Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Forgotten People of Bahrain Abandoned By Pres. Obama & His Self-serving Allies "Shouting in the dark" - Al Jazeera 1/4

The West's shame having abandoned the people of Bahrain. The leaders in the West have no interest in real substantive reform and the protection of the citizenry's civil and human rights. The West is too involved with demonizing the leaders in Syria and Iran as the USA and West get ready for more wars to change regimes to be replaced by Regimes more compliant to the interests of the USA and The West. The West wants oil and gas the people in the middle east are seen as obstacles to US and Western hegemony and imperialism.

Published on Apr 24, 2012 by gothgod/'s Cafe ***FAIR USE*** for educational purposes Documentary about the forgotten people of Bahrain. The US government under President Obama refused to put any pressure on the Bahrini government or Royal Family to stop their abuse of protesters.

 The Western Media became complicit in promulgating the Washington and Bahrain Governments lies and propaganda. Obama and the West created a narritive about Bahrain which purported that the uprising was really part of an Iranian conspiracy to use Shia Muslims in Bahrain combined with a few Iranian under-cover operatives to destablize Bahrain. But this was not a sectarian issue in Bahrain . Sunni and Shia dissidents and activists joined together to insist upon about major substantive not merely cosmetic reform. Obama and his Western Allies are all for regime change and other cosmetic changes but resist any real substantive change in which the average citizens of Bahrain or citizens of other nations have a real influence within their respective governments.

The people of Bahrain have been betrayed by President Obama and his self-serving gang of neo-liberals . Obama did nothing to stop the carnage in Bahrain and publicly defended the Bahraini Regimes as an important ally to the Usa and even suggested that Iran was behind the protests in Bahrain.

Meanwhile Obama and the West have continued to send arms and tear gas ,Mace etc. so the government could continue to attack protesters in the street and to track them down wherever they lived . The Bahraini government has received the help of Saudi Arabia's military and that of Pakistan to invade and occupy Bahrain terrorizing, beating ,abducting, and torturing citizens for protesting . It is the government of Bahrain which has and is still using undercover agents to attack and kill those who dared to speak out.

The Forgotten People ---Bahrain: Shouting in the dark - Al Jazeera English 1/4

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