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Values Voters Summit A Witches Brew or Cauldron of Fifty Shades of Hate & Paranoia Religious and Libertarian Extremists

The Republican party has ousted or silence what few moderates were left in the party. They joined forces in an unholy alliance between whacky Know-Nothing fact challenged Libertarians and followers of Ayn Rand and Neocon godfather Leo Strauss and hooked up with The Christian Evangelical equivalent of the Taliban -God they say believes in Capitalism and the unfettered Free Market Place and believes that men must apply the Law that is God's Law throughout the USA and eventually the world while they wait for the Second Coming of the Messiah.

The right wing Religious extremists and their enablers libertarians and the opportunistic wealthy elite joined together in the Republican Party silencing or ousting moderate voices within the party. Conservative Republican has coined the term Teavangelicals to describe this process which he is exited about and favors over the older version of the GOP.
So at the Values Voters Summit being held this weekend we get a real in depth look at how extreme these Social and fiscal conservatives are.

Jim DeMint speaking at the Values Voters Summit demonizing all American teachers calling teachers "Thugs"

Quote of the day: “Thugs”: Jim DeMint sees some similarities between the Middle East and Chicago protests by Jillian Rayfield,, sept. 14, 2012

And a supposedly Christian leader Bryan Fischer calls for hanging or does he mean Lynching .
Maybe he thinks the USA should do to the city of Benghazi that the USA did to Fallujah after 4 American contractors were murdered . The US bombed the city into rubble killing thousands of innocent civilians . In Fallujah the US used its massive bunker Buster bombs and the banned Cluster Bombs and Napalm now referred to as White Phosphorus or Whiskey Pete by the troops and it is argued they also used depleted uranium ordinances . In that case it was not a matter of justice or a show of strength but rather revenge, and retaliation against innocent people along with the few who were guilty.

Bryan Fischer: Publicly hang Libya attackers, Sept. 13, 2012

Called for "mob" to be "publicly hung by the neck until dead"

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer called for those who committed an “act of war” in Benghazi, Libya, by killing the U.S. ambassador and three others to be “publicly hung [sic] by the neck until dead.”

And Rush Limbaugh chimes in with his newest bogus conspiracy theory about President Obama and his tracking down and killing Osama Bin Laden.
And why Obama wasn't forceful enough in his response to Libyan embassy killings by a mob.

According to Limbaugh it seems Al Qaeda gave up Osama to Obama so President Obama could get re-elected.
These right-wing nutters do live in a parallel universe

The fact that some leading members of the Republican Party are lending their voices in support of this group shows how far Republicans have come to embrace the extreme right ideology as a way to possibly defeat or continue to undermine Obama's governance.
The organization The People For The American Way is highly critical of leading political figures going to this event.

Speaking at Values Voter Summit, Paul Ryan Gives Stamp of Approval to Bigotry from People For The American Way via Common Dreams .org,Sept. 14, 2012

WASHINGTON - September 14 - People For the American Way today challenged the Romney campaign for its decision to send vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan to speak today at the Values Voter Summit, an event organized by groups that regularly push false and demeaning smears about gays and lesbians, Muslim-Americans and others. These groups also push extreme anti-woman policies, including defending Rep. Todd Akin after his "legitimate rape" comments.

Last week, a coalition of human rights groups, including People For the American Way Foundation, urged Ryan and other elected officials not to lend legitimacy to these groups, including the Family Research Council and the American Family Association, by speaking at the Summit.

“By speaking at the Values Voter Summit, Paul Ryan sends a clear message: a Romney-Ryan administration has decided to embrace the entrenched bigotry advocated by the farthest of the far right,” said Michael Keegan, President of People For the American Way.

“The Family Research Council and the American Family Association are not mainstream groups,” continued Keegan. “The FRC frequently and falsely links homosexuality to pedophilia. The AFA has claimed that gay men were responsible for the Holocaust. Both have defended laws at home and abroad that criminalize homosexuality. These are not innocent differences of opinion; they are full-scale efforts to smear and denigrate LGBT Americans.

“What’s more, these groups back extreme anti-woman policies, and were among the first to jump to the defense of Rep. Todd Akin’s outrageous 'legitimate rape' comments. They also promote hostility toward Muslim-Americans, Mormons and other religious minorities. They advocate for an America that discriminates and excludes, and are trying their best to stop the tolerance and open-mindedness that Americans of of both parties support. That’s a troubling message for a presidential campaign to embrace.”

Heritage Foundation and other Religious Right organization map out their plan for creating an American Evangelical white male dominated Theocracy.
In this clip Jake Jones like Michelle  Bachmann ,Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Rick Santorum ,Newt Gingrich ,Rush Limbaugh, Lou Engles  and the Islamophobes and other Republicans compare President Obama to Hitler and the NAZI party of National Socialists.

When they are not calling Obama and by extension all Democrats, Progressives or Liberals evil unAmerican Commies they invoke the notion of Obama being a secret Muslim who is waging a stealth Jihad to undermine America's values and to radically change America imposing Sharia Law on all Americans  (a Manchurian Candidate as it were or part of a sleeper-cell) . They also invoke when they can "the Birther Conspiracy" which claims Obama is not America's legitimate American because they believe he was born in Kenya. Underscoring all of this vitriol against Obama and his policies even those that are successful or those policies which President George W. Bush approved of or originally instituted is race baiting. Basically because Obama is not white these white conservatives see him as the other and therefore not one of them no matter how hard he tries to appease them.

The Religious Right itself has not just grown more powerful over the last 30 years but also has bit by bit taken on the theology of Dominionism in which all of man's institutions and laws are to be based upon biblical principles.

Jake Jones like others on the right is unable to see the distinctions between Socialists, Marxist, Marxis Lenninist, Social Democrats, Trotskyites, Maoists, the Khmer Rouge , Fascists, NAZIS or collectivists and sees even socialised medicine as the first step in turning the USA into a Totalitarian Secularist or Atheistic  Communist State

Jake Jones  is convinced Obama is a socialist plant who wants to turn America into a totalitarian Communist secular nation in which there will be a radical redistribution of wealth- The Producers the capitalist are being demonized and will share most of the tax burden to give money to the non-producers the workers, the disabled physically and mentally challenge , the poor who are stuck in a cycle of poverty.
He then connects Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky ,the Weatherman, the Black panthers  and their radical agenda to Obama who associated at some time or other with various radicals from the 1960s? (Obama was only 7 years ole in 1970 ) to the present.

The Republican Party & the Values Voter: Who's Values? - YouTube

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"Man is created in God's image feminists (equality for women) are a threat to our country" said Jake Jacobs on the The Values Bus.

The Republicans realize that Mitt Romney needs 61% of the White vote to win the election. The last presidential candidate to capture such a large percentage of the White vote was Ronald Reagan at 64% in 1984 according to the New York Times.

Policies advanced by politicians in the Republican Party on issues of abortion, immigration and marriage equality has alienated many voters. The Republican Party realizes that it is essential to broaden the base in order to survive. The Libertarians cannot do all the heavy lifting they need help from social conservatives to have enough votes to win elections.

Your Money, Your Values, Your Vote

The fiscal conservatives of the Republican Party at the Heritage Foundation are joining forces with social conservatives from organizations such as the Family Research Council and the American Family Association. All in an effort, to broaden the base of conservative voters via the collaboration of groups which hold overlapping interests. The fiscal policy espoused by many Tea Party candidates is founded upon a Christian conservative agenda. The Tea Party Evangelicals are mostly White, male, married and more likely voters in primaries as well as general elections.


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David Brody a conservative has coined the term Teavangelicals not as a parody but as a serious characterization of the mingling together of the Religious Right made up primarily of Evangelical Christians who want to return America to its original doctrines which were based upon the Bible and God and with the fiscal conservatives and libertarians and Ayn Rand. Leo Strauss 's Neoconservatives.

Their appeal or their political base is primarily that of white Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians heterosexual real men and include other conservatives from other Christian churches such as conservative Catholics and those with similar beliefs though not strictly defined as Christian such as "the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints" AKA The Mormons or LDS to which Mitt Romney belongs and of course conservative American Jews .

The LDS was rather active along with various Evangelical groups to stop proposition 8 which would have allowed for Gay marriages and the LDS was active in the 1970s fighting the passage of the ERA and are anti-feminists believing that women have a different role to play in the home and in society than men do.

Conservative American Jews may give their support to the Republican party because the party supports Israel and the extremist Israeli Settlers movement unconditionally .
700 Club: 'Teavangelicals' Ushuring-Pat Robertson interviews uberconservative David Brody about his recently published book.



The median income in the USA is 50,000 a year yet Romney erroneously says it is around 200,000 to 250,000 a year. Why because he made this up rather than reading economic reports dealing with household incomes in the USA.

Romney Says Typical Middle-Class Homes Earn $250,000 A Year by Steven Rosenfeld at, Sept. 14, 2012

Birthers in Kansas May Push Obama Off State's Ballot by, Sept. 14, 2012

Professional Islamophobe pseudo scholar Daniel Pipes continues to publish articles claiming that President Obama is secretly Muslim and is therefore unAmerican, and can't be trusted and is hostile to Christianity and Judaism. What does he base this on actual research no just rumours, speculation in the media most of which has originated in the USA by the Islamophobes and other extremists.
He further bases the claim on the fact that Obama has an Arab or Muslim middle name.

PIPES: 'His middle name is Hussein' by Daniel Pipes, Washington Times , Sept. 12, 2012

Fox News Channel double downs on Mitt Romney's outrageous criticisms of Obama as being sympathetic with the Egyptian mob which killed Americans

Fox Rallies Around Romney For Widely Criticized Libya Remarks by Thomas Bishop ,Media Matters , Sept. 13, 2012

Fox News came to Mitt Romney's defense after his response to the attack on American diplomats in Libya was seen by many as an "attempt to score political points" and widely condemned, even by fellow Republicans.
And so it goes,


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