Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"It's like the Planet of the Apes" Having Obama in Power Cries Glenn Beck And His White Nationalist Friends at Stormfront

Glenn Beck spews more racist attacks on President Obama and borrows a little something from the Nazi website Stormfront by referring to having Obama in the White House as being absurd , insane and makes no sense goes against Glenn Beck's "Common Sense" and "Common" it is too but sensible very doubtful.

It appears as Joan Walsh points out that Glenn Beck and the US Nazi Party agree that living with the Obama administration is equivalent to "The Planet of the Apes"- How racist can Glenn Beck get -just watch him.
Beck and Stormfront are convinced that Obama is destroying traditional America read White America and that the Apes read African-Americans Black Americans are in charge.
If things are as bad as these racist believe then a violent uprising against the Obama Regime would not be unwarranted.
And still Beck continues to spew his venom and racism on Fox News as a spokesman for the White Nationalist in America.

see for instance : Stormfront Re: Planet of the Apes: An Obama Years Survival Guide

Trailer for 1968's Planet of the Apes

Whether the story or issue is immigration see Arizona The Racist State , the War on Terror , the building of an Islamic Community Centre (UK/Canadian sp.) called Cordoba House, the massacres of Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis by US & Nato troops or the abuse and torture and murder of detainees underlying these issues is racism, intolerance, Xenophobia . It reveals an American & Eurocentric Christian Supremacist Uberconservative mind-set . Given their Evangelical or Secular Manichaeism all issues are seen through a mind-set which views the world in extremist terms of Good versus Evil with America and Christianity and Christendom as the Good and Islam as the evil physically manifested on earth.
If Islam is evil it is by definition under the rule or influence of the Principalities and the Great Satan or the Anti-Christ.
And so according to these uber-conservatives President Obama being black and possibly a secret Muslim who was not born an American must be on the side of Islam and liberals and the evil progressives and in this case the American Working class and unions.

and one can then listen to Beck as he takes his fit to paraphrase his rant: Next thing you know they'll outlaw "child Labor" or insist upon decent and fair wages for an honest days work or complain about physically dangerous or hostile work places. He does not have an interest in helping the American Worker employed or unemployed-though like Hitler he knows how to con large numbers of people into believing otherwise as he shills for Goldline offering to sell Gold to his viewers and fans to get ready for when the whole country falls apart. It's a great life for Glenn as for anyone else he really doesn't care-he is a true Ayn Rand style individualists- an egomaniac or hav ing the old Orwellian world view that " some pigs are more equal than others".

Beck does not want fairness,or as equals so to him Labour Unions are evil because I don't know they believe that workers' wages should give them a fairly good standard of living and for instance not have to live on a poor daily diet of "gruel" or work 16 hours a day and not have to leave in a shack or a tent or under a bridge like many "Real Americans" still do.

Glenn Beck gives us another glimpse into this mindset as he refers to the current political situation in America to "The Planet of The Apes" with the Apes being Obama and his administration as they are out to turn the world upside down in which non-whites and progressives in this case OMG rule over white Americans and those they refer to as "Real Americans"

Uberconservative Millionaire Glenn Beck Revels In His Racism

"It's like the damn Planet of the Apes!" Yes, that's Glenn Beck talking about the Obama administration. Beck's favorite white nationalists! by Joan Walsh via Salon.com, Aug. 6,2010

I don't know why Fox News' Glenn Beck, railing against Barack Obama again on his show Thursday, felt the need to reference the 1968 movie "Planet of the Apes," but since I've been instructed it's bad form to call the folks on Fox "racist," it can't be racism. In case you missed it, Beck rolled a fairly dull clip of Obama praising the AFL-CIO for helping him stand up to "special interests," and it drove the Fox star into his trademark apoplexy. He ran up to the stilled video clip and pointed to the "AFL-CIO" in the background behind the president, yelled about the union federation being a "special interest" itself, and then declared: "It's like the damn Planet of the Apes!"

Nope. No racism there. Beck didn't mean anything by the reference to "apes." Don't be oversensitive. How could Glenn Beck know that you can find "Planet of the Apes: A four year Obama survival guide" on the white supremacist site Stormfront.org? Or countless Google images and blog posts comparing Michelle Obama to the character "Dr. Zira"? Or the fact that, frankly, you can't swing a cat on the Internet without coming across some comparison of Obama's political rise to the apes' ascendance in, yes, "Planet of the Apes" (but some of them are careful to state upfront that race has nothing to do with the comparison!)

And of course Beck never read "Nixonland: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America," where historian Rick Perlstein places "Planet of the Apes" in the panorama of racial paranoia and fear that defined early 1968.

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