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(UPDATE:730 PM) GOP Tenthers Billionaires & Koch Brothers Plans To Kill Social Security , Child Labor Laws, the Minimum Wage , Collective Bargaining

UPDATE: October 29, 2010 - 7:31 PM

First a bit of satire though it is too close to the truth to be merely funny-

PLEDGE TO AMERICA'S BILLIONAIRES: Rove, Murdoch, Koch Brothers Recite the GOP's Pledge!!!

The Security Industry Getting more lucrative as their Paid For Experts and Faux Think Tanks provide them with the cooked-up biased data and evidence they need to help stoke the fear to maintain demand for their services market. The more chaos and mayhem and fear is all good to them.

Keith Olbermann: Steven Emerson: “The Worst Person in the World”

Olbermann Worst Person in the World

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Charles & David Koch Give $100 Million to Right-Wing Causes - Democracy NOW!
Funded & created "Citizens for a Sound Economy"
Citizens For The Environment & Americans For Prosperity


Tentherism: The Bizarre Ideology Behind Tea Partiers' Plans to Kill Social Security and Child Labor Laws Tentherism is an anachronistic Constitutional theory embraced by a slate of GOP candidates bent on dismantling 100 years of progress. AlterNet Oct. 24, 2010

More than seventy years ago, the Supreme Court abandoned a brief, disastrous experiment with "tentherism," a constitutional theory that early twentieth century justices wielded to protect monopolies, strip workers of their right to organize and knock down child labor laws. This discredited constitutional theory is back -- with a vengeance -- endangering Medicare, Social Security, the minimum wage and even the national highway system and America's membership in the United Nations. For the first time in three generations, the right is fielding a slate of candidates convinced that any attempt to better the lives of ordinary Americans violates the Constitution -- while a number of sitting lawmakers such as Reps. John Shadegg (R-AZ) andDonald Manzullo (R-IL) are already actively pushing tentherism from within the Congress. Make no mistake, this agenda threatens all Americans, from the youngest schoolchild to the most venerable retirees.

SLAMMING SCHOOLHOUSE DOORS: Tentherism's core tenet is that the 10th Amendment must be read too narrowly to permit much of the progress of the last century. Thus, for example, because the Constitution doesn't actually use the word "education" -- it instead gives Congress broad authority to spend money to advance the "common defense" and "general welfare" -- Senate candidates like Ken Buck (R-CO) and Sharron Angle (R-NV) claim that the federal Department of Education is unconstitutional. That means no federal student loan assistance or Pell Grants for middle class students struggling to pay for college, and no education funds providing opportunities to students desperately trying to break into the middle class. And that's hardly the worst news tenthers have in store for young Americans. Alaska GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller wants to declare child labor laws unconstitutional -- returning America to the day when ten-year-olds labored in coal mines.

THANKLESS LABOR: Tenther candidates have even worse plans for working age Americans. Miller and West Virginia GOP Senate candidate John Raese both claim that the federal minimum wage is unconstitutional -- a position the Supreme Court unanimously rejected in 1941. If you're a person of color or a woman or a person of faith than you are also out of luck, because Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Rand Paulagrees with Justice Clarence Thomas that the ban on employment and pay discrimination is unconstitutional (don't try to get a meal on your lunch break either, because both men feel the same way about the ban on whites-only lunch counters). Significantly, the constitutional doctrine which supports the minimum wage is the same one which supports child labor laws and bans on discrimination, so when a candidate comes out in opposition to any one of these laws, it is likely that they oppose all of them. To top this all off, Alaska's Miller even claims that unemployment benefits violate the Constitution, so Americans who are unable to find work in the new tenther regime will simply be cast out into the cold.

AN IMPOVERISHED RETIREMENT: Social Security may be the most successful program in American history. Without it, nearly half of all seniors would live below the poverty line. Yet, because words like "retirement" don't specifically appear in the Constitution, tenthers think that Social Security is forbidden. Indeed, Social Security has not just been labeled unconstitutional by specific GOP candidates, the Republican Party's "Pledge To America" embraces a tenther understanding of the Constitution which endangers both Social Security and Medicare.

Tenthers respond to claims that they would abolish America's entire safety net for seniors by pointing out that state governments could still create their own retirement programs, but such a state takeover of retirement programs is economically impossible unless America forbids its citizens from retiring in a different state than the one that they paid taxes in while working.

Some tenther candidates have also suggested that Social Security can survive so long as it is privatized, but privatization would impose significant new risks on seniors, create new administrative costs, force benefit reductions and cost more money than the present system. In other words, the right has a simple plan for American families: making sure that everyone at the dinner table is completely on their own.

Koch brothers - Jane Mayer (Fresh Air) 1/3 August 26, 2010.

"Waging a War Against President Obama" they fund at least 35 phony astroturf right-wing organizations.

They object to health care reform , the stimulus , are dismissive of environmental concerns and are in favor of deregulation and the privatizing of public funded institutions such as the Public School system and are anti-income tax, against any sort of government funded social net from minimum wage, unemployment benefits, welfare,subsidies for students in public schools or in university or retraining programs or subsidized Day Care or parks and wild life preserves owned and run by government etc.

The Koch brothers have been involved in funding right wing organizations for about two decades. They funded the Tea Party Movement and Americans For Prosperity to create the impression of a growing spontaneous grassroots movement .

Rachel Maddow
Karl Rove spends 50 million for the election campaign. 91 % from 3 people who are billionaires
Tax Cuts for the wealthy

David & Charles Koch: Billionaire Brothers Pump Money Into 'Anti-Obama' Tea-Party/GOP Campaigns

Billionaire Libertarians
Covert Operations: The Billionaire Brothers Who Are Waging War Against Obama-Rachel maddow
Aug 24, 2010.

Koch Brothers Billionaire Oil men fund
phony astroturf funders

Keith Olbermann

Fox News believe that no government should have any say over private corporations. Fox and the Billionaires argue that government has no right to interfere with how a corporation is operated -Whether concerning minimum wage, minimum health and safety standards for workers or issues concerning whether a product or service stands up to scrutiny or is safe- for instance they believe government has no right to regulate car manufacturers or the Tobacco Giants or the Oil and Gas industries.

For instance in the case of the BP oil spill in the Gulf they believe that President Obama or any other president or administration has no business interfering with oil and gas companies and should not be permitted to punish them for environmental damage or a negative impact on the health of their workers or the negative effect such industries may have on the general public.
So oil companies should be given carte blanche to do as they see fit.
They also believe any recalls of products because of public health concerns is up to the corporations and not the government or the public at large.
From their point of view they should be able insist on "Gag Orders" or even litigation against anyone going public about health hazards or environmental issues which portray the business or industry in a negative light .
They believe in a nut shell that property rights must trump all other rights.

Fox News Defends Koch brothers against Obama.
Whatever these Billionaires say or do is beyond reproach according to Fox News.

The Young Turks Screw The Unemployed - Tea Party CandidateSept. 22, 2010

Child Labor Ok w/ Tea Party Candidate? Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks
Oct. 08, 2010.

For all their talk about democracy and individual freedom and their anti-government stance they want government to abrogate an individual's freedom and privacy by insisting on drug testing on employees and on those receiving Unemployment benefits, or welfare , social assistance or food stamps or all those employed by any level of government. So their reason for this is just to punish private citizens for their non-job related activities or as an excuse to get rid of certain employees whom they dislike and to reduce the number of people receiving any kind of government assistance.

Drug Test The Unemployed - Tea Party Candidate Nikki Haley

As we see in this clip Sharron Angle has little or no sympathy for America's veterans. She wants them to pay for their medical needs through private medical insurance.
She sees nothing wrong with soldiers who are injured before the end of their contract with the government having their salaries denied to them or bonuses which they were told they were entitled to.
The Veterans Affairs depart in the USA is woefully under funded and appears to be more of a hindrance than a help for veterans. During the Bush years this has only worsened as funding was reduced for the VA on the one hand and the various cuts to the salaries of the Troops. The Conservatives in the GOP or the Democratic Party see nothing wrong with cutting the salaries and benefits of soldiers or making them pay or having the public raise funds for proper effective protective gear for soldiers.

On the other hand these Uberconservatives see nothing wrong with Corporations making a killing off of Wars that America is engaged in.
This used to be called "War Profiteering" as in WWII when various American CEOs and owners were taken to court and fined etc. for War Profiteering selling goods to the enemy or cutting corners on products manufactured for the American war effort. now Americans see it as business as usual. It is difficult to get average middle-class Americans and those belonging to the Managerial Class who are themselves profiting as shareholders in these corporations that there is something wrong when a corporation takes advantage of the government, the Pentagon and the soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq , Afghanistan or elsewhere.

This is rapacious Capitalism at its worth and Americans believe in it. They have when all is said and done little regard for those in the US military who are mostly of working class stock and include various minorities .

So what if a few thousand "NOBODIES" are killed in a war as long as America is seen as powerful and that it isable to stel other Nations natural resources at bargain basement prices or that they outsource by exploiting workers in other nations including prisoners, children who are chained at their work stations and where if anyone mentions unions and collective bargaining are either fired or tend to go missing as the for hire death squads work for American corporations.

These things matter little to Americans as they most of the world's population as inferior to Americans and therefore these "Others" should be happy with whatever crumbs American businesses or American government gives them .

For KBR, Halliburton, Blackwater/ XE

Angle Calls For Privatizing The Veterans Administration

As Sharron Angle argues the Public Schools are in the hands of Godless socialist and leftists and so should be phased out so schools will become a private concern and that there should be an increase in home schooling which should not be regulated by any level of government.
Sharron Angle: Eliminate Dept. of Education

And of course Sharron Angle like other GOP Tea Party candidates has been given direct orders by God to run against the Godless Harry Reid ???
It is only logical to conclude given her statement that God is her campaign manager that her opponent and all those who support him are being deceived by demonic forces or in fact are themselves anti-God. So Harry Reid has become possessed by some lowly demon and so must in Angle's view be replaced by a more Godly, Christian soul. (More shades of Christian Domionism)

Sharron Angle: "God Has Called Me To Run Against Harry Reid!"

Republican: Rape & Incest God's Plan
Angle says there are no excuses for abortion.

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