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Bush & The Gangs Warnings Pre- 9/11 and Post 9/11 Perpetual War As The USA Terrorizes Millions Of Innocent Citizens

Things to ponder for 9/11 anniversary and America's horrifying but typical response-
1.5 million dead as payback for 3,000 dead Americans. The American response Retaliation, revenge reprisals, slaughter of the innocent is USA's mantra and not justice. So tell us once again who are the barbarians. The rule of law and international laws and human rights and due process meaningless terms in America.

"Of all the pretzels of hypocrisy Democratic partisans have twisted themselves into, in order to defend their leader, this has to be the most extraordinary. They spent years screaming bloody murder because Bush and Cheney merely wanted to eavesdrop on and detain people, including Americans, without any judicial review: a shredding of our constitution, an assault on our values, a blight on our nation, they bellowed. During the Bush years, I echoed those same sentiments.

Yet now, when their own party's leader seizes the power to target people (including their own fellow citizens), with no judicial review, not for mere eavesdropping or detention, but for assassination, they have nothing to say – except to express their approval and even admiration for his "toughness".

Identically, that Obama sought to continue the wretched system of indefinite detention that causes people like this latest detainee to spend his entire life in a prison camp with no charges could not be less of an issue to them and, therefore, continues with little opposition. "
Quote from Glann Greenwald : Another Guantánamo Prisoner Death Highlights Democrats' Hypocrisy ...With closing Guantánamo given up as a lost cause, Obama's policy has moved onto assassination rather than detention By Glenn Greenwald "The Guardian" via, Sept. 11, 2012

"...This is where our thoughts should be this day, eleven years after the United States of America and its allies were given a carte blanche to go globe-trotting on the back of a massive public opinion coup, justifying invasions, justifying massacres, justifying the most blatant outrages against human rights and international law. This is unfortunately the legacy of 9/11.

...The legacy of 9/11 is therefore its consequences: torture, rape, murder, illegal detention, war crimes, atrocities, sodomy, urination in food, sleep deprival, setting dogs on detainees, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, racism...the list goes on and on and on and reads like a shopping list for Satan.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is an insult to the victims of 9/11 and their families."

Quote from: 9/11: A Geo-political Monster By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey September 11, 2012 "Information Clearing House"

"While in America 9/11 changed everything not for the better for the worse in Norway by contrast the domestic terrorist attack which killed 77 people did not affect Norway's positive values held by its society in general on the rule of law, on decency, tolerance, pluralism, multiculturalism . These values are the one's despised by a large segment of American society.

In Norway the terrorist lost in America in the war of values the terrorist have won changing America forever into a meaner natier place of intolerance , racial and religious hatred and no concern for acting decently like real human beings instead in America treating others justly and fairly is seen as weakness."

Above Quote from: The Day That Didn't Change A Thing By Michael Robeson September 11, 2012 "Information Clearing House"

Eleven years after the 9/11 attack more evidence comes to light about how mauch members in the Bush administration knew about a planned terrorist attack and then did not connect the dots and take measures to possibly stop the attacks or be prepared to respond to such an unprecedent event. It is not a matter of stopping the attack as much as to be prepared in whatever ways necessary in advance for example more due dilligence at airport security , having air-force and others on high alert or just better monitoring of the whereabouts of foreign nationals from the Middle East or whatever other characteristics would suit the profile of the would be terrorists ie Arab, Muslim, taking flying lessons.

The other issue is of course why there was no real in depth investigation into the intelligence failures and the failures of some of Bush's team to take these warnings seriously. We know that the outgoing administration tried to inform the the Bush administration on the importance of the threat posed mainly by Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Lade. He was already a well known person of interest in the intelligence community and former President Clinton tried but failed on several occassions to have Bin Laden killed. So Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were not under the radar but in fact were being monitored and George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice , Rumsfeld, Karl Rove and the gang were too focused we have been told from their first day in office in 2001 on engineering a war against Iraq to depose Saddam.

And as we know the Neocons who surrounded Bush as they now surround Obama had a long term agenda to take down a number of regimes such as Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran etc. which were either not friendly with the USA or with Israel and so considered enemies. As Bush said you are either for us or against us. Now once these leaders and their regimes are removed this would help with obtaining more oil and gas etc. at cheaper rates thereby increasing the profits of the Oil and Gas industry.

Now President Obama is being given a second chance at doing the right thing as opposed to the unprincipled actions or lack of action by getting the DOJ and Eric Holder to begin a more thorough and wide reaching investigation into what went wrong was the failure just part of the secretive culture of the intelligence and security industry or did some officials not inform the White House of what was known and if they did what did the Bush administration do with that intelligence as in the Rumsfeld world of " Known Knowns", or "Unknown Knowns" and other bureaucrateze bull shit as it were.

Chances are Obama will just recite his mantra of "moving forward" and do the politically expedient thing thereby ignore what went wrong and thereby not learn from those earlier mistakes made in the lead up to 9/11.

Anyone who is still working for the US government who comes forward with any new evidence and releases it to the public President Obama in the Bradley Manning and Julliane Assange cases has made it clear that any such leaks are to be regarded as High Treason and anti-American and giving aid and comfort to America's now plthora of enemies.

As we have seen President Obama is against not only investigations into the treatment of POWs by the former Bush Regime he is adament that no real or sincere investigations be made into Obama 's ongoing war crimes and crimes against humanity ie Drone Wars, assassinations, abuse of POWs (detainees) indefinite detention of prisoners who are never formally charged and the lack of due process .

Evidence piles up that Bush administration got many pre-9/11 warnings

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And here we go again as the so-called Freedom Fighters in Syria backed by the USA and Nato have been accused of committing atrocies against captured soldiers POWS or against civilians suspected of being pro-Assad or being from an ethnic or religious group which these Freedom Fighters hate. America's backed Freedom Fighters in Syria commit more massacres.

Well this is nothing knew since for decades the USA has backed brutal terrorist organizations to oust governments they don't like in other countries such as the Contras supposedly former Nicaraguans -most in fact were US so called advisors and mercenaries from various other nations.

In Afghanistan the USA backed the Mujahadeen and the Taliban and the vicious war lords to oust the Soviets from Afghanistan. In other nations in which the USA approved of the government no matter its illegitimacy and oppressive and brutal tactics the USA supported the governments use of indefinite detention, physical and mental abuse and torture alongwith the use of government run "Death Squads" in Iran under the Shah, in Iraq under Saddam , in Honduras, in El Salvadore, in Chile under dictator Pinochet, in Indonesia , South Africa , in Cuba prior to the successful revolution led by Castro and Che Guevera and so on .

 Now the USA and its Satellite or client states in Europe and elsewhere have spent decades propping up illegitimate tyrannical authoritarian regimes in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen , Uzbeckistan, and Egypt , Syria and Pakistan etc.

       20 Syrian soldiers executed in Aleppo (GRAPHIC VIDEO) at RT ,Sept 10, 2012


and the article continues:
More than 27,300 people are believed to have died in an uprising to topple President Bashar al-Assad that has lasted more than 17 months. As the violence continues to rage the UN has reached a diplomatic impasse on Syria. The US and Russia disagree over a Russian proposal for a new UN Security Council resolution, which calls for a ceasefire and political transition which the US says has “no teeth”. 
In another attempt to try and stop the violence in Syria, the new UN-Arab League envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi- who replaces Kofi Annan- has begun his first mission, by visiting Cairo. He is also due to visit Damascus, the Syrian capital, in a couple of days. He has said he faces a “very difficult mission”.  
But Editor in chief of the newspaper the Syrian Tribune, Dubai Mohamad, told RT that Brahimi might have a chance if he can persuade those countries supplying the rebels with weapons and money to stop, “Just like what we said regarding Annan, only if the countries backing the rebels and sending them weapons and money stop doing so, [then] we can have a peaceful resolution to the crisis. If Lakhdar Brahimi is capable of convincing these countries and I doubt it, then, yes, he has a chance,” he said.
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