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Islamophobes Propagandists of A Distorted View Of Islam Inciting Hate and Violence

The Professional Islamophobes are propagandists who are filling up the Media with their distorted view on Islam , their revisionist history which simplifies everything of a battle between Good and Evil.
West versus East, Christianity versus. Islam , God versus anti-Christ; Jesus son of god versus Phony Prophet; Ball Caps good Turban's or scarves bad,
They characterize Christianity and Judaism as peaceful religions . Judaism has more of a right to this label than Christianity has. Christians get a great kick out Perpetual War against non-Christians and even against each other over different interpretations of the Bible .
Thanks to these professional agitators Islamophobia is spreading across America as people protest plans for building Mosques in a number of states.

Anyway once again we have Islamophobe Pam Geller preaching her hatred of Islam speaking out against what she named "The Ground Zero Mosque" -that is the Cordoba House community center in New York city.

The way in which she speaks and presents herself we quickly get to the core of the Islamophobes ideology of propaganda and hate.

Pam Geller exposed as a bigot who claims Islam is evil. She has said that Hitler was inspired by Islam to carry out the Holocaust.
To prove the evil intent of all Muslims She goes back to the Ottoman Empire ( Muslim) and the genocide of the Armenians who were Christians.
She says Mein Kampf is a best seller in the Middle East and other Muslim countries.

Is she suggesting Muslims are out to commit genocide against all Jews and Christians.
She then says she is not anti-Islam . She claims she is doing this as part of her outreach to Muslims.
She erroneously claims Muslim Americans want special rights beyond those of other Americans. This is just nonsense.
So she is against the building of a Mosque near 9/11 Ground Zero is according to her that Islam is a violent religion out to conquer the world.
She also has claimed Muslims and the Prophet are involved in sexual perversions including beastiality.

She gets upset because the interviewer has actually done her home work and is able to out Pam Geller as promulgating hatred and fear against all Muslims.
The interviewer refuses to show cartoon of the Prophet with a pig's face because she says it would be disrespectful in this context.
Geller instead claims the interviewer is afraid of Muslims who would attempt to kill the interviewer .
Yes Pam as in all religions there are extremists and nutters who are mentally unstable but that does not meann all members of a particular faith are violent evil intolerant bigots like Pam Geller who wants to incite violence against all Muslims including Muslim Americans whther they appear to be peaceful or not. Since if they are peaceful and tolerant in her view this is a facade to fool the rest of Americans while really Muslim Americans are stock-piling weapons and planning even more bloody terrorist attacks.
Geller shows no respect whatsoever for Islam, the Prophet Muhammad or the Qur'an .
CAIR Video: TV Host Exposes Pamela Geller's Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Ground Zero "mega-mosque" = Tourism for terrorists

Today the New York City landmarks panel removed any restrictions on use of a building near Ground Zero, paving the way for it to become a mosque. Many people are up in arms about the "ground zero mosque" including Pamela Geller from Stop the Islamization of America, who has call the proposed cultural and worship center a "megamosque" that will increase terrorist tourism.

She says building a Community Center would be OK but not a Mosque but she's wrong it is in fact a Community Center
She says the Mosque is being built as a tourist attraction for terrorists. Maybe it will be a drop off center for Terrorists Cloned Babies as Manchurian Candidates-
That sounds crazy for instance read all the favorable comments Pam Geller gets for this vdeo - it isdeeply disturbing.
As I have said What Next Pogroms? Internment Camps ? Kristalnacht
Yes what if some her followers bomb a mosque can Pam Geller be arrested for inciting violence.
She uses violent and hateful rhetoric as part of her rhetorical devices
she also repeats certain phrases like any good graduate of Propaganda 101.
Interesting that all the other Islamophobes have borrowed many of her inventive sayings
And her twisted logic and conspiracy theories.
Muslims have always been anti-Semitic -but she's wrong Scholars agree that anti-Semitism was never as deeply ingrained in Muslims as it was in Christianity.
This is part of the Islamophbics conspiracy theory and revisionist history. They claim Christians were not anti-semitic that anti-semitism is a rarity among Christians over the last 2,000 years, They act as if Hitler and the Nazis invented anti-Semitism
Jews were in fact expelled enmass from European countries or kept confined in sometimes locked Ghettos or to only certain parts of the country like the Pale in Russia.
Massacres of Jews and Pogroms were common throughout European history.
At the beginning of the first Crusade the good Chritains massacred tens of thousands of Jews in European countries. When they hit the Middle East the good Christians killed all the Muslims and Jews in the cities they conquered in some they also killed all of thei fellow Christians who they deemed as heretics because they had a different view on The Trinity or Baptism or just because they lived alongside Muslims -

It is an insult
it is a stab in the eye/stab in back
This is holloed ground
9/11 families took the hit

Protest across America against the building of Mosques by Muslim Americans in any part of America not just over the building of the Islamic Community Center a Mosque in New York at "Ground Zero"
But this is a movement of the mob who are against Islam and all Muslim Americans.
These anti-Muslims believe that no Muslim can be a loyal or good American citizen.
Tea Party & Religious Right & others egged on by Professional Islamophobes & other bigots
"Islam Is A Lie From The Pit Of Hell!" August 11, 2010

Tennesse -Darwish erroneously claims there is a Frency of mosque Buidling America .
She claims the building of Mosques is part of Islam's plan to take over America. They she says use the Mosque to preach violence anti-Semitism and anti-Christianity
Darwish has been placed on Loonwatch because of the number of lies she has told- she just makes stuff up - she like other Professional Islamophobes argues that there is no such animal as a moderate Muslim.
We need to keep in mind that she and others such Gabrille Brigitte, Pam Geller, David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer make a very good living preach hate against all Muslims and anyone scholar journalist who dares defend Islam or defend Muslim Americans who are in general loyal upstanding American citizens whom these crazies would deprive them of the same rights as other American citizens.

If our country of Canada wasn't also in the hands of a Christian Evangelical loon I would suggest US Muslims consider moving to Canada but unfortunately we are on the same disastrous path as the USA. I hope to be proven wrong.

and so it goes ,

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