Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Racism: Carnival Game: Shooting Obama At Church Picnic & Dove Church's "Burn A Qur'an Day" & Spreading Islamophobia In the USA

Another racist attack on President Obama

Note the person depicted who is the target is a person of color in a suit-
In his hand is a scroll saying Health care Bill
He also is wearing a button saying President
The event was for a local church's Fair-

Carnival Game: Shooting President Obama from The Young Turks

'Burn the Qur'an Day' suggested by a reader a satirical tongue in cheek article at Hubpages: The 12 Top Reasons To Burn A Qur'an On 9/11 by Hal Licino

TheAlyonaShow | July 27, 2010

A church in Florida has signs in front that say, "Islam is of the Devil" and is planning a burn the Qur'an day on September 11th. Alyona finds out the reason behind this and asks if this is a sign that freedom of religion, no longer exists in America. Hani Madhoun blogger at Kabobfest and Dr. Terry Jones, Senior Pastor at Dove World Outreach Center join Alyona to debate.

Ironic or hypocritical as they condemn Islam having a mission to spread around the world as Christian Evangelicals also believe that they are given a commission a demand that is from God to spread Christianity around the world.

Church Will Burn Koran (Qur'an) On 9/11
Rick Sanchez interviews Pastor Terry Jones of Dove Church
The Young Turks Cenk Uygur discusses Dove 's Church decision to Burn Qur'an

also the public dispute over Mosques being built in America is not just focused on the Cordoba House Islamic Community Centre referred to by its detractors as the 9/11 Mosques which I have discussed before. The question is that are its detractors against because of where it is to be situated or is it really just another media event being exploited by anti-Islam factions in America headed by the likes of Pam Geller, Glenn Beck, Fox News etc.

Growing Opposition To Mosques Across U.S.
9/11 NY Mosque
Terry Jones Burn the Qur'an Day
Increasing attacks on Mosques in America including vandalism and fire bombings
August 09, 2010 CNN

TheAlyonaShow | July 23, 2010

The board of trustees of a Roman Catholic Church on Staten Island has rejected a proposal to sell a vacant convent to a Muslim organization who wanted to build a mosque. People, who were opposed, feared it becoming a front for terrorism. To debate this, Alyona is joined by Will Youmans blogger at and Pamela Geller, Executive Director of Stop Islamization of America. She asks, in the wake of September 11th do we see this as a full on assault on Islam in America?

Six Flags' Muslim Family Day Draws Fire

This Fox News video was found at July 20, 2010. AAH chairman Joe Kaufman is criticizing a muslim organization that annually organizes a muslim family day at Six Flags in Chicago of funding Al-Qaeda.

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