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UPDATED: Israel Brands All Criticism of its Policies As "Delegitimization " Of The State Of Israel & "Christian Zionists"

Seven Mountains represent the Seven major sectors of society

Pic from website EndTimes Prophetic Words
Israel brands all criticism of Israel as an attack on the legitimacy of the existence of the Sate Of Israel. Israel going on the offensive against all who dare to criticize any policies of the Israeli government.
They claim there is an ongoing conspiracy to destroy Israel.

They even claim that Israel has become a pariah state like South Africa once was...???

Unfortunately they are right to the extent that Israel has an Apartheid style/ segregationist government in which all Non-Israeli Jews are second class citizens who's rights are not guaranteed and who must abide by Jim Crow type laws ie Jewish only roads and settlers have the right to take over Palestinian lands .
Meanwhile The Settlers' Movement for the last forty years has been encouraged and funded by the Israeli Government and the American government and by large donations by the Christian Zionists in the USA and Canada etc.

South Africa was not a victim in this sense at all- the South African government refused to give full rights to black South Africans- the Blacks of South Africa were restricted in their movements and were under constant surveillance .
Is this what Israel sees as an apt comparison.

Israel's detractors argue that with the restrictions they place upon Palestinians movements : the use of a Separation Wall and the use of a labyrinth of "Check Points" and the imposition of curfews and the lock down of Arab villages and towns combined with stealing houses and land owned by Palestinians and the destruction of Arab homes or whole villages as collective punishment when someone from the area is accused of attacking Jewish Israelis -when combined with the horrors of Gaza it would seem apt to compare Israel to the former South African Apartheid racist government .


Escalating criticism of Israel led its security establishment to declare a PR war on "delegitimization" August 3, 2010 at The Real News Network

After Israel's major attack on Gaza in December 2008, it has faced criticism around the world. This criticism escalated after the publication of the Goldstone Report in 2009 that found evidence of war crimes in the attack. This year, Israel's security establishment declared a full out PR war on criticism that it identifies as "delegitimization" of Israel. Israel's most influential think tank, the Reut Institute, developed the strategy for how to fight this PR war. It published a massive report in preparation for this year's Herzeliya conference entitled "Building a political firewall: against Israel's delegitimization" which advocated that the Israeli intelligence agencies establish special units to collect information on critics of Israel. The report also advocates the establishment of pro-Israel networks in "hubs of delegitimization" which it named as London, Paris, Madrid, Toronto, and the Bay Area. The Real News' Lia Tarachansky spoke to Morton A. Klein, the president of the Zionist Organization of America who talks about how American lobby groups help Israel fight its PR war.

Christian Zionist in America such as John Hagee and others believe that America's foreign policy must from the get go support and defend and financially aid and provide arms for Israel before any other consideration . No other nation is to take precedence over America's relationship with Israel.
To do otherwise they believe is to go against the Christian God and that God they believe will punish America for not honoring God's Covenant with Israel.
So it is Israel first and all other nations second.

According to the Evangelical "Seven Mountains Theology or Prophecy there are seven main spheres of influence or institutions ie The Seven Mountains in America which presently are under the control of Satan and the dark principalities and that it is up to True Christians to retake these Institutions or Mountains to be under the control of Real Practicing and faith filled Christians to prepare and hasten the Second Coming of Jesus/ God /Yahweh/ Elijah etc.

"The Seven Mountains" include Education, the economy, the Family, Media, arts and Entertainment , Government, and the Church.

In each case there are visible signs of how these " Seven Mountains" are under the influence of Satan and the Principalities in the form of liberals, humanists, atheists, Progressives and other enemies of Israel, God, & Christianity.

Salvation should go beyond the individual and not just to within the four walls of the Church but must go further to influence these seven major sectors of the culture and of the Nations and thence to all the nations.
So it is national and Global dominance that these Evangelical Christians are aiming for.

Johnny Enlow Speaks About The 7 Mountain Prophecy

According to Christian Zionists/ Evangelical Christians the signs of the Anti-Christ controlling a nation's government according to evangelical minister Johnny Enlow are :

1. Working to destroy Israel
2. working to destroy the next generation(abortion)
3. Working to destroy Christians
4.Working to suppress women or release Jezebels
5. Working to pervert sexual mores(Homosexuality, adultery etc.)

From The Seven Mountain Prophecy : Unveiling The Coming Elijah Johnny Enlow (pub. 2008)

Note the number 1 goal of the Anti-Christ according to Enlow is to destroy Israel.
Therefore any who dare to criticize Israel in any way is more than likely under the spell of the anti-Christ or have been duped by leaders who are under the influence of the Anti-Christ, the Principalities and /or Satan Himself.

Christian Zionist defend Israel due to their own bizarre interpretation of the Bible and their elaborate End-Times/ Armageddon/Rapture scenario.
Up until just a few decades ago these Evangelicals represented a small portion of the Christian Evangelical movement in America but now they have become a significant voice as their numbers and influence have grown and they have become more active especially politically but in all spheres of American society.

These Christians are expecting Jesus to come again soon that is in the next few years.
But the Second Coming can not occur according to their Rapture/End-Times dispensationalism eschatology until Israel has regained all of the territory originally given to them by God . This means the recreation of Eratz Israel followed by the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple/ The Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Once this occurs the Anti-Christ will arise and conquer the world only to be defeated by God and the Chosen ones at Armageddon.
At that point all the Jews will be cast into the pit of Hell except for a group of 144,000 Jews who reject Judaism and are born again in the blood of Jesus and are therefore saved.
So the Jewish people in Israel have a role to play in the End-Times scenario but the Jews are not otherwise of any real importance because after all they rejected Jesus and Christianity and stayed loyal to an out dated religious faith.
Yes the Jews were once God's chosen but they have been replaced by the followers of Jesus.
The Jewish people are not treated as ends in themselves but as a means to an end for the followers of Jesus.
As Emmanuel Kant says the moral imperative requires that we see all other individuals or groups as "Ends in themselves" and not as a means to an end.
So Christian Zionists have no real love for the Jewish people though they often claim that they do.
The Christian Zionist John Hagee even goes so far as to say that the Holocaust/Shoah the death of six-million Jews was a punishment from God for not being more diligent and aggressive in repopulating Palestine and Greater Israel as Go had commanded.
So the Jews themselves by being disobedient to God brought the Holocaust down upon themselves.

Christian Zionist believe that all non-Christian religions are in the grip of Satan who uses these religions to try to destroy Christianity and the State of Israel.

also see: Dark Crusade : Christian Zionism And US Foreign Policy by Clifford A. Kiracofe, pub. 2009.

and : The Call of the Elijah Revolution: The Passion For Radical Change by Lou Engle & james W. Goll pub. 2008.

and Israel has passed laws which would violate the rights of individuals and organizations who criticize Israeli policies or who give aid to refugees , asylum seekers or even speak out on their behalf etc.
But this also includes any human rights organization in Israel who speak out on behalf of anyone imprisoned in Israel.

For instance if any Israeli speaks out objecting to Jewish Israelis taking over Arab homes or other property in Jerusalem or in the Occupied Territories and elsewhere such persons would be deemed enemies of the state as would any group delivering humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza Ghetto .

Israel: Withdraw Legislation Punishing Human Rights Activists
Measures Threaten Israel's Civil Society at Human Rights Watch ,July 25, 2010

Jerusalem) - Israel's Knesset should reject proposed legislation that would weaken the country's vibrant civil society, Human Rights Watch said today. Recent proposed bills would penalize human rights groups for critical reporting and advocacy, including publicizing information on war crimes, expressing support for boycotts, or helping refugees and asylum seekers.

These developments take place against a backdrop of other official statements and actions that have created an increasingly threatening atmosphere for human rights defenders in Israel. There are numerous signs that the government considers the nongovernmental organizations themselves, rather than the human rights problems they expose, to be the problem.

Four bills and amendments are pending that would seriously restrict the rights of Israelis to criticize the policies and actions of their government, Human Rights Watch said. One would shut down groups that communicate information that could be used in charges filed in other countries against members of the Israeli government or army for violations of international law. A second would penalize organizations and individuals who express support for, or participate in, boycotts against Israel. A third would impose onerous and immediate reporting requirements on any group that accepts any amount of funding from a foreign government for any purpose, and the fourth would punish anyone who assists refugees after they illegally cross into Israel.

"These kinds of proposals could put Israel in a league with so many of its neighboring governments, who strive to silence their critics rather than protect their right to speech," said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. "Israel is well able to defend itself from unjust accusations, but the harm to its own democracy from such laws could be irreparable."

On April 28, 19 members of the Knesset proposed the "Universal Jurisdiction" bill, which would, under the current draft, "prevent preemptively the registration" of any nongovernmental organization that puts in the public domain information "regarding legal prosecutions abroad for war crimes against senior Israeli politicians and/or Israel Defense Force (IDF) officers." Organizations that are already registered could be shut down if they engaged in such activity.

..It's pretty obvious that these bills are politically motivated to stifle groups considered critical of the government," said Whitson. "The Israeli government is underestimating the harm it is causing all Israelis in its efforts to bureaucratically squelch critical groups."

Finally, the "Infiltration Prevention" bill would punish all foreigners who enter Israel illegally -including refugees and asylum seekers - as well as those who provide them any assistance, including once they are in Israel. The bill defines as an "infiltrator" any "person entering Israel not through a border station... and without authorization," without defining or exempting refugees and asylum-seekers, thousands of whom have entered Israel via the southern Sinai border with Egypt since 2005. It is thus in direct contravention of Israel's obligations as a state party to the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol.

Penalties under the bill, which passed a first reading in the Israeli parliament in May 2008 and was discussed again in February 2010 in the Knesset committee on Interior Affairs, would include imprisonment of up to seven years for unarmed "infiltrators." But groups that attempt to help asylum-seekers and refugees would also be subject to harsh punishment. Those individuals who provide assistance such as medical care, food, water, shelter, or legal assistance could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison and fined 10,000 shekels (US$2,600). On August 4, 2009, Tziki Sela, then head of the immigration police Oz unit, described organizations assisting asylum seekers and migrant workers as "aiming to destroy Israel." The next day, Interior Minister Eli Yishai stated, "These organizations are undermining the Zionist enterprise." An estimated 20,000 asylum seekers are currently in Israel, 85 percent of them from Sudan and Eritrea.

Israeli groups and their members who protest government actions also seem increasingly to be the targets of police actions. The ongoing weekly protests over the Jewish takeover of houses in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah are a case in point. On, May 14, 2010, 14 Israeli protesters were arrested, brought to court for "disturbing public order" and "disturbing an officer in the line of duty" and released after being detained for 32 hours. Four received hospital care for broken bones resulting from clashes with the police forces.

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