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Fanatics In Suits v Fanatics With beards and Religious Right Founder and Propagandists Dr. Francis A Schaeffer

Using the tools of the propagandists Francis Schaeffer's demonization of secularism and humanism using a buzz word to put a name and a face to those whom he believes are immoral, anti-Christian anti-God and given the religious context it is not a far fetched notion to conclude that "Secular Humanists" are not just people with different ideas and values but rather hedonistic , materialistic , immoral and minions of Evil and Satan. Since Francis Schaeffer insists on being literalists reading the Bible and any sermons or theological works are also to be taken literally . What he says is that if these immoral pernicious laws cannot be overthrown by peaceful means eventually there will come a time when the only strategy left is some form of revolution comparable to the American Civil War. Martin Luther king and Mahatma Gandhi both religious and used passive resistance and non-cooperation and did not suggest violence as a means to their goal.
They believed using violence would be stooping to the level of their oppressors.

If this is to be taken seriously we can assume that those who agree with Schaeffer can conclude that such people are not deserving of any respect and it would not be a serious crime to oust them from the nation deny them their rights , imprison them or execute them by using the law to push for their religious agenda of creating some form of theocracy. Maybe theocracy lite.

These are the American Christian Taliban and they are once again on the rise and hoping to translate their influence into actual legislation to enforce God's Law or or as Reconstructionists call it "God Law "that is imposing their Christian beliefs not just on Christians or even Evangelical Christian Fundamentalists but on all Christians and non-Christians . They hope to or rather they plan some day to put into law their own form of Christian Sharia law.

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Akin for the Truth: How Are US Religious Fundamentalists Any Different Than Middle Eastern Ones? by Shirin Sadeghi, Truthout,op ed, Aug. 25, 2012

In the American media, the news from Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan and elsewhere generally runs along the same themes: scary, violent and religious nutsos. But isn't it time the US media and the American public agreed that America isn't much different? America has just as many religious fundamentalists and nut jobs, and they are making public statements just as often - if not more often - than the religious fundies elsewhere.

Are we to believe that a fundamentalist in a suit is less scary than a fundamentalist in a beard, even if both are spouting hatred against women?

...The truth is, Akin and his fellow religious fundamentalist men the world over are very much the same when it comes to women: they know more about women than women do. In their minds, of course. Because none of them know what it's like to have a period or to give birth or to suffer the tragic and deeply disturbing decision to abort a baby. (Many women don't even know what it's like to suffer through a decision about an unwanted baby.) Further, no man knows what it's like to live in a world where women are second-class citizens - although that is a fact even in the most "civilized" and modern countries. None of them know what it's like to work just as hard as a man and not get the job, or not get the promotion, or, certainly, not get the same amount of pay.

...Akin, a graduate of the Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri - he has a master of divinity - has gathered along the way, largely due to societal cues, that he is an authority on things that he is not, because he is a man. Like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who recently spoke on behalf of all the women in the Republican Party when he said that his female colleagues "don't see any evidence" of a war on women, it never struck Akin that he is not qualified to speak for women, particularly when he is attacking their rights.

And he is not the first. It was just this year that Wisconsin state senator Glenn Grothman said that, "money is more important for men," as he argued against a Wisconsin state equal pay act. In his view of the matter, there is no pay discrimination because women simply don't want to be paid as much as men do, particularly when they are married and more focused on raising kids (as he duly noted). Grothman, a devout Christian, also made headlines this year when he said that "unwanted and mistimed pregnancies" are "a choice" that women make and are not actually accidents.

... The war on women refers, primarily, to the Republican Party - a party largely consisting of devout men whose understanding of religion provides them the context and confidence to make statements and decisions about women's body parts, sexual relations and reproduction, in addition to women's role in society (and in the home), and their right to equality in employment and pay.

A great many of these male politicians allow themselves to address these issues because of their religious qualifications: either they are, in fact, ordained ministers and divinity school graduates, or they are so devout in their religion that they are above reproach when it comes to being pious.

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