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Islamophobes Using Ground Zero Cordoba Islamic Center To Ginn Up Fear & Hatred Of Muslim Americans

Screenshot of Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs
she compares the plan to build a Mosque/Islamic Community centre with the plan for building a Mega restaurant Guns R' Us Shopping Centre in Times Square.
There is dear Pam a difference between a house of worship or community Centre and a commercial venture.
By the way is anyone denying Christians or Jews from building houses of worship around Ground Zero- if so then these Islamophobes might have a case.
We can refer to such people as Islamophobes or hate mongers because over and over again they equate the terrorist organization Al Qaeda with all of Islam and that the Holy Qur'an preaches hate , violence and Islamic Supremacism.
Its like equating all Christians with pastor Terry Jones Dove Church or with radical right wing Christians or to associate all Jews and Judaism itself and the Torah with the followers of the radical Meir Kahane in Israel or to the most extremist of the Settlers Movement.

Screenshot of Islamophobe Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs August 12, 2010

Image from Islamophobe Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs website:

Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch website:

Above Image :Anti-Islam Depiction of Muslim Mosque (compare to Martin Luther's anti-Semitism in which he calls Jewish Houses of worship Synagogues of Satan) - Organizations such as Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch or Pam Geller's Stop Islamization of America Promulgate Fear and distrust of all Muslims including all Muslim Americans as part of a World Wide Muslim Conspiracy.
Islamophobes borrow from the propaganda and fear mongering of fanatical anti-semitism and replace Jews with Muslims as part of a World Wide Conspiracy theory.

Note Pam Geller And Robert Spencer both have a hate on for Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. Over and over again they erroneously claim Islam is a religion of violence whereas according to them Christianity and Judaism are religions of peace.
History shows Christianity and Islam both have been used to promote or justify bigotry, hate and violence. Both also purport to be religions of peace and justice.Judaism itself has more of a claim to be a religion of peace and justice over the last 2,000 years that is if we ignore or see as an anomaly Israel's current government's promotion of hate and violence against any who disagree with their draconian policies.

Also note that Pam Geller says she "loves Muslims" but says the Qur'an is an evil book which promotes injustice, hate and violence and a complete disrespect of all other religions.
She therefore argues that the Qur'an the Islamic Holy Book should be "EXPUNGED" .
Does she mean an outright banning of the Qur'an or just parts of it.
One wonders if Geller or Spencer ever read the Bible which is filled with violence and injustice-murder, rape, genocide and stealing other people's lands and livestock etc.

Anti-Islam Islamophobes ginning up hate of Muslim Americans using the Ground Zero 9/11 Mosque/Cordoba House controversy as a pretext for Islamophobia and marginalizing Muslim Americans.

Schumer, NY Dems: Mega Store in Times Square NO! Mega Mosque at Ground Zero, YES! Kills Times Square Restaurant but Sanctions Ground Zero Mosque: Oh, the Hypocrisy Pam Geller Atlas Shrugs August 12, 2010

Back in 2000, NY politicians, namely Chuck Schumer, stopped the NRA from opening a fabulous themed restaurant and sporting game zone in Times Square. Chuck Schumer and Carolyn Maloney and other New York politicians found it more offensive to allow the construction of a restaurant and theme park by a group that supports the second amendment than they find a trophy mosque at the sacred site of the largest Islamic attack on American soil. What a difference a mosque makes -- now Schumer weasels out by saying that politicians shouldn't be involved in local zoning disputes

Ginning up the hate :
Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch on Hannity on the Islamic supremacist Ground Zero Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

and from Robert Spencer's Jihad Website:

Pamela Geller and Nicole Neroulias, a New York Times writer (and that tells you something about both Neroulias and the Times), speak about our bus ads protesting the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero on Fox and Friends.
Posted by Robert on August 12, 2010

Even the notion of giving to charities Zakat under Islamic rules is depicted by Pam Geller and her anti-Islam gang as somehow evil yet Christians are also called upon to give money or goods for various needs of the poor and the Church.
Under Judaism Jews give money to the poor and for the Synagogue . Diaspora Jews are encouraged to raise funds for the state of Israel -is that wrong???
Or are these things only wrong when done by Muslims.
In this video she implies that President Obama is secretly or not so secretly working on behalf of Muslim Americans and Islam in general. Once again is she trying to supposedly raise the specter of Obama as a secret Muslim or as anti-Christian and Anti-Semitic by having the audacity to claim that Muslim Americans are equal to all other Americans of various religions.

Obama Supports Islamic Rule of Zakat

<>PBSNewsHour | August 10, 2010
Jeffrey Brown speaks with four people who have been closely following the debate over whether to build a 13-story Islamic community center and mosque near the site of the 9/11 attacks in New York. The builders say they want to promote positive interaction. But families of some victims don't consider it a peace offering.

also see : Muslims In U.S. Face Challenges Erecting Mosques NPR's Robert Siegel Interviews academic and author Akbar Ahmed July 15, 2010

Muslims all across the country have run into local opposition when they’ve tried to build new houses of worship. Robert Siegel speaks with Akbar Ahmed, a professor of Islamic studies at American University and author of Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam, about the experiences of Muslims in the U.S.

and from Newsweek Mosques in America: Faith and Anger By David A. Graham August 8,2010

The latest front in America's culture wars: a planned Islamic culture center and mosque in lower Manhattan, a couple of blocks from the site of the World Trade Center. The ado over the center--dubbed the "Ground Zero mosque"--has been particularly loud, drawing protests from Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and others. But the New York case is just one of several controversies about new mosques around the country this year. Since 9/11, American mosques have been the subject of protests, arguments, and attacks, from Manhattan to Milwaukee and Tennessee to Temecula, Calif. In this photo, protesters demonstrate against the planned New York facility on June 7, 2010.

and so it goes.

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