Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pam Geller Compares Islam To Nazism ??? Cenk Uygur & Keith Olbermann Takes on Ground Zero Mosque Hysteria & Bigotry

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The Organization Stop Islamization of America SIOA led by Pam Geller and Robert Spencer et al is really just another "Hate Group" stoking hate against Islam and all Muslim Americans.

Keith Olbermann points out that the Cordoba Muslim center in New York is not to be a training center for Muslim Terrorists or a place to conceal weapons.
Olbermann argues Americans should not give in to the bigotry and hate of the Islamophobes and those such as Newt Gingrich using this controversy for his own political gain.

Keith Olbermann Special Comment: There Is No 'Ground Zero Mosque' - 08/16/10

Cenk of The Young Turks attacks the very idea that somehow a Mosque at Ground Zero is the same as putting Swastikas up around the Holocaust museum. The comparison suggests that Islam is equivalent to Nazism and that all Muslims carry the burden of what a small percentage of Muslims do who twist the Qur'an to defend their own questionable and immoral actions.

Ed Show: Cenk On Nazi/Mosque Comments

Pam Geller is the main voice turning the building of the Cordoba House in New York into an hysterical controversy. Pam Geller is a professional bigot who encourages hatred of Islam and all Muslim Americans.
She also just published a book about Obama and how he is destroying America on purpose to allow his Muslim brethren to take over the USA.
Pam Geller tends to call anyone who disagrees with her an anti-Semite and a Nazi. This is what she refers to as an intelligent discussion and argument.
She like the religious right members and Uberconservatives characterizes everything in apocalyptic terms.
So according to her allowing Muslims to build Mosques in America is acquiescence to Islamic supremacists.

Who Is Pamela Geller?

Pam Geller in 2008 arguing that the Arab or Palestinian Keffiyeh scarf is a symbol of terrorism and must be banned.
As she and others want the Qur'an expunged banned in America or everywhere.
As we see below in this clip she equates all Palestinians with the terrorist who are Palestinian - therefore none are innocent all share the guilt . As the Jewish people once were considered according to the Christian Church were guilty of Deicide -killing Jesus.
Now one can follow her logic about hating Islam and the Qur'an- because most Palestinians are Muslim and Palestians are like Nazis so they got this idea to wage Jihad from Islam and the Qur'an therefore Geller would say all Muslims are part of the Islamization of Europe and America . And so Islam & the Qur'an are evil .
She then brings out the Nazi comparison Swastikas and Keffiyeh are both evil symbols.
If the terrorists wore top hats would they be banned or they wore sandals then ban sandals never liked sandals myself- it has to be unique in some way ie the intention as Hate Speech.


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