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GOP Ryan/Romney Endorse Values Voters Summit Represents The Rightwing Secular and Religious Extremists

Values Voters and GOP invent a time machine to return America to the Good Old Days
They are against any appeasement or compromise on the various issues they are concerned about from no exception for allowing abortion to Gay Rights returning gays to the closet or prison to returning the US government to be once again be ruled only by "Real Christians".

Bill Board in USA calls for the defeat at the polls of president Obama or a coup d'etat or assassination of Obama. This is not an attempt at dialogue or compromise but a call to arms. Then they wonder why they are called extremists and as being UnAmerican and inciting threats and violence against the US government

and now on Bumpers and T shirts so a significant number of Americans if we go by the reports of how popular these items are that they have begun toying with such radical moves. And merely adding the word "Vote" does little to temper the message wich is still that of armed Navy Seals taking on Osama and next taking on Obama.

Controversial Anti-Obama Billboard Now On Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts

Below Eric Cantor who is Jewish speaks at the annual Values Voters Summit of racist fear mongering Religious Right conspiracy spewing Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians and their mostly wealthy enablers.

First let's take a look at the news story of the week regarding the attacks on US Embassy in Libya which resulted in the deaths of four Americans. This tragic event is being used by the GOP and uberconservatives from Romney and Ryan to John Bolton and Michelle Bachmann , Fox News and Sean Hannity , Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck et al to attack President Obama claiming he is soft on terrorists .

Papantonio: Republican War Hawks Salivating Over Libya

 Published on Sep 14, 2012 by golefttvMike Papantonio appears on The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann to talk about how the mainstream media is giving Mitt Romney a free pass on his Libya lies.

General Boykin who is the vp of The Family Research Council which organized the Values Voters Summit promotes the bizarre Islamophobic Conspiracy theories that the USA is under attack by a secretive stealth Jihad by Muslim Americans and that Obama is part of that conspiracy. He and others on the right such as Michelle Bachmann believes Obama is secretly a Muslim and backs the Islamic forces which intend to undermine the USA and Western Civilization and Christendom . Boykin believes that the so-called War On Terror is really a Clash of Civilizations and a battle between the Godless Muslims who are minions of Satan and Christianity and Jesus.

He and others in the Religious Right believe Obama has not done enough to keep Muslim Americans from developing terrorist attacks on US soil as part of their inevitable take over of the USA if that is unless Real Americans which is primarily made up of the Uberconservative Evangelical Fundamentalists take a stand to stop President Obama and the stealth Jihadists.

Boykin et al also argue that Obama was not born in America but in Kenya as part of an anti-American conspiracy. They also contend that Obama is a Marxist Communists who hates America's values and capitalism.

For example they see Obama's health care reform as part of the take over of the state by socialists and communists who believe that the government must have control over all aspects of a citizens life and actions.
They also focus on the bail outs by Obama as proof that he is an unAmerican socialists while they ignore the similar bail outs of Wall Street by the Bush Regime in the months preceding Obama's election and his inauguration.

They ignore the facts which indicate Obama is as vigilant against against America's perceived enemies as was George W. Bush. For instance Obama did not shut down Guantanamo Bay prison or fully investigate let alone bring to justice those members of the Bush administration accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity but has given all of these alleged criminals a free pass.

Obama's critics on the far right who are now in control of the GOP ignore the fact that Obama has widened the Global War On Terror into Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and has used remote controlled Drones to spy on and to drop bombs on alleged terrorists with little concern for innocent civilian causalities.

As for Israel Obama did very little when he cam into office to chastise the Israel's war of aggression against Gaza nor did he take action after Israel attacked the Free Gaza flotilla which was in International Waters at the time resulting in the deaths of 19 civilians nor has Obama done much to stop the expanding of Israeli settlements or the take over of West Jerusalem by Israeli Jews as they oust Arab and Palestinian Israelis from their homes. If Obama was such a real critic of Israel in each of these cases he could have threatened to cut off aid to Israel or stop the flow of arms into Israel.

So in the video below from Crooks and Liars takes a swipe at General Boykin comparing him to the crazed General in the movie Dr. Strangelove in which the rogue General has become convinced that the communists have already weakened and secretly control the USA . Boykin and Bachmann and others believe that President Obama is working on behalf of the Commie Islamic Jihadists and so if there is no push back in this election America is all but lost.

The Religious Right as characterized by The Values Voters Summit of course are able through their twisted logic to characterize the fight for Gay rights, women's rights,minority rights, pluralism, multiculturalism , illegal immigration and talk of class warfare as all being part of this conspiracy to weaken America and undermine its Anglo-Saxon Judeo-Christian heritage. Though Boykin would reject the "Judeo" part of this construct since Jews he contends are also enemies of Jesus as are all other religious groups who are in need of being converted to Christianity . Those who will not convert including secularists /Secular Humanists/Atheists and so-called liberal Christians they believe should have fewer rights than Real Evangelical Fundamentalist Conservative Christians. In their view as Bachmann has said only Christians should be permitted to run for or hold public office. All others must be barred from doing so .

Jews Must Be Converted, Says Family Research Council Vice President By Josh Glasstetter Crooks and Liars , Sept. 14, 2012

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