Sunday, August 15, 2010

Obama:Muslim's Right To Build A Manhattan Mosque

Obama Doing the right thing. Showing the depth of his belief in tolerance & acceptance of other faiths while coming to the defense of all Muslim Americans .
Obama:Muslim's Right To Build A Manhattan Mosque
While celebrating Ramadan with Muslims at the White House, President Obama says that while we need to be sensitive about the events of 9/11, there is no reason the government should stop Muslims from building a Mosque in lower Manhattan on private property. ; Doing so would violate the First Amendment.

President Obama backs 'Ground Zero' mosque plans from ITN

Obama Speaks out but their is another potentially embarassing and disturbing anti-Islamic activity going on elsewhere.
He should take the offensive and not try to duck these issues because this is part of his job and it is what his supporters would want and it is the decent thing to do the right thing

World takes note of Pastor Terry Jones 's of the Dove Church anti-Islam stance and his plan for a burn the Qur'an Day on 9/11 this year

CAIR Video: Planned Fla. Quran Burning Sparks Outrage

People across the world are condemning the Dove World Outreach Center for the church's plans to burn a Koran on 9/11.

On Thursday, Al-Azhar's Supreme Council in Egypt accused the church of "stirring up hate and discrimination."

Local Muslims are also outraged at the church's actions. "Burning not just the Koran but burning holy scripture of any religion is disturbing. People of all faiths should condemn this act," says Muhammad Mansoori.

The Dove World Outreach Center also angered a lot of people last year, when the church posted the sign, "Islam is of the devil," in front of the church.

Politicans and religious leaders in the Gainesville area have thrown their support behind local Muslims and against the church

Fox News claims Terry Jones and his church are the victims.

CAIR Video: FBI Visits Fla. 'Burn the Quran' Church

It appears that anti-Islam anti-Muslim Americans sentiments are spreading or at least becoming more vocal in the United States.
So Freedom of Religion is to be denied to Muslim Americans.
Bryan Fischer of the right wing organization the American Family Association calls for a moritorium on building Mosques in America.
So he relegate Muslim Americans as second class citizens who are to be under scrutiny and to be feared by Non-Muslim Americans .
This would be a violation of the rights of Muslim Americans.
Bryan Fischer: No More Mosques In America!

Sounds like he's read too much Pam Geller and other Islamophobes who pretend to be or claim that they are really Scholars on the history of Islam . In their history books they express hate , prejudice , fear of all Muslims arguing that Islam is a religion of intolerance and violence and dicriminating against women . Sounds like Evangelical Christians who wish to wipe out other religions or at least suppress them by denying them the same rights as other citizens Their proof is created by misreading the QUR'AN,
by reading passages out of context, stressing anything they see as negative. One can do the same thing with any text and besides What would Jesus do ah mass murder all the Pagans and Infidels and heretics all non-believers or just put them in Ghettos . Didn't Christians in Europe place all the Jews in Ghettos some locked at night
Didn't they preach that Jews were guilty of Deicide killing a their God
And the Church preached that all Jews were evil
Their houses of worship were called The Synagogues of Satan
Even the Holocaust has been characterized as being God's punishment of the Jewish people for not recognizing Jesus as the Messiah
So now these Christian Evangelicals and secular racist have been obliged to be careful in their opinions about the Jews so now they turn on the Muslims
Their agenda is not to just stop a mosque being built near Ground Zero but they question the building of any mosques in America and would like to reduce that number
Are they planning their "Kristalnacht "

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