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Republicans Say Rape & Incest Part of God's Plan & Goofy Christine O'Donnell & Christian Dominionist In US Military A Toxic Mix & Jesus Cures PTSD ???

* Tea Bagger candidate O'Donnell ignorant of US Constitution
Wants local school board to decide on teaching Evolution and or Intelligent Design (ID)

* O'Donnell erroneously believes there is no mention of "Separation of Church and State "in US Constitution- Law students laugh at her

* Republicans & Tea Party no exceptions for abortion including Rape and Incest -
Christian Dominionists setting the policies re:religion proselytizing within the ranks & are dismissive of any complaints about proselytizing.

* Mikey Weinstein of Military Religious Freedom Foundation & Jeff Sharlett on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman Religious Freedom in the military.

* US Military & Pentagon say:"Finding Jesus only cure for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)" so soldiers are sent to chaplain's for treatment rather than Psychiatrists.

Ed Schultz Psycho-Talk :Christine O'Donnell - Self-Proclaimed Constitutional Scholar
The Ed Show, Ed Schultz, MSNBC, 10-19-2010

Christine O'Donnell learns about the First Amendment. She hasn't a clue!

Church, State and the First Amendment: What O'Donnell needs to know:

Stumbled upon the story of O'Donnell's Goofiness at "Down With Tyranny" Blog & for the next item on Rape & Incest no excuse for Abortion .

Christine O'Donnell ignorant of the Constitution (go to 7:03, 2:37, 3:35)

FameAppeal | October 19, 2010

Christine O'Donnell does not know the bill of rights, Via:
Go to 2:37, 7:03, 3:35
For Fame Appeal Article

clip was taken october 18 2010, in my law school's court room. To the left is Democrat Chris Coons, to the right is Tea Party candidate Christine O'donnell

-topics; first amendment, church v. state

Texas Crackpot Louie Gohmert Wants Christian Zombies To Take Over America So "God Has Something To Smile About" Down With Tyranny Oct. 20,2010

Yesterday Christine O'Donnell (R-DE) three-time GOP Senate nominee-- and widely acknowledged nincompoop who even Karl Rove said was insupportable-- insisted the Constitution (the U.S. one) doesn't provide for a clause separating Church and State. At a law school debate with Chris Coons she demanded to know "Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?" Hanging around teabagger/faux Constitutionalists it's understandable why she might not be aware of one of the most important achievements of the Founding Fathers. Presumably, the laughter of the students has now made her aware of her own preposterous and abject lack of knowledge. An astonished Coons quoted the relevant part of the First Amendment to her: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Another one for the teabaggers to try to eliminate!

Bill Huizenga on forced pregnancy for incest victims
at Down With Tyranny blog

It was just after a primary debate in which a young man in the audience asked the candidates, "If your daughter was impregnated via rape or incest, how would that affect your position on abortion?" One after another, the Republican candidates declared "God has a plan for everything", and declared themselves anti-choice in all cases. After Bill Huizenga (the eventual winner of the GOP primary, currently Fred's opponent) declared himself opposed to all procedures, except in the case of the life of the mother (what a guy!), he gave a sort of "tough shit" shrug.

Are US Forces Trying to Convert Afghans to Christianity? Democracy Now 5/6/09 2 of 2

mediagrrl9 | May 06, 2009

"The Crusade for a Christian Military": Are US Forces Trying to Convert Afghans to Christianity?

The military is denying it allows its soldiers to proselytize to Afghans, following the release of footage showing US soldiers in Afghanistan discussing how to distribute Bibles translated into Pashto and Dari. We speak to Air Force veteran and former Reagan administration counsel Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and journalist Jeff Sharlet, author of a Harpers Magazine article on The Crusade for a Christian Military.

The clip below is from the documentary film With God On Our Side exposing the attitude towards religious belief , proselytizing , harassment of soldiers etc.
Here we see a soldier doing what he is supposed to in reporting harassment from other soldiers because of his religious affiliation. The officer is more inclined to believe the soldier complaining is the problem he just needs to be "Saved" from his false religious beliefs. This has been going on for decades but increased dramatically after 9/11 and then after the release of the film The Passion of Christ by Mel Gibson.

With God On Our Side

Army claims the video of Evangelical Christian US Soldiers proselytizing to Afghans and Iraqis is taken out of context and is just another liberal media attack on the War effort,the troops and Christians.

The US Military refuses to probe into the issue of proselytizing to citizens of a country in which US military personnel are stationed.

They also as we have noted are dismissive of any complaints made by US military personnel concerning harassment of soldiers who are non-evangelical Christians or of other faiths and those who ascribe to no faith. As has been argued there are thousands of complaints made but few are reported or acted upon. The problem is that the military brass are either sympathetic and may themselves even encouraging proselytizing or are reluctant to get involved because they would then be seen as breaking ranks or as not being a team player as it were or as being hostile towards Evangelical Christians.

US Army Evangelical Bible group using deceptive ways to convert local Afghans to Christianity

muwa7idnafs | May 08, 2009

Extended footage shot by Brian Hughes, a US documentary maker and former member of the US military who spent several days in Bagram near Kabul.

The material, which appears to show the Christian soldiers apparently discussing the conversion of Afghans, was obtained by Al Jazeera's Bays, who has covered Afghanistan extensively.

It appears that the US Military establishment is dismissive of soldiers who are having psychological problems due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or other issues. Whether they are still on the battlefield or have returned to the US they are more often sent to a chaplain than to a medical doctor or a psychiatrist. So PTSD is still not being treated properly and is seen as just weakness on the part of the soldier or as General Patton claimed in 1944 or so that such soldiers are just malingerers and just need a slap across the face or a kick in the butt. It is a agreed upon disorder by medical and psychiatric organizations but that's not good enough for the US military.

Doctor Chaplain and the Army of God by Kelley B. Vlahos, October 19, 2010 at via Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Is the military feeding traumatized soldiers in need of counseling to proselytizing evangelical chaplains, instead of mental health professionals?

You bet, says Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), which has been tracking what Weinstein likes to call the “Fundamentalist-Christian-Para-Church-Military-Corporate-Proselytizing-Complex” for five years. More recently, there’s been “increasingly frequent and alarming” charges that religion is being pushed on soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in lieu of traditional treatment on the battlefield.

In fact, MRFF and Veterans for Common Sense (VCS) recently wrote to Defense Secretary Bob Gates, complaining that “when, on active duty, our service members sought urgently needed mental health counseling while on the battlefield and with the gun smoke practically still in their faces, they were instead sent to evangelizing chaplains, who are apparently being used with increasing frequency to provide mental health care due to the acute shortage of mental health professionals.”

Weinstein said soldiers are being told that finding Jesus is the only way to overcome the trauma.

The Pentagon press office did not return calls or emails for comment.

“What we’re seeing is a national disgrace that is actually increasing suicides rather than reducing them,” charged Weinstein in an interview with

While that would be hard to prove, Weinstein has plenty of reason for believing it. In five years of investigations, complaints and lawsuits – amassing a client base of more than 18,000 active duty service members – the former Air Force Judge Advocate General (JAG) has uncovered a Christian subculture within the military that not only instructs and favors evangelism, it insists upon it, from the service academies on up – obliterating not only the constitutional restriction on state-sponsored religion, but fueling the dangerous perception that America is on a religious crusade against the Muslim world.

also see:

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) AllPsych online

Category : :Anxiety Disorders

By defihelplessness in an individual. Typically the symptoms develop shortly after the eventnition, PTSD always follows a traumatic event which causes intense fear and/or , but may take years. The duration for symptoms is at least one month for this diagnosis.


Symptoms include re-experiencing the trauma through nightmares, obsessive thoughts, and flashbacks (feeling as if you are actually in the traumatic situation again). There is an avoidance component as well, where the individual avoids situations, people, and/or objects which remind him or her about the traumatic event (e.g., a person experiencing PTSD after a serious car accident might avoid driving or being a passenger in a car). Finally, there is increased anxiety in general, possibly with a heightened startle response (e.g., very jumpy, startle easy by noises).


Psychological treatment is considered the most effective means to recovery from PTSD, although some medications (such as antianxiety meds) can help alleviate some symptoms during the treatment process.


Prognosis ranges from moderate to very good. Those with the best prognosis include situations where the traumatic event was acute or occurred only one tim
e (e.g., car accident) rather than chronic, or on-going trauma (e.g., ongoing sexual abuse, war).

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