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Bernie Sanders: Billionaires Buying US Elections And The Disastrous Citizens United SCOTUS Decision & Obama's Legacy Of Chaos In Libya, Syria & Iraq

And president Obama and His Supporters actually believe that Iraq is now a peacful nations under the rule of law and democratic reform -what nonsense as 50,000 or more American troops, mercenaties and advisers remain in Iraq. Much of the nation is in the same sstate of chaos as it was in after the Americans took control of iraq ie looting, death squads and the so-called insurgency which was made up mostly of average citizens who resented the American invasion of their sovereign nation.

Raw Video: Attacks Kill at Least 44 in Iraq

Published on Sep 9, 2012 by AssociatedPress

Insurgents killed at least 44 people in a wave of attacks against Iraqi security forces on Sunday, gunning down soldiers at an army post and bombing police recruits waiting in line to apply for jobs, officials said. (Sept. 9)

Here's an example of what Obama and the USA and NATO refer to as democracy in action as the government of Libya does nothing while the Sufi minority are attacked by mainstream Muslims. But Obama did not really want to free the people of Libya as much as he wanted to destroy Libya as a possible ally to Iran so Iran could eventually be isolated and further demonized.

LIBYA style INTERVENTION: OUTLAWS, SMUGGLERS US proxies in looting of SYRIA [Creative CHAOS]

Published on Sep 8, 2012 by GlobalCrisisNews

The world's biggest global body outside the UN - Organization of Islamic Cooperation - is suspending Syria's membership. Iran's the only member of the bloc to have openly spoken out 'against' sidelining Damascus. But several member countries, like Qatar and Saudi Arabia are pushing to mobilize support for Syrian rebels. Syria's opposition steps up calls for a Libya-style intervention, with reports that fighters who toppled Gaddafi are among rebel ranks.

Interview with Dr. Ibrahim Alloush from the Zaytoonah University in Amman

The USA and NATO after demonizing and lynching Gaddafi and murdering tens of thousands of Libyan citizens during six months of round the clock bombings by NATO and American forces all in order to supposedly bring democracy and reform to Libya. But in fact these so-called freedom fighters were no better than Gaddafis military supporters both of whom committed various atrociies . Now the USA and Nato are backing corrupt and brutal Islamic Extremist government .

Extremist Muslims view Sufis and other Islamic sects as heretical and Idolatrous . So mainstream Muslims are targetting Sufis and their Holy places. The USA backed these thugs and now they do as they please without any real interests in reform or democratic change.
But one will hear very little about the chaos in Libya any more than they will hear about atrociies committed in Syria by the thugs the USA and NATO support in Syria who are also referred to as Freedom Fighters .

Sufi shrines attacked in Libya

Bernie Sanders :The disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision

Published on Jun 27, 2012 by ColumnFiftyFive

Senator Bernie Sanders - "With the Citizens United decision, the Supreme Court said to all these billionaires, 'Go for it!'" said Sanders, a Vermont Independent, during an appearance on The Ed Show. "You're tired of buying coal companies and gambling casinos; you know what you can buy now? You can buy the United States government. Terms like 'plutocracy' and 'oligarchy' are inflammatory but they are "exactly what is happening right now," he said. "You can own the United States government, you can own various states, you can own county commissioners, you can own governors—pretty good deal."

The two political parties the republicans and the Democrats have sold out to the rich and powerfule. As Republicans have moved to the extreme right encouraged bto do so by their wealthy donors and the Religious Right. The leadership merely and cynically use the religious Right and the party's racist base to get elected to put in place policies favored by the rich and other groups while ignoring the wishes of average American voters.
The Democrats for all their posturing are also making policies to favor the rich without much regard for public sentiment and interests.

Berni Sanders argues that since both parties are corrupt there needs to be a radical grass roots movement demanding that the federal government commit to policies which address the grievances of average Americans who no longer have much say in the decision making over government policies.

Published on Sep 8, 2012 by gothgod/gordspoetryfactory/Gord's Cafe´ & Surrealintel.

Bill Moyers at PBS Friday Sept. 07, 2012 interviewed Sen. Bernie Sanders who takes both US political parties to task for allowing big money and Billionaires to in essence cease control of The American Government. He chastises Oabma for not fighting for the vision he had laid out for the nation which is what Americans voted him in for that is to work towards that vision instead he made deals with the corrupt Republicans and his own big donors .

Obama in his speeches sound like a fighter and an idealist but in his actions he is a pragmatic deal maker who caves whenever there is opposition to the policies he puts forth. For instance the health insurance reform bill is a waterdown version of what Obama said he wanted during the 2008 campaign and for which millions voted him in for.
But soon as the election results were in he basically told his supporters to leave him alone til the next election . Obama who preached about ending the Global War on Terror expanded it and has expanded the intelligence /security industry. Obama expanded this war to include Pakistan, Libya, Syria,Yemen etc.

Meanwhile the Obama administration did little to help out average Americans instead he continued the Bush tax breaks for the rich. While at the same time allowing millions of Americans to lose their jobs, their homes or to be left struggling from paycheck to paycheck to hold onto what little they have left.

When Obama came into office Wall St. as it were had its hand out to get bail out money ie welfare for the rich so they could maintain their lavish life styles as they continue to use Wall Street like a big casino to satisfy their own greed and not to improve the lives of average Americans or even to invigorate the US economy but to take wild risks knowing that if things go bad the US government will bail them out. while allowing big corporations, banks and investment firms whom the government bailed out to lay off employees send much of their profits out of the country while increasing bonuses for CEOs and thereby making a mockery of democracy.

Bernie Sanders favors a populist peaceful uprising in the hopes of bringing both paries back to reality . Unfortunately the reality as we have seen over the past year with the Occupy Movement is that the federal government and local governments and their police forces react with unnecessary violence against those who dare to protest in the streets of American ciies against various government policies.

Again last week President Obama and others at the Democratic Convention made rousing speeches with stirring rhetorical flourishes which at the end of the day are just a lot of " sound and fury signifying nothing" (King Lear). Because when Obama gets re-elected he will return to politics as usual making deals rather than fighting for the vision he so eloquently talks about .

Election campaigns in the USA are just in many ways a distraction and part of America's bread and circuses . When Obama is re-elected he will make compromises over government spending to assuage Big Business and the Republicans and conservative democrats and so he may make cuts to crucial services such as education , welfare, housing etc. but will aloow the out of control defense budget to grow or to merely maintain its current level .

But once again Obama has fired up his base millions of whom will work diligently and sincerely to get him re-elected believing that this time Obama will actually do what he promises but will betray them once he is in office again.

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