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Frank Gaffney's Muslims are A "Cancer" In America & Glenn Beck 's Mentor Pee Wee Herman and Evangelicals Control US Military Academy (MRFF)

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Fun video from YouTube of Glenn Beck 's Mentor Peew Wee Herman
Jon Stewart Rally to Restore Sanity
creedshandor | September 17, 2010

On Oct 30, 2010, Jon Stewart will lead a "Million Moderate March" in Washington DC to Restore Sanity to America.

Islamophobe Frank Gaffney's attack is on Islam and all Muslims not just the violent extremists. He refers to Muslims and Islam as a Cancer in American society.
And that's not hateful speech. So he wants to round up all the Muslims in America or move them into segregated areas put up walls and fences . These professional agitators want not more dialogue but a debate sprinkled with fear and intimidation .
They say the moderate Muslims don't speak out against the terrorists but when they have they are ignored or we are told that you believe anything a Muslim tells you since according to them the Qur'an tells Muslims they can lie if it is a matter of defending the faith and if it is a way to advance the Faith.

Frank He asserts that he believes that there is a Stealth Jihad conspiracy being controlled by various groups from the local CAIR and The Muslim Brotherhood and directed from Mecca and a cave in Pakistan -(just thinking out loud the Kabaa is really a secret supersonic gun that sends out a signal to make people suddenly convert to leave their religion to become a Muslim.) These professional anti-Muslims don't insist that America break off ties with Saudi Arabia or other friendly Islamic states or Dubai whom they claim bankrolls the various terrorists groups. . America's moral values can be summed up into what you can get a way with

Mosques want to 'destroy western civilisation from within', claims Gaffney by Mike Ludwig at Sept. 30

After testifying at a hearing about a proposed mosque in Tennessee, Sharia law "expert" Frank Gaffney went on Anderson Cooper last night to explain why, exactly, the mosque could be another victory for radical American Muslims who want to destroy the United States from within.

Imams' agenda to impose Sharia law "ultimately winds up becoming a cancer inside a society," Gaffney claimed. "No-go zones are typically associated with it where the authorities dare not go. Sharia law is practiced in those no-go zones. They are expanded in due course. And ultimately, you have the groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, with whom many of these mosques and for that matter, Muslim-American organizations of any note, are associated, pursuing a mission that we know, from evidence introduced into another federal trial, is to destroy western civilization from within. That's really worrying."

On Anderson Cooper last night, he argued with Akbar Ahmed, chair of Islamic studies at American University and a former Pakistani ambassador for the United Kingdom. Ahmed pointed out that only two percent of Americans are Muslim, and even if all of them wanted to impose Sharia law, they couldn't.

Islamophbia goes global
UN GA Islamophobia

etribune | September 30, 2010

A number of Muslim countries have urged Western governments to clampdown on attacks on Islam, saying the insults are a growing threat to international security.

As for freedom of religion in America well not so much more reports and evidence the US military might be compromised by Evangelicals
This is another unfolding story about Evangelical Extremists in the US Military investigated by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF)
These Christian Nationalist are themselves like extremist Muslims such as The Taliban and Al Qaeda intolerant, rigid, fanatical and dangerous.

These are the very same Evangelical Christians who assume these are the End-times and that they are the"Elect" who are chosen by God to rule over America in preparation of Jesus' second coming or to be Raptured into Heaven before the Apocalypse or to form a Christian World Government to rule for a thousand years after which Judgement day will come.

The Evangelical Teens and young adults in the United States are a far more militant form of Christian Evangelical True-believers. Some of whom have attended Extremist militant Christian Fundamentalist' retreats such as Jesus Camp .

Some have been Home Schooled by their Evangelical Christian parents keeping them protected from (in their view) evil anti-Christian secular public schools which teach heretical beliefs such Darwin's Theory of Evolution or that the US Constitution is in favor of a separation between Church and State or such perniciousness nonsense such as that the Founding Fathers were not all "True Believing Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians" or that diversity, pluralism, multiculturalism are basic to America's principles and traditions.

While these Younger adult Evangelical Christians as they have come of age have attended and found solace and reinforcement of their ultraconservative beliefs at Christian Rallies /Revivals for America's Youth organized by Christian Charismatic Cult leaders such as Lou Engle and Ron Luce etc. where pop culture and conservative Evangelical beliefs are fused in a bizarre admixture of Christian Revivalism ,Rock-n-Roll and Puritanism and a "Call to Arms" to the "faithful" to be willing to sacrifice if necessary not just their comfort zones but to even give up their lives for the cause that is be willing Martyrs . (Where have we heard this before???)

These Christian Rock events give solace and reinforcement to the already "Born Again" crowd while reaching out to bring more converts to this militant intolerant narrow minded extremist Christian Evangelical CULT. To other Christians outside this extremist militant form of Christianity much of what is taught is seen as a perversion of the Gospels and the teachings of Jesus which are the foundation of Christianity.

It should be noted that if Muslim Americans held such intensive rallies the mainstream media would be sounding the alarm of militant Islam attempting to take control of America but when fanatical Fascistic Christian Fundamentalist hold such rallies or Revivals

views concerning all facets of governance and what is acceptable and appropriate socially and and they go to stadiums where Lou Engle or Ron Luce preached to them using all the trappings of teenage or young adult culture .

But its not rock n roll. It is a parody which its audience never gets. Trying to live a purer life no matter how pure they get they are never pure enough so the idea of Martyrdom is appealing since it is the one sure way of being forgiven of all one's sins and therefore be permitted to enter Heaven without any reservations.
But the message is puritanical , intolerant, rigid authoritarian anti-science with a apocalyptic vision of the Rapture and other nutty stuff they like their Taliban counterparts who take everything literally.
Both believe that only they know what God / Allah wants and everybody else is working with Satan. So discriminating against non-believers denying them jobs or promotions as they hit the Evangelical ceiling for the Real Christians only.

America's Evangelicals are getting bold. America's own homegrown Christian Taliban These are not like your garden variety baptists like my grandparents a bit of piety but sincere but still human . This younger breed of evangelicals are more militant than most of their predecessors.
The officers and top brass ignore such complaints or cover them up .
And where has the Obama administration been on this issue (DADT)
Controlling the military is a good beginning for what a coup or just a quiet take over of one institution after another like the Pod People of the "Invasion of Body Snatchers."

They believe they are the only "Real Christians" and therefore the only "Real Americans" . The Religious Right " argue that only "Real Christians" and "Real Americans" should be permitted to hold positions of authority in all levels of government and in all of America's institutions .

"Underground" Group of Cadets Say Air Force Academy Controlled by Evangelicals" by Mike Lugwik at 30 September 2010

An anonymous cadet at the US Air Force Academy (USAFA ) spoke out against alleged religious discrimination at the school last week, saying that some cadets must pretend to be evangelical Christians in order to maintain standing among their peers and superiors. In an email to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), the whistleblower stated that he is part of an "underground group" of about 100 cadets who cannot rely on proper channels to confront evangelical pressure.

The email, published by Veterans Today, applauds the MRFF from the "underground" and indicates that the academy is "literally overrun with Christian conservative fanatics."

The MRFF and allies from a myriad of civil rights and interfaith groups sent a letter Tuesday to the Department of Defense (DoD) detailing the cadet's email and other startling complaints, including testimony from the parents of an academy graduate who believe their daughter was "methodically brain washed" by a fundamentalist group there, demanding an investigation of the academy and the evangelical academy ministry Cadets For Christ.

The MRFF is also demanding the DoD pressure the USAFA to publicly release the results of a study of the religious climate at the academy.

Academy leadership announced last month that the results would not be released, which angered the anonymous cadet who contacted the MRFF.

Results of the so-called "Climate Study" leaked to the press, and "353 cadets (almost 1 out of every 5 survey participants) reported having been subjected to unwanted religious proselytizing, and 23 cadets (13 of them Christians) reported living 'in fear of their physical safety' because of their religious beliefs," according to the MRFF.

Mikey Weinstein, a USAFA graduate and MRFF founder, told Truthout that USAFA Superintendent Lt. Gen. Mike Gould was dishonest about the results of the Climate Study, and told the public that everything was fine at the academy without releasing the actual results. He said it's time for a legitimate investigation of the "fundamentalist culture" in the academy.

"That commander's report belongs to the public because [Gould] lied to the American people," Weinstein said. "Until August of this year, I was supporting Gould and the Academy, now it is obvious that was a mistake."

The USAFA issued a press release earlier this month after the MRFF alleged that dozens of cadets had come forward and complained about the improper and cult-like evangelism practiced by Cadets for Christ.

"Upon learning of this allegation, Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, USAFA superintendent, directed an immediate review of the claim," the release states. "To date, the allegation is not substantiated. Throughout his tenure as Superintendent, General Gould has repeatedly emphasized the necessity for religious accommodation and respect."

Weinstein received the email from the anonymous cadet after this initial spat with the academy and Gould.

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