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Christian Stealth Jihadists Lance Wallnau , Lou Engle, Et Al & Corporate Sponsored Racist Billboard Attacking Obama

Corporate Sponsored Racist Billboard attack ad.see The Young Turks below

Lance Wallnau Preaching the Gospel and the Stealth Agenda

Lou Engle of "The Call" -Dominionist & The Seven Mountains Theology.

Above: Seven Mountains and" The Harvest Ministries"
Lou Engle's "The Call "fills stadiums

Before we get to today's sermon here' how nasty and low the election campaign has become as the Corporate attack ads against Obama illustrate.

From The Young Turks & Featured on Islamophobia
Racist Obama Billboard In Colorado

also see: "Racist Billboard of Obama in Colorado" Islamophobia today at Americans Against Islamophobia October 16,2010

Today's sermon by Lance Wallnau on the necessity of taking over America through stealth by Christian Evangelical Dominionists . Walnau adheres to the so called "Seven Mountains Kingdom Theology". This theology will inevitably lead to a form of theocracy. As Rousas Rushdoony has said it will be from the bottom up not from the top down. So True Believers will begin at the local level and move from school board town councils to mayors , senators, governors to the pentagon to the White House . Much of this some critics believe they have already accomplished . But he also introduces the bizarre claim of the opening of portals to Heaven and Hell.

Wallnau: Islam, Gays, and Abortion Are Attacking America From the Gates of Hell by Kyle at Right Wing Watch via People For the American Way, October 15, 2010

We have been writing a lot about the rise of the Dominionists like Lou Engle and Cindy Jacobs within the traditional Religious Right movement and paying close attention to the influence of Seven Mountains theology, which is the idea that Christians are called upon to gain control of the seven key aspects of culture (government, media, business, education, etc...) in order to unleash God's kingdom on Earth and bring about the return of Jesus Christ.

One of the key proponents of this Seven Mountains theology is Lance Wallnau who, thank to Jim Garlow, has become more involved in the political aspects of the Religious Right movement through Garlow's Pray and ACT effort.

Earlier this month Cindy Jacobs and Generals International hosted a three hour webcast that featured Wallnau, as well as New Apostolic Reformation godfather C. Peter Wagner, during which Wallnau laid out how Christians are supposed to gain control over these mountains through both "overt" and "covert" means .... and those little upside-down horseshoe things floating above the 7 mountains on the white board represent the gates of Hell though which same-sex marriage, abortion, and Islam are attacking America:

"You go all the way down into the family mountain. Now you've got family and you've got same-sex marriage being fought. What's up with that? Well, it's another one of these hellish blocking of truth here, bringing through the gate a belief system that whatever form of sexuality you're into is legitimately, constitutionally protected.

Well, while you're doing that, through the religious gate here you've got Islam invading the United States. So you've got your homosexual activity, your abortion activity here, Islam coming in, you've got a financial collapse - all of this, to those of us who are Christians, is an apocalyptic confirmation that when you remove God from public discourse, when you don't line up your thinking with kingdom principles, you inevitably hit an iceberg like the Titanic and you go down.

We want to be able to bring kingdom principles and values into every one of those spheres, realizing that the kingdom can move both in the overt proclamation of truth and in the covert instruction of principles."

Theocracy anyone???
( sounds like he's read the Book of Judas which contains a rather bizarre and unsettling Theology or he's read one too many science fiction novels -Portals ???

In the clip below from the Ed Schultz show we see that Tea Partier Sharron Engle share some of the beliefs of Lance Walnau . She if elected wants to target various institutions such as the public school system and wants to reduce the US federal government in size and in what its mandate or role should be. Like the Religious Right she is anti-UN which they believe interferes in America's affairs and is a tool of the Principalities (Satan's demonic evil forces)which is of course anti-America, Anti-Israel and of course anti-God that is the Christian God.

Papantonio: What a Tea Party America Will Look Like

golefttv | October 16, 2010

Sharron Angle had her first debate with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid this week, and the Tea Party candidate told the Senator to "man up." In her mind, that must mean he should "man up" and dismantle the Department of Education, pull the US out of the UN, and allow corporations to privatize everything in America. That's the Tea Party's vision of America, and Mike Papantonio appears on Ed Schultz's MSNBC show to tell us what the Tea Party's America will look like.

and more news from the right wing trenches as some politicians such as Senator Brownback try to at least publicly that is during the campaign period to distance themselves from the more well known members of the Radical Religious Right such as Lance Wallnau, Lou Engle, Ron Luce, Gary Bauer, Rick Warrner et al.

"Brownback Finally Speaks, Claims He Worked With Engle On "Human Rights" Issues Submitted by Kyle at Rightwing Watch at People for the American Wayon October 13, 2010

The Kansas Democratic Party raised questions about ties between the Republican Party's nominee for governor and the minister with headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. Brownback has participated in religious rallies in Tennessee and elsewhere hosted by Engle, who says Christians may need to martyr themselves in the campaign against abortion and homosexuality.

Engle and Brownback were together as recently as December 2009 when they appeared on the Internet broadcast of a prayer service seeking God's intervention to block Senate passage of health reform.

...Engle is known for a lot of things, but his "substantive" concerns about Native Americans, African Americans, and human rights are not at the top of the list.

He may very well care deeply about such issues, but Engle is not drawing tens of thousands of prayer warriors to day-long fasting and prayer rallies aimed at apologizing to Native Americans - he mobilizes activists to fight abortion and gay marriage.

So let's ask Brownback again just which of Engle's views concern him the most: Is it his Dominionism? or his view that homosexuality should be criminalized? or his fear that President Obama is unleashing demons upon this nation? or that universities are conditioning students to accept the Mark of the Beast? or maybe that Satan has gained control over the US government?


"Lou Engle Supports The Criminalization of Homosexuality" Submitted by Kyle on June 21, 2010 -Right Wing Watch People for the American Way

Sarah Posner interviewed Lou Engle in an effort to try and understand's Engle's claims that he doesn't support Uganda's legislation that carries the death penalty for gays while supporting Uganda's effort to take a "principled stand" against the homosexual agenda.

And what she found out is that while Engle might not support the death penalty for gays, he certainly does support their criminialization:

[Engle] made absolutely clear that he supports the criminalization of homosexuality, believes there could be a biblical basis for a death penalty, that the United Nations has promoted the "homosexual agenda" to Uganda's detriment, and he lauded the bill's promoters' efforts to take a "principled stand" against that.

Loony Michelle Bachmann on reducing the size and mandate of the federal government of the USA to where it was circa 1776. Then again she also wants to set up a (citizens) committee to uncover any anti-Americans or Marxists and collaborators with America's enemies may be she will find their secret plans in a "Pumpkin Patch " like Nixon & Mccarthy .

Bachmann Wants to Reduce Fed Gov't To Its "Original Size" Submitted by Kyle on October 15, 2010

Despite the fact that she generally has no idea what she is talking about, Rep. Michele Bachmann is planning on holding weekly classes on the Constitution for new members in the next Congress.

I wonder if she'll teach these freshmen members of Congress what she told WorldNetDaily's Burt Prelutsky, which is that they should be trying to get the federal government back to its "original size":

Q. If, with a snap of your fingers, you could change anything about America, what would it be?

A. Reduce the federal government to its original size and constitutional limitations and to restore the 9th and 10th amendments.

Of course, the population of the United States back when the government was at its "original size" was just under 4 million - it is now over 310 million. For that matter, Congress only had 26 seats in the Senate and 69 seats in the House and met in New York City.

But, according to Bachmann, it would be a dream come true to see our government reduced to the size it was back when the country had only thirteen states.

also see: "FBI concerns grow over 'citizen extremists'FOX 13 Investigates" Updated: Wednesday, 13 Oct 2010 via Hatewatch

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