Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Sermon and more on Paul Ryan , Todd Akins & The Extremism Of the Religious Right On Social Issues Including Abortion

Evangelical Extremist Lou Engle of the Call : Pro-Life ,Anti-Gay

No Compromise can be expected from the Pro-Life movement according to its Evanglical Religious Right  leaders such as Lou Engle and Ron Luce of Battle Cry! or Randall Terry or Tony Perkins or C.Peter Newman , Jack Van Impe, Pat Robertsonor Pastor John Hagee or the Republican party .

Lou Engle says he is raising up a generation of "True Christians " who eventually will be willing.  to die as martyrs to defend God's Law
A Generational Declaration Of War - End of Abortions 

'Personhood' Paul: A Look Paul Ryan's Extreme 'Social Engineering' on Women's Rights

Chris mathews Hard Ball MSNBC

The Young Turks Sheriff will use deadly force to prevent an abortion from taking place in order to implement the "personhood Law"
Stop Abortion With 'Deadly Force' - GOP Candidate Frank Szabo

Miscarriages Illegal If Rep. Gets His Way

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In the clip below Lawrence o'Donnell fact checks Paul Ryan 's lies about the influence that Ayn Rand and her philosophy of objectivism has had on him.
Not long ago Paul Ryan stated publicly that Ayn Rand was the philosopher and thinker who has had the most influence over his own views and his path in life. It is because he was inspired by her that he chose a life of public service and political activism.
But now he says he never like the writings of Ayn Rand and as O'Donnell argues this is because too many on the right now know more about Ayn Rand who was an atheist and believed religion should be abandoned to be replaced by reason .

Rewriting Ryan's Lies and The GOP on Nut-BAG Ayn Rand
Lawrence O'Donnell

Paul Ryan's Misogynistic Views on Women's Health
Al Sharpton


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