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Obama The Angel Of Death ??? Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill A Foretaste Of America Under Christian Dominionist' Newt Gingrich, Sara Palin & Lou Engle ET AL

UPDATED: Wednesday, Oct. 27, 4:16 & 5:28 PM.

Ugandan LGBT community experiencing more violent assaults after US Evangelicals stirred up fear about the so-called Gay Agenda that is the (Bogus) Internationally organized Homosexual Conspiracy (Theory).

Let's begin with the over-the -top rhetoric of the Pro-Life anti-Abortion Religious Right organizations attacking President Obama or anyone who is not as fanatically against abortion as they are.

Personhood USA Calls President Obama the "Angel of Death"

Kudos to Kyle-Nice one-

Personhood USA Calls President Obama the "Angel of Death" by Kyle at right Wing Watch October 19, 2010

A few months ago, we noted how the anti-choice zealots behind Colorado's "personhood" Amendment 62 had started running radio ads likening abortion to slavery ... but that was nothing compared to this new video supporting the effort from Personhood USA in which President Obama is explicitly likened to the Angel of Death:

Lou Engle "The Call" preparing for "The Student Call" Nov. 13, 2010, Pasadena ,CA.

and a campaign ad attacking Sam Brownback for his association with Lou Engle which makes him a radica.

Sam Brownback - Dividing Kansas

Lou Engle and other American Evangelicals have been promulgating their bizarre and hate- filled "Gay Conspiracy Theory " aka "The Gay Agenda" to countries such as Uganda .(Note in Nigeria due to the influence of these Evangelical/Pentacostals children are being tortured and killed supposedly for being witches or demonically possessed)

Pastor SSemba of Uganda a friend of Lou Engle, Scott Lively and Rick Warren - Don't be fooled These Evangelicals and Homophobes are radical and serious about anti-Gay legislation. First Uganda and then the rest of Africa and then the USA???
ABC Nightline: Preaching Hate in Uganda

The Ugandans who now adhere to the Evangelical Christian Dominionists' belief system have been convinced by these American Gay-bashers that they have to do whatever is necessary to defeat "The Gay Agenda". They have been told that it is leftists, and liberal non-Ugandans who are infiltrating Uganda and undermining the Nation by pushing the so-called Gay Agenda. They are told by these Evangelicals that their country is essentially under attack by Gay Stealth Terrorists who are demonically possessed who have the "power " to make millions of Ugandans into "Sexual deviants". Once again the Evangelicals are promoting the idea that being Gay is a choice and those who choose to be Gay are Demonically Possessed or just plain evil.

So the Ugandan government has responded by initiating an anti-Gay bill which will lead to not just Gays being incarcerated but all those who do not report or turn in to the authorities anyone they know who is Gay or may be planing to take part in some form of homosexual or other deviant sexual behavior. In many cases those arrested may get life imprisonment or even the death penalty as the video below discusses and exposes that the Bill is much worse than what Americans and others are led to believe.

Uganda: Kill the gays and all their friends, too
robtish | February 15, 2010 Uganda's anti-gay bill is far more lethal than we're being told. You don't even have to be gay or have gay sex to be put to death. Some doubt this, so here it is. Just connect the dots

Are American Evangelicals /Christian Dominionists using Uganda and other African Nations as experiments in the practical application of their theology and or Ideaology. Are these trial runs for how they one day hope to "Transform America " into a Christian Dominionists Theocracy ???

The anti-Gay Ugandan experiment- is this a foretaste of what's to come for America once the likes of Newt Gingrich, Sara Palin as president and vice president and Lou Engle as their spiritual adviser take power in 2012. If a few more of their ilk manage to get elected next week in the USA one wonders how much of an effect will this have on the GOP and its relationship with the Obama administration. More than likely the acrimony in Washington will be exacerbated.

There are those whether politicians evangelical preachers who in their view reject contemporary American society and wish to return American society back to traditional Judeo- Christian values.

Lou Engle and his disciples or Apostles and would be Christian martyrs believe that they must defeat the demonic forces and retake America and spread their beliefs to the nations.

It is no exaggeration to call their followers "would-be-Martyrs" because over and over again Lou Engle or Ron Luce and others especially in targeting children, teenagers or young adults tell them that they must be willing to fight and die for Jesus ( or for Lou Engle, Ron Luce ET AL). Their notion of Spiritual Warfare goes well beyond prayer and sharing the Gospel. As Rick Warren or Doug Coe have said that the True Believers must be as fanatical as the Hitler Youth.

Their agenda as such does not stop at America's borders since it is their duty to spread the Gospel of Jesus to eventually make all or at least most nations into Christian Nations and to become Disciples of God.

This they see as fulfilling the Great Commission not merely spreading the gospel but also insisting the Nations become disciples of Jesus and enshrine Christian Dominion and Biblical Law .

So the Uberconservative Christian Dominionists have targeted various nations where they have been able to establish a foothold or beach head - Lou Engles, Rick Warren, Cindy Jacobs , Global Harvest and The Call have extended their influence into various countries to get them to take part in a Spiritual revival that includes changing the society and its laws to reflect the Christian Dominionists' ideology and/ or theology. So they have been taking part in a Christian Missionary invasion of other nations . To a great extent this is just a continuation in Western and Christian imperialism rooted in religiosity and western European and/or white supremacy -

Lou Engle -The Call & International House of Prayer (IHOP)
Lou Engle fear-mongering that America is at the cusp of a Transformation which will result in either more decadence and moral decay or America will undergo a "Spiritual Revival and Transformation" and become a truly Christian Nation.
There's a Crisis in the land -moral decay in America
Moral decadence
seven story abortion clinic in Austin
Muslims marched on Washington saying they will by 2050 make America into a Muslim Country under Sharia.

IHOPkc | October 21, 2009

onething'09 podcast #1

Mike Bickle and Lou Engle look at the spiritual crisis that is facing America at this time. Looking back at the Sacred Charge commitments of 2008 and looking forward to what will happen at this years onething conference

Lou Engle preaching hate against Homosexuality & Promulgating "The Gay Agenda Conspiracy"

Engle calls the homosexual agenda as more demonic than Islam - So he demonizes both Islam and the LGBT community
He also condemns Obama as a socialist or as being used by demonic forces/The Principalities

"The Call", documenting a huge anti-gay event organized by "The Call" in San Diego on November 1, 2008

Also see articles on these subjects at Religion Dispatches:

"American Supports Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill" An on-the-ground report from Lou Engle’s ‘The Call Uganda.’ By Michael Wilkerson at Religion Dispatches Archives,May 4, 2010

and for instance see :

Lou Engle Attempts To Backpedal On Uganda Anti-Gay Bill # Post by Sarah Posner at Religion Dispatches June 16, 2010

and at the blog Palingates:

"Sarah Palin and gay-hater Lou Engle - Another religious extremist in Sarah's camp" - Vanity Fair reports - Palingates blog, Sept. 17, 2010

Bruce Wilson writes about Lou Engle's role in the NAR:

"Lou Engle belongs to a little known but rapidly emerging tendency within Pentecostalism and charismatic Christianity that by 2000 was estimated to encompass 295 million Christians worldwide. Perhaps the leading super-denomination within this emergent tendency is the “New Apostolic Reformation.”, which seeks to radically restructure the faith by placing believers in pyramidal authority structures under its apostles and prophets. NAR founder C. Peter Wagner has declared his movement is leading a second Reformation."

David Bahati: Lou Engle expressed support for Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill – Guest Post by Jeff Sharlet Posted on June 14th, 2010 at Warren Throckmorton

[Author Jeff Sharlet (The Family) recently returned from Uganda where he conducted research for an upcoming book. While there, he interviewed most of the key promoters of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill, including David Bahati and Julius Oyet. He also attended The Call Uganda and heard Lou Engle speak. After reading Lou Engle's recent statement about The Call Uganda, Jeff sent along the following observations which he offers in this guest post. Jeff has some important information and perspective to report here.]

David Bahati: Lou Engle expressed support for the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Jeff Sharlet

Either Lou Engle isn’t telling the whole truth, or some of his key allies in Uganda aren’t. I attended his rally in Kampala in the company of Member of Parliament David Bahati, the author of the bill. After the rally, I rode with Bishop Oyet and Bahati in Bahati’s car to the Sheraton hotel, where I interviewed Oyet for about 45 minutes, recorded. I’ll be writing about what I learned in Kampala in my forthcoming book, but Engle’s latest statement prompts some points worth making in the meantime:

1. Both Oyet and Bahati were ecstatic at what they perceived as Engle’s strong support of the bill. They felt his rally and his statements would be a turning point for the bill, reassuring their Ugandan allies that they had support abroad.

1. Both Oyet and Bahati were ecstatic at what they perceived as Engle’s strong support of the bill. They felt his rally and his statements would be a turning point for the bill, reassuring their Ugandan allies that they had support abroad.

2. Both Oyet and Bahati told me that Engle had explicitly expressed his support for the bill, telling them that he had to lie to the Western media because gays control it. They said he said one thing to the BBC and then walked over to Bahati and said that he really supported the bill. Either Engle isn’t telling the whole truth, or Oyet and Bahati aren’t. I tend to believe Bahati here, since Engle didn’t mean anything to him until he met him that day. He hadn’t heard of him and decided to attend the rally only after I’d told him a few things about Engle. In other words, he left the rally thrilled with Engle based on that encounter with Engle alone. Clearly, Engle did something to please him.

3. I spoke with Engle briefly–also recorded–and he said the following: “To this nation the pastors, the leaders, they’ve said they don’t want that agenda but it’s coming in, getting pushed by NGOs, UN, Unicef and other organizations so we’re just trying to take a stand to encourage them in their stand.” That certainly sounds like he’s supporting the bill, which is the only Ugandan stand to which he could be referring.

4. Engle says in his statement last week that Christian leaders in Uganda are working to soften the punishments. But both Oyet and Bahati, at least, strongly support the death penalty. For Bahati, author of the bill, that goes without saying. It’s worth noting that Oyet is now formally working for Bahati – according to Oyet and Bahati, Bahati used his [Parliament] office to empower Oyet to gather signatures in support of the bill AS a government official.

5. Here’s Oyet on the death penalty: “There is not the death penalty at the end for everybody. There is the death penalty at the end for aggravated homosexuality.” He explained that the death penalty already applies for four crimes in Uganda (child rape, treason, murder, and causing death by female genital mutilation) “So I want the world to understand,” Oyet continued “that homosexuality is not the first death penalty in Uganda. I think that U.S. journalists should make that known. It is not the first one, it is going to be the fifth one.”

His rationale for the death penalty? “If the Bible supports the death penalty which is true and then you call yourself a Christian nation, listen. If I would be killed because I am dying scripturally I can repent to God before I am killed but [if] I am [eliminated] from the Earth that’s ok… if the victim confesses or repents, we can waive it off. Something like that…. In my view, homosexuals should be grateful. But instead they are not. Why I’m saying they should be grateful is because in Ugandan culture if you go and rob someone, if you go and rape a child and people find you, they will kill you.” [Here he is echoing a point made to me by many leaders of the anti-gay movement -- that the bill is for the benefit of the gays in that it protects them from mob justice, replacing it with the rule of law and a death penalty they can appeal.]

6. Oyet seems to be quite confused about what homosexuality actually is. After he explained that he was engaged in spiritual warfare with homosexuality, I asked whether he believed homosexuals are demonically possessed.

Oyet: “Um, because it is abnormal. It is abnormal sex, you would say yes. You would say yes. Because one drives you to that. Because homosexuals, they would now eat their own feces. They would eat their own waste. That is what they call golden shower where you lick the anus of someone. Isn’t that demonic?” [For Warren's more conservative readers: Yes, there are a few people, heterosexual and homosexual, who do such things, but they are A) not linked to sexual orientation; B) not harmful to anyone who minds their own business. Also, as one might guess, "golden shower" means something else.]

7. Last but not least: Oyet insisted that there are American church leaders who are supporting the bill privately but lying to the American media about it. When I asked why it was ok for them to lie, he said “I do not judge these kind of people.” True enough; he reserves his judgment for other people’s sex lives.

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