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Cenk Uygur Explains Why Wolf Blitzer As part of The Ruling Class Is Outraged By Romney Felony Accusations And Kidnapped Journalists Rescued By Syrian Army

President Assad 's supposedly evil army rescues journalists kidnapped by the supposedly good guys who are backed by president Obama and the West and their allies in the Middle East region.

Once again at the very least it should be noted that what's happening in Syria is a more complicated situation than what the US and Western Media is presenting to their respective viewers.

President Assad whatever the reality is is not a threat to the USA or the West or to the Western backed regimes in Saudi Arabia or Israel.

Kidnapped Syrian Journalists Rescued by the Army

Published on Aug 16, 2012 by SyrianGirlpartisan
Yara Saleh and the Al Akhbariya news channel crew were kidnapped around Aleppo by the foreign funded insurgents (the FSA, Foreign Salafi Army). A video of her later emerged were she was forced into a Hijaab. The FSA clearly follow the extremist Saudi arabian style of Islam called 'wahabism/salafi' , the US's favourite kind. The Army has now rescued the crew.

It is rather disenginuous for the Obama Regime or other Western leaders to act outraged by the actions of the Syrian army in dealing with protesters and rebels.

 The USA, Canada ,Britain and other Western powers up til recently were quite willing to hand over POWs/detainees to Syrian government so these POWs could be humiliated and tortured as part of the West and USA's rendition programs.
It is also a bit much to hear USA government officials or the US media as they accuse Syrian forces of committing various war crimes and crimes against humanity when the USA has committed similar crimes. The USA unprovoked invaded and is still occupying the once sovereign nation of Iraq leading to the deaths of some 1 million Iraqis lives and occupying Afghanistan and destroyed Libya killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians in bombing raids and by supplying the not so peaceful rebels with arms and logistic support.

Now the USA is taking on Syria so why given the USA's track record believe anything they say about this situation. And given the Obama administration's disdain for any journalist who tries to cover this or any other such story as truthfully and accurately as possible especially if they discover facts on the ground that put into question the Talking Points of the USA and its quizzling Media.

 What the Syrian government is doing to prisoners is no different than what the USA does to detainees POWS at Gitmo, Abu Ghraib,  and dozens of other US run facilities across the globe.

 Obama sees nothing wrong with arresting someone without laying charges and then keeping them imprisoned indefinitely under draconian inhumane conditions . IE Bradley Manning  who if guilty is only guilty of releasing documents which were not in fact " Top Secret " but were mostly files shared by numerous government personnel.

 But Bradley Manning is a whistleblower who decided that the US government was keeping far too many secrets from the American citizenry and that without these documents the US public was unable to make informed decisions about the governments actions.

 Before the election 2008 Obama lied to his supporters claiming he would not use the same tactics as the Bush Regime when in fact he has carried on with the same old policies attacking unnecessarily sovereign nations which were not a threat to the USA and then not holding the US military responsible for the large numbers of innocent civilians murdered or detained and tortured.

 The only thing that bothers most Americans about what happened or is still happening at Gitmo Abu Ghraib etc is that these criminal actions became known to the public at large.

 Humiliating protesters is a systematic practice by Al-Assad's thugs in Syria 16.10.2011


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