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GOP'S war on women - Rachel Maddow And The US Constitution as Holy Writ

Above banner from Gary Bauer's "Our American Values

It must be a difficult task for the Republicans and their far right supporters religious or secular to keep up with what they are explicitly for or against since they are always in damage control mode every time a spokesperson for the right speaks out and explicitly states what their policies are.
For example Pro-lifers are against abortions period no exceptions
The GOP has declared a war on a whole host of issues or groups from women to immigrants to Gays
A war on women's reproductive rights
A War against equal pay for women
A war on the public schools
A war on science Evolution, Global Warming, pollution, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, abortion
A war on Secular Universities
A war on all Non-Christians ie only Christians should be permitted to hold public offices
A war on pluralism or multiculturalism
A war on big government
A war on the anti-war movement
A war on Gays (GLBT community)
A war on Liberals
A war on the christian Social Gospel
A war on Immigrants
A war on Unions and the working class
A war on Non-whites
A war on adoption
A war on Food Stamps
A war on government regulations

Rachel Maddow Continues her criticism of the GOP/Republican and Conservative Movements War On Women.

and chimes in on the GOP "War on Women"

Dispatches From The War On Women: Mitt Romney To The Rescue! by Jessica Pieklo at, April 11, 2012

The war on women is more than just a war on reproductive choice. It’s a war on women’s ability to earn a living and be economically self-sufficient. And one that Republicans are desperately trying to spin in their favor. Just look at Mitt Romney who continues to enlist surrogates in defense of his anti-woman platform. This time Romney hopes to clear up his statements that he’s not so sure women should be paid as much as men and to clear up claims that women’s economic fortunes shrank under the Obama administration. Robin Marty unpacks all this economic hocus-pocus and explains that Romney is right, sort of. But not for the reasons he thinks.

As it turns out, food stamps help keep people out of poverty, which makes them a perfect target for Republican lawmakers.

Economic policy and reproductive health policy go hand-in-hand, as evidenced in Iowa where some Republicans plan to muck up the end of the legislative session with an abortion ban that will not pass and their colleagues are not happy about it.

Need help understanding the complexities of the various 20 week abortion bans sweeping the states? Here’s Robin Marty again to clear it all up.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has shown himself a frontline warrior in the war on women so it makes sense his communications flack would publicly admit to wanting to punch Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the face. Classy.

...After yesterdays good news concerning the drop in teen birth rates comes the inevitable disclosure that those states with the highest teen pregnancy rates are the same ones with abstinence-only policies.

Obamacare and the Supreme Court of United States V the US Constitution
Fairness and Compassion v Gary Bauer's "Our American Values"

The War on Women by the Conservatives and the GOP in the USA is just one part of an all out war on secularism, liberalism and modernity. As far as the GOP is concerned now that it is a captive of the far right the US laws and culture have gone astray from America's Founding Father's original intent. The law of the land they believe should reflect the intent of the Constitution itself. So whatever those in power in the 18th early 19th century believed and sanctioned or outlawed should not be deferred from two centuries later.
And they argue as Gary Bauer does that changing times or attitudes or desire for fairness and justice have no place in the American system of justice or the formulating of laws.So when Obama says that one of the reasons for not over-turning of his medical care law is that it would leave millions of Americans to suffer unnecessarily.
So these uberChristians believe notions of civility or fairness or justice or compassion have no place in a court of law. The only issue for a court of law is whether the law adheres to the original intent or the literal meaning of the US Constitution.
Note that when it comes to the pro-Life issue these conservatives appeal to the compassion of the American people for the fetus to thereby fight for the fetus.

Gary Bauer a Christian Reconstructionist/Dominionist believes the US constitution is the same as the Bible or other religious text which is sacred sacroscant and therefore must be accepted as the literal truth reflecting the thinking of God. The Founding Fathers conservatives contend wrote the Constitution as an expression of God's Will.

The Founding Fathers knowingly or not were chosen as conduits for God's word.

So no human being can take issue with any part of the Constitution because if they do they are blaspheming against God.
Bauer and other conservatives believe the meaning or message of the Bible and the Constitution are not open to interpretation.

So in the case of having a nationalized Medicare program for all Americans including the working poor and those unable to work or unable to find work the Conservatives see such a program as anti-capitalism , UnAmerican or even anti-American.

Since the Bible and the US Constitution does not endorse some form of guarnteed medical services for all the instituting of such a program is to go against God's law.

The problem with this literal acceptance of the Constitution may lead one to believe that women or black Americans would have few if any rights.

Women for instance are commanded by the Bible to be under the rule of their husbands and do as their husbands tell them unconditionally.

Since the Constitution accepts slavery as an institution it therefore would have been wrong to end slavery in America.

It would also mean that only white property owners would be allowed to vote or run for any public office.

This would also mean that women could be stripped of all their rights including the right to vote or to own property or to run a business or to run for public office.

According to Gary Bauer and other Christian Dominionists the laws in the Bible in the old testament must be followed to the letter . This would mean that the government should be in the business of stoning witches, adulterers , heretics,gays and blasphemers all according to God's Law.

If the government does not mete out these punishments then it should not have the authority to interfere with the Churches or local government's decisions to carry out these punishments according to God's Law.

This would also mean relegating all non-christians to second class citizenship with fewer rights than Christians and that these non-Christians could be enslaved or executed or deported.

So according to Gary Bauer and other conservatives bringing in the notion of fairness or what is good for the populace in general and therefore the nation as a whole in which all members of society are better taken care of can not be used as an argument in the Supreme Court's decision on Obamacare.

This takes us back to the basic belief of many conservatives that the Supreme Court of the USA has over and over again gone beyond its mandate . The view is that from the 1954 case brown v board of education which was the first step towards desegregation and equal righs for Black Americans to Roe V Wade which gave women their reproductive rights .

According to this view the Supreme Court of the USA had no right to interfere with the state's right to enforce segregation and the laws concerning lynching or those regarding the Jim Crow laws or the state orlocal governments denial of African-Americans their right to register to vote or even to vote.

'Obamacare': Fairness v. justice by Gary Bauer at, April 10, 2012

As the Supreme Court considers the constitutionality of the health care law, the Obama administration and its allies have sought to recast the debate as an argument about fairness and empathy.

Consider, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli ended the administration’s oral arguments by citing the millions of Americans now suffering with disease and injury who would receive health insurance under the new law.

President Barack Obama has urged the public not to neglect the “human element,” explaining that if the law were overturned, millions of children and millions of adults with pre-existing conditions would be without health care.

“There’s not only an economic element to this and a legal element to this,” Obama said last Monday, “but there’s a human element.”

Many conservatives and others have accused Obama, a former constitutional law instructor, of being profoundly ignorant of the Constitution. But he may just believe that “fairness” supersedes constitutionality in the hierarchy of legal values.

Conservatives’ reverence for the Constitution is now matched by an increasing disregard for it among many on the left. Obama has called the Constitution “an imperfect document that reflects some deep flaws in American culture.” The Supreme Court’s leading liberal, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, said recently, “I would not look to the U.S. Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012.”

The left regards the Constitution as defective and outmoded — in part because it impedes the government’s ability to control institutions, like churches and families, which stand between the state and individuals.

Obama has called access to free contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs for all women a matter of “basic fairness” and a “core principle” that needs to be balanced against the constitutional rights to religious liberty and free speech.

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