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In Response To Hate Speech and Hate Crimes Of Right Wing Extremists : 40,000 Norwegians sing Children of the rainbow.

Tens of thousands of rose-waving Norwegians gathered in central Oslo Thursday to deride mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik by singing a song he hates, viewing it as Marxist indoctrination.

Published on Apr 26, 2012 by CatchATiger4
Tens of thousands of rose-waving Norwegians gathered in central Oslo Thursday to deride mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik by singing a song he hates, viewing it as Marxist indoctrination.
Some 40,000 people, according to police, massed in the rain at a square near the Oslo district courthouse where Breivik is on trial for his July 22 attacks that killed 77 people, to sing "Children of the Rainbow" by Norwegian folk singer Lillebjoern Nilsen.
Inside the court, the 33-year-old accused right-wing extremist sat listening without showing emotion to powerful testimony from survivors of his bloodbath on the ninth day of his trial.
Drawn by an Internet campaign, the protesters streamed into Youngstorget Square wearing colourful raincoats and carrying Norwegian flags and roses, which have come to represent Norway's peaceful response to the horrifying attacks.

40,000 Norwegians in support of liberalism and pluralism and muliculturalism and tolerance gather together in Oslo Norway to show they will not give in to the bigotry of the fear mongers and racist who spread fear of anyone who has a different religion or is of a different ethnicity. Mass murderer Anders Breivik was influenced by the various groups and individuals in Europe, Great Britain and especially those Islamophobes in the USA who preach fear against Islam and all Muslims and all those who preach tolerance and defend multiculturalism.

Ubfortunately the hate mongering Islamophobes far too often are treated as if their ignorant bigotry against Islam were a
reasonable and defensible point of view.

Yes there are among Muslims an extremist element but there is an extremist element among Christians as well. It appears that many Westerners have replaced their historical anti-semitism with Islamophobia. These Islamophobes want to recreate a homogeneous society of White Christians of European extraction. Isn't this precisely what Hitler and the NAZI party were also wanting to achieve. The NAZIS believed that the Jews and other religious or ethnic groups and other foreigners such as the Slavs and Black people were a corrupting influence and were undermining the Pure Aryan Race.

Today the far right uses the concerns people have over immigration and especially the immigration of those who come from the outside of Western Civilizations to stir up hatred for those who are not descended from pure European stock.

Since the 9/11 terrorists attacks these bigots in America have been stirring up hatred against Islam and all Muslims. The American based Islamophobes include media and internet personalities such as Pam Geller,and Robert Spencer, David Horowitz,Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, Michelle Bachmann, Michele Malkin, Newt Gingrich ,Fox News Channel and the ultraright which now dominates the GOP/ The Republican Party.

In 2010 these Islamophobes went balistic because American Muslim group planned to build a
community and cultural center which would include a Mosque in New York city close to the 9/11 terrorist
attack. They characterized the building of a Mosque in that part of New York as a means of Islamic triumphalism. They claim that whenever Muslims conquered a nation they would build a Mosque. They ignore the fact that other religious groups have throughout history built a house of worship or for instance Christian conquerers and explorers often erected large crosses to mark the geographical area as a Christian or potential Christian land.

These Islamophobic extremists in the USA maintain that Christian Europe has already been taken over by Islam . They see Europe as a lost cause and so are doubling down on their anti-Muslim rhetoric . They seem to believe that those who preach tolerance towards
Islam and Muslim Americans as being anti-American and anti-Christian and of course anti-Israel.

In essence they characterize anyone who argues in favor of tolerance towards Muslim Americans is ipso facto anti-Semitic and wishes to destroy Israel.

Below is a video which spreads hatred of all Muslims and Islam itself as America's and the West's enemies.

Newt and Callista Gingrich in anti-Islam propaganda clip: "The war on terror has only just begun"

On Pamela Geller's Islamophobia and her connection to Anders Behring Breivik
Investigate Pamela Geller (mirror from coughlan616)

Published on Mar 17, 2012 by mojosideburns
Download this video here

Pamela Geller Busted by Coughlan616

The 2007 Email from Norway as it reads today

The question this video raises is note worthy because it seems in the West and especially in the USA one can preach hate against all Muslims and even propose taking violent action against Muslim Americans without any real consequences for such speech.

For more on Islam and Islamophobia see pages above .

Racists, bigots ,Islamophobes and the Far Right characterize the murderer Breivik as a hero who was defending in their view Christian White Western Civilization. The danger to our democratic society comes from the ultra-right more so than the over-hyped Islamic stealth Jihad.Here's an example of their far right extremism from Russia

Far-right Russians cite Breivik as a 'hero'

Anger as Hard-Right Italian MP praises Norway gunmen

Meanwhile whatever Muslim Americans do from building an Islamic community center or Mosque at ground Zero or any other place in America to even something as innocent as a spelling bee is seen as part of the Stealth Jihad to enforce Sharia law on all Americans.

Spelling Bee for Muslim schools provokes Islamophobic Hate Fest by Sheila Musaji at Islamophobia Today .com , April 14, 2012

There will be a Muslim Spelling Bee this year for students of Islamic schools across the country. This is the first year that Muslims have held such an event.

OnIslam reported that

A Michigan Muslim school is planning to organize the world’s first national spelling bee in an effort to help connect the sizable minority with the wider American society.

The competition will “help connect the Muslim community to the mainstream community.” Tausif Malik, the owner of TMA Worldwide with his wife Asma, told Ann Arbor news portal.

“Muslims are not aware of spelling bees because they are focused on getting their children into engineering or medicine.

Sounds like an excellent idea, certainly not one that anyone could object to, or at least that’s what any reasonable person would think.

There are many other such events for other private and religious schools and groups. Here are just a few:

—A Hebrew Spelling Bee in Cleveland, and a tri-county Hebrew Spelling Bee in Florida
— a spelling bee for Jewish Day Schools in New York, and for the Jewish community inOmaha, Nebraska,
— a spelling bee for Catholic grade schools in Philadelphia, and another in Minnesota,
— a spelling bee for Lutheran schools in Michigan
— Christ Methodist Church School has a spelling bee in Memphis, Tennessee

Nevertheless, there are some who are so filled with hatred towards Islam and Muslims that even such a simple activity as holding a spelling bee for children becomes an opportunity to spread their poisonous bile.

Bonni Benstock-Intall of Bare Naked Islam posted an article MICHIGANISTAN: ‘Muslim-Only’ Spelling Bee which opened with

So much for integration and assimilation with the filthy kuffar. Then again, how many of us pork eaters know how to spell ‘Intifada’ in Arabic?

Here are a few of the comments left by readers

—We should sponsor a little infidel into the contest and when they disqualify our little infidel – SUE THE CRAP OUTTA THEM!!! Lawfare can go both ways!!

— AMEN! Can you spell A-S-S-L-I-F-T-E-R?!

— Well its always nice to see the future terrorists of the world at least able to spell allah,or dirt bag,or mohammad,or virgin,before they detonate their bomb vest in one of our schools.

— Like Mr. Rogers: Now children, can you spell “DEPORTATION” ? How about “BEHEADING” ? Maybe “INBRED” ?

— Muslims can’t spell. They’re too f*&%ing inbred and retarded to spell. F*&% Muslims. Jesus sent Mohammed to hell f*&%ers.On the site the actual swear words are spelled out

— Can you believe that this is happening? We are watching them take over our county piece by piece.

— Imagine the uproar if there was a Christian only spelling bee.
This goes beyond Islamophobia into the realm of pure hatred, and such hatred is truly savage. They should be ashamed, but I don’t believe that they are capable of even that much awareness.

and here's a bit from about Pam Geller and her blog Atlas Shrugs and her hysterical Islamophobia:

Pamela Geller unfortunately has been all over the news recently. First because she was an invited speaker at a Tea Party conference in Tennessee, second for her and her hate group’s (SIOA) active role in opposing the proposed Mosque in Manhattan that is near ground-zero, and for her inciting Ad campaign that essentially calls on people to “Leave Islam.”

Geller doesn’t make any distinctions between radical Muslims and Islam, she doesn’t blame Islamism or violent Islamism but instead impugns the whole religion of Islam.

There are a number of things wrong with this video, it is too easy on Pamela. No where is her background or radical conspiratorial beliefs brought to the fore to inform the viewer. The fact that she is the looniest blogger out there should be the first piece of biographical information that we hear.

This is the equivalent of interviewing a KKK member or an anti-Semite and not bringing up their zany ideas.
Should a woman who believes and regularly states that Obama is an anti-Semitic, Jihadist Mohammadan who is aiding the Iranian regime get a pass? Does someone who calls for the Golden Dome Mosque (Masjid as-Sakhra) to be destroyed and replaced by a Jewish temple get a pass? Should a historical revisionist who says Hitler adopted Jihad and was inspired by Islam to commit the Holocaust get a pass? Should someone who states that Israel should nuke Mecca and Medina be given a pass?

The scary thing is there is so much more that we can go into in regards to the loonie and wing-nut beliefs that Pamela Geller holds dear to her heart but what’s the point, we have documented it all and it is easily retrievable by anyone who cares to search for it on our site. Unfortunately, none of the news reports, including the one above see fit to challenge Pamela on her obvious as day and night hateful beliefs.

In the meantime James Wolcott took the words right out of my mouth,
Hey, Look Who Just Crawled Out From Under the Creaking Floorboards
The Crypt Keeper‘s number one soul sister herself, Pamela Geller, making the pages of New York Daily News this morning with her bus-ad campaign against Islamization, which apparently the three-card-monte suckers who read her blog bankrolled by breaking into their piggy banks, forking over all those quarters they were squirreling away for the slot machines on their next Atlantic City day-trip.
Ms Geller will no doubt be miffed as only she can be miffed (at the top of her lungs) at having her blog characterized as “replete with attacks on Islam and unfounded claims about President Obama.”
Unfounded!?! Only if you insist on trifling nuisances like evidence and a faint semblance of plausibility.

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