Monday, August 06, 2012

Syria /Libya Redux :USA/Obama's Human Rights Smoke Screen To Justify Proxy War Against Syria & The End of Nation States Sovereignty

“There’s no semblance of international law since what was decided in Libya last year. The maneuvering and the wording of UN resolution 1973, authorizing war – a no-fly zone was actually war – against Libya. That was the end of international law as we know it. Nation-states don’t matter anymore.
If you are a neo-colonial power, like Britain or France, or an empire like the US, you can trample on nations’ sovereignty anywhere, anyhow, anyplace, and this is exactly what’s happening. That’s why Russia has been opposed to it from the start, because Moscow sees that as the end of the sovereignty of nation-states,”quote by journalist Pepe Escobar

Lebanonize & Conquer: 'CIA, Mossad on Syria front line'‘Secret-order leak a smokescreen’By RT August 03,2012

Obama Does Syriana By Pepe Escobar via ICH,July 3,2012

August 03, 2012 "Asia Times" --It took Reuters quite a while to be allowed to report that US President Barack Obama had approved an intelligence finding [1] letting the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) loose in its support for the weaponized "rebels" fighting for regime change in Syria.

By now even fishermen in Fiji knew about this "secret" (not to mention that everyone and his neighbor across Latin America knows a thing or two about the CIA's regime change adventures). Reuters cautiously describes the support as "circumscribed". That's code for "leading from behind".

Whenever the CIA wants to leak something it uses a faithful scribe, such as David Ignatius from the Washington Post. Already on July 18 Ignatius was reproducing his briefing, [2] according to which "the CIA has been working with the Syrian opposition for several weeks under a non-lethal directive ... Scores of Israeli intelligence officers are also operating along Syria's border, though they are keeping a low profile."

How lovely. How low profile do you get along Syria's borders? An Instagram surrounded by a bunch of grinning truck drivers?

As for the Mossad's "low profile", the spin in Tel Aviv is that Israel is able to "control" the swarm of hardcore Wahhabis and Salafi-jihadis now infesting Syria. Even if that is manifest nonsense, one juicy point is clear; Israel is in bed with al-Qaeda-style Islamists.

What this means is that the Not Exactly Free Syrian Army (FSA), crammed with Muslim Brotherhood diehards and infiltrated by Salafi-jihadis, is following the agenda not only of their financiers and weaponizers - the House of Saud and Qatar - but also Tel Aviv, alongside Washington and its trademark poodles London and Paris. So this is not just a proxy war - it's a multiple, concentric proxy war.

The USA under Commander in Chief President Obama did not bomb Libya for over six months because of concerns over  human rights violations by Qaddafi nor is Obama concerned over human rights violations by the Assad regime in Syria. The USA is using the UN and NATO to achieve its major goals in the Middle East.

In Libya the USA /NATO bombing killed or murdered tens of thousands of Libyan civilians and has taken no responsibility for these crimes against humanity and other war crimes.
Now the USA/NATO partnership want to do the same to Syria kill thousands of innocent civilians by their forces or by their proxy army of fanatical extremists Islamists who are not interested in setting up some form of democratic regime.
These so-called rebels are mostly foreign fighters who have come to Syria from countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and so forth .
Many of these so called "Freedom Fighters" are former Al Qaeda or Taliban and have already committed numerous atrocities which Obama and his gang of Neo-Liberals see as the price to be paid for extending US hegemony and to prepare for taking down their ultimate target Iran. 

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