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TYT Prevalence of Racism in USA and Formula 1 and Bahrain's Uprising Continues Despite Violent Crackdown

Update Trayvon and the prevalence of racism in America

We need to stop looking for ‘racial smoking gun’ in Trayvon Martin case, when the real problem is an unfair system Professor Tricia Rose Via TYT, April 12, 2012

Cenk talks to Prof. Tricia Rose about the arrest and bail hearing for George Zimmerman.

Rose says, “I think we get caught up in looking for the racial smoking gun, and really what we need to be looking for is anthrax
the diffuse, everywhere, dangerous and problematic system.”

The people of Bahrain as is illustrated in the video below have been struggling for years against an illegitimate corrupt government and a nasty corrupt Royal Family.
Obama, Clinton and Biden support the tyrannical oppressive Regime due to geopolitical concerns of the USA , NATO and the West.
So they use the excuse of defending human rights and reform basically when it suits their agenda as it did in Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now if Bahrain were leaning more to the left like Libya the USA under Obama would not withold their criticism and threats to cut off humanitarian and military aid the regime ;to impose sanctions or bomb the entire nation into oblivion.

At the least the US should remove its fifth fleet from Bahrain. But don't hold your breath .

Note in the video we get a glimpse at Obama's magical thinking that because he talks about an issue that the issue is then in his mind resolved. But the people in Bahrain during Obama's watch are still oppressed they are beaten, shot, gassed, tortured, their businesses, their homes and their places of worship bulldozed.

Anyway so much for Obama's claim that he supports those willing to rise up against oppression and to create a more just and fair
government which serves all of the people and not just the elite.

The problem with this is that Obama has a vision of a democratic state which defends the peoples' rights but also pays heed and
homage to the elites who are commissioned by God or nature to rule over we lesser beings.

Note the government and the media in Bahrain in their propaganda frame the uprisings as sectarian that is Shia and Sunni Muslims fighting one another but mostly originating with the Shia Muslims.
Where as those protesting say it is not a sectarian conflict but is rather a call for reform that all the citizens of Bahrain are treated justly and fairly and their human rights protected. They also want substantive real reform in their political system . They are also demanding be done for the majority of the people of Bahrain deserve a share in Bahrain's wealth.

UPDATE BAHRAIN The Forgotten Uprising

BBC News - Daily protests in Bahrain amid human rights abuse claims April 13, 2012

Shiites in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain protests
April 13,2012

Crimes Against Protesters قمع وحشي ضد المتظاهرين Dec. 2011

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