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American Citizen Kills Robbers Claims Self-defense And Bahrain Using Excessive amounts of US Supplied Tear Gas And Two US Citizens Deported

President Obama more concerned about US agenda in the Middle East than in the well being of average citizens in the region including Bahrain.
The people of Bahrain have been taking to the streets  in Pro-Reform Protests.
Is the murder of  the citizens of Bahrain not worth a comment by President Obama or the leaders of other Western Nations.
Yes if it fits in with the  American Empire's narrative and agenda.
Otherwise not so much.

Saudi Military entering Bahrain 1 year ago

Human rights activist Abdulhadi Al Khawaja enters 55th day of hunger strike amidst falling health Viralchopra Posted April 4, 2012 below:

Protester in Bahrian shot at by US and Saudi backed Bahraini Police and Military

Journalist Ahmed Ismael Hassan al-Samadi dies as violence in Bahrain continues WSN Staff Posted April 3, 2012 Below:

Ahmed Ismael Hassan al-Samadi, 22, from the Shia village of Salmabad, was shot in the right thigh as he filmed teargas being fired on protesters in the village; an industrial area on the edge of Manama, Bahrain’s capital has died in hospital.

According to the local witnesses the 22 years old citizen journalist was shot by armed men, who were accompanying security forces in a civilian car. The men fired live rounds of ammunition at the crowd to suppress the protest.

Ahmed Ismael Hassan al-Samadi allegedly was targeted for carrying a video camera and filming the protests and violations committed by security forces.

UPDATE: #JusticeForTrayvon

"Stand Your Ground Law" aka "Shoot First Law"
Joe Horn shooting in pasadena
video and audio-tapes of 911 call reveals another case in which shooter/murderer claims self-defense when in fact he volunteered to ignore the police and shoot two robbers who were at a house next to his.

UPDATE Bahrain: President Obama and his government are decidedly on the side of the anti-democratic government of Bahrain and its draconian police state.

Bahrain Police and military using excessive amounts of US supplied tear gas on civilians protesting for reform.
Obama lies to the US public and media that he cares about the rights of all citizens in the Middle East and elsewhere.
The Bahrain government forces brutally attack protesters and those detained are routinely tortured.
The Bahrain government also ordered the police and military to beat up and arrest any medical personnel who treated injured protesters.
So is this what the Neo-liberal transformation of the Middle East looks like cracking peoples skulls , torturing people, raiding neighborhoods and villages terrorizing the inhabitants all in the name of defending America's so called friendly governments and allies.
When it comes to these issues President Obama has continued the same anti-democratic policies as the former Bush/Cheney Regime and yet some of his spineless supporters defend his own abuses of America's constitution and Bill of Rights.
So why should any pro-reform expect any help from Obama unless it serves America's geopolitical agenda ie defending Saudi Arabia,Bahrain, and Israel while planning an attack on Iran.

But what can we expect Obama has done nothing to investigate human rights violations and police brutality committed with impunity against the members of the #OWS or Occupy Movement.

From what I understand in such situation if local authorities refuse to take action against police officers this could be turned over to the FBI or Department of Justice.

This will most likely never happen because Obama is fearful of how the fanatics in the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement and its media echo chamber would react.

As the saying goes amongst American diplomats and the CIA 'the leader may be a dictator and a tyrant but he is after all is said and done our Dictator'.

And here's another case of the use of The Stand Your Ground Law in which Joe Horn in Pasadena Texas murders two robbers because he believed that he had the right to. Even though in his case the police told him not to leave his house to confront the two robbers who were at a house next to his.
Joe Horn left the safety of his own home even though police were on their way and had told him to stay put.
But ain't that America-where cowboys and vigilantes take the law into their own hands while being supported by the NRA and GOP.

Shoot First Law leads to murder

Joe Horn - Cold Blooded Killer - Stand Your Ground Fail

Tear Gas supplied by USA has led to at least 25 deaths and severe health problems for unknown number of Bahraini citizens.
The US continues its unconditional support of military and police crack down on protesters and all critics of the government of Bahrain.

US police chief acting as consultant for the Bahraini Regime of course defends the police and military and says citizens of Bahrain get what he believes they deserve for daring to protest against the US and Saudi backed Regime.

As we saw in New York and Oakland and elsewhere the US police tend to also uses excessive amounts of Tear Gas and Pepper-spray on Occupy Wall St. Movements protesters.
So Bahrian is now learning from the best as it were in how to attack peaceful protesters and make it look like self-defense.

Bahraini villagers fear effects of tear gas Many towns are blanketed nightly with the gas, raising fears of cancer and other long-term health problems.Gregg Carlstrom, AlJazeera, 02 Apr 2012

...Excessive tear gas

Short-term exposure to tear gas can cause pulmonary edema, adult-onset asthma, skin blistering and other serious conditions. Little is known about the long-term effects of the gas, in part because it is so rarely used on a long-term basis.

The minimal research that exists suggests tear gas could indeed be responsible for Zainab's blindness. Health departments in the United States warn that long-term exposure in a confined area - defined as more than one hour - can cause blindness. That's because tear gas can damage the optic nerve, which transmits information from the eye to the brain.

Abdulnabi took his daughter to India last year for medical treatment, and doctors there indeed attributed her blindness to a neurological problem. "The doctor there said it's not a problem of the eyes, but a problem of the brain, the nerves," he said.

Rights groups say that at least 25 Bahrainis have been killed by excessive tear gas inhalation - roughly one-third of the people killed since widespread unrest began here last February. (Some groups, like Physicians for Human Rights, put the number slightly higher.)

That figure does not count the three protesters killed after being shot with tear gas canisters. Nor does it include at least two potential cases where medical evidence was inconclusive, including activist Abbas Jaffar al-Shaikh, 26, who died from cancer last year. Studies on the cancer-causing effects of tear gas have been inconclusive.

The Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry report, released in late November, faulted security forces for their "disproportionate use of tear gas for the dispersion of protesters." But the use of tear gas has only increased since then: 18 of the 25 deaths occurred after the report was released.

Many villages in Bahrain are now sprayed with the gas several times per week. At times it seems much of the country is affected: On a recent evening, Budaiya highway, the main east-west thoroughfare outside Manama, was blanketed with gas from clashes in several villages which sit along the road. Patrons sitting outside at a coffeeshop had to take shelter inside.

John Timoney, the former US police chief hired to consult with Bahrain's police force, blames the increased use of tear gas on what he described as increasingly violent protesters.

"There's a complaint that there's excessive tear gas," Timoney said. "What I've observed is a huge increase in the number of Molotov cocktails being thrown at police officers, night after night."

'They're trying to hide what they're doing'

But many people here accuse the police of shooting tear gas not just at protesters, but inside of private homes.

Several high-profile Bahrainis - including Nabeel Rajab, the head of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, and Ali Salman, the leader of Al Wefaq, the largest opposition party - have had their homes attacked in such a fashion.

"They deliberately shoot them inside the houses, because they want to create a problem between the protesters and the people who are not protesting," said one activist in Abu Saiba, a village outside of Manama. "They want to drive a wedge [between them]."

Residents in Bahrain's villages also say the government has started using a new chemical, CR gas, which is significantly more potent than the CS gas typically used against protesters. Physicians for Human Rights documented cases of patients with "atypical symptoms, including non-epileptic seizures and hysteria".

"The tear gas canisters, they used to be from the USA and India," said a protester in Sitra who asked that his name not be used. "But these new ones have no labels... they're trying to hide what they're using," he added, holding up an unmarked canister which carried no country of origin or other identifying information.

The allegations about CR gas, and more generally about any new chemical, cannot be independently verified. Several Bahraini police officers declined to comment on the chemical being used, and the health ministry has barred doctors from examining the content of tear gas canisters.

If the police are indeed using CR gas, again, little is known about the long-term effects. Anecdotal evidence suggests it can cause serious illness: The Egyptian riot police saturated downtown Cairo with CR gas for several days in November, and hundreds of protesters and journalists reported respiratory problems and other ailments.

NGO Witnesses For Bahrain members from outside Bahrain were in Bahrain to observe how the government of Bahrain is treating the citizens of Bahrain who dare speak out or take part in anti-government protests.

US government led by President Obama's hypocrisy and outright lies concerning the rights of the Citizens of Bahrain to peacefully protest against the government of Bahrain.
The Obama administration might talk about human rights but is helping to quash the rights of the people of Bahrain.

US human Rights observers deported from Bahrain

VIDEO: U.S.-Backed Bahrain Arrests & Deports 2 U.S. Human Rights Observers As 1st Anniversary Of Democracy Protests Nears by Stan on Monday, February 13, 2012

Two American peace activists, Huwaida Arraf and Radhika Sainath, were arrested and detained this Saturday, while acting as Human Rights Observers in U.S.-backed Bahrain. Both are members of the Witness Bahrain initiative.

The Bahraini monarchy deported the two on Sunday, and they were flown — handcuffed behind their backs, and prohibited from using the bathroom, and from eating or drinking for the entire seven hour flight — to London.

According to Arraf, Bahrain appears to be removing all human rights activists and observers in the run-up to the one-year anniversary of the democratic uprising against the ruling monarchy:

[We] also were getting reports of journalists and human rights organization representatives being denied entry into the country in the lead-up to the first anniversary of the Bahrain revolution, and this caused great alarm, that the government was planning to escalate its oppression of the people.

A November 2011 report, conducted by an independent commission, and authorized by the Bahraini monarchy in an attempt to ease tensions, concluded that grave violations of human rights had been committed by government troops. These violations included disproportionate and indiscriminate use of force and firearms to repress the protests, and a systematic and deliberate policy of torture.

The panel confirmed that government forces murdered dozens of people during the protests, and five reform activists had been tortured to death while in custody. Other detainees were tortured by electric shock and by beatings with wires and hoses. Additionally, the panel found that activists were later targeted and fired from their jobs and universities and caused to lose their homes.

DemocracyNow! Amy Goodman

Obama Administration Quietly Selling Arms to Bahrain Despite Continuing Human Rights Abuses - Common Dreams staff, January 31,2012

As the Arab Spring unfolded last year, protesters in the streets saw something startling about the tools of repression being used on them. The Humvees, tanks, helicopters were from the US government; the canisters of chemical agents used to attack them said, "Made in the USA."

The Obama Administration wants to sell 44 of these M1152A1B2 Armored High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs) and other weapons to the dictators of Bahrain.
Bahrain, home to the US Fifth Fleet and close ally of Saudi Arabia, brutally suppressed the uprising among their citizens. More than 40 pro-democracy protesters were killed and thousands more were arrested and tortured. While speaking out loudly on Libya's brutality, the Obama administration remained largely silent on Bahrain.

Last fall the Obama administration announced plans to sell Bahrain $53 million worth of military weapons including bunker buster missiles, armored vehicles and wire-guided missiles. The Pentagon said at the time the sale "will improve Bahrain's capability to meet current and future armored threats. Bahrain will use the enhanced capability as a deterrent to regional threats and to strengthen its homeland defense."

Congressional opposition to the sale forced Obama to delay the weapons transfer. Now, sources have leaked, the Obama administration is quietly moving forward with the arms sales to the Bahraini monarchy - despite their on-going human rights abuses.

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