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Paul Ryan & Religious Right Blame Obama For Attack on US Embassies & Claim Obama Is A Secret Muslim

Hate as a Hail Mary Pass

It is difficult to imagine any other religious group facing the sort of rank hatred that Muslims faced at the Values Voters Summit and still getting the ringing endorsement of a major political candidate like Mitt Romney. Surely if the FRC was telling people to blacklist rabbis or that all Christians are deluded liars, Romney and Ryan would be running as far away from the event as possible.

But for the religious right, the promotion of Islamophobia is its Hail Mary pass — one last ditch attempt to retain relevancy. The country is becoming increasingly tolerant and socially liberal, and one day soon Christian conservatives will no longer be able to turn out the votes in battleground states that wins pandering from Republican presidential candidates. For all of us who wish to live in a country where no group is demonized or hated for political points, that day couldn’t come soon enough.

Above Quote from: Courting leaders of an anti-Muslim hate fest: A recent summit of the Family Research Council, where Paul Ryan spoke, quickly devolved into something sinister
By Zaid Jilani, Alternet,via Salon.com, Sept. 18, 2012

Rachell Maddow points out that Paul Ryan at the Values Voters Summit blamed Obama for the attack on US Embassy in Libya and was followed by a supposedly former Islamic Terrorists who is now an Evangelical Christian who says Obama is a secret Muslim.

Radical Christians using various propaganda techniques promote Islamophobia that is hatred of all things Islamic. They attack the character and reputation and sincerity of the Prophet Muhammad and attack Islam erroneously claiming Islam and its Holy Book The Quran instructs Muslims to convert or kill all non-Muslims. They leave out the Islamic teaching "that there is to be no compulsion in religion". This phony ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish erroneously claims women are not permitted into the Mosques whereas the fact is that men and women went to the Mosque to hear the Prophet Muhammad speak. The CBC TV show "Little Mosque on the Prairie " is better informed about Islam than Nonie Darwish and a number of other supposedly ex-Muslims turned into Evangelical Born-Agin Christians.

Courting leaders of an anti-Muslim hate fest: A recent summit of the Family Research Council, where Paul Ryan spoke, quickly devolved into something sinister
By Zaid Jilani, Alternet,via Salon.com, Sept. 18, 2012

So it comes as no surprise, perhaps, that the two top members of the Republican ticket, presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running-mate, Paul Ryan, would court the Family Research Council at its recent Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., where, on Friday, Ryan delivered a speech, and Romney appeared via video message. But what is appalling is that the event this duo endorsed quickly devolved into a hate fest directed against an American religious minority.

At the podium in the massive ballroom of the Omni Shoreham Hotel, and in the breakout sessions that followed, the conference’s Saturday line-up seemed contrived to demonize Muslims as liars, infiltrators and worse — and one speaker, retired Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin, sought to direct U.S. foreign policy in ways that could affect the outcome of the presidential election, by calling on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to strike Iran before November 6.

...Religious Tolerance — For Whom?

At the Saturday plenary session, FRC promoted itself as being all about religious tolerance. “Our founding fathers considered religious liberty our first freedom,” intoned FRC president Tony Perkins. “It was the bedrock on which all our freedoms rest.”

Perkins then introduced a panel of right-wing activists who set out to enrage the audience with tales of Christian students in American public schools being prohibited from praying, thanks to secular school boards and “activist” judges. One story that drew audible anger from the crowd was of a student in at Medina (not that Muslim one!) High School in Texas who was unable to invoke a call to prayer during her valedictorian speech.

FAKE EX MUSLIM EXPOSED How former muslim Nonie Darwish Accepted Jesus as her Lord

Published on Aug 24, 2012 by Islamtv24X7

Fake Ex Muslim Exposed-Rachid.P1/4كشف كذب المنصر رشيد

I was a bit surprised that Rachell Maddow as shown in the video above that she would accept the Islamophobic narrative that these protest and rioting in a number of Islamic countries is merely about the notorious Z rated film attacking The Prophet Muhammad and Islam. Given the turmoil in the region much of which the USA and the West are responsible for the anti-Muslim film was just a sparking point for the anger felt by millions of Arabs and Muslims in a number of countries.

The USA after 9/11 rather than launching an international police investigation decided to bomb all of Afghanistan blaming all Afghans for the actions of Al Qaeda and this atrocity the USA followed by unnecessarily invading and occupying Iraq since 2003 , Maybe after the deaths of over half a million Iraqi civilians and the deaths of innocent civilians in any country the USA is involved might have angered the citizens of these nations while at the same time more radical elements are using the moment to push their own anti-Western anti-American agenda.

So in this video from The Real News Network we get a more nuanced analysis of why so many citizens in these various countries have taken to the streets in anti-American demonstarions.

Anti-US Protests Grow: VJ Prashad: Religious issue a way to deliver a political message The Real News Paul Jay ,Sept. 18, 2012

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