Friday, April 27, 2012

War With China #Anon #Newz US Invasion of AU etc The South China Sea Troubled Waters

President Obama now engaged in a game of chicken with China???
White House challenges China's jurisdiction to control access to waterways which have been traditionally under China's Jurisdiction.

So is Obama giving into the far right, the GOP and restarting the cold war with China and possibly Russia.
It appears Obama characterizes as a threat and an enemy any nation which resists America's claims to certain rights and privileges in international waters or air space.
Is this saber rattling with China merely a ploy used by Obama to show how tough he is as "The Commander in Chief" in hopes of ensuring his re-election in November.
But is this new conflict really all about the vast amounts of oil under these waterways which America and other nations want access to.

Once again American interests trump the sovereignty of any nation.

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