Friday, September 07, 2012

Obama's Kill List and Republican and Democratic Party Leadership Authoritarian And Real Progressive Elizabeth Warren "Corporations Are Not People"

Obama says people have just got to trust him in reference to his expanded powers to unilateraly have anyone assassinated including American citizens . But no leader should be given such powers without oversight by other branches of government at the very least
But Obama when it comes to the Global War On Terror has continued with the same criminal policies as those used by President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney .

Obama Tells CNN He Can Kill You via Roots,Sept. 7, 2012

President Obama told CNN this week that he can kill Americans or non-Americans, the difference being that with Americans their killing amounts to their Constitutionally guaranteed due process.

CNN asked Obama how he chooses names for his kill list, but he declined to say. Obama claimed that there are checks on his power, pointing only to checks by his own subordinates, not by courts, not by Congress, and not by the public -- which he reassures with vague statements that amount to "trust me."

Obama claimed that his preference is to capture people rather than to kill them. This does not fit with cases like that of Tariq Khan, a 16-year-old killed by drone strike following his participation in a conference at which he could have easily been captured. It does not fit with the lack of criminal charges against virtually any of the people killed.

Obama claimed that he avoids killing civilians, yet careful research has documented large numbers of civilians killed, including this week in Yemen.


                 Cenk Uygur presents evidence that party officials of both parties Republicans and Democrats ignore their own delegates when the vote goes against a policy or change what has already been accepted by the party leadership. Both ignore their own democratic principles of allowing delegates to vote on their platforms or on other issues. Democrats overwhelmingly vote against re-inserting items to the platform regarding jeusalem and God. Meanwhile the republicans at their convention they had a vote by delegates on whether Ron Paul should be permitted to speak at the convention as an alternative candidate the delegates were in favor of Ron Paul speaking yet the party officials overruled the vote because they were against Ron paul speaking let alone be considered as an alternative delegate to Mitt Romney.  

Awkward: Democrats, God, & Jerusalem


   And here's another great bit from The Young Turks on a true Progressive Elizabeth Warren. Republicans she says do believe in Big Government if it helps the big corporations, Wall Street and the super-rich. They are only against government when it comes to helping out average Americans. 

Elizabeth Warren: Corporations Are Not People (Sorry Romney)

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