles. It seemed . . . symmetrical.

...But multiculturalists will be happy to know that there is always the possibility that the colonists survived, merging with the local Indians. There are fables that Virginia Dare as a young woman got involved in a love triangle with a warrior and an angry medicine man, who transformed her into a white doe. And there have been serious suggestions that The Lost Colony is the answer to the historical problem of the Lumbee Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina, an English-speaking group of unclear origin.

(Anthropologists call such groups "tri-racial isolates." Significant of the times, and perhaps of federal subsidies, the Lumbees seem recently to have been emphasizing their claim to pure Indian status... )

So Virginia Dare could be symbolic of the coming racial nirvana that immigration enthusiasts are forced to start fantasizing about when you compel them to look at the statistical consequences of current policy.

Anyway spokesperson for VDARE manages ti insult Native Americans implying that their Treaty Right claims or other rights are all bogus and just a way to extort money from the government and therefore from "Real Americans" who work hard and pay their taxes.

He also takes a shot at those who promote and defend multiculturalism which means a citizen can be loyal to the United States and yet keep some of their cultural heritage and even celebrate it. This drives these Conservative Nativist Xenophobic Americans nuts.Would they expect Jewish Americans to give up all of their traditions and language and their religion which is not Christianity- in fact according to Judaism the Torah & Talmud they are still waiting for the Messiah and his messenger Elijah to arrive. While Christians believe the Messiah was Jesus the Nazarene who was killed by the Romans and are now eagerly waiting his return and the deaths of billions of non-believers. "I bring not peace but a sword" Jesus says and so in his name Christians embarked on a a 1700 year killing spree from Pagans to Jews, to Muslims & heretics to Witches to the aboriginal peoples of the Americas, of Africa , of Asia. Believing that these lesser races were in fact soulless they could be exterminated with ease and without disturbing one's conscience or one's sleep. And according to their Bible all who turned away from God or resisted the Israelites or his other chosen nations were to be slaughtered man, woman and child , the lame , the sick, the poor, the mentally ill all must die. God said it is the duty of the Israelites and all who worship God to destroy those who do not . And many Evangelicals believe that certain natural events or man made catastophes are all part of God's Will. So 9/11 was God's will as was hurricane Katrina and the Genocide in Rawanda and Hitler's rise to power and the genocide of the Jews and the deaths of millions of others. Were they in God's view unworthy or was this a "Teaching Moment" to awaken the Jewish people to return to the Holy Land or a new-covenant with his newly chosen nation America. So Hitler was in this view just carrying out God's orders as was America when it unnecessarily in a matter of wanton destruction and revenge dropped atomic bombs on non-military targets but rather on average citizens to teach the Japanese a lesson and to declare to all nations that America had the power to do this to any nation.

And for instance he cries foul over concern about a Town's official seal:

VDARE has come into existence because many great and developing issues of the day are no longer covered in the Establishment Media—whether liberal or "conservative."

However, you can sometimes see them naively reported in the local press. Thus Long Island’s Southampton Press (Donna Giacontieri, Is Town Seal Offensive? September 24, 1999) has carried a story about a local version of the Virginia Dare phenomenon: the local "Anti-Bias Task Force" called on the town to abolish its seal, which depicts a Pilgrim and the words "First English settlement in the State of New York."
The grounds: it "features an offensive representation of one gender, one race and one historical period . . ."

"One historical period . . ."?

Yeah. It’s called America.

I could almost agree with him that political correctness in this case has descended into a rather petty level but Brimelow's defense is such that I cringe that I might agree with him and his organization. The point is that these Nativist don't get it they don't understand that their argument in this case makes the argument for their opposition in this case the Anti-Bias Task Force.

Virgina Dare was the first white woman born in America but it was not the USA at that time merely an outpost of the British Empire. If he just said that the seal is part of America's somewhat mythologized and romanticized past . That the seal merely represents something from our collective past and so is to be judged within that context instead he gives them even a stronger argument to change the town's seal.Its like those who try to defend the use & displaying of the Confederate Flag on Public buildings the more they explain their position the worse it sounds. To merely say its just a symbol which has a different meaning now instead the pro-Confederate Flag spokespersons invariably end up acting as apologists for slavery in the South and for Segregation , Lynchings and Jim Crow Laws so their case falls apart. Or they will show their still existing hatred or mistrust of the North and believe that the South should have been permitted to leave the union .

It would therefore be more apt and appropriate if Brimelow were to honor the fist child born after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Instead he prefers the revisionist romanticized version which claims the United States of America should date back to 1587 or even 1492 rather than 1776. So is he saying that once this child was born so was the USA. Given their oft quoted belief that America is God's Chosen Nation and represents on earth a very real and tangible "City on the Hill" the thought processes begin to make some sense. But shouldn't Virgina Dare gone on to become America's first native born prophet or give birth to the Messiah. According to some she married a native American and lived among the "indians".
But if you read carefully through these rightwing websites and screed it becomes at the least an undercurrent that many of the leaders appear to believe that America's Golden Age may have actually occurred long before the creation of the USA which was merely a name and a means for selling a particular brand to the rest of the world.

American Immigration Control Foundation

The American Immigration Control Foundation (AIC Foundation) is a non-profit research and educational organization. Our primary goal is to inform Americans of the need for a reasonable immigration policy based on the nation’s interests and capacity to assimilate newcomers. AIC Foundation is the nation’s largest publisher and distributor of publications on America’s immigration crisis. As a nonprofit organization, we offer these publications at modest or reduced prices to allow widest possible readership.

Founded in 1983, AIC Foundation has become a prominent national voice for immigration reform. Of particular concern to us is illegal immigration, primarily across the Mexican border, which adds a large burden of numbers to our already excessive legal quotas. This sustained lawlessness weakens our rule of law and puts the future of our country in jeopardy.

And here's the type of article to be found on these sites :
and also take note how many of these Conservative or Evangelical sites are trying to sell stuff books, DVD,TShirts with nifty or cool slogans or if you want access the whole site you have to pay- odd how most liberal and left wing sites are mostly free.

Mark Krikoian at the Center for Immigration Studies argues that the Latino American human rights organization La Raza is a racist organization that doesn't just wants their rights respected but wants to enlarge their rights by having Spanish as an official language of some states and possibly nationally as well.

Here's Some Real Hate Speech for You
By Mark Krikorian, October 29, 2009

After the 2007 amnesty failed in the Senate, the open borders crowd decided to forego policy debates and turn up to 11 their efforts to demonize their opponents. As part of that strategy, the Southern Poverty Law Center was assigned to designate FAIR a "hate group," La Raza started a "We Can Stop the Hate" campaign, and the new radical-left group America's Voice posted an online election for the "Top Anti-Immigrant Wolf"

and so it goes,

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