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Right Wing Calls out Southern Poverty Law Center For Shooting at FRC Meanwhile Bradley Manning Is A Forgotten Hero & Israel Still Threatening Iran

Barber: Media Who Cite SPLC Will Have Blood On Their Hands

If the Southern Poverty Law Center can be held responsible for an attack on Family Research council because the SPLC called the FRC a hate group then can all those who demonized doctors who performed abortions be held responsible for the domestic terrorist attacks on abortion clinics and the killing of doctors who performed abortions.

So can we hold these individuals and media stars and TV networks accountable for attacks on property and persons connected with abortion clinics. So logic dictates that these indiviuals, TV networks and various anti-abortion organizations can be held responsible so we can legally charge groups and individuals for inciting others to commit acts of violence property damage, physical assauts and murder.

So the AG's office should begin sending out warrants to the usual right wing suspects such as Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, the Fox News network and Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter (post-birth abortion) or michelle Bachmann and the rest of the right wing media and its myriad interlinked propaganda organizations which in some cases they call "Think Tanks".

The case of the alleged whistle blower Bradley Manning is a recurring stain on president Obama's record. During the election campaign in 2008 Obama defended Whistleblowers for doing their duty for the American people but later he decided to be more aggressive in detecting and imprisoning Whistleblowers.
So which side is Obama on ?
We can conjecture that Obama to prove his toughness and decisiveness as president and Commander In Chief decided to prove it by taking on government Whistleblowers to satisfy the faux liberals in the Democratic party and the uberconservatives in the GOP. That's one explanation the other is that he only pretended to support government whistleblowers.

Bradley Manning defense denied speedy trial

Published on Aug 30, 2012 by RTAmerica

Private Bradley Manning has been accused of leaking classified information and remains in jail waiting for trial. This week, pre-trial hearings in Ft. Meade, Maryland focused on allegations of his mistreatment while in custody. Kevin Gosztola of Firedoglake has been following the case closely from the very beginning and he joins RT's Liz Wahl to share the latest developments.

Noam Chomsky weighs in on debate about Iran and the USA and Israel and which countries are a real threat . Iran in this case is the nation being bullied not Israel or the USA. Iran had nothing to do with 9/11 and does not have nuclear weapons at the ready . Israel and the USA both are nuclear powers .

Israel has refused to publicly admit to having nuclear weapons so why should any other nation be scrutinized and inspected time and again for allegedly having a nuclear weapons program while Israel gets a pass.

Iran may seem isolated at the moment but if Israel attacks Iran then Iran may gain a number of sympathetic Islamic nations who can only learn that they might be next as Iraq, Syria, Libya etc. have learned.

Of course Christian Taliban who now control the Republican party are all for as much violence chaos and war in the Middle East as possible to hasten the End-Times and the Second Coming or the New Millennium in which Christians rule the world. At the end of the Millennium God/Jesus will host the Judgement Day 's main event judging the good from the bad and so on and so forth.

Why America and Israel Are the Greatest Threats to Peace By Noam Chomsky,Information Clearing House ,Sept. 4, 2012

Imagine if Iran -- or any other country -- did a fraction of what American and Israel do at will.

Like its patron, Israel resorts to violence at will. It persists in illegal settlement in occupied territory, some annexed, all in brazen defiance of international law and the U.N. Security Council. It has repeatedly carried out brutal attacks against Lebanon and the imprisoned people of Gaza, killing tens of thousands without credible pretext.

Thirty years ago Israel destroyed an Iraqi nuclear reactor, an act that has recently been praised, avoiding the strong evidence, even from U.S. intelligence, that the bombing did not end Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons program but rather initiated it. Bombing of Iran might have the same effect.

Iran too has carried out aggression - but during the past several hundred years, only under the U.S.-backed regime of the shah, when it conquered Arab islands in the Persian Gulf.

Iran engaged in nuclear development programs under the shah, with the strong support of official Washington. The Iranian government is brutal and repressive, as are Washington's allies in the region. The most important ally, Saudi Arabia, is the most extreme Islamic fundamentalist regime, and spends enormous funds spreading its radical Wahhabist doctrines elsewhere. The gulf dictatorships, also favored U.S. allies, have harshly repressed any popular effort to join the Arab Spring.

The Nonaligned Movement - the governments of most of the world's population - is now meeting in Teheran. The group has vigorously endorsed Iran's right to enrich uranium, and some members - India, for example - adhere to the harsh U.S. sanctions program only partially and reluctantly.

The NAM delegates doubtless recognize the threat that dominates discussion in the West, lucidly articulated by Gen. Lee Butler, former head of the U.S. Strategic Command: "It is dangerous in the extreme that in the cauldron of animosities that we call the Middle East," one nation should arm itself with nuclear weapons, which "inspires other nations to do so."

Butler is not referring to Iran, but to Israel, which is regarded in the Arab countries and in Europe as posing the greatest threat to peace In the Arab world, the United States is ranked second as a threat, while Iran, though disliked, is far less feared. Indeed in many polls majorities hold that the region would be more secure if Iran had nuclear weapons to balance the threats they perceive.

If Iran is indeed moving toward nuclear-weapons capability - this is still unknown to U.S. intelligence - that may be because it is "inspired to do so" by the U.S.-Israeli threats, regularly issued in explicit violation of the U.N. Charter.

Why then is Iran the greatest threat to world peace, as seen in official Western discourse? The primary reason is acknowledged by U.S. military and intelligence and their Israeli counterparts: Iran might deter the resort to force by the United States and Israel.

Political analysts argue threatening Iran and an attack on Iran might push Iranian officials to more actively pursue the development of nuclear weapons in order to protect itself its sovereignty .

Unfortunately for Iran the USA, Canada, Britain and their quislings believe only they and Israel have a right to sovereignty while Iran has no such rights as Libya , Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen have or are being taught to mind their overlords.
The West is merely entering into to its newest form of Imperialism and colonialism.

Former CIA Head: Iran Attack Only Delays Nuke Program, Will Push Iranians Toward A Bomb By Ben Armbruster at Thinkprogress.org, Sep 4, 2012

Former Bush administration National Security Agency head and CIA director Michael Hayden told the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz that Israel may not have the military capacity to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities and reiterated his belief that any attack would only delay the Iranian program and perhaps push it toward obtaining nuclear weapons...

...The Obama administration is aware, not only of the threat an Iranian nuclear weapon poses, but also the potential negative consequences of a military attack on Iran. And that, coupled with U.N., U.S. and Israeli assessments that Iran has not yet decided on whether to build a nuclear weapon, leads the administration to pursue a diplomatic solution with Iran, a track the it deems the “best and most permanent way” to solve the nuclear crisis.

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