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David Horowitz : The Islamic Liberal Leftist Conspiracy & Col. Ralph Peters Killing all the Muslims???

Pam Geller Self-appointed Savior of Western Civilization Against the "Savages" & "Barbarians" ie all those who are not American OR Replacing the Anti-Semitic Hate-filled "Jewish Conspiracy" with the Hate-filled Muslim Conspiracy.

UPDATE: Rifqa Saga (Monday Nov. 16, 2:30 PM)

Anyway the Rifqa Bary story continues as Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs reminds us since a rally is being held in support of Rifqa in Columbus Ohio. The Rifqa saga is the story of a girl raised as a Muslim who became an Evangelical Christian proselytizer and activists who ran away from home claiming her family threatened to kill her as an apostate. This is the version of the saga told by her anti-Muslim supporters . Her story actually is not that simple and her telling of it is a bit confusing and contradictory that is it doesn't all add up.

Rifqa is the current on going cause célèbre for the anti-Islam anti-Muslim American Neocons(disciples of Leo Strauss), Religious Right(reconstructionists) and the fanatical disciples of Ayn Rand. Their interest in Rifqa seems a bit disingenuous as they are merely using the case of Rifqa as a means for attacking not just shariah law but as an attack on Islam and on all Muslims. Islam they claim is an evil religion which at its core is violent and that Muslims intend to take over America and the West forcing Sharia law on everyone and killing all apostates and those who question, criticize or mock Islam.

The following Pics from Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs-

Rifqa Portrait ala Andy Warhol School

A dramatization of Rifqa as a willing Martyr for Christianity and by extension Western Civilization. Would those who claim to care about Rifqa prefer this scene to a peaceful resolution to the issue- But I wonder which would make better headlines for Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs, or Robert Spencer's "Jihad Watch" or "Muslims Against Sharia" or David Horowitz's

Poster for Rifqa Rally

US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told a crowd of American Legionnaires that not only is there a new form of fascism afoot in the world, but that there are appeasers of these fascists among us. Without exactly defining who or what these fascists are, Sec. Rumsfeld appeared to say that those who oppose his and the President's so-called "war on terror" (WoT) are appeasing these fascists.

As some commentators have already noted, a majority of Americans are against the war in Iraq. Since that war forms the cornerstone of the WoT, then it would seem that Rumsfeld is accusing many Americans of either consciously or unconsciously appeasing incipient mini-Hitlers. ...

Do You Have the Will (balls) to Defeat the Fascists? Or Are you Helping Them? by The Cynic Librarian Aug. 31, 2006

Cenk uygur of The Young Turks analyzes Bill O'Reilly's bizarre statement "that we can't kill all the Muslims" does he mean that if it were possible to kill all the Muslims but that the United States and its allies are just incapable of doing so -lack of resources etc.O'Reilly doesn't appear to bother with the morality of "killing all the Muslims".

Bill O'Reilly: We Can't Kill All the Muslims
The Young Turks-Nov. 11, 2009

The professional Muslim Bashers and the Anti-Muslim extremist and their racist friends in the Media using the Mass Killings at Fort Hood by a Muslim-American as the latest violent action by an American Muslim to increase fear about all Muslims in America-for instance many of the anti-Muslim individuals and groups along with the Conservative Movement are calling for banning Muslim Americans from the US military and remove all those who are presently in the US military-this is as the Brits say the thin edge of the wedge -it is a slippery slope -what next don't allow Muslim Americans to own or purchase firearms so seize what they have and then ban Muslim Americans from other security sensitive jobs & professions such as law enforcement from the CIA, FBI,Coast Guard,to Police Officers, guards at prisons or as members of the National Guard or even as "first responders" firefighters, Ambulance drivers or paramedics or as airline pilots and ban the Muslim Americans from any jobs in airports etc. then remove them as school teachers, university professors- then comes Segregation followed by Ghettoization.

So once again American conservatives in the name of national security are willing to over-ride the US Constitution by banning Muslim Americans from the military

"Violate the Constitution? Christian Right Group Says Yes" by Larry Keller Southern Poverty Law Center November 12, 2009 .

The American Family Association (AFA) usually frets about homosexuals and pornography, but in the aftermath of the shootings at Fort Hood last week, the ultraconservative religious right group has a new concern: Muslims in the U.S. military. Ban them, urges Bryan Fischer, AFA director of issues analysis.

The day after Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an American-born Muslim, is alleged to have shot and killed 13 people at the Texas army post and wounded more than two dozen others, Fischer posted his anti-Muslim screed on the AFA website.

“It is time, I suggest, to stop the practice of allowing Muslims to serve in the U.S. military,” Fischer wrote. “The reason is simple: the more devout a Muslim is, the more of a threat he is to national security. Devout Muslims, who accept the teachings of the prophet as divinely inspired, believe it is their duty to kill infidels. Yesterday’s massacre is living proof.”

Anyway I want to delve a little further into the attitudes of the Anti-Muslim racists and their extremist views not just on Muslims but also on other issues which they see as related. For the moment I'll examine some of the opinions and twisted logic of David Horowitz as an example.

But first here is a taste of how deeply racist David Horowitz appears to be.So is he not just against Muslims but also Black Americans ,Latino Americans Native Americans etc. And given these possibilities how can one judge for instance what he says about President Obama. He also goes off on rants complaining about being persecuted-this is a dubious claim especially when his hero President Bush and Dick Cheney were in power.

In the following clip of David Horowitz we get a glimpse of how racist he really is as he claims Black Americans slit-throats and get away with it because White Americans would be labeled as racist for accusing a black person of that or any other crime.Is Horowitz also one of those paranoid white racist who thinks that given the chance all non whites in America will slaughter all the whites ala the ever popular white Supremacists' novels which are really sick paranoid racist diatribes concerning the coming race wars disguised as fiction as fiction "The Turner Diaries "(available at YouTube) or "The Camp of The Saints"

Horowitz The Young Turks 2009
Fox Guest: Blacks Slit Throats and Get Away With It

We know Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs (resigned) , Limbaugh, Hannity and all buy into these rather fallacious fantastical paranoid delusional conspiracy theories about liberals, leftists & progressives as they shout cry beat their tin drums to get the masses in line This is why the hatred spewed nightly by these Media stars is so dangerous and now they talk about the Muslim terrorists connection to liberals and the left and by extension to Obama according to Glenn Beck's wacky chalkboard connect the dots to the radical game.

In the previous post I was considering the views of David Horowitz concerning Muslims and American liberals since he believes that the American liberals, the left and progressives are anti-American to the extent that they are on the side of the Muslim terrorists who attacked America on 9/11 and who the US military is fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan .

Yes there are those who refer to this as "blow-back" but their are also Evangelical Christian leaders such as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson , John Hagee who see 9/11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina and last weeks attack at Fort Hood as warning signs from God that America has turned its back on God and Go's Law.But you don't hear Horowitz or Ann Coulter etc. criticizing these Christian leaders.

According to David Horowitz the majority of University professors are radicals who even support Islamic Terrorists and don't show their loyalty to Israel need to be what all fired and what does he consider equal and balance -so you could have Wicans, Pagans ,flat-worlders and those who believe Noah had an ark and of course those who believe in Intelligence Design or Creationism, or that witches and sorcerers should be burned or who believe women are inferior because the Bible or the Torah or the Quran says so and that disobedient children should be whipped or imprisoned or sent off to workhouses .

David Horowitz, Islamic Fascists:Aug. 2006

Your world with Cavuto August 15, 2006. Islamic Fascists: Born & Bred in Western Nations?

Horowitz complains the show is stacked with two leftists attacking him. Part of his problem here is that he wants to push his books and not bother with debating issues. which he believes he has figured out the nefarious plans of American Universities, the public schools the media who are all against Neoconservative ideologues such as David Horowitz.

David Horowitz, Paula Zahn Now

Horowitz on Larry King-defending AnnCoulter

David Horowitz Laughed off of Larry King-June 13,2006

Neocon racist anti-Islam David Horowitz on Larry King-defending glib superficial pundit and comedian and would be scholar Ann Coulter-She like Horowitz and others such as Robert Spencer, Pam Gellar, or Sean hannity, Glenn beck, Lou Dobbs just make stuff up .

Here David Horowitz is arguing that Ann Coulter was right to out and call the 9/11 widows names "Harpies" and "enjoying their husbands deaths" - the point being that all those who lost someone on 9/11 are supposed to play the role they were given to mourn the dead express anger at the terrorists and all Muslims but not to dare question the Bush Regime's failure to act or even show interest in Al Qaeda.

Then Horowitz goes on to reveal that he too agrees with Ann Coulter. That is he believes in an overarching liberal/leftist conspiracy to undermine America's war on terror and the values and traditions of America. I have referenced this before to the Religious Right and conservative earlier version which is a conspiracy by "The Secular Humanists" So Like Ann Coulter he speaks in a combination of conservative talking points and cliches- he is anti-evolution, anti-stem cell research anti-public schools against anyone who speaks out against the Bush/Cheney Regime.And we also see that he has spent a great deal of time attacking American universities and their faculties.

His most laughable remark was that Ann Coulter wrote her book because she is a loyal American and not for the money.

David Horowitz Laughed off of Larry King-2007

This is rather ironic to have David Horowitz talking about Prof. Ward Churchill not being a real scholar since Horowitz has also been accused of lacking scholarly integrity as he plays fast and loose with facts and with his revisionist history. As with other American Neocons and Conservatives any negative comments about America including events in American History is seen as UnAmerican and in a time of war these liberals/leftists are traitors disloyal to American and even pro-Terrorists.
David Horowitz - He's Back, Ward Churchill-2007

CAIR Rep Debates Academic Bias with David Horowitz on CNN

Also see David Horowitz's revisionist history of the Bush/Cheney Regime. He also makes the claim that it is because of liberals and progressives attacking the president as a "Liar" and as a "War Criminal". Horowitz claims the Bush Regime never lied about Saddam & WMDS & links to Al Qaeda.
He also rewrites in detail elsewhere the history of the Vietnam War which was lost because the evil American liberals and leftists.

David Horowitz: The Party of Defeat - Part 1


David Horowitz's FrontPageMagazine

David Horowitz's

Chasing Evil

Muslims Against Sharia


Southern Poverty Law Center

Islamophobia Watch


"My moderate-Muslim test/An absence of hostility towards Israel and Jews is the key" by Melanie Phillips at, Nov. 12,2009.

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"Alinsky, Beck, Satan and Me" by David Horowitz at David Horowitz Newsrealblog Aug.16, 2009

"Why Is It That Even Accurate Commentary About Islam Seems To Involve A Disclaimer?" Horowitz Nov.14, 2009

Fifth Column from website Fifth Column
at Rightwing website

"Dutch Lawmaker (Geert Wilders) Brings His Anti-Muslim Spiel to U.S." by Sonia Scherr at Hate Watch Southern Poverty Law Center Oct. 20, 2009

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articles from Loonwatch blog.

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also see; "Temple University Rejects Geert Wilders" by Barbel at loonwatch.comOct. 18, 2009

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Articles from

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David Sapsted,at Muslims Against Sharia, Nov. 13,2009

and so it goes,

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