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#OWS Update : The Obama Administration Ignores Police Violating Civil Rights of #OWS Protesters

"Trouble with Normal Is - It Always Gets Worse"-Bruce Cockburn

The Occupy Movement is now going into its second year and its grievances against the government and Wall Street has not changed much -the economic inequalty in the USA has itself only gotten worse. Meanwhile Obama and his cronies of super-rich Neo-Liberal elitist will of course this being election campaigning season say whatever will help Obama to get re-elected. But once Obama is settled in the White House for a second term things will not change but he and his administration will just revert to business as usual . Obama may of course push for some changes such as making it a right for same sex couples to get married and hve their rights respected but as for helping them getting jobs, or paying off student debts or mortgages or getting full Health care benefits on these things he will claim the Republicans won't budge while he makes back room deals with the Republicans ,big business and Wall Street .

President Obama sounds fairly liberal and even progressive when it comes to making speeches but his actions in a number of areas are basically a continuation of the status quo when it comes to taking on Wall Street and Big Business and the super-wealthy  or even foreign policy or  Environmental issues or defending the rights of all workers  or developing a more progressive system of taxation .

President Obama is also rather naive to say the least as he believes that the majority of Democrats and Republican politicians are concerned about the problems facing average Americans when in fact most are interested in furthering their careers and becoming wealthier as elected officials and when they leave government to take well paying jobs working for those corporations they helped while in office.

As the Republican party moves further to the right so too does the Democrats who have become the party of traditional conservatism and so refuse to deal with the grievances brought into the open and into the media by the Occupy Movement .

Obama and the Democrats are dependent on their financial support by the Wall Street Thugs and gamblers who 's only motivation is not the health of the nation but rather increasing their own wealth and to Hell with everybody else. So the differences between the two major parties when it comes to a number of issues is at times almost non-existent .

Take Back Wall Street 9/17/12 #S17 OWS 1 Year Anniversary

Published on Aug 31, 2012 by Revolution2012ows

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Chris Hedges: 'OWS - the story is far from over'

Published on Sep 17, 2012 by RTAmerica

Today protesters are gathering in downtown Manhattan to mark the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street movement which kicked out a year ago in Zuccotti Park . RT's Marina Portnaya is speaking with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author Christopher Hedges about the impact of the OWS movement and its future.

In Obama/Romney's America where the police are permitted and encouraged to rough up and assault peaceful protesters the tyranny of the rich, powerful and well connected continues. While the FBI and other agencies have been given free rein to spy on , infiltrate and even act as Agent provocateurs . If someone complains about these attacks on freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to protest and to present grievances to those in power the individuals and organizations are labelled as UnAmerican as inciting violence as a possible domestic terrorist threat.

Its odd for all the complaining the right-wing and conservatives do about state interference in peoples rights ie to own and carry fire arms to or labelling their speech even if innocuous as Hate Speech but when the police and FBI and Homeland Security and the White House permits or encourages by word or deed or by silence arrest and assault people deemed as being to the left on the political and ideological spectrum.

The hypocritical Conservatives and the GOP and the Conservative news agencies such as Fox News treat those protesting who have different views than they have either by ignoring the egregious attacks on civil liberties or defend the police and those in power. So Fox News is all for freedom of speech as long it is leans to the right.

When the same happens to conservative groups or individuals Fox News Channel, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter et al say nothing or make jokes and snide remarks as if these so called "Rights" and "Civil Liberties" are only the provenance of conservatives and the far right.

Obama and the Democrats are not themselves supporters of the Occupy Movement no matter what the GOP and the conservative movement contends because they too are dependent upon Wall Street and Big Business to finance their political campaigns without any consideration for the average citizens in America or the average members of the citizenry in other nations unless it suits their purpose to proclaim this publicly so they can then justify their policies of sanctions and eventually military intervention directly or by proxy.

So if Mitt Romney and the Republicans were to defeat Obama and the Democrats  will there really be much of a difference whichever party wins in regard to silencing protests against Wall Street and the Status Quo.

As President of the USA Obama could at the very least insists the attorney general investigate the wide spread abuses and brutality by the militarized police forces across America. Obama has no excuse for getting involved in this situation since it is a matter of civil and human rights being violated -so much for America being a beacon of freedom, morality or even common decency and the rule of law. Even the Democrats like the Republicans when push comes to shove literally ignore the abuses of police and ignore the legitimate grievances touted by the Occupy Movement.

If Obama cared about average American citizens then he could have taken action to stop the millions of housing foreclosures put a moratorium on student's payments on student loan debts, Obama could have put tighter restrictions on and reduce the ceiling for interests on credit cards and bank loans and mortgages etc.

Instead in each case Obama either made a Faustian style bargain with the Republicans and those conservative Democrats who are Democrats in name only who are as conservative as the Republicans  or Obama has shown his disdain for the millions of average American citizens who support the grievances of the Occupy movement by ignoring these issues or even making jokes and snide remarks about the Occupy movement .

Further President Obama has not taken even some preliminary basic steps by not even attempting to put forth applicable legislation or setting up an investigation committee to honestly and sincerely examine these issues and not just ask the Banksters and Robber Barons and other Big Business crooks what they happen to think and not ask average citizens.

Violent arrests and police attacks on photographers at Occupy anniversary

Occupy Wall Street turns one with protests from coast to coast
Published on Sep 17, 2012 by RTAmerica

It seems like only yesterday the Occupy Wall Street movement was in full swing.From coast-to-coast, citizens from different backgrounds took to the streets in hopes to inspire real political change in America. The group is responsible for terms such as the "99 percent" and "one percent," but has the political landscape really changed in the US? RT's Anastasia Churkina and Ramon Galindo join us to take a look back at the protests and to see what's in store for OWS.

Protests, arrests mark first anniversary of OWS in NYC
  Published on Sep 17, 2012 by RTAmerica

Hundreds of police barricaded the New York Stock Exchange as Occupy Wall Street protesters swarmed the Financial District for the movement's one-year anniversary. A group of 50 protesters entered the lobby of the JPMorgan Chase building, and eight were reportedly arrested. The OWS movement, sparked by protests last year against corporate greed, income inequality and the corrupting influence of money in politics, was inactive for several months. Monday's protest comes in the wake of three days of civic activism intended to breathe new life into the movement, ahead of its one-year anniversary.

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