Sunday, August 12, 2012

Memorial Services For Six Sikhs Murdered By Neo-Nazi White Supremacist' Wade Michael Page and America's Penchant For Violence

Thousands mourn Sikh temple victims in US Memorial service held in town in state of Wisconsin for six Sikhs gunned down on Sunday. 11 Aug 2012

Kids warned adults about temple gunman (August 8th, 2012) Anderson Cooper

But wherever the Americans interfered whether in Central America or countries such as Chile or in Iran the Americans have only made matters worse for the average citizen.

But America couldn't care less about the average citizen so don't be fooled the Global War on Terror is really about expanding American hegemony and its empire at the expense of the lives of millions of non-Americans.

It is notable that when America rains down bombs on innocent civilians in hamlets, villages, towns or cities in foreign countries American citizens either ignore the deaths of million or cheer for their military. But when an American is killed the whole nation mourns while other nations have no time to mourn their dead because every day the Americans and their allies and mercenaries and paid for stooges add more and more to the body count.

It is not just up to President Obama to educate American citizens about lies and propaganda being spread by these professional Islamophobes such as Michelle Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity , Michael Savage and Fox News Channel and CNN and other networks and a thousan conservatives talk radio host in America.

It is up to community groups including various religious organizations and individuals and the rest of the media to cut through the lies and propaganda of the Islamophobes. It is also up to the US government and all its agencies to critique the lies and propaganda of the hate-mongering Islamophobes.

It also should be an integral fundamental part of the American arm forces and the Pentagon to use their positions to better inform the average enlisted soldier that Islamophobia like any other form of bigotry including attacks on the faiths of others or to trash them because of the color of their skin or their gender or their sexual orientation. By doing so maybe US soldiers wouldn't be so trigger happy in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and so forth. To change the military and pentagon negative stereotyping of all Muslims or those of other faiths including Jews and liberal Christians or Catholics and so forth. Unfortunately to have this reform not just stated publicly but put into action America needs a president and a Congress 9which it does not have) that will send a clear message that especially to the top high ranking officers that even the can be removed if they are found to encourage bigotry against Muslims or other peoples of faith or against those who are not white.

It should also be up to a majority of college and university professors and public school teachers to cut through the lies and propaganda of Islamophobes and any other such hate groups .

It is a real tragedy for America that 48 years after civil rights legislation was passed by President Lyndon Johnson that so many politicians and government officials and the US military, police departments ,many average Americans and the media still pander to racists and bigots for various reasons from actually believing this crap themselves or just to win more votes or get more viewers or listeners and more money.

For instance Radio shock jocks such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck make millions each year for spewing their fact-challenged tirades attacking immigrants, Hispanic Americans, Black Americans ,Muslim Americans and accusing the president of the United States of lying about being born in America or being a secret anti-American and anti-Christian jihadists Muslim and of being some sort of Communists collectivist as bad as hitler and Stalin or Mao.

Bit by bit the GOP and the Tea Party and Mitt Romney are out to take one right away after another for those who are not white and Christian . Actually they need not pass legislation to take a right away but make it a lot more difficult or impossible to exercise that right

Having a right doesn't mean much if it is not backed up by those in authority by municipal , state and the federal government. If laws are passed to prevent large numbers of black Americans or any other group such as Muslims or Mormons Americans or Native Americans from voting this means that having the right to vote is no longer a right . This is one of the tactics now being used by the GOP they would rather pervert basic democratic principles than lose the next election.

Claiming everyone has the right to free speech and the freedom of peaceful assembly does not amount to much the police or military are able to harass ,intimidate and either over-react when a few people become belligerent or invent other excuses to trample on the rights of those protesting especially if their message is at odds with those with power.

The #OWS /Occupy movement has been targeted in part because its message reveals the hypocrisy and the self-serving habits of those in power. This grass roots movement which is not funded by massive amounts of cash as were the phony/Astro-turf Tea Partiers who were rarely treated with the same disdain and contempt as were the Occupiers.

So Skinheads/neo-Nazi racists preaching the deporting or killing of certain groups such as African -Americans and all non-whites and non-Christian Americans and other far right or even racist spewing Republicans, Evangelicals and conservatives are given carte blanche . They can exercise their right can say what they wish and they can disrupt meetings and lectures and so forth with little chance of being arrested let alone kettled, gassed and beaten and kept in jail without due process and denying them their basic rights .

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