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Religious Right Promoting Christian Sharia To Save America

Religious Right Battle lines drawn in upcoming US Election- Framing the debate
Social values more important than economic issues
Religious Right leaders are convinced that the issues which the Tea party movement is concerned about such as the Health Care Reform , Bail Outs, economic crisis , unemployment, poverty and the War on Terror are rooted in how Family values are promoted or ignored.
They claim the country will not return to a time of prosperity and security unless America is brought back to God and the Bible and Family Values.

Christian Sharia Religious Right & Theocracy

They want laws pass a number of intrusive laws limiting the freedom of American citizens. They will employ their own Clerics to maintain these stringent laws. The Decency Police or Morality Police would enforce laws on abortion, homosexuality, adultery, divorce, pre-marital sex or even Christine O'Donnell has her way she would make masturbation a crime and of course they would want to censor TV, film, magazines, internet and film etc.

GOP-De Mint -Daniel Webster- Christine O'Donnell
America to be realigned with our Savior (Jesus)
no Gay teachers
no Gays in military
No Gay marriage
no sexually active single women as teachers
no abortion no exceptions even for incest or rape
no public schools privatize all schools
no unions
no minimum wage
no divorce
no help for abused or battered women
No mothers working outside the home
poor & welfare recipient & unemployed to be housed in former prisons ( re-education facilities)

Christian Sharia Cast of Characters:

David Barton
Jim Demint
Glenn Beck
Gary Bauer
Daniel Webster
Christine O'Donnell
Michelle Bachman
Judge Andrew Napolitano
David Buckner

Religious Right leader Gary Bauer at the Values Voter Summit in September this year compares Obama and his administration to the terrorists on a plane on 9/11intent on carrying out their attack on America.

The passengers on the plane according to this bit of mythologizing over-threw the terrorists so that the plane was ditched in a field thereby missing its target.
Bauer uses the analogy to frame this midterm election as a do or die situation.

If according to his analogy the passengers on the plane are stand-ins for the Conservatives/ Values voters/ GOP then the Terrorists on the plane are stand-ins for Obama and his Socialist/Liberal administration . He is trying to convince those on the right that if they do not unseat a number of democrats in this midterm election that Obama and his Socialist administration who are the Terrorists in charge of the White house are going to destroy America.
Obama they characterize as a would-be dictator , a socialist, a communist comparing him to Hitler or Stalin or Mao while not being a legal US citizen is a "Secret Muslim" and or the Anti-Christ.

Gary Bauer Compares 2010 Elections To Overthrowing 9/11 Hijackers

MediaMattersAction | September 17, 2010

Gary Bauer at the 2010 Values Voter Summit
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Combining social issues with economic issues
Participants at Values Voter Summit 2010 say the American Middle Class is most concerned over issues to do with social values more than economic issues
They claim that the economy and other issues will improve once America turns back to God back.
They believe religion and issues of social values should become a major part of the Republican's campaign message if they want to win over the Religious Right.
They remind Republicans that during the last midterm election 32 million Religious Right supporters did not vote.

Christian Right: Ban Gays to Help Economy?

In order to promulgate their radical right wing Christian Sharia they have developed various myths about American history. If the bible for instance is shown to condemn homosexuality this has little to do with public policy and passing laws unless one can connect the Bible to America's history and its basic principles upon which it was founded.

In order to do this the religious right and its enablers in the Tea Party Movement and the GOP engage in rewriting the history of America to suit their world view and their political agenda. They will then search for passages in the founders documents the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and every public speech given by the Founders that was recorded and every letter written by them to support their position that America was founded as a Christian Nation . So to begin with they claim that the notion of the complete Separation of Church and State was not the intention of the Founding Fathers. The evidence they use is often that of passages taken out of context or distorted in various ways. And when they can't find the passage or quote they need to prove a particular point they just make it up.

Unfortunately millions of Americans who may themselves be sincere in their beliefs can't imagine that one of their own would lie to them and make stuff up. The leaders of the Religious Rights may believe that what they are trying to achieve is for the "Good of the nation" or that such supterfuge is justifiable in pushing forward what they believe to be God's Plan . Isn't this what they say that Muslim leaders (Taqiyya)do in promoting Islamic Sharia that is telling lies to the enemy in order to spread Islam and Sharia.

David Barton & WallBuilders' FAKE QUOTES

And here's David Barton with Glenn Beck pushing the belief that America is a Christian Nation which must reflect those values which are found in the Bible.

Part 5 : Glenn Beck - Obama's Administration Will Destroy Democracy In America !!!

March 16, 2010

Glenn Beck interviews Judge Andrew Napolitano, David Buckner and David Barton in an expose' of Obama's real agenda in destroying democracy in America.

Ed Schultz commenting on Ultra conservatives and the Religious Right extremist agenda.
"If Anyone Is Trying To Push Sharia Law On This Country It's Senator Jim DeMint!"

MOXNEWSd0tCOM | October 05, 2010 October 05, 2010 MSNBC The ED Show

Ed Schultz and Rev. Barry Lynn of Americans United For The Separation of Church and State discussing the religious right and its leaders such as David Barton who is a revisionist of American History.
Top Evangelical David Barton: "Why Don't We Regulate Homosexuality?"

Senator: Unmarried Women Can't Teach

TheYoungTurks | October 04, 2010

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also here's part of a lecture by David Barton on The Separation of Church and State.

1 Of 3 / Separation Of Church & State / American Heritage Series, David Barton

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