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Zygots Are People Too :Republican Extremism On Display Romney, Ryan, Akins and Others are Committed To Pro-life Personhood Doctrine

The Pro-Life movement has had a number of successes in passing anti-abortion legislation at the state level in the USA.
The goal of the pro-life movement from the beginning has been to end all abortions with no exceptions.
For pragmatic politically maneuvering at times the Pro-life leaders and politicians will publicly say that of course they accept certain conditions under which women might be permitted to have an abortion. But this is just a cover for their ultimate agenda.

Nine states have already banned all abortions with no exception for rape, incest, forprotecting a woman's health or her life. This extremist form of anti-abortion and the granting of " personhood " to not just a fetus but to claim that life and "personhood" is not to be taken as merely a religious point of view but also as a legal construct which comes into play at the very moment of conception.

Romney as a member of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints knows that according to the doctrines of the LDS church individual souls had a pre-existence with the heavenly Father who then sends the individual soul to be born to earthly parents.

So from this LDS perspective life actually begins even before conception and so to abort the fertilized egg is to kill that individual soul which has been chosen by God to be reborn on Earth.

Other religions have similar beliefs about pre-and post earthly existence ie Hinduism preaches that each person or soul is reborn over and over again each time being rewarded or punished for what they did or did not do in a previous incarnation.

As the republicans and the Romney campaign try to back-peddle on the issue of making abortion a criminal offense without exceptions this is just more political maneuvering.

Romney Against Rape and Incest Exemptions For Abortion

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Even though he has flip flopped a few times, Romney's most ardent position statements have been clearly pandering to the ultra right anti-abortion position under any circumstances. Romney can't pander both sides and pretend he doesn't support his own parties policies.

Mitt Romney on Abortion throughout the Years (720p HD)

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Anybody thinking of voting for G.O.P. candidate Mitt Romney for President needs to see this video. He makes his views abundantly clear. What's really sad is that I might have considered voting for him ten years ago. It's a shame he can't stick to his beliefs. To find out more about his present and ever-changing views, go to or, and for more information go to or read the article on the Huffington Post at

Later in 2007 Mitt Romney during his bid to become the Republican presidential candidate changed his position from supporting his mother's pro-choice and pro-Roe V Wade to being in favor of a Right To Life or Personhood law and to overturning Roe V Wade and returning the passing of such laws and enforcement to the states. Just like Ron Paul would do.

This is part of the danger of defending state's rights over the US fedral government .
Such laws concerning abortion, homosexuality , the right to vote, women's rights in general etc. would be up for grabs in these states. Those in favor of the sovereign rights of states believe the federal US government should have very little influence over the constitutions and legislation passed by the state legislature.

Willard Mitt Romney on Abortion

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Romney explains his changed abortion stance and what he believes now.

With Tim Russert

ED Schultz: The Ed Show comments on the Republican Party as "The Party of No Exceptions: Ryan & Romney Deliberately Hiding Their True Abortion Agenda "

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