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#OWS Update Conspiracy Theories Flourish At Values Voters Summit

Rick Santorum throws down the gauntlet only the Church and the Family are of primary importance in keeping American society from slipping away from God and into chaos.

And with his twisted logic he says smart people will never support the Values Voters

Santorum: "We Will Never Have The Elite, Smart People On Our Side"

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Rick Santorum tells the Values Voter Summit that the conservative movement will never have the media or the "elite, smart people" on its side, which is why it must rely on the church and the family.

Highlights from Prayer Rally For America's Future held just a week or so  before the Values Voters Summit
and Michele Bachmann and other GOPers were also in attendance at the Prayers Rally For America's Future  as they plan for their last stand against in their view the pernicious immoral, hedonistic, anti-Christian , anti-Life Secular Humanists that is Liberals and even Liberal Christians.

They truly believe contrary to all the facts presented that Christian Americans especially of the Evangelical kind are being oppressed in the USA by a Socialist atheistic national government .

Bachmann says a hurricane is coming it has already arrived during the lead up to the 2008 election when Uberconservatives unleashed their racist, bigoted over the top rhetoric against presidential candidate Obama accusing him of being a socialist, as UnAmerican, a traitor who was they believe giving aid and comfort to America's enemies while supporting the radical Gay agenda, the radical women's rights movement, the UnAmerican attacks on Wall Street and Corporations -this has not changed in the last four years.

 We should have expected this on-going campaign of propaganda and hatred of a liberal African-American presidential candidate after all many conservatives and even some self-described liberals believed and some still do that Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement was orchestrated and financed by Communist Russia and by doing so Martin Luther King made America look bad to the rest of the world as they watched peaceful protesters being bullied, harassed, beaten, bitten and terrorized by police dogs while the police used tear gas and water hoses and night sticks and whips to inflict pain and humiliation on these proud brave Americans fighting for their civil rights and their basic human rights which they had been denied since shortly after the American Civil War.

Highlights from Prayer Rally For America's Future

 Published on Aug 27, 2012 by RWWBlog
Highlights from pre-RNC prayer rally with Michele Bachmann, Rick Scarborough, Jim Garlow, Mat Staver, Pam Olsen and Harry Jackson

More madness from the right and the GOP

House republican leader Ed Cantor speaks at Values Voters Summit suggest President Obama is soft on Terrorism and is doing nothing to defend Israel against Iran and other nations. Like other Republicans and especially the Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians view Israel as America's #1 ally. So all other nations over two hundred of them are to be sacrificed if necessary to protect Israel. America's support for Israel they believe must be unconditional so if Israel nukes Iran and a few other nations killing millions America is still supposed to support Israel.

Cantor is in favor of a pre-emptive strike on Iran before as we have heard before in the lead up to the Iraq war that the smoking gun is not a mushroom cloud.

Leader Cantor Address To Value Voters Summit 2012, Part 2

and Gary Bauer and his ilk including Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and Fox News sinking to a new low as they use the tragedy that took place in Libya on 9/11 this past week blames Obama for the killing of four staff at the American embassy in Libya.
Bauer and his right-wing fellow travelers never bother to mention that on George Bush's Watch 3,000 Americans died in the terrorist attac on 9/1 and that in response Bush used those deaths for an unnecessary war against iraq which had nothing to do with 9/11 and nor was Iraq much of a threat to anyone at that point. So another 5,000 troops died in Iraq and over half a million Iraqis .

 Gary Bauer: Because Of Obama's Ignorance "More Americans Will Come Home In Body Bags"

First #OWS Update : The Occupy Wallstreet Movement re-energizes and begins to once more build momentum.

#OWS update: Occupy Wall Street Begins "Year II" With Call to Debt Resistance By Yates McKee, Waging Nonviolence | Report at

"The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching!" cried voices across Zuccotti Park on Wednesday night as 30 people sat with their arms interlocked, surrounded by cameras and sympathetic onlookers. NYPD officers were positioned some distance away at the concrete barricades that had begun surrounding the park. Confronting the sit-in with mock dispersal orders were Sam Corbin and Logan Price, OWS Direct Action trainers tasked with helping to prepare participants for the People's Wall, a nonviolent civil disobedience action in the Financial District planned for the morning of Monday, September 17.

September 17 (S17) is of course the one-year anniversary of the occupation of Zuccotti Park, a reclaiming of public space that galvanized the political imagination of the country and the world with its proclaimed opposition between the 99 percent and the 1 percent, its prefigurative emphasis on horizontality and mutual aid, and its linking of grievances from climate change to Stop and Frisk to predatory debt. All summer, OWS organizers have poured their energy into preparing for a three-day convergence of "education, celebration and resistance" to mark the anniversary — which will include assemblies, trainings, a concert, and a day of direct actions including the People's Wall, 99 Revolutions and the eco-themed Storm Wall Street. At the same time, those of us working to organize it are keeping our eyes on the prize of long-term movement building for campaigns like the fight against the expansion of fossil fuel extraction and Strike Debt, an effort to organize a mass upsurge of debt resistance.

Chastened by the disappointed expectations surrounding the May Day call for a general strike, throughout the S17 planning process organizers have been wary about "overpromising and underdelivering," in the words of Aaron Bornstein. And yet, as S17 approaches, a messianic sense of expectation and promise has taken hold of crazy-eyed Occupiers working 24/7 to pull together the final pieces of the convergence as an unknown number of sympathizers from around the country make the pilgrimage to Lower Manhattan to share in the anniversary observance. Rather than simply a backward-looking commemoration of occupied Zuccotti Park, OWS organizers have stressed that the convergence is designed as a launching pad for what they call "Year II" — a phrase that boldly suggests a new calendric cycle on the order of the French Revolution.

#OWS Update II

8 Ways to Stay Safe at Occupy Wall Street's One-Year Anniversary Protests
The NYPD may try to criminalize activists, but here's how you can outsmart them at their own game by Jen Walker and Tom Hintze at, Sept. 15, 2012

...2011 and 2012 may go down as the years in American history when political dissent became a criminal activity. The police crackdown began with the mass arrest on the Brooklyn Bridge and police brutality, followed by the evictions of Occupy encampments and the passage of the FDAA, which allows for the indefinite detainment of American citizens.

This year has brought FBI raids, grand jury subpoenas , government-manufactured terror plots, surveillance of activists, and protest-related criminal convictions resulting in prison time . Dissenting voices are carrying loud and clear to the ears of the rich and powerful, and in turn, the powerful are waging an all-out assault against any who choose to resist.

Meanwhile at the the Values Voters Summit Conspircy Theories filled the air as speaker after speaker told their audience that Obama was not even born in America and that he is a sort of Manchurian Candidate working for some secretive Communist network in order to make America into a Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Collectivist/totalitarian police state


according to other Uberconservatives and sometimes the same Uberconservatives as they flit between one conspiracy and another they contend
that President Obama may at the same time be part of a world wide network of secretive Muslims engaged in a world Wide Stealth Jihad
by which America is to beome a Muslim state with the the full force of Sharia Law put into place (the Islamophobes have adapted the old anti-Semitic Jewish Conspiracy merely changing the name of whom the conspirators are)

In Obama's version of The New World Order Christians, whites, and the wealthy will be treated as second class citizens
-Christians will no longer be able to practice their religion,
Black and Hispanic Americans will be given priviliges denied to white -Americans
and the wealthy will have all of their goods taken and redistributed to poorer American ciitizens.
while women will be forced to wear full Burkas and polygamy will be the law of the land .

Values Voters Summit is a gathering of Religious Right extremists who once were treated as a fringe group have become part of the Mainstream as they are are now being endorsed and embraced by the Republican party including Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. These religious leaders insist that America in their view be returned to its original form that is as a Christian nation run by elected and appointed Christians to all public offices and that non-Christians be banned from all public offices.

These include Evangelical Christian Fundamentalists who believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible and therefore in instituting the laws and rules of governance as found under Mosaic Hebrew Law as Kirk Cameron puts it. So they are anti-abortion without any exceptions being permitted under the Law and are anti-Gay and against all Non-Christians and even those they consider as heretics or apostates ie liberal Christians, they want to institute stringent laws about pornography, blasphemy, adultery, sex outside of wedlock , music, art , film, TV programs they do not approve of.

They are indeed the Christian version of the Taliban . Like the Taliban and other Muslim strict extremists for them there is no room for compromise-to compromise is in their view a way for Satan and Sin to find a foothold leading to the demise of a truly Christian society.

Gary Bauer speaking at the Ultra conservative Religious Right gathering values Voters Summit this past weekend .

As America Is Attacked By Religious Extremists Abroad, Christian Right Leader Incites Hatred At Home by Steven Rosenfeld, at, Sept.15 2012

Across the Islamic world, mobs are attacking American embassies because of a hateful film made by an Egyptian Coptic Christian. And in Washington a rightwing Christian leader is inciting hatred toward the poor (and people of color) in midwestern cities who he says will illegally vote for Obama. And this poisonous venting is cheered by fellow Repubicans.

As noted on Talking Points Memo (video excerpt below), Gary Bauer of the Family Research Council has shown he is no better than the thuggish clerics urging angry young men in the Middle East to vent their frustrations towards the easy American scapegoat. In Bauers' case, he directed his bile during the absurdly named "Values Voters Summit" on Friday, venting at "people who depend on checks from their fellow taxpayers."

But Bauer didn't stop there. "My prediction is after all the votes are counted — even the dead votes of Democrats in Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland — I predict that we will win, that this nightmare will be over and America will finally be on the road to recovery."

...What's really ugly is how blinded by hatred Bauer and the throngs that cheer him on are. Facts don't matter to this ilk. The people who he berates for being on the receiving end of federal benefits are NOT just inner-city poor (who in his twisted universe are always on welfare, can't find job, but somehow are smart enough to execute large-scale voter fraud that is not caught by law enforcement). He conveniently forgets that elderly senior citizens on Social Security and Medicare, soldiers at home and abroad, farmers recieving crop subsidies, firemen, cops, teachers, social workers and even murdered diplomats are (or were) on the public payroll.

All this would be more predictable hatemongering from a well-known creep, were it not for this week's events in Libya. But Bauer is no better than the other provocateurs in this week's news: irresponsible clerics who are urging young men to attack American buildings abroad in response to a film made by an Egyptian. Or Mitt Romney choosing to attack Obama's foreign policy after he knew of the U.S. Libyan Ambassador's death.

These displays show the depths to which the Right will go to 'win' this election. Let's hope the Americans on the public dole (starting with retirees) and legal voters who Bauer attacks are paying attention and will take extra steps to update their credentials for this fall (being properly registered and having the requisite voter ID).


Bauer suggests that Obama's main support comes from people who are undeservingly or fraudulently getting Welfare cheques and food stamps etc. from the the feds. And these people given the GOP/Religious Right racist, xenophobic  world-view are of course mainly African and Hispanic Americans and other undesirables . Once again we hear the echo of the Nazi Party , the John Birchers , Lew Rockwell etc. who like Hitler see all the rest of American society as made up of freeloaders and sinners who must be put in their place.

Gary Bauer refers to the last four years as a nightmare does he mean things were bad in America for average Americans because of Obama's policies without recognizing Obama inherited these economic problems from the Bush Regime , is Bauer suggesting that America is on the verge of collapse or will become unrecognizible having been led by a Black Man or a secret socialist, or secret Muslim or someone who is not a Real American because he is not white or because he believes in restoring the regulations of Wall Street and of corporations and products. In their 19th century ideology they wnat to return to the Gilded age when there were very few regulations regarding industries their employee the products they sold and placing the tax burden on the lower classes .

The Religious Right Uberconservatives in the USA want to return to that period of time when in America it was paradise for corporations and the super wealthy before the muckrakers and reformers such as Teddy Roosevelt came in to power .

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