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Jon Stewart Obama Luckiest Dude on Earth And Ayn Rand Devotee Paul Ryan's Gaffes & Outright Lies

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Today's Topics:

* Jon Stewart Obama the luckiest Dude on the Planet

* Pro-Obama campaign attacks Mitt Romney with his own words

* Paul Ryan is a devotee of atheist pro-abortion Ayn Rand and not Jesus or Pat Roberson

* Ayn Rand's public statements on Religion and God as the enemy of human reason and moral choices and  her libertarian views on Homosexuality, abortion, suicide, euthanasia and the purpose of life.

* Ayn Rand was anti-Religion stating that religion was not a rational system of belief and was at odds with reason itself.

Ayn Rand was against the pro-life anti-abortion movement and believed homosexuality is not any business of the state .

Ayn Rand further believed abortion should be a woman's right and that the state had no right to interfere with an individuals decision to abort or not.

In part what we are witnessing is the clash of values and policies and agenda of the secular Libertarians and the devotees (Neocons) of the philosopher Leo Strauss and or Ayn Rand coming up against the values and social policies and principles of the Religious Right . For the Religious Right their attitudes on a number of social issues which are part of the culture wars such as abortion, homosexuality ,euthanasia are seen as more important then merely reducing the deficit and making changes in the taxation policies in the USA. It is also becoming clearer to those who support the Religious Right that they are merely being used and taken for granted by the leadership and spokespersons of the Republican Party.

Jon Stewart examines how Mitt Romney campaign has become a public relations disaster not just for Romney and Ryan but for the Republican Party .

With Romney and Ryan taking turns contradicting their own positions on various policies and daily gaffes and revelations about the two candidates and other buffoonery Obama appears to be winning the campaign without actually doing much .

Jon Stewart "Obama Luckiest Dude on the Planet"

Mitt Romney has stated very clearly that he believes 47% of Americans are recepients of government hand outs making them in effect to be "looters", "Moochers" including senior citizens, college students, children , minorities including African and Hispanic Americans and the mentally and physically disabled who are just too lazy to take responsibility for their own lives .


Democrats Unveil The Real Mitt Romney hoisted on his own petard
New ad released by the Pro-Obama Campign

Paul Ryan, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News Channel support atheist , pro-choice , materialist and hedonist Ayn Rand and yet they all claim disengenuously to favor religion and even uberconservative programs and policies of the Religious Right. Ayn Rand & GOP vs. Jesus& Christianity nbsp;  xxxxxxxx


XXXXXXXX (see below for more videos of Ayn Rand explaining her philosophy in her own words and how it would effect government legislation and proposed laws. )



What is odd about Paul Ryan being a life time devotee of atheist anti-religion anti-altruism pro-choice Ayn Rand is that at the same time the Republican party is the party for the Religious Right who claim to be followers of Jesus who preached a doctrine which is the exact opposite of what Ayn Rand believed.

Ayn Rand in her own words would not support the current Republicans or The Religious Right .

The issue for her would be if the Republicans are merely using the proposals and principles of the Religious Right to get elected without any intention of putting these Religious Right policies into legislation then she might support the Republican Party. In her views on the rights of individuals and selfishness one might justify deceiving and lying to the electorate. Neocon "Saint " Leo Strauss also believed in the use of the Big Lie and little ones to the public in order to advance the agenda and policies of the ruling elite.

Therefore we can conclude that promoting a particular viewpoint in public to achieve one's goals is one's right and may even be the duty of the ruling elite to protect itself .

In American politics over the last decade or so for instance it has become obligatory for anyone running for the presidency or the  Congress or as a head of a federal government department or for governor to assert in public their faith in God.

And here are some videos of Ayn Rand concerning such Religious Right social issues such as abortion, suicide , euthanasia, religion, Homosexuality and the purpose of Life  

Ayn Rand was not just an atheist but was militantly anti-Religion stating that religion was not a rational system of belief and was at odds with reason itself. Ayn Rand was against the pro-life anti-abortion movement and believed homosexuality is not any business of the state .

Ayn Rand further believed abortion should be a woman's right and that the state had no right to interfere with an individuals decision to abort or not. xxxxxx

Ayn Rand Pro- Choice Pro-women's Reproductive Rights

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ayn Rand said for instance contrary to Christian doctrine that according to her principles of individualism that suicide and abortion or the use of various recreational drugs are also a matter of an individual adults rational choice .

AYN RAND ON SUICIDE:Individual's Rights


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX On the issue of homosexuality Ayn Rand stated that what two consenting adults do in private in their pursuit of sexual and emotional happiness was also not the business of the state.

Ayn Rand on Homosexuality

Ayn Rand also had a different take on the " purpose of life " than Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians and others of the Religious Right.

Not quite that of Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life more akin to the heretical materialistic anti-Jesus Prosperity Gospel . Ayn Rand relies on her own actions and not prayers to some imaginary God or Gods living in heaven or Paradise or what have you. She believed most of this Gospel or any religion was either a con job or a matter of a deluded self-appointed religious teacher or Guru like Pat Robertson, Dr, James Kennedy . James Dobson, Lou Engles, Jack Van Impe or the more obvious greedy, money grubbing religious charlatan phony conartist Benny Hinn  and many others.

Ayn Rand on the Purpose of Life

Ayn Rand also would be at odds with the Republicans and conservatives over policies concerning illegal drugs. Ayn Rand believed as most sincere libertarians do that all recreational drugs that are illegal should be made legal and sold to the citizenry for profit which would allow the individual the right to choose to use or not use any given drug .

She also saw this legalizing of all recreational drugs as business opportunities for capitalists. And she argued correctly I would say that making these drugs legal would undermine the whole underground of organized crime .

The legalization itself would have a positive effect on society and the economy and on government  because it would in effect starve the criminal organizations of their vast flow of money which also leads to the ending of a large percentage of corruption at various levels of governments in the USA and in other countries whether Mexico or Columbia or Afghanistan . All of the drug cartels and war lords in various countries would loose much of their cash flow.

This would also end most of the violence occurring close to the US/Mexican border . Billions could be saved in drug enforcent and with the costs of trials and prison terms . Millions of average Americans would no longer be stigmatized as contemptible criminals .

It would make it easier for those who are addicted to a particular drug and is causing problems for them to come forward and take part in drug addiction programs .

Ayn Rand was against all forms of charity especially any form of government assistance because it merely encouraged dependency and enabled the weak and unworthy to continue to breed creating another generation of "eaters" or "takers" as opposed to workers and producers.

So Ayn Rand militanly disagrees with the basic tenet of Christianity as found in the sermon on the Mount but also Jesus parable of the Good Samaritan and his remarks to a rich man to sell or give away all that he has if he wanted to follow Jesus . Of course many of those on the Religious Right also tend to ignore or downplay such issues . Everything else the hypocritical Evangelical Christians claim is to be taken literally but not passages that might undermine their belief in unfettered monopolistic Casino style Wall Street style Capitalism.

Given Ayn Rand's article of faith in favor of selfish individualism and elitism how can Ryan and other devotees of Ayn Rand in the GOP or conservative movement square Ayn Rand philosophy of greed and selfishness with Christianity.

  Even Ayn Rand  was herself not above tinkering with her own established beliefs and principles to accomadate an issue or her opinion on a specific topic for instance : Israel versus the Palestinians .

So for all of Ayn Rand's belief in human reasoning and arguing correctly that racism in all its forms has no foundation in human reasoning she made the exception when it came to Israel versus the Palestinians she gave a rather emotional response arguing that the Palestinians and all Arabs were backward and barbaric so Israel would have the right in this cases to kill as many Arabs as possible to secure its borders.


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