Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kathleen Turner: Support " The People For The American Way "

From Kathleen Turner at The People For The American Way reminds Americans that the Republican Party is a real and present danger to many Americans who do not share Mitt Romney's and the Radical Rights policies and agenda on a number of issues from women's rights to the rights of LGBT community and the rights of the poor , the elderly, the disabled , African Americans and Hispanic Americans and Islamic Americans and other minorities in the USA.

Here's A new message from your friends at People For the American Way.

Kathleen Turner, PFAW supporter and PFAWF board member
If you want women to be treated as equals in this country, then please stand with me and PFAW today.
Donate Today!

Dear PFAW Supporter,
There's no holding it back: I'm angry and I'm afraid. I'm angry about intolerance and inequality ... about people being taken advantage of. I'm frightened about women being treated as lesser human beings by the Right.
I know you've had enough of it, too. So I'm asking you to renew your membership with PFAW today to stop this assault and protect women’s freedoms from the GOP in the 2012 elections.
This year, we've seen leaders and candidates at every level in the Republican Party wage shocking attacks on women and their position in this country. They have gone from claiming that victims of "legitimate" rape rarely get pregnant, to implying that women should prepare for rape the way one prepares for a flat tire in their car.
The GOP has attacked women's use of contraception. They've attacked funding for family planning and the health clinics women rely on. They've failed to renew a comprehensive Violence Against Women Act to protect all women from violence. And they've failed to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, designed to close the pay gap between women and men.
What the Radical Right would do to women's freedoms if they took control of Congress and the White House scares the hell out of me. And it should scare you too. ..
PFAW is leading the charge to expose the Radical Right's assault on women's freedoms and fighting relentlessly for the promise of equality for every American. That's why I've been a staunch PFAW supporter for more than 20 years.
I intend to do all I can to make sure women know what’s at stake in this election cycle and ensure our rights are protected and respected. So I hope you will stand with me today by offering your own support. Please make a donation of whatever you can afford to PFAW today to protect our values of freedom, tolerance and equality.
Thank you,

Kathleen Turner, PFAW Supporter & PFAW Foundation Board Member

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