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Rachel Maddow Goes Deep on Mitt Romney's Tax Return Hypocrisy | Alternet

"Needless to say, Rachel Maddow has presented this country with one kick-ass, awesome execution of investigative journalism that lays out in no uncertain terms the complete hypocrisy Williard M. Romney has been guilty of since he entered public life in 1994.
Every American citizen who cares about our country, and every journalist who wants to honestly earn his or her paycheck, should stop talking about what Harry Reid said, and start asking Mitt Romney, "What are you hiding?" And then demand that he release his tax return! Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper, write a comments at online news site, respond to tweets, reply to those friends and family on Facebook, whatever you can think of to make your voice heard and demand that Willard M. Romney release his taxes! If you tweet, please be sure to use the hastag #Romneyshambles! It's still very popular, and is crushing the lame attempt of the right-wing to start something similar against President Obama (it isn't working)."

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Rachel Maddow Goes Deep on Mitt Romney's Tax Return Hypocrisy | Alternet:

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At the end of Thursday night's show, Rachel Maddow had a teaser about a piece of video that hadn't been seen in 10 years. I posted the teaser as an update to the diary about Wednesday's night's show (Rachel Maddow Helps President Obama Expose Romney's Achilles’ Heel), where Rachel showed us how Mitt Romney was caught lying during his 2002 run for Governor of Massachusetts. Here's the video clip Rachel was talking about.

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"Rachel pointed out that all the focus has been on Harry Reid, and how reporters are buying into "the whining and complaining about this horrible tactic and how unfair it is" from Romney and his campaign spokesman, Eric Fehrnstrom. Here's the kicker: Romney and Fehrnstrom did the exact same thing to Shannon O'Brien when Romney ran against her in the 2002 Massachusetts governor's race. Romney refused to release his returns then. O'Brien released hers, but Romney and Fehrnstrom demanded to see the tax returns for O'Brien's husband, wanting to know "What are you hiding?" In other words, in Romney's world what's good for the goose, is not good for the gander.
Also during that 2002 campaign, Mitt Romney was caught red-handed, lying about what was in his taxes. Rachel had already dedicated the opening segment of Wednesday's show to this topic. If you missed it, you can find the video and complete transcript at the diary linked to above. Friday night, Rachel eloquently made the case, as only Rachel can, that Mitt Romney must release his tax returns to the press and the American people, because Mitt Romney has proven himself in public life to be the opposite of trustworthy on the issue of what is in his taxes. Ten years ago, "he lost the benefit of the doubt on this issue."We join Rachel about eleven minutes into the first segment."

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