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Racist GOP: Sikh Temple Massacre Just latest Example Of Racism in America

Republican Party and Mitt Romney pandering to its racist base

Papantonio: White Supremacist Own the New GOP

Uploaded by golefttv on 11 Feb 2012
Log Cabin Republicans weren't welcome at this year's CPAC convention, but White Nationalists were not only welcomed with open arms, but they were given a prime speaking slot. Mike Papantonio appears on MSNBC's The Ed Show to talk about how racism has completely taken over the GOP.

Chopra responds to Sikh temple shooting

published on 7 Aug 2012 by CNN
Deepak Chopra talks to CNN's Piers Morgan about the Sikh temple shooting and shares his thoughts on healing.

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'White power' music multimillion dollar industry

According to investigation into the background of the Sikh Temple Shooter Wage Michael Page became a Neo-Nazi racist skinhead while in the US military.

Once again some more thoughtful journalists in the media are raising questions about the toleration and even the promoting of racism in the US military by its officers and its chaplaincy.

As we have seen again and again is that the US military in its recent wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere has resorted to racist slurs and stereotyping to foster hatred of the so-called enemy which in military parlance these days means all the citizens in Iraq or Afghanistan .

The soldiers from their basic training and beyond are told that these darker skinned people and all of those who are Muslim or Arab and so forth are no better than the 9/11 terrorists and so should not be seen or treated as equals or as being human .

They are told that the current wars are a fight between Christianity which is depicted as the only true religion and the fake religion of Islam. And so these current wars are in fact historically they claim are just a continuation of the Christian Crusades dating back to 1097 AD.

The military and the Evangelical preachers in the US military disengenuously insist that all Muslims are barbaric and violent and have no regard for human life as we supposedly do in the West or to be more exact in Christendom.

Muslims are depicted as all being committed to a world wide Jihad against all non-Muslims with the ultimate goal of creating a one world Caliphate. This was nonsense in 1097 and it is still nonsense today.

Unfortunately as others have pointed out even so-called liberals and progressives in the USA and other Western Nations have bought into the various negative stereotyping of Islam and of the prophet Muhammad and extend these negative stereotypes to all Muslims and not just a tiny extremist minority.See for instance "Crusade 2.0: The West's Resurgent War on Islam" by John Feffer, pub. 2012.

Meanwhile the US military defends the numerous atrocities carried out by its troops calling them isolated incidents or part of "The Fog of War" which covers any intentional or unintentional killings of civilians or members of the press.

Sikh temple gunman became neo-Nazi in military

ublished on 7 Aug 2012 by CNN
A man who spent time with the temple gunman says Page began to identify with racist ideology while serving in the Army.

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Islamophobia , racism and the unhealthy influence in the US military of Evangelical Christian Supremacists. The officers in the pentagon who adhere to this belief insist that it is not a violation of the separation of Chrurch and State . They argue it is America's duty as a Christian Nation to use the military its personnel to spread to all the nations of the world the Gospel of Jesus as understood by Evangelical Conservative Christians . All who do not believe as they do are of the devil or the Anti-Christ and are therefore UnAmerican .

Why We Fight: Defending Our Troops From Christian Fundamentalist Predators

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