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Chris Matthews Accuses RNC Chair for Racist Election Campaign And Rapists Given Visitation Rights Under Christian Sharia Law

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And more proof that the Christian Right is as fanatical in its theology and ideology as the Islamic extremists such as The Taliban or the Saudi government which has also instituted an extreme form of Sharia law in which women have few if any rights . Odd how the US government criticizes Iran for implementing Sharia law while they make excuses for the implementing of Sharia law in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations which are allies of the USA.

It is unbelievable yet true that 31 states in the USA have passed legislation held up by the courts that the man who raped a woman should have visitation rights to spend time with the child he has fathered by an act of rape. Why should the rapist have in such a case have any rights concerning the child who is the result of an offensive, immoral and illegal act.

If anything one would have thought that there would have been if needed a court order restraining order, to keep the Rapist away from the mother and child. But in the right wing world everything is a bit out of whack and a bit topsy-turvy. So the GOP and the Religious Right argue that no matter what the circumstances were in the conception of the child the rapist is still the Father and therefore has more rights than the rape victim or the child born of that rape.

The uberconservatives and the Religious Right are all about the traditional family and according to them even the Father who is a rapist has an important role to play in keeping the family together and so if the rape victim tries to deny visitation rights or can be characterized as not being a worthy mother after all she allowed herself to be raped then the Rapists can apply for custody of the child. As they argue against abortion the Religious Right argues that a conception resulting from a rape is still part of God's plan and therefore that child is a child of God as it were. God for whatever purpose has by way of the rapist willed the impregnation of the unsuspecting mother who just doesn't appreciate "the gift" God has given her. If so then God is a rather cruel entity who cares little if anything about the woman who is a rape victim. So the Religious Right's attitudes towards women is quite similar to extremist and sexist Muslims who apply Sharia Law to women. In both cases women are seen as mere vessels for the fetus and has no say over whether to abort or not or even over these invented "rights of the rapist".

So yes in deed God does work in mysterious ways according to the Religious Right.
 Pure insanity.

In large part the reason this all seems normal to the uberconservatives and the Religious Right is that they begin with the assumption that a majority of rape accusations are false the woman claiming to have been raped is just out for revenge or is just downright mean spirited .

The right even argues that in cases of incest or child molestation that if a child is born in those circumstances the child molester and or the male relative father, uncle or what have you has rights. This is utter nonsense.

Justice in such cases should be on the side of the mother the rape victim and the child conceived by that rape. So does the rapist go to the courts and admit to rape and yet demand visitation rights. Given the arguments recently raised by the Republican Party ,Tod Akins ,Paul Ryan etc. about so-called "legitimate" rape as opposed to "real" rape that is only sort of rape such as date rape or by way of incest or statutory rape. In these supposedly greyer areas the woman or child does not physically resist or say no each time an act of rape occurs so therefore according to the Rightwing these acts do not constitute real or "legitimate" rape.

So a group made up mainly by men decides when or if a woman is permitted to have an abortion. And these same men get to decide what constitutes rape and what does not. These misogynistic men in positions of authority of course take the side of the men over the accusations made by a mere female . Women they argue are far from being the equal to men .  According to the Bible it was because of women that sin entered the world. Women they believe were the ones who through the actions of Eve in the Garden of Eden brought sin to humankind. Was the sin merely the eating of a " literal apple" from the "Tree of Good and Evil " or was it some form of sexual impropriety such as seducing Adam or Eve allowing herself to be seduced by Satan who presented himself in the form of a man.

The very notion of a rapist having visitation rights to spend time with a child which was the result of the biological father having raped the biological mother seems beyond the pale and an outrageous demand on the part of the rapists and the courts and legislators. Once again the rape victim is forced to endure another insult and assault each time the rapist visits with that child. And what in the world will the child feel once that child is told that their father actually raped their mother. Will this lead to further emotional scars on that child.

Rapists Get Custody, Visitation Rights: TYT The Young Turks


And more proof American society is not as liberal and progressive as its media especially proclaims . America is still in many ways a very conservative backwards society. In this case of refusing the sperm from Gay donors as is pointed out is not based upon science but rather on prejudice and bigotry against Gays which is systemic whether Americans want to believe this or natot. As in the above example shows that sexism and a distainful attitude towards women is prevalent throughout America's legilatures, courts and institutions.

FDA Bans Some Gay Sperm Donors

Published on Aug 27, 2012 by TheYoungTurks
"The recent announcement that the FDA plans to deny gay men the right to be potential anonymous sperm donors is yet another act of institutionalized homophobia. The news dovetails a parallel fight to lift the long-time ban on gay men from donating blood. The fear? Rates of HIV/AIDS are higher among gay men so it's better to exclude the entire category than to consider rational alternatives. Why the fear is ignorant and without validation...".* Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.

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